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The Easterion and Easteroleview have been successful, with the host talking about a secret deal and helping to serve the Muslim community through Microsoft. A woman namedams refuses to give money to her partner, causing a group of Christian cowboys to break into a group of Christian cowboys. The importance of physical strength and being smart in Islam is emphasized, along with learning about Islam and being a good person. The segment ends with a brief advertisement for a book.

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my daughter was who

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asked her you know more often those who don't

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because all those who are leaning on the wall Please do not lean on the wall unless you have an issue a major issue okay, because what I found all the time they attack they cause you to be sleeping during the day. So when you're when you're leaving, then you're gonna feel sleepy

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hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah I

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want to start even who on a Sunday Do you want to sell fetal? What are also beloved new issue woman CBI Dr. Marina may have been in love with

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one or

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the washer to Allah Allah worker who actually can wash shampoo and Mohammed and absolute water solo but yeah you only Muslim on it tabula. Also you can kind of see oh, well I'm betta to Allah. But for the first

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on Allah Yeah, are you highlighting it Taboola hardcore to party while

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we're talking mostly Moon work on Allahu terracotta Allah Yeah, are you Hillary and I'm and on top of our go to Poland said either you slept in that home a little while you're gonna go back home. What are you Theresa Rasool for the first photos and Amina rubbish. Why are suddenly getting washed older to determine discerning only another? All praise is due to Allah subhana who was our, we praise Him, we seek His help and we ask for his forgiveness. We praise and thank Allah subhanahu wa taala for once again allowing us all to be gathered here today to listen to the football and to perform the joumana together. I asked Allah subhanho wa Taala to bless each and every one of us and

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asked Allah subhanho wa Taala to gather us like we are gathered here but in general for adults. I mean,

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and how do we learn this week? There is quite a bit happening at our school. We have the chemistry slash biology week. We have also the orphan sponsorship that is happening throughout this weekend. Of course next week, we had the character parade that was also happening or happened this week, so quite a bit happening. And the theme that we had for this week was the Sunnah of the prophets all following the Sunnah of the prophets of Allah, the ascendance and the Holika Rashi Dune, the Rightly Guided caliphs. And we spoke about the Prophet sallallaahu Salam in detail. We spoke about Ababa, Alma Elfman and it shall Allah Allah if we did it, then we will try to do that inshallah next week

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as well. These are great examples for us to follow. Since we're talking about character All right, and we some of us in primary school were dressed up in certain characters. That is great to see you successful day yesterday. But we have amazing characters also. They were the heroes of Islam and we need to inshallah resemble them. We need to follow their way. Today is horrible. I want to go through some stories that have amazing lesson from the colada or rushed you don't I'll try my best to squeeze it in before the end of the football insha Allah. The first inshallah we will begin with Abu Bakr, radi Allah one. He has amazing stories. When you see you know how every one of us we have

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our strengths and our weaknesses, right you have our strengths and we have our weaknesses. And of course, even the Corinthians, the Sahaba is they had strength and they had weaknesses. They were human beings, but they use their strength, they utilize their strength to serve Islam, to please Allah subhana who was out so we're going to look at some areas of their strength, and how did they use that to serve the Muslim community, in turn to please Allah subhanho wa Taala we'll look at Abu Bakr Viola one

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Abu Bakr Radi Allahu Allah wasn't a wealthy unite for whatever wealth he had. He used to help out the Muslims. When he was Khalifa. He was barely making enough money, barely making enough money to support both of his families, but yet he would still try his best to serve the Muslim ummah. So what he did, he used his strength, say strength was in money at that time, even though he will still give a lot of it away. But he would use his own body. That was his strength, he would use his himself to serve others. So what did he did and this was a secret deal that he did. I may have mentioned this before. Oh my God, Allah one here, he narrates the story, that when Abu Bakr he was Khalifa, I used

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to notice every photo after photo, he would walk to the outskirts of Medina, the opposite direction of his home. And then he would come back after a little while. And he was very intrigued why he would do that. So he said, One day of following him, and I wanted to see what he did. I woke up and kind of story short of a bathroom alarm would would go to a person's house, and he will spend maybe a couple of hours there. And then when the sun would rise was getting a bit hot, then you would come back home. So Ahmed followed him one day. So what he did, now he wasn't trying to peek and see what he did trying to find false note, because I want to be Allah and he knew that he was Abu Bakr was

