Abdul Nasir Jangda – Ramadan 2024 – Stories of the Prophets #05

Abdul Nasir Jangda
AI: Summary © The importance of accountability in the Prophet sallavi Alayhiipped story is discussed, including the use of animals as building palaces and the importance of a real-life image of Islam. The she luckless she incident leads to a sheala reaching the mountain's edge and eventually reaches the mountain's edge. The sheala then goes on a journey and reaches the mountain's edge.
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Bismillah you will hamdu lillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah ala alihi wa sahbihi Ultramarine said Mr alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatu.

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Continuing with our series are in the month of Ramadan, the stories of the prophets from the Quran.

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And what we've been doing is highlighting and identifying a particular lesson that can be taken from each respective story.

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Today, we're going to be talking about the story of the Prophet sallahu Alayhi Salam.

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And the lesson that we're going to focus on, is accountability.

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Now, accountability is a very broad concept. And it's kind of a lesson that one could probably derive from all the stories.

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However, there's a very particular kind of emphasis on accountability, within the story of the Prophet saw the Adi his Salah.

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So again, very quickly, to just give the basic bullet points, the Prophet salallahu alayhi salam was born amongst and grew up amongst, and ultimately was then given prophethood, to go and preach to the people of the mood that people have some mood. And Allah subhanaw taala tells us this story.

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All over many, many different places in the Quran, scattered all throughout the book of Allah, there are portions of the story that are of course, mentioned in surah two, because that's where you have a lot of these stories of perish nations. So total out officer number seven Surah, two Shuara surah number 26. So number 27 Surah to normal surah number 54 suited to the Kumar and even Surah, number 91 Surah, two Shams, where she will do ha ha speak about the story of the mood. And in some places Allah subhanaw taala gives us a bit of an introduction to the people of the mood so we can understand exactly who they were and what their situation was.

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That these are people that lived in the Arabian Peninsula, the place where they lived, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and his companions passed by that place the ruins of the mood on their way from Medina to to book to the north. And that region, a lot of those ruins are present even till today referred to as muda in solid, the cities of solid Anakin salaam, and because they lived out in the desert, it was a very hard, difficult life.

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So Allah subhanaw taala, and then to escape the difficulty of the desert life, they tried to go into the mountains. But what would happen is, in the wintertime, when it would rain or the wind would start to blow, it would literally washed him off the mountain. And when they would come back down, then it was very hot and very difficult in the summertime. And so they kept struggling on how to survive. So Allah subhanaw taala granted them a gift.

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Their gift is interpreted in two different ways. Number one, that Allah granted them a kind of genius,

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way before its time, where they had an advanced ability, kind of an advanced engineering ability to be able to carve out their mount homes within the mountains.

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Second interpretation of that which Imam Razi Imam will call to be even Catherine rahang Allahu Allah prefer and that's what makes more sense to me as well is that Allah granted them actually a miraculous gift.

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Where Allah granted them the ability that with their bare hands, they could just carve stone

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and Allah granted them disability so that they could survive.

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So Allah tells them, the message comes to them Allah sends the Prophet salah, to call them to Allah to worship Allah. They did not believe in Allah they worshiped idols. They committed all kinds of atrocities and crimes. They live these heedless godless, more, more, more or less lives and ethical lives. So Allah sent Saudi Heidegger's salam to preach to them. A tutor Hakuna Faema Hakuna I mean, like, did you just assume that you get all these blessings of God? And then you just go about living your life however you want.

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feed Jannati where are you? You have gardens and you have springs in the middle of the desert. Allah granted you and oasis in the desert was Zulu or in one Auckland Taha huddly. You have gardens, orchards and gardens that are laden with fruits. What tendency to and I mean allergy valuable, you didn't find him and you were able to carve out these exquisite homes within the mountains. Did you think that you would have that ability and that there would be no accountability with Kuru Ajala come holla member the Arden well, but what I can feel are the, you know, that there was a people before you call the people of odd that people we spoke about the previous session. So they

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remembered because the odd We're from the same region as well. And so, Allah is telling them, Saleh alayhi salam was telling them we all know about the people of God, and they were destroyed. But well, but what I couldn't figure out are the and Allah gave you the ability to be able to live so comfortably in such difficult terrain and circumstances that that he didn't I mean, to Hooli have cause airconsole Ron, you're able to build palaces for yourself in the plains. What's in here what's up Hey, Georgie Bala boo uten and you're able to carve out homes within the mountains. First guru, Allah Allah. So count the blessings of Allah when I try to fill out of the mousseline and do not be

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rebellious within the earth.

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So, Saleh alayhi salam said, you have blessings, unlike any blessings that anyone before you has had.

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This comes with some level of responsibility, accountability.

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But their rebelliousness got the best of them.

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And what did they do? They said that we demand a sign.

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We demand a sign that you are telling the truth. We need to see something that tells they initially said in the mountain terminal Musa Hardeen, you're lying. You're a sorcerer. You're You're a charlatan, my elaborate shadow Miss Rhonda, you're just a normal person like the rest of us. You don't get to tell us what's right and what's wrong. Fat TV I got him in Quinta Mina Saudi have been present a miraculous sign.

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So Salahuddin Salam said fine.

