Abu Bakr Zoud – Why does Allah ﷻ test the believers?

Abu Bakr Zoud
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Why does a lot hissed the believers? Why

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aren't the believers people upon the truth, they worship Allah, the beaver messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam they read but

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isn't large version able to give the believers a happy, stress free life. a life free of calamities isn't allowed sosial able to give the believers victory with the word couldn't one lie he is able to do so. He's able to give us a life. In the same manner he gave me the money. He said, I'm in the paradise,

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a life of happiness and tranquility and peace, stress free calamity free, fit and free. So why doesn't Alonzo give this to the believers on earth? Why the tests? Why the hidden and why the trials and why they are harsh and extreme upon the believers, especially. You see, my brothers and sisters in Islam understand with me very carefully

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that the heart of the believer only wakes up

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and it comes to life during times of calamity.

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And so faith increases. During the times of calamity, faith in a believer increases exponentially during times of calamity. Allahu Akbar. This is how the heart was created. You see our body, our body, it gets its energy and strength from our sleep. When we rest when we eat when we drink, but the heart it gets its Amen. It gets its strength and firmness upon La ilaha illAllah during calamities and tribulations and this is why Allah subhanho wa Taala decreed hardships and calamities upon the believers so that at the end of their journey in this life, they will meet Allah sosial with hearts that have been charged with email and certainty in a large portion, they will meet

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Allah, with hearts that are firm and steadfast upon La ilaha illa Allah, when a believer is being tested, it's like him swimming against the wave. You know, when one when a person swims against huge waves, he comes out with two things with a strong heart that overcomes the fees of the wave. And he also comes out stronger in his body in his muscles, because he fought the waves. And in the exact same manner.

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During calamities, the believers come out with a strong heart, stronger faith in a loss aversion.

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And they come out pure, having been cleansed from their sins, and elevated ranks in the sight of Allah subhanho wa Taala the believer comes out from a calamity stronger than when he came into the calamity. Danny, this is you, this is the calamity. And this is you after the calamity, the believer comes up from the calamity stronger than stronger than he was before the calamity. Now, you know I'm telling you the calamity is a moment in where the believers he man is strengthened, and it's increased. And just to like a basketball, you know, the basketball, the harder you strike it to the ground, the higher up it goes. So think of this strike of the basketball as the intense calamity

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that comes down upon you. And then the harder it's hit on the floor, the higher up it goes. This is the man of the believer similar to that kind of Yani giving you an easy understanding so you can understand what effect a harsh and extreme intense calamity should have on the man of a believer. So understand my brothers and sisters in Islam really well.

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That allows social made tests and calamities an integral part of a believers life.

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a part of the life of those who want to meet Allah subhanho wa Taala. So a lot of social he made calamities, a part of the life of believers, so that their hearts grew stronger and firm upon thief and Amen.

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And this is why it's the heart of the believer that is weighed on the Day of Judgment. In the recent Allahu alayhi wa sallam he said, Yeah, to Rocio to Seminole button layers ignoring the law here now hover over that a fat, big man would come on the day of judgment and he will not even weigh

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weight of a wing of a mosquito in the sight of Allah Zoysia even though he's fat and he's big, he wouldn't weigh

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a wing of a mosquito. Why? Why is that? Because Allah social does not weigh the bodies. He weighs the hearts. He weighs the heart.

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And this is where a man is. This is where the taqwa is. And this is found in the hadith of Evan Masaru. There'll be a loved one. That Eben Masood was a skinny man. So have you loved the Alo I know is a skinny man. And one day he was climbing a tree and the wind, you know, like the wind sort of moved his lower government. And so the companions they saw his fin legs and they laughed.

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For nobody sallallahu alayhi wasallam said to the limit of Haku

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What are you laughing about? They said the other saw Allah when did participate because of the because of his skinny and him legs. So in the visa Allahu alayhi wa sallam said, When living in fcbd, by Allah

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lahoma Allah filmmuseum even in the sight of Allah, and on the scale on the Day of Judgment, they would weigh heavier than the mountain of God. You see, I tell you, the believer is weighed by his heart, by his Amen.

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And so, calamities are a moment in where our Eman is supposed to increase. So understand my brothers and sisters in Islam. If you are serious in your journey towards Allah, you will be tested no doubt. So prepare yourself from now.

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It is no escape from calamities that will lie even at the time of death. Our last moment on earth is a calamity in itself. Allah says for us all but go mostly battle mount. Allah referred to death as a calamity. And it's a difficult and it's a tough moment. And there are pains Milan sosial make it easy upon us. So there is no escape from calamities. Even the last moment on earth is a moment of calamity.

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