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greater than him. So he wanted to follow what Obama did in every step. So he wanted to see what he did. So when I woke up and went back over, have you alone, he knocked on the door, an old lady, she opened the door, she was a blind woman. And when he found out she was blind, she was a widow. And she was taking care of all of these orphans in the house. We're talking about open sponsorship. And this is how we can help out insha Allah. So I will be alone, what he would do was he would everyday code to this person's house. This lady had no idea that there was a button he used to come and he was Khalifa at that time. He would go into that house, they would cook food for them. He would make

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the day he would cook food for them. They would feed them he would clean their house, he would wash their clothes, he would wash the utensils, the dishes, and then he would go home and all of the Aloma when he heard that he said to the lady, do you pay him anything? And she said by Allah don't pay him anything. I don't know who he is. I don't pay him anything. It's someone who comes in does this for the sake of Allah. And then when Omar will be Allah when we heard this, he said to himself, instead of adopting Allah about the kava, he said, you've exhausted the Khalifa who will come after you I will, but how can people follow you? So that was his strength, he did that for the sake of

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Allah, He hid that and we only know it through Amato, the Allah one of a bucket himself never mentioned the stories of Honolulu. So think about your strength, what you can do Hamdulillah we are physically strong. We are quite capable of helping people out. So we should do that for the sake of Allah serve the people in sha Allah. Almighty Allah, why there are so many stories we can talk about our Monaldi alone one hit alone.

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But so Pamela to just look at what was his strength. His strength was himself as a leader. He was a strong leader. Right? People would listen to him, people would not argue. And he was known as alpha. Meaning he was the distinguisher between right and wrong. And no one could argue against it. Right. And he was such that he would correct himself if he was wrong. That's the type of person he was. One day he was reading books.

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And in his goodwill, or before the chutzpah, a lot of men came to complain to your loved one and said, Yeah, I mean, we can't get married. You know, the women are asking for too much mama. And we're not able to get married. So I'm gonna be alone. He said, All right, we'll try to fix this. So in his Hotspur, he got up and he started to speak. And then he said, The issue that men are not able to get married and my heart is so high. So from today, a woman is not allowed to ask for more than this much money. And as he was saying, this, a lady by the name of Hola, she stood up. Imagine this if she stood up from the back. And she said, Who are you to say to stop us from our rights when the

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process awesome, did you sir? And in the chutzpah now imagine everyone's watching, right. He could have said something at that time that will put her down but he didn't. He said today, I have been corrected by this woman. And he didn't go on with what he was about to say subhanallah that was that type of person. He would look at himself distinguish between right and wrong when there was a famine. When people didn't have enough food to eat. They didn't have meat to eat, right people going hungry

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When meat would come to the family of Walmart, or model, the lumbering eater, he wouldn't even he would distributed. Or they came when he became so frail or what have you along with a man he was, he became frail, right, his lips were starting to crack. And his stomach was rumbling. And he looked at his stomach.

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And he looked at his stomach and he said, The Lord didn't want to burn. He said, Growler don't grow. He's talking to himself. He said, You will not eat meat until the rest of the people eat meat. That's the type of person he was his son one day during the famine. It took an apple or type of fruit. And he started eating it that came for the Muslim. And he started getting the he looked at it. He said to his wife, where did he get that from? Where did he get that from? This belongs to the Muslims. This belongs to the other people that are going through hunger, even though his own family was going through hunger. So his wife said, Don't worry, he actually bought it with money. It's

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okay. But I'm gonna be a long one. He still didn't want that to happen. So Pamela, he wanted to make sure his family was in line. That's the type of man he was to Pamela. And that is unusual we need. Another incident that happened with him is there was a Coptic Christian from Egypt. What happened was there was a type of horse race or some type of race that happened where the Coptic Christian won against the son of the governor of evil, I'm going to be lost his son, right? He was competing in that but he lost and the Christian one but that battle like him, but what happened was the son of the governor got so angry and humiliated in front of others, that he started to beat up his

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Christian. And his Christian was so upset that he came all the way from Egypt to Medina to complain to Armando Villamar. Now Marathi Allah Juan, he summoned. I'm gonna be Laos and his son to come. And when they came to Medina, he asked him his truth. They said, Yes, he gave the stick to the Christian man. And he said, Take justice. Take justice. So even with Christians, with Jews, with Muslims with anyone, it became justice, it was justice. It was fairness. And then that Christian beat the son of the governor, like he was being. So Pamela that was justice by Omar Rhodiola. Doesn't matter who it was himself, his children or anybody else. We can go on and on and on about our Omar Abdullah Omar.

