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The importance of isolation and finding oneself in a unique way is emphasized in various segments of the conversation. The speakers emphasize the need for isolation and the importance of learning to be a believer in achieving one's goals. The importance of mental and emotional preparation for upcoming events and the need for a clear plan for oneself is also emphasized. The conversation emphasizes the importance of seeking more knowledge and online courses to strengthen one's spiritual connections.

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I hope after our talk together tonight and shouts out at this gathering, and are talking about the beauty of isolation, that perhaps many of the mindsets will change. And I've noticed and we've all seen when you look at the situation all around the world, whether from Muslims, non Muslims, that many people are starting to break down. Many people, you know, both emotionally and mentally are breaking down.

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And they're having a very difficult time dealing with the present situation. And as Muslims,

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we shouldn't be facing difficulty right now. The situation should be easy for us. And I'm going to explain to you what I mean. Because if you look into the teachings of the Quran and the Sunnah, the endo Quran, Allah subhanaw taala lays down for us different Polad or principles. And the objective of these principles is not just to give you information, but it's for to show you how you need to live your life as a Muslim, how you need to think of things, how you need to see things. So when you raise yourself according to these Quranic principles, what happens is that

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you then see the world through these principles when something happens, good, bad, and anything happens to your life. You implement these principles in your life, it becomes automatic, were implemented. So one of the principles that Allah subhanaw taala teaches us

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and sort of Bacara verse 216 When Allah told us who I sent a crow who shaitan will, who will hate him like them, that perhaps you dislike something but it's actually better for you. And if we were to look into take a minute to reflect on this if and its entirety, and in from the beginning of the idea, all the way to the end of the idea what is the beginning of the idea? When Allah subhana wa Tada said quotevalet como que Turlough? Will who could hula come that fighting has been prescribed for you? And what is the reality of fighting? Does anybody want to fight? Do we enjoy fighting? I mean, you have a few nutters out there, Chris who like who I love to fight, I want to fight. But

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it's not something that the outer someone's intelligent doesn't want to fight the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, he told us let the demand know Leah Carla, do don't any want to meet your enemy don't want to fight your enemy. But he said if you meet him, then you have to be firm you have to him. But nobody wants to fight human nature. Everyone wants to live in peace and harmony without fighting. That's why Allah said in this I am that could you Valley common fatal fighting has been prescribed for you. Many at a time of need is what's meant by that? And the law said, well, we'll call him lecom. And it's something disliked. And so this is something severe, something difficult to temper

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fighting time a battles. So it's something difficult, but then what does the law say immediately after that? Well as an tecora, who

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will who will click on a column that perhaps you dislike something, but it's actually better for you. And then what comes next because what is the reality of the human being? That we like something? We want this so bad, but we don't get it. We dislike something so much but it happens. So how do we deal with this? We have the law tells us perhaps you dislike something but it's actually good for you. Then a law tells us why send to hippo Cheyenne. Wahoo or shadow law calm that perhaps you like something you love it, you want it so bad, but it's shuttleq Calm, it's actually bad for you. It's not good for you. And then Allah is the I Will law who Yeah, Alamo were in some late

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alimony, Allahu Akbar.

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And another verse and sought it and he said,

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Allah subhanho wa taala.

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The same principle, but there's a little bit of extra meaning in this verse as well, that we take from it. And verse 19, when Allah subhanaw taala and look at this verse, and once again from the beginning, ALLAH is talking about marital problems, difficulties once again, one of the worst things you can go through in life is a problem with your spouse. Allah is talking about these issues in this verse. And then Allah says at the end of the verse, fasten TEPCO who che en Well, yeah, Jad a long way, a gentle Allah houfy He played on cathedra wedge on O V, the era that Allah will put Allah perhaps you dislike something, and Allah will put a lot of good in it for you, and you dislike

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something but a lot will put a lot of good and for you. So this principle, when we think now about our situation, isolation, we don't want to be in this situation. But perhaps it's actually good for us. Perhaps you dislike something but a law of failure janela houfy He laid on Kathina that Allah will put a lot of good enough for you.

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We look into the hadith

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of our beloved Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and there's an amazing Hadith Subhanallah when he said Agia been

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The Umbrella Movement. How wonderful is the affair of the believer?

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All of your affairs as a believer they're good at hamdulillah it's all good.

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I Jevon

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the Umbrella Movement.

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How beautiful is the affair of the believer? How wonderful is it? Why is what he did they say he said that if something good happens to him, and before they said what asa 11 movement, he said there's only for the believer.

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He said, if something good happens to him.

