Burden of Life #3

Abdulfattah Adeyemi


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The speaker discusses the frustration of individuals carrying heavy burden on their heads and causing their hearts to become saturated. They stress the importance of letting go of these burden and not letting them become heavier and become burdens. The speaker also talks about the need for forgiveness and helping individuals through difficult times.

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If the person is carrying a load on his head, you can see why don't you put it down.

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But there's a kind of burden that people carry inside their hearts. inside their minds. They can see it become touchy, but they know what they feel. They know it feels very heavy. Sometimes we are frustrated by these burdens. Sometimes we are overwhelmed. Sometimes we are broken. And there are these authors whose bodies on life is less somebody that's pushing a heavy rock, a heavy rock ball, a very big rock that's like a ball, the person is pushing it up a hill.

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Now the rock will keep pushing back, and the rock will roll over him and crush him. But you will not be able to stop pushing because you stop pushing the way to push him back.

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Incidentally, the more he push up the hill, the more tired he gets, the heavier the rock will seem.

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The Rock doesn't get tired, Bala Moses will get weak. So you keep working and keep pushing, you can get tired, you're Moses because we can, I cannot stop pushing what's going to happen at the end of the

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the rock may rule and crush you down. If you don't know what to do.

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Sometimes a person is to know when to let go of this which will carry

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and let whatever will happen even happen.

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Failure to know when to let go of the burden you carry will result in you being crushed by the same burden that you are carrying. It is going to be more painful if these burdens are not even your own in the first place. Allah Akbar, but one thing we must remember, in the first place is problems of life. And the burdens that we bear would never finish.

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But there's limits to which a human being could NGO. problems will not finish. walks will not finish. responsibilities will not finish. bodies will not finish. We came to this world and we met people walk in. We live this world and people continue to walk. We came to this world we met people laboring we live this world and people continue to label. It didn't start with us. You know and with us. That is the way it is in many people's lives. They look so good on the outside, but they are collapsing on that the burdens of inner rocks and the case and nobody knows it. And this is even worse. When the person is suffering on the burdens and people think he's enjoying. You know what

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makes it to be worse. When he asked for help. Nobody will help him. People will believe that you are capable of being busy. You have been doing this thing with a smile. Do you say you are very happy already? Why Will anybody need to help you?

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Even when they tell other people, nobody will believe them. Even when nobody knows, Allah knows. Even when nobody believes your story. Allah believes your tails. Allah understands how you feel and what you feel.

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And we pray for all of those going through such difficult times in their lives, may or may not allow relieve them of their burdens. May Allah show them the way to go. And may Allah assist them to carry these burdens or relieve them of these burdens, burdens that you can't tell anyone, bodies that you cannot explain to anyone. Words of the mouth are not enough. They will explain what you feel with regards to the heavy responsibilities that you have been carrying. And whereas once villages become heavier and heavier, they become burdens. May Allah have mercy on us.