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The speakers discuss the importance of seeking protection from evil actions and the need for a ticket to avoid violence. They also touch on the use of the "has been bitten" phrase in Arabic, which describes actions of the military and national government. The importance of knowing one's deen and the culture of Islam is emphasized, as it opens up the world to light. The speakers also discuss the use of "has been bitten" in French and its potential consequences.

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Smilla Rahmanir Rahim

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Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah while Allah he will be remain, All Praise and thanks belongs to Allah subhanho wa Taala that May the peace and blessing of Allah be upon his seventh and final messenger Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam as follows My dear respected Brothers and Sisters in Islam as salaam alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakaatuh.

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With us tonight is the 18th vicar from the series of explaining the morning and evening of God. And this one is a vicar of El Moussa. They could have the evening the afternoon abode audibly Allahu Anhu narrated that the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said mancala is that I'm safe Allah Thammarat are all will be kalimat Illa hit met Mindjet Lima Haluk LEM turbo Rahu met on ticket Laila.

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Ebola probably Allahu Anhu narrated that the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said whoever recites how do we Kelly methylate met men shattering a HELOC means I seek protection in Allah's Perfect Words from the evil of whatever he created. Whoever does this says that three times in the evening will not be harmed by insect stings and the the venom and the poison of the insect sting during that night.

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In the same narration, right after it Sohail an abbey Sana who is one of the narrators of this hadith, he mentioned he says

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our family used to learn it. They used to learn this dhikr CV, the attitude that

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the believers have when they he a hadith or a teaching of the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam one of the narrators wanted to mention a story of his very short. He said the family used to learn it. And they used to say it every night. So not only learning but implementing his whole his whole family. He said an A girl among our family. She was stung one night, and she did not feel any pain. So there is a difference between a bottle while LM. The ID is a person might be afflicted by LM other a person who might be injured might be stung, but it's an injury that lay your body. It doesn't cause any pain or any suffering. He mentioned this story right after this hadith to show

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Jani, how they trialed it in their life and what effect it had in their own life. So this hadith brother Brothers and Sisters in Islam was narrated by Imam did with the with necessity you have been had bad many others and it was authenticated by a bit has your head band will embody and many others may Allah azza wa jal bestow his mercy upon them all. And there is a similar narration that is found in Sahih Muslim,

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that Ebola probably Allah who I know he said, Yeah Allah He wouldn't eat out Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam if I call ya rasool Allah man happy to Minocqua Robin leather running a barrier on a man Opal tahina, emceed over the weekend in methylate met me in shattering Mahala lamentable work, and then came to the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he said to me, I Rasul Allah. I suffered immense pain from a scorpion, which stung me last night. So the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said to him, had you said upon entering the afternoon had you said our weekend ematic ly hit that mean sharply Mahala lamentable rock, that Scorpion that bite that sting? It would have, it would

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have not harmed you, it wouldn't have harmed you now. So once again, we find this in Sahih Muslim like in the first narration I gave you is the evidence that this is a liquor of the evening because it's mentioned that it is to be said in the afternoon three times. And this is not to reset in the morning. There is a narration that mentions the morning but that is weak. So similar to it in the morning would be Bismillah he loved the lay of goodwill mastering shame on fell out of the summit was scenario dalim it's very similar we've already covered that one. And also similar to that would be what who also knows,

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similar to this seeking protection in Allah azza wa jal from the evil that he has created.

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We just said that

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sort of a follow up question pedo solar develop the because within so little follow up there is pull out will be Rob Bell Philip Mishary Now Philip, seeking refuge in London, Philip mean Chatlin Accola from you

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The Evil of whatever he created

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by but this one has a different wording because the methylate match which will focus on Bismillah. So we begin with this hadith the NABI sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said mancala either himself LF Camelot. So whoever says upon entering the evening three times, and this is from the etiquette of a diet, that it is repeated, repeated three times repeated more than that. And so we find that this one here is repeated three times, or who

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will do it comes from the word either and either means to cling and to hang on to something for protection and not to let go of it. And you're hanging on to it for protection out of fear of something dangerous and evil and harmful.