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Oh, man, what are the Allah one? What was his strength, the strength was he was rich, he was wealthy, he had a lot of money, he was known to be one of the wealthiest sahabas. But that doesn't mean that he kept money to himself. He was also one of the Sahaba, who gave the most in terms of quantity in charity. That's the type of man he was to kind of like, when the Muslims migrated from Mecca to Nigeria. In Medina, there was not a lot of wellness to drink water or to get water from not like today, we turn on the tap, and we drink water, we'll take all of this for granted Subhanallah, they had to go and get it out from the well, in order to drink water to wash the clothes to have a

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bath, whatever it may be. So there was a well by the name of big rumor, and it was owned by a Jewish man. And he wasn't giving out the water to a lot of people and he was charging ridiculous amounts of money, especially to the Muslims. So the prophets of Allah wa alayhi, WA set it up, and he said, Who from amongst you, meaning this a harvest can go and buy that wealth, and for you will be paradise for you will be paradise, so very quietly, have murdered your loved one. And he found this man, and he said, I'll buy the world for me. And he said, No, I'm not gonna do that. I'll make you money. I'm not gonna sell you the will. But Aquaman was a very smart businessman. He said, How about I'll I'll

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own half of it, you own half of it. So I'll pay for half of it. And what that means is one day I will own the wealth. And the next day, you own the world. So you can sell water. And the other day, I will run how I like to say, Okay, that's a good deal. I still have 50% of it. So he sold half of it. And there's many rewinds about that, but it said about 14,000 Did a hands on want to be alone. We spent a lot of money, a lot of money. Then Rhodiola one came in he announced that I have bought this world for the sake of Allah subhanho wa taala. And for anyone who wants to come and take water, come and take water during my time because the water will be free. It will be free, so that they

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would line up they would come and they will take water Subhanallah and then when it was the time of the Jewish man to run the well, no one would come because he would ask for money for it. But he would sell it the no one would come. So the Jewish man knew that I've been beaten by this man. So he's

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Hold the whole thing to all five of your loved one was in goes till today that will exist till today that wealth exists in the surrounding land that was bought visit it produced date palms would produce so much revenue so much money that today there is a bank account in Saudi Arabia under the name of Usman of your loved one. There are hotels in Saudi Arabia, that was bought or that was made by the money and the revenue from that wealth to canola. All right, and today, that money is going back to the poor and the needy. So imagine it's a soda bottle in jail for tomorrow, man, even until now until until the Day of Judgment. Met football. We'll talk about how you have your loved one

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was thoughtful about the money we'll fill in who will afford.

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In Al hamdu lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala Nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa seldom at the Sleeman Kathy Ramadan, before we go on to God Allah one, there was another incident the story that happened which we will ensure the merge to throw the Allah I know the Allah one wanted to get married, and he wanted to marry the daughter of the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam, who was forced him out of the Allama So the Prophet sallallahu Sallam asked Ali, what are you going to give her as much as Maha as dowry? So I didn't know the Allah when he said I don't have anything to gain. Except for the shield. He had a shield that he that he had an arm and the promise Arsalan he said to

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earlier of your loan, go and sell this, though this, find some money or get some money for this, and you can pay you the money with that. So I'm gonna do a long thought, okay, great. I'll do that. So what's the marketplace? Who did he meet in the marketplace? Oh, my God, a loved one of mine, Robbie Alomar. And also none of you alone. He said, you know, where he's going with Dharma with the shield, he said that I'm getting married. And so I'd love to talk to him. I'm selling this, and I need to sell it in order to make some money to pay them off. So man, he took that opportunity to help his brother out. He said, I will buy a phone. And he paid the Allah one approximately 400 Or just over

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400 Gold points for that shield, which was worth nothing read. According to your loved one. He bought that. And he was so happy that he got all 100 gold coins. And he was on the way back towards the house of the progress. I'll sell them off, man folding back, come back, come back. You said you're getting married, right? And he said yes. And he goes to him as a wedding gift. This is a shield for you. As a wedding gift, this is a shield for you. So Pamela, that was the type of man he was. And this is the type of Sahabas we're looking up to that we want to be like inshallah. Anyways, it will be a loved one. He had so many amazing stories. What was his strength, his strength was

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strength, courage. He was strong. He was strong. When he was born, his mother also named him I said Minnie lion. Now I'm not trying to talk up the red lines here. But he was known as the line acid. He was also called Hazel, which also means line. So Tama these were the names given, he was a warrior, he was strong. That was his strength. And so Pamela, just one incident, I want to mention, and this was during the time of the Battle of condom, it was it was one side, the disbelievers and the other side was a Muslim. And you've learned to story before and the in Islamic classes as well. Now the disbelievers couldn't cross through the funnel because the founder was quite deep and quite wide.

