The one who loves Allah will always ask himself this question

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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses a dressing system that everyone wants to see. They encourage people to ask themselves before wearing anything, and if they choose to, they will only ask if it is pleasing to Allah. They also mention a man who sent clothing to cover their bodies and ask people to review their relationships with Allah and the person they want to see.
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and those who love Allah subhanahu wa Dyana always ask themselves before conducting any matter. Will Elise please Allah or not? Those who love Allah will always ask themselves before doing anything, is Allah pleased with this or not? Before they visit a set someone, before they visit a place

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before the dress, before they go to work before they eat before they drink, they ask themselves, does this please Allah or not? Someone who loves Allah would always ask himself this question. I'm going to such and such place. Does that please Allah or not? I'm going to dress this and walk out of the house. Does this please Allah or not? Think with me, my brothers and sisters in Islam? The one who loves Allah who always asked this question, the brother before he leaves the house, he puts his shorts on his old days exposed, the half is fine is exposed. Ask yourself Is Allah pleased with this or not?

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You will only be able to ask this question if you love Allah. So again, this system, who wears her tight pants, and tight clothing, and whatever it is from that which this pleases Allah, ask yourself before you leave the house, is Allah pleased with me in the way I dress? Yes, the dress is a big issue. Don't sit and say Here we go again. And we're speaking about the dress of women and men. Lila the dress is a big issue.

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We dress to please Allah. Right. It is a big issue. If it wasn't a big issue. Why do you spend hours seeing what you're going to wear? And thinking what are people going to see if I were this? And if I were that?

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Why would you spend hours on it? If it wasn't a big issue? It is a big issue. Allah azza wa jal subcut Angelina alikoum Lieberson you already saw an article. Allah azza wa jal mentions his fever upon us. One of them was that he sent clothing upon us so that it covers our privates. This is a matter for Allah. He told us how to dress. You don't walk out of the house dressing the way you want.

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So a believing men and women would ask themselves, Am I dressed in a manner that is pleasing to Allah? If yes, Alhamdulillah that means your heart is filled with the love of Allah. If no, then quickly stop. Immediately review your relationship with Allah and the love you have for Allah azza wa jal and work on it, work on it. Work on it, my brothers and sisters in Islam