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And they seem the Arabic language that Alou what are the shrubs and the plants that grow right near the tree. And those shrubs are the most protected because they're the closest to the tree. So the idea is those who commit to Alistair higher than those who practice and regularly seek Allah's protection are the most closest to Allah Asociacion and they are the most protected by Allah azza wa jal

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Adnan km Rahim Allah He said, the reality of the word or will do is to run away from something that you fee to the one who will protect you. So you run to Allah has the vision with your body, your soul and your heart. And you absolutely attach yourself to Allah has a vision, and you trust Him, and you are certain that he will protect you from the evil that you're running away from. This is what I will do is if you wanted to visualize it, that's how it is even though people are him. Allah gave an example. He said, Imagine a child that had saw danger, and he ran away. He's on a path and all of a sudden he sees his father. So he jumps onto his father and he hangs on to him. Right but

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then it will kill him. He said, This is just a small example of a rise in hysteria. That is something big. You're running to Allah azza wa jal, who can most definitely protect you from from all harm now and the attachment and the love a person has to Allah is much more than any one of Allah azza wa jal is creation.

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So let's the other is a worship. It's a worship of the heart, you seek ALLAH Xeljanz protection and no one else.

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And Allah azza wa jal informed us about people that sought the protection of other than Allah and see the end result what happened to them. In the Quran, Allah azza wa jal, he said, What now who can regenerate mineral ins? Are we gonna be regenerate mineral gene NIFA? Do

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you see the Arabs when they used to travel, and they used to end up at a valley. So now they're going to enter the valley between two mountains. Scary. It seems to be a bit terrifying for whoever sees this, if you ever want to go to mountainous areas, and then you started walking between mountains Wallahi Subhanallah, you're overwhelmed with this feeling of fear and anxiety, you're walking through mountains. So the Arabs and they used to travel and get to these type areas. They used to say now we'll be saying either handled where the mean Charlie Murphy, they used to seek protection of the master of the valley. To them that was a gene Allah says they used to seek

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protection in a gem from the evil that's in this valley. So they did not seek Allah's protection. They sought the protection of a gene, they set it in their terms by their tongue, as what was the result? Allah said fuzzy do Morocco, and Jin, it only increased these people in burden and difficulty and pain and fee and terror they became more worried and more scared. That's the result of turning to other than Allah for protection, it will only increase in fee and worry. Whereas the one who turns to Allah azza wa jal, then the understanding of the idea is that he will not be increased in fear and worry. Rather, it will be a reason for why his fear and worry would reduce and

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reduce. You're seeking Allah's protection. Who's more powerful than Allah, even the people of Iran that existed on Earth and Sidman assured Domina who were and they had, they had power and month Allah had given them like he gave no other nation and to the point where they said, Who's more strong and more powerful than us, Allah who would respond and see our mural and Allah Han Levy, Hello, Tom, who I should do in Hong Kong, who didn't they realize when they aware that Allah azza wa jal, the One who created them was more powerful than that. And that's true, because where are they now? Where he's at now. If they're long gone there in the history, we read about them in the Quran,

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right so this

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A statement of this did not benefit them. So from the IRA take that anything that Allah created, he is more powerful than it. Allah, the Chanukah home who are actually doing on tour. So when you seek protection from Allah, the One who created all things, you're seeking protection. By the all powerful We All Mighty No one can overcome Allah azza wa jal. And so as a result, there would be no reason for fee and worry and concern in the heart of a believer

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who is also a present tense or over. And we've said many times the present tense implies continuity.

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The idea is so long as there is evil out there, you are continuously in need of Allah Azerbaijan's protection that you ask Him for His protection and you enter into His protection. So that's something about our will be Kelly Mattila he met I seek protection I seek refuge in the Perfect Words of Allah.

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There is another authentic narration because the Mantilla hit me.

