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Adnan Rajeh
AI: Summary © The transcript discusses the concept of "opering" and how it is small, rather than a large area. It also touches on the idea of "verbal human behavior" and how it can lead to problems, including complex relationships between Allah and the Sun. The transcript uses examples from the Sun statement to explain the relationship and how it can be difficult to overcome. The importance of showing parents the best of their experiences to Allah is emphasized.
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But he was like you said I had eaten a collection of both Mojave muslin rainforests where our beloved Nama and

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this is a long, Hades is called Hadith set out. That's enough. That's what they call the Hadith of the three men. And you've heard this hadith I'm sure at some point in your life, maybe multiple times, I'm not going to read the whole thing is a long one. So long Hadith, I just wanted to first piece of it. It's actually one of the Hadith that requires a full lecture, or maybe even more, to dive deep into the meanings and actually take all the gems and learn all of the lessons that the Hadith teaches a very interesting Hadith in many ways. But I wanted to just focus on the piece that I think is related to the theme of betrayal. What are you doing of treating your parent parents and

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relative Excellence, which is the theme that we're going to be sharing with you over the next number of weeks. And there's what he said earlier salatu salam, I don't have context to this hadith, brilliant, I don't have a con i don't have context. And neither neither does body nor Muslim, nor the other scholars of Hadith, who because this hadith is in the in the two, so hey, and there's also in other lesser collections or

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different collections. And I don't have context for this hadith. When I look, I started to I remember years ago to see what context is this was this story told, like, what why did he tell the story out of his thought was because you always look for stuff like that, is he What was he? What was going on? What did he What was he confronted with? Or what was he trying to teach and I couldn't find anything, it's just it's just a story. And it's an authentic one, but I just don't have good context for it. So maybe he was just telling the story on your side was Ceramica just so that it would live on and we could maybe take it and learn from it. So then when he says on his thoughts,

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and I'll just narrate the first piece of it, and the rest of it, you can read yourself if you're interested and we'll I'll try and narrate it maybe fully at some point in the future. But the baina that Eartha to fit in yet I'm showing on a Honda home one Mater the three got people were walking, they're walking together taking a walk and and the rain, it rained heavily upon them for now Lu ILAHA intelligible

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so they see sought reef refuge in a small cave. It's not really a cave. It's more of a

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cave when you think of the word cave because we all grew up watching Disney movies. When we say we're a cave, we think something very wide. Doha is small. If you've been to America or Hearthstone, you know, it's not it's not really a key, it's not like where you can go in there, you can put your stuff and you can sit you can live there, it's more of just the an opening. See, Lara che is it goes inwards. That's an Arabic anything that that that basically goes inward instead of outward. That's what that's where the word disorder comes from. So it's like an inward inward a dent within within a mountain or something. And that's what I was on. So it's not really a large area, it's very small,

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but they sought refuge from the rain just to get out of the rain. So they saw a dent in the in the mountain. So they went in a circle but Salatin you know Jubilee family levar Aloka to it him. And then a it was raining heavily and a boulder from the from the higher part of the mountain fell and slammed right in front of this dent or this opening, and it completely blocked it off. And now there are three is these three gentlemen are stuck in an area where they can barely move. They weren't sitting in a cave where you can just walk down and then have all the Indiana Jones Yani stories happen on the other side of the cave. You're just sitting there you have nowhere to move because the

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there's nowhere to go if they're completely

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shut shut in

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Bacala but I'll go home Liban so one of them said to the other side saying

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it has the one I'm learning I'm ill to Mohalla he Salia their own Hola Hola. Hola. Hola. Hola, flowjo Ulagam forger. So they start saying to each other think of good deeds, think of good deeds that you've done for the sake of Allah and ask Allah subhanaw taala with the blessing of those good deeds or with those good deeds that he

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offers them an opening within this folder so you can get out

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so each one said something I'm not gonna say what they all said I'll just tell you the first one then you can the topics are very intriguing honestly that the three things that they said the concept that is worthy of contemplation just a little bit before we go to the first person is the actual idea itself. Now it's not that they they went to this first it's not that they stood there and they said okay, don't try and push the boulder No, no, no, we'll just do something different we'll just make dwelling and just follow up No, they tried to push but there was nowhere to move. There were no tools and you're stuck in an area where you can't you can't you can't go back you

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can't go forward if a boulder is not a pebble and it's not as small as it requires maybe meant upon you need you need many men to move it so they're pushing us and it's not budging and if you if you you know lived in an area where there are mountains you know that there are some times rocks that are as big as a house. And if that rock was to cave you in you're not going anywhere. There's no There's no hope of you getting through anything. So they had no tools they did not have by any means the strength to do anything.

