Abu Bakr Zoud – It’s a blessing to know that you haven’t oppressed anyone

Abu Bakr Zoud
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The final thing my brothers in Islam.

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Allah when we said our eight in Canada if unless the Pharaoh and uranium of Luma Allah.

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Allah one, where's he going with this question? He said the other Salalah What about if a person is so weak? He can't even help the oppressed. What does he do then? For Navy science and then you can kind of now since from his response that Jani has got into him, for he said to him, naturally to Antarctica, and you saw him because

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he said anything, you don't want to leave any good for anyone? And even then he answered him, and he said to me, okay, if you can do all of that, then there's one more thing you should do. And he said to him,

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listen to it carefully, because we are in need of it. loom sick as a whiny nurse.

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Then hold your harm from the people just don't harm the people. If you can't do anything for anyone, then don't harm them. And this this in its own in itself. It is enough Beasley led to save a person from Abuja, haddenham vehcile Allahu alayhi wa sallam when he described the believer, he said, a Muslim man Selim and Muslim moon I mean, listen, he read that a Muslim is a person who the Muslims feel safe from his tongue and his hand and he mentioned the tongue first. How much oppression is there among the Muslims? How much wrongdoing is there among the Muslims? How much of it is there? What law he it's a Nana.

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To know that you haven't oppressed anyone in your life, from your Muslim brothers and sisters, and I end with this story so you can get the point. We have a high example in nebulous with a man Allah has set up. You know the story of a man and the end will not just look at it with this perspective and learn this today.

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When Sulayman alayhis salam was marching with his with his army, there was an ant that spotted him very clearly. Obviously, the ant is small it can see the huge army coming towards him. I call it number one at number one and it said to the army of ants, like this, how much how much are they? Yeah, you're namenode Hulu Messiah kena comb layer prima netcom Suleiman was you know, the home nurse Oh, it screamed out to the ants. And he says entail dwellings quick before so the man alayhi salam, he comes, and he crushes you, with his foot his stops on your hula shoe. But please, it's telling the ants exclusively man, are you sad? Because he wouldn't realize you wouldn't recognize

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when it's small and they're huge and the dust is all over the place. How is he going to philosophize? aloud Sulaymaniyah he the conversation of this and to each group of ends, philosopher shall now he describes slave analyse and listen to this carefully. Allah He says, For the vast sum of all he can mean Kalia. He smiled with laughter. Because of what it said. And then this is what he said, between him and Allah. He said, I'll be here and E and a score on a meta quality and I'm Talia Allah every day. He says, Allah gives me the ability, that I am remained grateful to you because of the favors you bestowed upon me. Now the question is this. What is he thinking are lawful in the

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context of these eight? What is he thanking Allah for?

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So the man Alayhi Salam is thanking Allah for the fact that even the end knows that should a man or a lamb would never ever oppress anyone purposely. So he's thanking Allah, that He has given him a NEMA, which is that he doesn't oppress anyone. He doesn't oppress anyone. Subhana Allah. This is why I said to you, it's an AMA today to know that you haven't wronged anyone, and you haven't harmed anyone. And if that's your case, then remain like that. Keep the Muslim see from your tongue. Stop talking about people. Stop backbiting. people stop cursing, people are lucky. There's no good in it. I will look at an overview of the Allahu anhu man, they once they just mentioned something about a

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sleeve. Just the word. They said that this slave Yoni in his travels and when he's back home, his sleep time is the same. And they came to Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, how do you fire? You know what he said to them? He said to them, in Nila Allah.

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I can see his flesh between your teeth. They just said a small word about him. This is Abu Bakr and Omar.

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He said I can see I can see the flesh of that brother. In between your teeth. I can see it. They they sit for stuff in letter. Please ask a lot to forgive us. He said go to him. Ask Him to forgive you. This is serious. Why do you waste your payment speaker people? Why Why? Why do you harm them? Keep away from the people and keep away from the discussion. Don't talk

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about Muslims

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and this is the minimal thing and Hadith

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