Abu Bakr Zoud – You only harm yourself when you commit a sin

Abu Bakr Zoud
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the concept of "roaming oneself" and how it relates to Islam. They explain that "roaming oneself" means not harming oneself, but rather harming oneself in a negative way. The speaker also discusses the consequences of actions that cause harm and how they can be rewarded.
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fell out of the movie Hidden enforcer comb. Do not wrong yourself. Now, what do you understand from this do not wrong yourself? Well, let me ask a question. Does anyone ever think about roaming himself? Does anyone want to harm himself? Does he think about rowing himself? So what does Allah mean by saying a lot of limo VENA fossa can do not wrong yourself? You know what this means? This means Allah is teaching us that when you do something harm, when you do an evil, when you do a sin, you have actually harmed yourself. You didn't harm Allah Saajan he did not harm Allah subhanho wa taala. Allah is not affected by your sin. Allah is not harmed by your sin. The real person that is

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going to taste the bitterness, and the punishment of the sin is going to be you only. And this is how you've wronged yourself. And little do you know, when a person commits a sin or an evil deed, he thinks he's enjoying it, his body is enjoying, he thinks he's enjoying the moment. Little does he know that he has actually wronged and harmed himself and the effect of that harm will come soon to him if he does not repent from the sin. When there is some Allahu alayhi wa sallam he said in the Hadith on this hadith pudsey, Allah azza wa jal said this and paraphrase by Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Allah said the air a birdie in nema. Here are a man or comb, see her comb from ofI

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her ear. walkabout Allah sosial he said My servant spice leaves

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the deeds that you do here are my local they are your deeds all Allah azza wa jal does his or her see her Lacan, I only collect it and gather it. I only recorded from our fee, Camilla. And then on the on the Day of Judgment, I will give you your deeds. If you've done good, you're rewarded for it. If you've done bad, it'll be in your face, you'll see it and will they ever be learned? It might in Europe in Jahannam, Allahu Allah, these are all matters in the hands of Allah surgeon. But why would you expose yourself to such a punishment? By committing these continuous sins, especially during the secret months? So my brothers and sisters in Islam, we are now in Russia, and we must honor the

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sacred month because Allah azza wa jal honored it and its honor was mentioned in the Quran. It's sacred as was mentioned in the Quran.

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