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So you can say both, although we can evade the law hit the mat. And at times, you can say are we Kelly Murthy let it

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mean shut the market up, no problems. We're going to speak about their math and what that means let's focus on became Atilla seeking protection in the words of Allah. Al Kalam Colombian law, the speech of Allah azza wa jal and that is an attribute of Allah azza wa jal Imam ibn Abdullah bol Rahim Allah it was the great Imams of another bill Maliki. He said that this hadith is absolute evidence that the word the speech of Allah azza wa jal is uncreated. And this is of course, the belief of the people of the Sunnah T while GEMA we believe that the word the speech of Allah azza wa jal, that was revealed onto Nabi SallAllahu, alayhi wa sallam and all the other prophets is an

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created the words of Allah the speech of Allah is uncreated. Unlike some deviant groups, like Al Motta, Zillow and so on, they mentioned the word of Allah is created. If it was created, if the word of Allah if the speech of Allah was created, then the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam would have never allowed us to seek protection through it. Because it's not allowed to seek protection through something that is created. It's not allowed.

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And the evidence for this is when Allah condemned those who sought protection of other than Allah such as the gym and we sit in the iron, Allah condemned them, because they sought protection of a creative being which is a gem. So if the speech of Allah was created, then it would be haram, for us to seek protection in it. Therefore there is absolute evidence in this, that the speech of Allah is an attribute of Allah and the attributes of Allah are uncreated. They are uncreated. And so in reality, when you're seeking the when we're seeking protection, in the speech of Allah in the words of Allah, then in reality we are actually seeking protection of Allah subhanho wa Taala seeking His

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protection SubhanaHu wa Tada and this is completely different from making dua

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see when you make dua you're not allowed to make dua through the attributes of Allah. So you can't see ya collab Allah in fiddly we can't say oh speech of Allah forgive me. We can't say oh knowledge of Allah teach me. Oh ability of Allah make it easy upon me will not allow this is haram actually this is covered, as everything about him Allah and others mentioned is unanimous agreement among the scholars of Islam that anyone who's supplicates Allah through an attribute of his that is disbelief.

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But an attribute of Allah Azza wa Jun were allowed to seek Allah's protection through his attribute no problems like I will be Calumet Illa hit that met. Yeah now to do is still author through an attribute of Allah like Bill medica serif. And we spoke about that last time in that lesson there. Okay. So what is Kelly Mantilla he met enamel, Hallowee

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Rahim Allah and others they said Al Kelly met the speech the word here. It refers to the Quran. Because the words of the Quran are a blessing. They are beneficial and they are a healing. Other set it is everything that Allah azza wa jal revealed upon His prophets, Johnny Manziel Allahu Allah MBE and these words of Allah azza wa jal have been described in another vicar because he met in there he met allottee lay yet usual with guna Baldwin Wallace

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Hashem these words of ALLAH has been described somewhere else, that no human being.

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Whether pious or rebellious can go beyond them. No one can go beyond Allah's words. That's how powerful they are. What does that mean? Meaning no one will ever have knowledge to add to the words of Allah azza wa jal it impossible it cannot happen.

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And also what the met Kelly met Rebecca soupcon waggler the words of your Lord a complete in terms of its truth and justice, what are you going to add? The most intelligent person on earth will never be able to add anything to the words of Allah azza wa jal, no matter how pious he is.

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Also, Kelly Mattila and let me let you share with ordinary Baldwin Willa fellowship

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means whatever Allah has decreed, and whatever he has promised of goodness of the paradise and naive and whatever Allah has warned of the punishment and the Hellfire will definitely happen. Leisure is on the boardroom. refersion No one can go beyond them. Whatever Allah has decreed, whatever he has written, will most surely and definitely happen. Lamb Oba de la le Kelly Marathi as Allah says, no one will change the words of ALLAH. No one will change the decree of Allah azza wa jal or Samir on Aleem

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and Kelly Mantilla the speech of Allah has been described in this dhikr as a term net or a term ultimate meaning the perfect words the complete Words of Allah azza wa jal and that means that the speech of Allah azza wa jal does not have any deficiency and any flow and any fault in them. Unlike the speech of human beings, our speech is full of deficiency and flaws and faults. No matter what we say. There's always something wrong and there's a flaw in it. But what Allah azza wa jal says, His words are absolutely perfect and complete in every way shape and form.

