Beware of your greatest enemy, Iblees (the devil)

Abu Bakr Zoud


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AI: Summary © The speaker describes a situation where a man is being met with his partner and they discuss the importance of staying in the present moment and not distracted by distractions. The conversation then shifts to a discussion about the importance of worship and helping to overcome one's fear.
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off. Once again in another place of the Quran he records another promise that he believes makes towards mankind. He says corner corner February 22. Mr. Clean, he says By Allah, but I'm going to do this. He says I will surely

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tell Mr. Kim, I am going to sit, and I'm going to wait for them on your straight path. You have an issue set up for them that means to sit? Well, you know, when you sit, meaning you have all the time in the world, when you sit, it's different to when you're standing. Sitting implies that you're thinking properly or thinking straight. You're planning ahead. And you have all the time in the world. There's nothing absolutely to distract you right now. He said.

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And he emphasized the noon at the end to limit beginning. Yeah, and even more he surely surely no doubt about it. I will be sitting on the street path waiting for them waiting so I can reel them into the home and reel them into those worse. Then he said he continued to solo off at unknown mania at him. I mean, healthy him, Why him? Why aren't you mad at him, follow him shake it in. He said I'm going to a pee in front of them and behind him and on the left and on the right. And you will not find you will find that most of them are going to be ungrateful a lot. But let's understand what this is about our best will be a loved one who he says what is meant by I'm going to come in front

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of them, meaning I will make them doubt resurrection, and the hereafter, and the paradise and the hellfire. Everything that is still to come ahead. When he said I'm going to stand and come in front of them, meaning everything that is still ahead of us that a lot of promise. He's going to cause and create doubt in our minds and in our hearts.

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Woman comfy him and from behind what does behind him, meaning I'll make them desire this worldly life. I will make them desire this worldly life. Why are you mad at him, and I'm going to come to them from the right. Meaning I will make them doubt in matters of worship. I'm going to make them doubt in matters of worship. So someone's going to pray, I will come give you more swears that you're solid is no good. Repeat your solid someone will make although I'm going to come and see the email that wasn't right, go and repeat your select and repeat. until the point where a person feels that the worship becomes so heavy, he leaves it all together. That's what he's gonna do, he's gonna

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come from the right meaning he's going to scouse doubt in your worship. One shamili him and I'm going to come from the left. What does the left beam meaning I'll make them desire, sin and transgression. Because the left is a negative term, and it's used for sin and transgression. And the right is a positive term. It's used for worship and matters of goodness,

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I'm going to make the sin and transgression something desirable for them. And at the end, he said when you do a thorough home check in and you will not find most of them being grateful to you yet and it's a part of law. The main goal of a Chopin is to make sure that you are not grateful to a large oil. And the peak of gratitude to Allah is that your worship allows oil and the peak of ingratitude which is worship and wants to lead mankind to ingratitude. The peak of ingratitude is to worship other than Allah subhanho wa Taala and to deny Allah subhanaw taala his existence and his worship altogether. This is where Shabbat wants to lead mankind.