What is Tawasul and what is the best form of Tawasul?

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The speaker discusses the concept of seeking through Allah's actions to obtain something, possibly a title or award. They also mention a woman named Luca who heard someone start their diet and wonders if Allah has any proof of his existence. The speaker warns that if someone requests from Allah through his name, it could result in a jab at their dad's name.

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docile is to seek through something away to Allah. So seek through your Tawheed of Allah. Seek through your oneness of Allah, a way to Allah. And this is the greatest form of those sorts. And this is found in the Hadith, that also allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he heard a man see Allah homogenious Luca be Unaka and Allahu La ilaha illa and how to summit a la Villamil a dweller mula dweller Mia Kula Hoku one had to be some Allah Allah wa sallam heard someone began his diet like this. He said, Oh Allah, I ask you, by the fact that I bear witness that you are Allah. There is none worthy of worship but you the only Lord, You are Samad independent of all your creation and

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they are in need of you.

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Left nearly dweller mule that you have never had a child, nor are you a child to anyone. Well, let me Akula Hawk of what I had, and you are never equal to anyone.

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This man made his dad like this. He started like this. Then the reason Allahu alayhi wa sallam said lockets Allah Bismillah that this man asked Allah through the Greatest Name of Allah. If there's a levy, ARPA will either do it or be a jab at this name of Allah. If Allah was to be called, through this name, he will answer that person. And if something was requested from Allah through this name, Allah azza wa jal would answer that person