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This is what a 10 that means, they are complete they are perfect.

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Because why? Because they come from Allah azza wa jal, who is also complete and perfect. So his attributes are also complete and perfect. Right. Alonzo I shouldn't even with what describe the Quran has been who are Quran Majeed, the Honorable noble Quran?

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Well, Quran Al Majeed, Allah azza wa jal also from his names and machines and machine for iron Lena you read so the Quran is described as machine Allah is machine that makes sense and Majeed

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produces a Quran that is Majeed speaks last version from his from his attributes right. So, attainment, so seeking protection in the perfect complete Words of Allah is seeking protection of Allah subhanho wa Taala himself

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and others said, met meaning that the words of Allah azza wa jal are blessed. They are beneficial, they are sufficient they are healing for anyone who seeks refuge in them. So I will be Kelly Mantilla hater Matthew is seeking refuge in the certain absolute unshakable Words of Allah azza wa jal is huge. And so in reality, we said, once again, you're seeking refuge in Allah azza wa jal himself, because the attribute refers to him subhanahu wa taala. What are you seeking protection from? Mean Chadli McCulloch

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from the evil of whatever he created,

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so you're not seeking Allah's protection from everything he created. You're seeking protection from the evil and the harm that is within whatever he created. Some things Allah azza wa jal created, there's no evil in them at all, like the paradise and what the believers enjoy in the Paradise. So let's seeking Allah's protection from that we're seeking Allah's protection from the evil that exists in whatever he created. And so this is going to include many things, even the evil matters that happened between mankind themselves and matters that happened between mankind and a gem kind. So a sharp is like oppression. Over we can emit the light metal and ship the macula Poct Allah

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protection that anyone does not harm you because this is sharp. Anyone know what oppresses you? Rebellion, murder, cursing, a gym position, the position of the harms of animals and insects. See the animal the insect might bite? But then that bite will not harm the venom that poison will not harm

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from the Hellfire as well. This is Michelle Kolok from the Hellfire when you say oh

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We can emit the light that might mean shattering a HELOC. This includes the Hellfire includes the punishment in the hellfire and includes the punishment in the grief. And it also includes the evil of your own self. You see within us there is an evil, that even in the be sallallahu alayhi wasallam no hope but he would say, warming ship V, and fusina.

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From the evil of ourselves, warming shattered enough. See that also comes in the other Hadith that we mentioned, that a person seeks refuge in the evil of himself, the self that called you to add haram and to disobedience and to follow those evil desires. So within this dhikr you're also being aware and conscious that you're asking a lot to protect you from the evil of your own knifes. And so this is a very complete, profound Likud and we are in need of this ticket Wallah. Especially in this day and age and when a shovel has become widespread shovel

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a shovel is widespread.

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If you see a business district just down the road, if you walk down one route 500 meters, not more or less than that, you will be exposed to at least 70% of the minor signs that in the recent Allahu alayhi wa sallam spoke up it was just 500 meters. You'll see the pubs the liquor the alcohol, drunk people Zina the banks are liberal the massage that are empty the massage it that people don't pray the Sunnah in them. This is also from the signs of the hour and gehele

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gehad becomes widespread ignorance becomes widespread among the people. I've been visiting a few schools in Melbourne and in Sydney I asked them What is Islam? No one knows what Islam is the actual definition of Islam in its three parts now knows to throw me out again. I'm not asking about the pillars of Islam asking What is Islam? I ask what is a taco a taco? What is it? Is there any shot that was mentioned 200 times in the Quran.

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And students don't know what a Taqwa is. So after half an hour, they get a good understanding some understanding of what a Taqwa is so urgent is widespread. And this is all from a sharp ignorance is sharp. When you're saying oh, we can emit the light hit the mat when shattering the hell up. You ask Allah azza wa jal through his perfect names, that he save you and protect you from ignorance that sharp as well.

