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Adnan Rajeh
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the potential damage caused by negative family members and the importance of showing patience and remaining true to oneself. They advise people to passively aggressively try to be the best they can be and avoid annoying behavior like bouncing. The speakers also remind people to keep family ties alive and cook while traveling.
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Joel's gonna be pleased because he's busy. So on rates a short Hadith for you, it's all the data within the theme of treating your parents and relatives with excellence. Yahweh, you know, Muslim fee so hey, I'd be Harada probably Allahu Anhu while Jah Allah you don't NAB us on Allah. Hi, how are you tonight? We're talking about Muslim radios Weber Herrera, where he tells us that a man came to the Prophet What are your thoughts? And he said the following but he also sued Allah in Nicaragua button. I'll sue him well to own any what works you know LA Him we will see una LA. Well, hello, and whom were Jelena Ali, I had these relatives, these corroborate these, these blood family type

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members, these family that I strengthen our relationship, and they cut it off. I showed them excellence and kindness and they told me horrific behavior, they harm me. And I forgive them and show patience with them, and they continue to transgress against me. These are the

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these are the relatives that I got. Every time I do well, and they do bad I do good and they do evil. This is how it's going for me Bacala said Allah Hi Simon. So if you have this

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and you want to come and tell me this don't come and tell me this hear what he had to say on the Hill salatu salam but don't tell me the story of your horrible uncle and your your abusive aunt and I don't need to know it. Here's what this person told the prophet here with the prophet Ali Assad's and I'm told him to do kata in Quinta, come up with

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because I we started letting Quinta come out called if you are truly the way you are telling me, this is how we started out. Because most of the time that's not the case.

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Because most of the time when they come and tell you I am the angel. I am Allah's angel with my Eagle relatives and they are Allah's buddies on Earth. Very rarely the case. It's very, it's almost never the case. Almost every if you're bringing the person that they think is the worst, you ask them, they'll tell you a very different story than the person in front of you gave you a very different story, the opposite story to the point where you wonder if they have some schizophrenic Gani diagnosis because it's not nice. It's like there's not the same people talking about the same problem with the same incident. The Prophet Ali's or some sallallahu alayhi salatu salam, I love I

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love this. He doesn't tell him what to do is let in condemn a chemical if it's true, that you are truly this way with them. You are the angel and they are just being a bliss. Every time you do something nice you don't think bad

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fucka nama to see for whom will meld it's like you're throwing it's like you're taking the ashes of the fire and putting it into their, into their faces. Well, let me just tell Monica mean Allah He Allah here or Nayeli him don't Tyler died and Allah will continue to stand by you and strengthen you. As long as you continue to do this. As long as you continue to do what you're telling me you're doing, which is you Dawson lay him you showed them greatness and excellence and they harm you, you will do awesome rock em and they do Katara you pay for your patience and perseverance and they continue to transgress, if you continue to do this, Allah subhanaw taala continues to stand by you

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know, and it's like you are strolling Jahannam to their faces are far away from yourself. It's like you're taking it from yourself and throwing it towards them. You didn't tell him I lay aside to say, here's a free ticket. Put your family ties. No, I told him you continue to do this. And let them know this. I said that. So that if they think that harming you is somehow helping them know, you're a deceitful human, many family members who hate each other now wants to hear this hadith, will passively aggressively like each other and treat each other. Well, I never thought of it that way. If you if you have a family member who's trying to show you kindness, but you don't like that

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person, know that when they come to you and show you kindness and you don't reciprocate or show it back? It's like, No, I'm not used to funa Can you see funa Carmel. It's like they're throwing the ashes of Jahannam into your face. And you don't want them to win in that way. So maybe you'll be well good to to so that doesn't happen. So this makes people that if they're not going to be good for a good reason, they'll be good for the wrong reason. But it doesn't matter. When it comes to family ties, you continuously try to be the best person you can be. So if you really don't like that person in your family, don't let them win. Don't let them use your phone or camera. Don't let them

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do that to you. So make sure that they're being nice and you're not you don't you don't want to be be nice so that they don't get to say that they did that. But your milk is not like they did it. Well Allahu alayhi salatu salam is actually when you read that you wonder why is he using this term? He's doing this term for a reason so that every the other party listens to it. If the other party is like, I hate this person I am this project will never be kind to, the more they're kind to you. They are winning. They're being kind to you. They are winning. They are bringing you closer to your hand them as Johanna's ashes in your face every time they do it. So you mistreat them. They treat you

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well. Do you want that you want them to win in that way? No. So now you have to be kind, passively aggressively, but still, you have to do it. And that's good enough. That's good enough, at least at least we keep out because sometimes family ties are important not for you. Sometimes it doesn't matter about you because in a couple of decades, well be dead. Maybe those family ties matter for the next generation. Maybe we don't have to make sure maybe we shouldn't let our children inherit whatever problems we had with our relatives maybe, maybe if I don't like my cousin or my

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Uncle, maybe my son and his son don't know have to know about that. And they don't have to be involved in that. And it's really not something they should be a part of. If you don't like your sister and you fought with her over inheritance or something, maybe your children and her children should not be involved in this at all. Maybe you should just keep up the appearances of certain rahem to make sure that you keep the family ties alive because 50 or 100 years after you're gone if you don't do that the family will be nothing and there's a loss in that that Allah Subhana Allah is trying to explain to us at the Prophet Allah is someone was trying to explain to us do not allow

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that to be the case. Hold on to your families and hold on to your families even if the price tag is high even if it's high

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That's what he told him and he sort of said I'm I always thought that was interesting Hadith to listen to because the way he worded it you had a real Imam Muslim and fee so he right Raja Radi Allahu Anhu Can I tell you don't NAB yourself Allah Allah you early he was telling them Africa ya rasool Allah in Nicaragua and I'll say to whom we have our own any what works you know you Him we will see when in a Washington one home where he's headed when they call us on Allahu Allah you earliest like you said in the in couldn't come out quilter Africa and NEMA to see from home on Mel masala well um yes Alma aka Amin, Allah here but here when I leave him I don't die that sort of

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Allah on us. So that's why cooking

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