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So what was left? So they made dua. This doesn't mean that you only make dua when you have nothing else to do. That's not That's not what this teaching this hadith is teaching. What it does teach is that you always make dua, even in situations where it seems like there's no way out at all. You make dua when you can do something about your problem, you make drought, when you have nothing to do about your problem, you make dua at all times do i is a part of this story, your story of your life, you make dua constantly about everything, you're gonna go ahead and try your best to achieve your goals with all of with all of your mites, you will exhaust all of your resources to achieve them and

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you'll be making dua on the side all the time. It's a problem if you understand this hadith as in Okay, when you can do anything you make drop, or when you know, you always make dua, whether you can or you cannot make dua, but they had nothing, they had nothing they could do so they made dua, and the idea was that they're gonna make dua through a deed that they did. And we don't have a lot of examples of that in the in the Quran and Sunnah is very, very few of them, where you ask Allah subhanaw taala by a deed that you did for his sake. And it's an important concept to understand because they're going to ask Allah subhanaw taala Rob, I did this, if I did this, and at the time it

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was sincere is doing it for you. Grant me something, it doesn't mean that this is always going to work. But that's the idea of Allah Subhan Allah will always accept your DUA, whether he gives you what you want, when you ask for it or not. It doesn't. If you ask Allah for something, and you ask for it sincerely, doesn't him accepting that DUA and granting you something for it does not necessarily mean that you'll get what you want immediately. That's not what it means. The stories that we find in the Sunnah is to give you examples of that happening so that you don't think that it doesn't happen. It's not the opposite in these examples in sunnah is to say that, yes, you can many

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times make your own Allah, Allah grant you what you want, when you want it, it will happen. It's not to say that it will always happen that way. Because any logical human being knows that it doesn't always happen that way. You have to be living in la la land to think that it's always going to happen that way. You mean you haven't lived life yet? That means you have not you have been so shielded that you don't even know how life works to think that every time you ask Allah for something, he will give it to you immediately when you ask for it. It's not that Aladdin's lamp syndrome is a problem that's not how that's not our relationship with Allah subhanaw taala by any

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means. But these examples in the Sunnah are to say that it does happen and something that will strengthen the probability of it happening is if you did something very sincere, and then the first man spoke, this whole

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Yanni pretty proof that preface was just to make sure that you understood why this hadith is important. So if I call it over to the first person said

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Allahumma, no occasionally, abalone shell johani can be the one who said oh Allah I used to have Oh, two old parents, and

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we're going to label the home will help us to milk my cow. Patty Hema for a spear Houma bubbler a spear. Well, Edie, you had children you had two parents he would he would milk the cows he would go and make sure his parents were going to be given the milk first and then he will take it to his children second,

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got a facility for surgery human and one day I got busy with it with the trees and everything for a day to him which I asked him about and I came late for her to Humana me and they were sleeping I thought how that's how late it was like a to an Oklahoma. I hated to wake them up for coffee when Debbie Hema

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okra who and Ischia? Well, Eddie Coppola Huma I don't want to give my children before them for a cough two will either be NL BB I had the milk standing for the door, well, whether the data is about Hohner and Dakota, me and my children are standing beside me, give us the know, give us the milk for walk off to the state of Iowa. And I waited until they woke up.