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And so that would inspire a believer and a person who says the vicar to stay away from the shop, you're asking a lot to protect you stay away from it. Do things that keep you protected from the shop, will seek knowledge. So that knowledge gives you the light out of the shadows of this world. That's what it does. You know, you think of the sharp as darkness, you're in this dark world. How can you navigate without light? You need light. Even on the Day of Judgment when the believers are walking on the sidewalk. It's very dark, completely dark. Allah azza wa jal lights up the path, but the light is not batteries or solar power, the light is your deeds, your actions neurohormones add

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him will be a man in the light shines and that's the righteous deeds. So in this world, the life as well you need light out of the sharp and this light is knowledge. Knowledge is light. Allah azza wa jal he says

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our man can I meet and hear you now who are Anala who will know Ronnie MCB he fitness Omen cada Mita Lauren socially tells us about a person that is made than dead dead dear meaning Matan Bill gouffre he was upon disbelief, ignorance, but has no clue about the greatness of Allah.

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We gave him life. Life here meaning we gave him life upon Eman and he slept. And then as a result what happened when he learned that Islam can Nana who rule we gave him light we made for him like the MCB. If in mass, he walks among mankind with this light he saved he's got his life. He knows his direction, his path is going to Allah azza wa jal that despite the sharp that is around him, it doesn't affect him. So this is why this vicar is very important. It opens up an entire discussion for why we need to seek knowledge and learn and always be attached to Allah and ask him for his protection so that we don't fall in a shop of today. The people in the Hellfire they're all there

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because of sharp they fell into

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all of them.

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Not a single one is in the Hellfire because of how

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repeated hate isn't the other side isn't the paradise everyone is in and that remains in there forever. It's because of shadow that he did. And the greatest of them is a shift.

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So, an ethic another you just sit down with the word a sharp which is contemplate and think. And this by the will of Allah has vision will bring you closer and closer to the deen of Allah because the deen of Allah is all higher.

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And the closer you are to Allah has deep the more higher you will be. And the more higher you are, the further away you are from a sharp I see equation right? So that's why we need to learn and as girl we need to understand them we need to learn our deen and Quran need to be memorizing, from the aid of Allah. The more we have, the more higher you have, the more higher the further away you are from a shop for these very important brothers and sisters in his lab by how we can emit light metal and shatter the Mahala lamp tabula hermit until kelela. He will not be harmed by insect stings, then and poison during that night. And even if it was a sting, we said it will not harm him. And this of

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course, is based on the level of certainty in the heart is according to how certain you are in the heart. You see, the more certainty in the heart, the more effect this dhikr will have audio and the less certainty the less effect it will have on you. And we discussed this many I think two years ago when we started the program. And we said that more pain on behalf in one of the accounts so you don't still fall under this. Allahu alayhi wa sallam says Whoever says it, while absolutely certain in every aspect of it, then such and such reward will be given to him for the amount rahamallah. They said this certainty is not only limited for that thicker, rather that's the attitude that the

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believer is supposed to have with all the Afghan with certainty, like and from the ways that he can develop certainty. The opinion in the heart is my understanding of liquor. That's where you start that's where Eliakim begins from there. My understanding your deen and what Allah azza wa jal wants from you by

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we mentioned the incident of Sohail Abu salah, and he's experienced with this record. Remember, he said his family learned and his daughter was stung once one of the girls in his family and she wasn't harmed and emammal coulterville Rahim Allah, he mentioned his own story with this liqueur. He says, this is an authentic hadith. He said, its authenticity is proven through evidence and trial through evidence because the chain of narrators are all correct. They are all filled out. And so as a result, the Hadith from that perspective is authentic. And he said it's also authentic. From a trial perspective. I tested this in my own life. So he says, since I heard this hadith, I began to

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implement it.

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And I was never harmed by an evil thing out there.

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He said until one night I was bitten by a scorpion. When I was in Alma Hadiya. Mattia is a city in Africa.

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He said, So I reflected upon that day, and I realized that I had forgotten to say it that evening. So he said, I said to myself, you know, reprimanding manner. It was scolding, lecturing himself that night. He said, I said to myself, what the NABI sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said to that man that was stung by the scorpion. Remember what Marissa said, let's say to him, he said to him, had you said upon entering the evening hour, we can imagine the late Matt would have harmed you. So Pamela Chu Vianney, just observe, observe this narration and I wanted to share it, just to observe how people used to engage with the teachings of the messenger sallallahu alayhi wasallam.