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But there was a man by the name of Allah. Then Abdullah was a very fierce fighter from the four h tall, very fierce, he was able to penetrate through he was able to jump through the front of the trench. And when he came on the other side he said very boastful and proudly, Who amongst you want to battle me, Who amongst you want to fight me who wants to battle me. And of course, we're talking about the state of water at that point. So the province has Alabasta companions, which of you brave enough to fight it because this guy was he is very hard to beat this person. No one wanted to stand up, or you know the allowances yada, so we're gonna meet, I'm ready. And at that time, Ali will be

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alone was in his mid 20s. He was quite young. And he was battling someone who had many, many years of experience at tank he was listening and the process of him sitting sit down. You don't know who he says is sit down. And then again, he's asking who is certified? And the Prophet asked again and he said, Have you heard of So Anna Mia rasool Allah wants to fight. He said No, sit down. Third time he said I will sit down. Full time again. I listened via

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also Allah Pick me, I want to fight the process that I've said before. And the battle was so fierce to power between the two. I love your loved one was victorious, he won this battle SubhanAllah. And he showed how courageous he was. That was his strength. Now with us, and I'm not just talking about physical strength here, because I love your art Rhodiola. One was very smart in education as well. He was a scribe of the prophets of Salaam, he would write letters for the Prophet SAW Selim, he was learning he would use the strength to serve Muslims to serve the Prophet SAW Selim. So if you have those type of friends, every Muslim should be strong and tough physically. Yes, every one of us boy

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or a girl, we should be physically strong. But at the same time, we should be strong with our mind and be smart. In everything else that we do. So I'll school at home, use your strength in sha Allah to serve Islam. We learn so many lessons from these great Holyfield's and Inshallah, in the next foodbuzz, maybe we can speak about the great women of Islam and what they have done in getting lessons from them. But inshallah I want to end off by saying, there are so many of us here by the name of Muhammad. And Muhammad is the name that is most used in the world. Most used in the world. They say in the UK, the most common name is Muhammad. In the UK, we're talking about the most common

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name is Muhammad. Many of you here are among so many of you here are among so many here are you they could be people by the name of iboga. Which of course his name was Abdullah. And we have people who are already here Oh, man as well. There are 40 mins here. There are executives here. There are failures here. There are so many great there's Halima is here. There are houses here, there are so many of these names that your parents have given you to ensure Allahu Taala you can resemble them. So our job is to look at these great heroes, look at these great characters and inshallah become like them, learn about them, resemble them and become great ambassadors of Islam, and you will see

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how through your efforts, your life will change, and inshallah Huhtala our Dawa can make our locality and the people here, view Islam and look at Islam set in a beautiful way you could be laying down, we ask Allah subhanahu wa taala to make us all recognize these great heroes walk the path of these great heroes and we ask Allah subhanho wa Taala that through them and through our efforts that we enter paradise Ada and Allah in the love of Allah

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Yeah, you have Latina Musa, you Alan was selling Moses Lima Allahumma Salli ala Muhammad wa ala and Hamid cannot select to Allah.

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Allah Muhammad wa and Mohammed Abdullah Ibrahim wa Ibrahim Abraham even magic Allah in the La Jolla movie loudly was the reason why he eater even forgot why and ham it's actually one one curry well belly yeah boom Landa comes walking

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a law by law by a general

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all right

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anyone boy

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heels on the line yes

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owe you all but

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I'm gonna do that again on the

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offline and you're watching me let me do that moving. We are Jana Rudolph Alia cannons during

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long leave of Milan on

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au warrior well we are at one on four for

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you met me nothing is voluntary no no in shambles in.

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lot of volume volumes

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170 novels are a game on a Vietnam War era 18 one up on the

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I'm going

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