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Now that doesn't mean he necessarily won't wait until the morning. Old old people don't sleep for eight hours straight. If you if you have an older person they bear they rarely go for eight hours straight, usually two and a half hours or something and hopefully I can get up and go to the bathroom where you have to do something. So he was standing there for a couple of hours and his parents will come up to him tomorrow to elaborate and when we woke up and like give them their milk and I went home Yarrow and Quinta Alamo and he filed to have leverage he called Kareem frigiliana. If you heard the Sokrati for jet and no I mean ashrams, pathology, Allah who the who mean the fee

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for just 10 ships. They're all like, you know that I did this only for you. Like I wasn't waiting for someone to say, Masha, Masha, what a good boy, what a good son. What an amazing person. I did this for you. No one saw me and my children were crying the whole time was breaking my heart, but I didn't anyway, because I want it to be I wanted it to perform better, to the best of my ability. Now the interesting part of this story is, let's comment on what he did.

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How many of us think that's would you? If he if he gave his kids a little bit of milk and sent them to sleep and then stood there wouldn't would it be acceptable?

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Would it be a problem? If he gave them a little bit of milk? He kept the gift but he won't let you get the kids milk so he wouldn't wait. If he persists.

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Have the milk went home and came early in the morning and serve them to milk themselves? Would that not be acceptable as well?

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I honestly wanted to hear the story like why did you just stand there for two and a half hours, because bitter is explained to this this to you a few nights ago. It's subjective. It's based on the person's experience to him. That's the best he got. And that's what he felt he owed them. And that's what the relationship he had was with his parents was like, so he did what he to him was bitter. It doesn't mean you have to hold yourself to that standard. That's not what this hadith is for this hadith is to tell you that you should show your parents the best you've got. Meaning put yourself one step further than what you would usually do in love of your parents for the sake of Allah

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subhana wa Tada. And because he did it, and he did it for the sake of Allah, He asked you out, if you know they did it for you. And for no one else, then grant us an opening within this boulder so we can see the sun. That's what he's doing. Because you're sitting in the dark. I didn't bring up that piece.

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I told you about the space, the space is very difficult. What about the air? What about this? What about the sun, you can't see anything. You have a phone, there's no flashlight, you're standing there. It's very, very small, you can't breathe and you can't see anything. Pretty scary, you're gonna see the sun. So ALLAH SubhanA granted them an opening and they saw the sun, and then the second person needed to, and then another crack in the boulder and then a third person, man that will refill and they left. And that's the Hadith and there's nothing else. There's no other commentary, the prophet is gonna make no commentary on this. He just said that that's what happened.

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It doesn't mean that you walk around doing that every time you want something, but it's there to explain the concept.

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That the power of doing something for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala is real. And Allah subhanaw taala sees the value of you doing something sincerely for him, he sees belly when that to the point where you can ask him to break the laws of of nature around you to grant you something you want through one sincere act that you did for him Subhana wa Tada. That is real, and that will occur. And the examples in the hadith is bitterly Dean, someone who said notify Aisha and someone who just was extremely generous for the sake of Allah, someone who was so careful about the rights of other people that he preserved someone's rights and would not touch it. Those are the three deeds

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in the 3d these deeds themselves, just the concept, just the topics are worthy of contemplation. But also that the first one I think is the theme. theme related, elder, elder, they asked Allah to put a crack in a boulder through a deed he did for the sake of Allah through His beloved validate of his parents and he did Subhana wa Tada. That's the strength of believing Allah will break will break the laws of nature for you.

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If you show it appropriately and do it for the right reason, and honestly, when it comes to bidding when it didn't, there's no other way to do it. No one praises you for it. You have to your highest it will be sincere for sure it'll be sincere. Hope that was a benefit to you. You got to win em and Buhari you were Muslim couldn't be so he and Abdullah Mohammed Amin Portobello, the Allahu Anhu Macaca and abuse of Allah has been a method and effort in it am I showing it

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to our infinity I believe for Charcot formula it's occurred to me knowledgeable call about only bad guru, an early I mean to Mohalla here Solly has their own Allah Allah Allah Allah who will come

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if he had the authority for jetten acaba, de Lobo, Allah who may know currently about one you say Sonic of Iran and Hadith sort of Rasulullah Salallahu Salam says my condition Allah Allah halen just talking to Allah Who was telling them about

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