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You can be sitting alone and having this discussion with yourself motivating and inspiring yourself through the teachings of the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. This was the day to day life whilst Allah azza wa jal to make a something like that.

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by the way, how are we mentioning the Hadith mentioned exactly about scorpions and the sting of a scorpion and so and so it'd be good to just mention something about a scorpion, and that the scorpion is permissible to be killed in Islam rather, we are encouraged to kill the scorpion in Islam when the V sallallahu alayhi wa sallam once he was bitten by a scorpion while He was praying, I shall be Allahu Anhu she says, this is an authentic hadith that ledee Latina vs Allahu alayhi wa sallam of Colombo first saw that he was bitten by a scorpion while he was in

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not solid.

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Alia Robley Allahu Anhu. He says

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that that Scorpion had actually been bitten in the bee sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, when he placed his hand on the floor, so he was most likely going into the sujood position. And then he was bitten. And when he was bitten in a solid, he took his shoes his shoes was close to him, and he killed it with his shoe wildly he was in a solid

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and then after solid phenomenon, sort of after the Pray, he said, Learn More hula club, by Allah curse the scorpion. Later almost suddenly unwell ever Yahoo. I will not be and voila Rahu in della Raton. It doesn't leave

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a person whether he's preying on a pre even profits, except that it stings them, it bites them. Then the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam requested a bowl of water with salt. So salt mixed with the water.

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For sure Allahu fina information Allah subhanho Allah is by he is not allowed to. And then he began to pour from that salty water on the wound in his hand where he was bitten sallallahu alayhi wa sallam way himself where he was wiping it, where you are with who have been more with the time and he was reciting pull out a little bit further pull out a little bit of bigness. So that is perhaps what I meant by hammer home Allah mentioned, and a remedy that he person may do if he stung by an insect by a harmful insect. And other crops especially the scorpion may be killed whether you're in a haram in a state of your hormones other than the State of Iran, because it's from Alpha separate

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from the harmful insects. And it may even be killed in a solid, so posted in your solar may may move me do that necessary move to kill a harmful insect. Now, not only does that mean a cockroach and that no because that's not a harmful insect. You stay in your solid for that, by it.

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One more Hadith related to this thicket.

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And that is that this ticket

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can also be set and it is recommended to see any time you enter a place.

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So it's not only limited to have gathered myself, we said in the evening it's recommended that you say it three times. But then also

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you're recommended to see this naked in any place you enter. This is a Hadith in Sahih Muslim.

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How they've been to Hakeem Slovenia she said that she heard the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam saying Manasa lemon Zealand thermocol however we can emit the light metal in Shetland. Halak let me obrah Who shame on hat they have died. I mean, Manzini relic, and the recent Allahu alayhi wa sallam he said, Whoever enters a residence, and then he says, now that we can limit let them adminship Lima Haluk Nothing will harm him until he departs from that residence. We shall embarrass him Allah. He defined what ailments it is what is a Munzee he said this, Yanni it It includes he said it includes if you entered an aeroplane or a car or a bus or a train or a boat. So basically

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min Zealand then in my research, try to understand what Manziel is all about. Why am Allah mentioned that amens It is a place where you eat, you drink your sleep, you rest and you relieve yourself? So if that's a like, for example, you went on a boat. And obviously when people go on a boat and for four hours on the boat, there is food there is drink people rest on the boat, and there is a place to relieve yourself. So most definitely say our weekly methylate mathy means shuttling our hull up.

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When you get on a boat on an aeroplane that's the same thing. Maybe in a mobile caravan that people have probably a car

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Aloha animal shelter you said car

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but generally you got the ID man Zealand is somewhere where you're sitting. And you're there for a while. So if you say that the evil and Muhammad that place will not affect you by the permission of Allah azza wa jal and we sit according to your certainty, the more certain the more protection, the less certainty, the less protection by Brothers and Sisters in Islam that concludes that thicket