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The biggest destruction during times of calamity

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Abu Bakr Zoud

Channel: Abu Bakr Zoud

Episode Notes

Episode Transcript

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The second meaning of several in a time of fit and calamities is to keep away from sins to keep away from sins whether these sins are words or actions.

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And no matter the machine and Ansari albala one we said in Nell halachot, akula, halakhah, and diamond, a CEO, fees him and

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he said, the biggest destruction, the biggest destruction is to commit sins during the time of calamities, although they are in a time of calamity, where you suppose to be rigorous in your worship, and heavy in your worship, and you're doing a scene that is the worst of the people. That's the biggest destruction when a calamity is supposed to wake you up and revive your Eman and nourish your deen and your relationship with Allah. It is a moment in where Allah loves the servant. Because when the calamities intensify on a servant, this is a sign of a man's love for him. So love him back, love him back and worship Him, exhaust yourself in worship.

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In that time, you're committing a sin.

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That that's the worst of people to commit a sin in a time of calamity. That means you didn't understand what the purpose of a calamity was.

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He didn't understand what to do in a time of a calamity will hold our water level and keeping away from sin. Meaning it means because what are sins, sins are to abandon the obligation. So if you're abandoning a solid, you're abandoning your obligations, you're not praying in time. This is a sin. Meaning This is the biggest distraction in the time of freedom. sins are to commit the prohibitions,

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whether it is to take a drug so it can calm you down, whatever it is you're doing, and how long

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keep away from all of this, because this absolutely goes against the concept of a seller.

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Remember, Allah gave victory to Benny Salah is to the oppressed of bunny sobre el de mal salado because of their patience. And their victory came 40 years later. 40 years after Yani, there needs to be patience as well in how a large social would respond to us now