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He's thankful checker for hurricane Allah. When a Saba who borrows if something bad happens to him, he said that he's patient he has suffered. So it's good for him. This is the reality of the believer. And he says only for the believer, the one who has this Eman who has this mentality, who has this this email with the Todra of Allah subhanho wa Taala that all the good and bad comes from from it's from Allah. So the situation we're in, it's a wonderful situation. If we're what if we're thankful, and if we have patience, then it's going to be good will hamdulillah

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if we enter into this isolation, with this mentality, and hamdulillah it's all good, something amazing that I learned from a new Muslim, assist or accepted Islam. She said one of the things that Islam taught her, because nowadays we hear once I'm so bored, I'm bored all of this. And the reality, people will say this, even when they weren't in isolation on board, you always hear this. She said one thing that Islam taught me one of the great lessons that Islam taught her, and hopefully it will take they learn the same lesson and shall Altana she said that it's impossible for a Muslim to be bored, it's impossible for a Muslim to be bored. How was that? She said, Because

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Islam, there's so much you can be doing to constantly better yourself, you have the vicar, you have the prayer, you know, you could be fasting learning your religion, reading from the sea or reading from the Tafseer then even a gathering that you have, sometimes with your brothers and sisters, that could be a form of a bad day as well. Obviously, now we're gonna are self isolating, but in anything from that aspect, there's so much you can be doing to constantly better yourself. And Islam also wants us to better ourselves, even the and the affairs of the dunya as well. Therefore, I realized that Islam, and he told me that you can never be bored. And this is the reality, that if you're a

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true believer, you can never be bored, because you're constantly going to be busy and bettering yourself. When it comes to the issue of isolation. There's two forms of isolation.

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There's self isolation, and there's imposed isolation, like the one we're in now, when it comes to self isolation, and both of them by the way, if you look in, throughout history, the outcomes and the good that came from self isolation, like the example of the way the revelation that came to the Prophet sallallahu sallam, but even imposed any any isolation, we're going to see a lot of examples, or we'll give you a couple of examples of the outcome it had for both individuals and even for nations who went through difficulties and then found an A the good that came from that will hamdulillah when you look into the beginning of the Revelation,

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the way to our beloved Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, when Omen winning our mother, Aisha Radi Allahu anha, when she described the beginning of the ye the revelation, she said, will be the LA he el halwa that seclusion became something love to him. And she said, in fact, it became the most beloved thing to him to be alone Allahu Akbar, it became the most beloved thing to him. They come along at that time for self reflection. And he realized what was going on with his people in Mecca, worshipping other than the law, how they're going to straight that this wasn't something good. Therefore, he enjoyed that time he loved that time, we will be there isolate himself reflecting and

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searching for that for the for the happier for the truth, what was it and then the revelation span came down to a malaise. Salatu was Salam. Even when you look into the sunnah of our beloved Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam,

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he encouraged self isolation. He encouraged that we seclude ourselves from time to time, some of it daily, some of it seasonal, and some of it at the times of fitna. So if you look for example, the daily self isolation, the seclusion, the daily seclusion, where is it in the night prayer, where we have that time 30 minutes an hour or two hours, where you stand in front of Allah subhanaw taala and you have that time to reflect on the meanings of the Quran to ask Allah and the DUA no one around to see you just you and Allah subhanaw taala building your relationship with the Lord strengthening into your heart, strengthen your Eman, strengthen your in class, this time of self isolation day

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Really, and also, he mentioned the Hadith at least that was salam. About the seven will be in the shade of Allah

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on the day when there's no shade except for his, and he said one of them, Raju and Decker, Allah Hollien for fall but Aina a man who remember the law when clearly it is all by himself, he's isolated. But then what happens the man is in his heart, the feeling is feeling so happens, that the tears start to go down and visit through his eyes, out of the fear of law and of the hope from Allah. Out of the love for our last panel Cortana. This once again, at the time of self isolation, we also have other times during the day, for example, the avocado of the Saba Hannah Messiah, the morning evening of the cup, where we're making the car this also as a form of self isolation where

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we just sit there remember 1520 minutes remembering Allah subhanho wa Taala even not beam, Rahimullah otol he mentioned that he would watch his schicke his teacher, Shephard, Assemblyman Tamia, who would sit into midday from after South Africa just making a video just remembering a lot. He turned to his to the middle came one day and he said her that either he said this is my nourishment. This is my nourishment for for my heart for my soul. My This is my spirituality that I need every day. And he taking that time just to isolate himself and just to remember Allah subhanho wa taala. There's also a seasonal

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a seasonal isolation,

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which is in the last 10 days of Ramadan, Ramadan, the ITTF to seclude yourself in the masjid just you being by yourself, reciting Quran making dhikr making dua making this default. That's a seasonal isolation. And then the Prophet Alayhi Salatu was Salam at the times of fitna, he also in ordered us to include ourselves. And I mentioned several Hadith. And I want you to reflect on his Hadith and on their meaning, and reflect on the situation that we're in one of the Sahaba Akbar, even Ahmed will be alone and he came to the Prophet alayhi salaatu wa Salaam? And he said, man, no jet. How can salvation be achieved? How can salvation be achieved? And he said to him, I'm sick, I legally cernak

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to control your tongue.

