Abu Bakr Zoud – Enter Ramadan assuming good of Allah ﷻ

Abu Bakr Zoud
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the upcoming week where they will enter thinking good of Allah social only biller. They also mention that they will not forgive them and that they will only be given what they want. The speaker emphasizes the importance of giving up food and drink to achieve their goal of " Volkswagen to the Red."
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The way we're going to prepare for this month this is the seventh week is we're going to enter thinking good of Allah social only biller think could have a lot of social as you enter this month, don't enter with a negative bad foot and attitude of law, that he won't forgive me and he won't bestow His mercy upon me. Enter this month with you with humility, with humbleness, with a heart filled with the love of Allah and the certainty that allows so as you will forgive you and forgive you and free you from the Hellfire, call Allah and I'm the one NAB DB Allah so shall he says, I am to my sleeve as he thinks of me. In other words, Allah azza wa jal is able to treat you in the same

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manner you think he's going to deal with you. If you think Allah will bestow His mercy upon you. And that's your fault and Allah, Allah will do that, like I

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think good of Allah as we enter this month, think good that he will forgive you be certain and hope from a loss origin that will you will come out of Ramadan as a newborn, have high hope in Allah so, Allah He it is not impossible for Allah so as to grant you what you want. The Magician's have thrown when they saw the truth. Allah forgave all their mischeif all their sins, all their transgression over a conference ship, with one says that they made what kind of forgiveness laws so shall grant those who worship him for 30 days hoping for his mercy and for his forgiveness. Don't allow the SharePoint to tell me otherwise. My brothers and sisters in Islam Ramadan itself is a dauber forest

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in in and of itself is a tober just be alive and bring this intention in your heart. You know, Stober, Adam, Allah you said on when he ate from the tree, we ended up on Earth, we only ended up on earth because of food. So now to repent from the sin we need to give up the food. So Ramadan is given to us as a means of tober in where we give up the food and the drink, remembering that it is food that got us onto this worldly life. So fasting is a Toba in and of itself.

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