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What would you like in terms of a sign?

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So they suggested something that was so

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unfathomable, that was so kind of maybe preposterous to them that they said there's no way he can produce this. They said we want to camel.

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We want to Sheikh Campbell, to walk out of this mountain.

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We want this mountain to open up. And miraculously a she camel walks out of it.

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saw they had a Salam said okay,

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you may do Angela.

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And then Allah subhanaw taala told him to go to the mountain. He pointed to a place in the mountain, the mountain cracked open. Allah knows how many millennia later, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam passed by there and he showed the Sahaba where it was. I've done I've been Masuda Radi Allahu Taala and who the companion of the prophet tells him who was with him on that journey. His students say when we were passing by there with our teacher Abdullah bin Massoud Radi Allahu anhu, he stopped and he showed us the place in the mountain that are cracked open in this camel walked out of

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so sorry, it said I'm walks over there points at the place in the mountain. The mountain literally opens up and this ginormous she Campbell walks out a creature unlike anything they've ever seen. So huge, powerful, impressive. Just walks out.

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And now they're stunned,

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So then some of them they decided to up the ante. So then they said, Well, how do we know that this is not just some optical illusion.

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We need to know that this is real.

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So this sheet camo should give birth.

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So they figured, you know, that's how's that gonna work? Salatu Salam makes dua to Allah.

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Allah answers a dua he says Here we go. immediately in front of them does she camel gives birth.

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And now

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they're kind of like, okay, this is awkward.

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So, they said, Yeah, we're not going to believe nevermind.

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Saleh alayhi salam said, a counter

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bility look,

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you already we're not taking responsibilities and being accountable for all the blessings you have from Allah miraculous blessings.

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Now you demanded the sign. You challenge the authority of God.

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We want to see something impossible. While I showed it to you,

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there's accountability Be careful what you ask for.

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So have the Hinako hula hula come I gotten further Ruha that kullfi are the lucky Well, atta masu hubbies, who in fair for the Komodo that this is, this chi camel was created miraculously by Allah, it belongs to Allah. So leave it be, do not, do not mess with it. Do not bother this creature. Let it just live on God's green earth and graze as as it will and go where it may where it will and do not bother it. Do not harm it. Because if you do so, then the punishment of Allah will come irrevocably.

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And this giant chi camel was so it was a test fitna Telecom, it was a test for them.

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So what happened? The she camel would start to graze and it would graze through the entire pasture. It would eat up everything in its sight. It would go to the watering hole and drink to the point where he would drink all the water. Finish it.

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So then they came to solid Hideki Salam and he said what do we do with this? So Allah said, Lucha Sherwin, welcome shearable Yomi maloom

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okay, this is how it will work. The she camel will drink one day. Know when a bit whom another customer tomato? Can you save him October, one day the she camel will graze and drink. And the next day your animals will graze and drink. And even in that test, there was a blessing. Why? Because the she camel would eat and drink everything. When they would wake up the next morning everything was for.

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Allah provides even in the test.

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That's why the lesson is accountability.

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Because it's undeniable, the truth is undeniable.

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The denial comes from in here.

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It's it's the refusal to take responsibility to be accountable to Allah.

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But that wasn't good enough for them either. Fernando Sahiba whom Fatah Topher aka

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they couldn't contain their own wretchedness, as Allah says, is embossed. Aha.

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Forget the Boo hoo file karuah.

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They killed the animal.

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They killed the animal they murdered it.

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And when that happened,

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then Saleh alayhi salam said, accountability. Look at how many opportunities you are given

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accountability. That's why there is a bit of a scary message and accountability.

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That when that time runs out,

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then there's no delaying.

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Then there is no escaping it to meet the ofii daddy come with Aletheia young valleca I don't read Omaka Dube, this is a promise from God that will not be turned away.

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And Allah subhanaw taala tells us that Allah subhanaw taala destroyed them all for AQa tomo Raja for us for houfy Daddy, him Jessie me and they were found in those same exquisite homes that they had carved out with in the mountains with their own bare hands.

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This beautiful, wonderful gift that Allah had given them. They were found dead

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in three days time, inside of those same homes,

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in beds, comfortable luxurious beds that They prided themselves on. Everyone was found dead lying on their own beds.

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This is that lesson of accountability

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that Allah subhanaw taala has blessed us has given us so much.

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Most importantly in terms of this deen the fact that we know who Allah is we know what the Quran is we know who it is who lie Salah exam is we're observing the month of Ramadan, we're sitting in the house of Allah, we're praying, listen to the Quran, we're remembering Allah.

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What a profound lesson. But it comes with that same responsibility and accountability, that we'd be grateful to Allah and that we abide by this Deen to the best of our ability, and that we never let our arrogance our stubbornness and we're denial get the best of us

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look at the Ebola two companies are that there'll be one or two that will actually lead to happiness As salam Alaikum salam, when he turned away from her, he said, My people, I was sent and I delivered to you the message of my Lord, and I advised you, but you did not want to be advanced. May Allah subhanaw taala soften our hearts, may Allah subhanaw taala always make us open and keep us open to advice, to always recognize our mistakes, to always be humble and accountable and responsible and you have to rely on me Baraka Luffy

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