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Well, yes, Advaitic and to stay in your house, read in your house. Look at our situations if he said, Well, yes. Advaitic and stay in your house, keep to your house. Have that that time where you seclude yourself while you're by yourself, stay in your house. What gala comfy attic, and to weep to cry over your sense of walkabout. And this time, we said, well, yes, Advaitic let's stay in your house. This time that we're in. This is the time to control our tongues and the time to reflect on our sins, and to repent and to become closer to Allah subhanho wa Taala

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and another Hadith. And there's two Hadith here that were mentioned after this idea. So we have three Hadith, the first one, the second and third one. There, whatever it is, one of them is a Hannibal Hadees I want to say a Muslim, both of them narrated by the great Sahaba I will say that who three robiola one. The first idea was narrating sandable Hudy.

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The Prophet Alayhi Salatu was Salam. He said you're Shikou and you're calling Hi Omar and Muslim, Alana moon.

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Yet bow be her Chevelle Ji Bal Miwok El Gato, El Gato, your Pharaoh be the inhumanity.

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Subhanallah reflect on this hadith. He said soon, there will come a time when the best wealth of a Muslim will be sheep that he will take to the mountaintops, the place where the rain falls, fleeing for the sake of Allah to hold firm to his religion from tribulation from fitna to save his religion, isolate himself you have your your sheep, where you can eat from you can drink from their milk, you might have come down from the mountain and sell some of the classes isolate yourself be by yourself. The other Hadith Aryans say Muslim,

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the Prophet alayhi salatu salam was asked which person is best? And he said the man who fights in the path of a law be madly he went FC with his money or with himself. And then they said and then who and then he said, Man on fee Sheriff V Sheriff admin she Yabo de la hora, who were the Anas machinery. He said that the next who's after the one who fights in the path of Allah, He said a believer and the mountain paths who worship her law, it leaves the people alone from his evil SubhanAllah.

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The two words mentioned the Hadith Chevelle Ji Bal, meaning the mountain tops and the other one the sharp meaning the gap or the paths between the two mountains. Imam unui said something in his explanation of say Muslim he

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He said this does not mean the mountain paths itself. He said rather is referred to as being alone and isolating yourself being alone and isolating oneself. He said he mountain paths is mentioned as a metaphor because it's usually empty of people. So the meaning of this is that, at the times of fitness, look at the fitness all around the world now they want to isolate himself. So once again, the fact that we've been put in isolation, if we look into this mentality now, and look, this actually is this is a blessing in disguise was an opportunity for us to return to a law to become better.

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Other type of isolation is a an imposed isolation, which

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can either be for example, in imprisonment, you're trapped, our current dilemma. If you look at it, some amazing stories, Imam Ibn Taymiyyah

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when he was put into prison,

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and the door closed behind him, he looked at the prison door, and he smiled. And he recited the verse from Surah Al Hadid for the Rebbe Boehner, whom we saw in law who Bob Bob Do you know who fi Hiroshima are VA hero who may not be very ill, and a wall has been placed between them with a door it's interior containing mercy and the outside of it is a torment meaning that it looks like a I that what I mean, but in reality is a Rama because he realized the opportunity that was in front of him SubhanAllah.

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And that's what he used to say, as his studio, okay mentioned, he said that he heard his shift even to me as saying, Maya falou RDB. He said, What are my enemies doing with me, he said, My Paradise in my garden is in my hearts. He said, it can never be separated from me. He said, If they imprison me, he's in seclusion since opportunity for worship and Hamdulillah. And he said, If they kill me, it's martyrdom. It's a Shahada. And if they expel me from my land, he said, it's a form of tourism, messy new places will have the law. So it's all good. My mother may have no idea but whatever my enemy is going to do to them, they can't harm me will have the left. Because of what he's reached, the level

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of humanity has reached that he realizes no matter what happens to him, that it's all good at hamdulillah the last time he was put in prison in Damascus.

