What are the Satanic Verses?

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A lot of people are really confused. They go online and they're reading about the fact that there's something called the Satanic Verses that shape on the devil, Satan can actually interfere with revelation, and kind of put words into the mouth of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. And apparently, during the life of the process, and that actually happened in Mecca, that the Prophet system was reciting the Quran in shaytaan winter and kind of mixed up his own words into the words of the prophets a lot. He said, I'm in the mountains all heard it, and they all got excited and happy and complied. But then the prophets allowed him to come back later and kind of backtracking statements.

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If you read that story, if you've ever heard that story, and it really messed with your head and messed with your heart and confused you,

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guess what? It's what we call from a technical perspective mogador It's a fabrication. It's an absolute blatant lie. It has no sourcing, no chain of narration, no validity at all whatsoever, no academic integrity. But we maybe you didn't know that.

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This is why

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knowing how to confirm what you believe, and how you believe what you believe, is so important in our faith tradition. That's inshallah the goal and the objective at the faith intensive, top biocide of drama and Murphy. So please, inshallah, check out the website. Come and join us. I look forward to seeing everyone here.