Adnan Rashid – Adnan Rashid with Atheist – Part 2

Adnan Rashid
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses two different points in evolution: the weak point of DNA and the one's called macro evolution. They argue that DNA doesn't tell you the likelihood of a primate and that humans have a lower intelligence than animals. The speaker also talks about religion and the importance of blindfolded behavior. They express their desire to ask questions about the world and their personal life.
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Oh, no, no, no, I have no problem with it. Yeah, if they can find me a missing leg. Yeah. You know, they say, for example, there's enough evidence there, you know, to substantiate that, you know,

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the weakest point in evolution is the fossil record. Did you know that? That is the weakest point. My strongest point for evolution is genome evidence DNA.

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embryology is again, interpreted. This is evidence that is seen by scientists, and they interpret and I don't blame them. Tell me how they can jump into DNA to be wrong. When you say precise. DNA doesn't tell you that I was once upon a time

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a primate and then suddenly, slowly, slowly, slowly, species species transformed.

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Do you have to interpret? You have to interpret data?

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similarity, for example. Yeah. Okay. And human genome? Yeah, there are similarities. Yeah. And from similarity, scientists concluded that there was a common ancestor. Okay, yeah. Look at a chip, and I look at humans, I don't need

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to say no,

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because you see an issue with micro evolution, I have no problem. I agree that can you give me evidence for macro evolution, but you do know that and you give me empirical evidence for macro evolution is too long. So obviously, you cannot

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deny that

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that's a fact, you cannot deny that chromosome number two has been fused. They both found the two telomeres and centromeres. And that's why they're 100%. Sure, otherwise, you would have had the same amount of chromosomes as

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any evidence showing you

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chromosome number two, where it's been? looked it up? I mean, it's not for me, you know, if you say you want to find the truth is there you just have to accept it. Because the problem is, you have a supposition. Why can I can God not do this? Why can God not? Why can God not diversify species? Yeah, that's the whole point. Why? Why do you have intellect and

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amazingly, horse is more intelligent than chimps? Dogs have more intelligence than chimps

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are more loyal and more able to?

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Why do chimps have less intelligence than other animals we have? In that sense, we are closer to them.

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The team goes on work as a team and

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work as a team, okay.

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into a hierarchy, just an experiment.

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Do you can you show me any evidence

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is interpreted?

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I'm not denying that. I'm saying what, what influence do you make? The fact is is

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is the conclusion inferred or not? It is

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basically, no, no.

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I did not combine Okay, like why can God not do it?

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Why can't God not do it? He might believe in some other,

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let's say one, call him calling the Supreme Court and the supreme being the one

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not from chimpanzees.

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Evolution doesn't say that we are from

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diversity species. I'm asking why could God not?

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God made species this branch humans, and they are not simply the humans that brought

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Why did he say the earth is 4.5 billion species and why? Why did God do this? Why did God do that?

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me and when

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Something you cannot explain.

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I can't explain anything. I can't explain this gentleman.

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I can't understand why. Why is he?

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So the point is I do so many things.

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Let me tell you about religion. Say for example, I'm gonna cross the road, I'm gonna say, you know what, I have so much faith in God. And of course, I'm busy right blindfold myself, right? One of the things can happen. If I walked across, nothing happens, I say, look

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at protecting me. second scenario, I could get knocked down slightly. I could say, you know what, I could have died. But I must have seen

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a scenario,

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get run down, kill myself get killed, and then say, granted me paradise. So either way you cover yourself. And this is a whole beauty way we can argue with you know, to a normal person.

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I don't need

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this is normal. This is

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attacking stronger. I didn't make any of these stupid claims. And I would never do anything I would never.

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God is the one telling us that if you blind, if you blindfold yourself and walk into the road, you're going to you're going to *.

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God is the one telling

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you the minimum evidence.

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You claim you claim evolution.

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Are you a biologist?

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So you believe it?

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Have you have you? Have you conducted conducting experiments yourself? To do the same arguments? Have you seen God? Have you same arguments? Yes. Thank you.

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If you're calling me a blind follower, are you right? Because

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I have seen the evidence for God. Likewise, I've seen the evidence for both. Yeah.

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Thank you. So you're in no better position than I am? I am. I am. And I'll tell you why I'm in a better position. Because I can

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based on your philosophies, in fact, this goes back to that

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Basically, Socrates

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had said say, for example,

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Plato, he had inductive arguments with what's his name the guy after him. I restarted he based more in deduction.

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We can continue talking yet for another 10 hours. Yeah.

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Come back to the fog. We keep talking. And one day

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I asked God to take me before.

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But you have to understand that we don't believe in God because we have blind followers.

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I have intelligence. Yeah. Okay. Yeah. I think

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I analyze. I would like to waste my life doing rituals.

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I can go to join the carnival

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and have a pina colada on the beach and have a swim, I can do that.

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But as long as there is no

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conviction, you're

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a Hindu.

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when I, when I speak to these people, a lot of these people

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they have ignored basic facts of life. basic facts of the religion.

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I've never

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had the opportunity to talk to people. I would love to ask them why would you

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want in India in this country. I haven't had the chance to speak to him.

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