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He reached a very high level of depth Bura of contemplating on the Quran. And he said

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that I wish I had spent more time reflecting on the book of Allah he realized how beautiful was doesn't have any books with him now he can't read. He can't research like he used to. All he has is his head of the Quran. So he's reciting the Quran, and he's contemplating and reflecting making the double meanings. He finished the Quran. During that last time, he's in prison at hubless at times, and the PERT one of the people with him in the prison narrated what happened to him at the end. He said he reached a verse and it's not a verse 5454

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Verse 54, and chapter 54, sort of the common and verse 54. And he read verse 54, and ended on verse 55. In verse 54, where he said in Pina Feagin, tin went out, that Verily the monoterpene, the pious are in the midst of Gardens and Rivers in paradise in Jana. The milk ID sits been in the Malik and Moqtada, and a seat of honor your sovereign, perfect and ability and next to Allah subhanaw taala. As he read these verses, his soul came out and he passed away. Rahim Allah Tala. Many examples that we look at those who were trapped, those who were isolated the story of the three in the cave, and running out of time, I would go into detail each one of them, we can reflect on them a bit, but for

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time sake, we'll just mention him. And you can go back and reflect, look at the three in the cave, what got him out of the cave, that he returned to a lot Bisola family him with their good deeds, and also the story of Yunus and Islam, how he turned to Allah subhanaw Medina when he's in the stomach of the whale, and it was it was the job nella who won a Gina hoomin album. And the Lord said that we responded to him, and we saved him from the distress. So now that we're in the time of difficulty in times of distress, it's a reminder for us to return to Allah subhanaw taala it's a reminder to us to look at it in a positive light because what does Allah want from these calamities? He tells us

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throughout the Quran, that he sent these ayat, he sent them a letter, whoever he sent them as a form of wif as a form of fear to put fear into our hearts. He told us Lomita Barone that have had, perhaps the people will return and they will have to humble themselves in front of Allah. He said that alone May or June, that perhaps the people will return to a lot. This is what Allah subhanaw taala wants from us. The fact that we're

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We're in isolation, and I'll end with this Inshallah, tada.

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We need to make a map for ourselves a map for success. Because the reality my dear brothers and sisters, I don't want to be one of those Oh brothers, okay, it's going to be good. And a couple of weeks it's over this, I don't think there's going to be the reality. To be honest with you. I think we're in this for the long haul. And I think we could be trapped and isolated, maybe not for months, maybe for years.

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And if we reflect on the Quran and the Sunnah.

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There are many lessons that should have us

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mentally prepared for this, our beloved prophet Sallallahu Sallam and the sahaba. Who are we and who are they?

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They were isolated.

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They were isolated and trapped inside Mecca boycotted for about three years. The difficulties they withdrew, Yusuf Ali Salam, how many years in prison, but Alhamdulillah. At the end of Atiba is for the Matatini, the good ending is for the believers, so they will have a good outcome. But that doesn't mean it's going to finish quickly. That doesn't mean it's going to finish easily. Therefore, we need to prepare ourselves

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mentally, and emotionally, to enter into this, like Allah told us in the Quran, that perhaps is actually good for us. And perhaps you put a lot of good for it. And that the affair of the believer, it's wonderful. hamdulillah so when make a map for ourselves, how can I better myself? How can I come out of this isolation? As a better Muslim, as a better father, as a brothers as a better son as a better husband? Every aspect of my life? How can I be better? What do I need to do have a clear plan for yourself, I'm going to better myself and my relationship with Allah subhanho wa Taala by doing that, and humbly Ramadan coming around the corner, amazing opportunity, our relationship with

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Allah subhanaw taala and with arriba with our worship, very clear what we need to do there, I want to better myself, seeking more knowledge. My brother contacted me today may Allah bless him, he said it's been a great opportunities and now I'm really learning Arabic and reading the Quran every day online hamdulillah the opportunities are there, we better ourselves in that we now have the opportunity to sit with a brother told me the other day he said, you get to know your family, you get to know your children now so panelized is something we should have done from before but it's an opportunity to spend more time with our family and to strengthen our family ties. Take some online

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courses, even the affairs of the dunya it's an opportunity better yourself, how am I going to come out as a better Muslim as a better person and be positive inshallah Tada. So realize that isolation, it looks to be as a bad thing. But as the Lord told us, and once again we'll end with this verse. I've gone over my time I apologize.

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When Allah subhanaw taala mentioned and sorted to know once again talking about a great calamity that if

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the story of the if when they falsely slandered Aisha Radi Allahu Ana, what are the law say about this? If a verse number Lebanon's in Surah Noor, let X abou Chevron law comm that will

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do not look at it as being something evil. It's actually something good for you. The article of equal summary comm Rantala over cattle