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inshallah continuing with our series titled illuminated, where we look at many of the verses in the Quran where Allah subhanaw taala tells us about the idea and the concept of nude lights and the lessons that we can derive from there. Today insha Allah we're going to be looking at surah number 57 Surah Al Hadid. And Allah tells us about the Day of Judgment, that what is the reality of this light of iman? How will manifest how will it reflect on the day of judgment in the life of the hereafter? So Allah subhanaw taala tells us yo matorral me Nina will make me nuts. On that day you will see the believing men and women

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Yes, I knew to whom they gonna add him will be a money him. There light. Now there's something I want to point out here.

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Allah subhanaw taala when he talks about this concept of nude and light in this world, a lot of times it's referred to as the light from Allah, a noodle Levy and gentlemen, this is the light that Allah has revealed. The light that Allah has granted the light, the nude that Allah has given. It is the nude of Imani. It is a nude of the Quran. It is even the light from the guidance of the prophets, Allah the Sunday example of the Prophet salatu salam. But here, when Allah talks about the Day of Judgment, when Allah talks about the life of the hereafter, he says no to whom

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it is there light.

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So the idea here is, is if that we commit ourselves, we devote ourselves, we dedicate ourselves to try to glean to try to gain from the lights that Allah has granted us, the light of EMA and the light of Islam, the light of the Quran, the light from the example of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam,

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that what we are doing is not only figuring out how to live our lives, as best as we can, but what we are also doing is that we are acquiring a light

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that in the life of the hereafter, Allah says will be your light

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that we will own this light we will possess this light

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on the day that we will need that light more than ever before. So Allah says yes, I knew whom Vayner ad him Are we a money him

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that their light will be racing in front of them and on the right of them

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illuminating the path. But also, it also talks about how to be on the right of them. I all of a sudden developed an echo right, so I shall Ramadan miracles, right? Very good. This is what happens when the nerves are playing in the back in the little closet. So anyways, so there will be lights in front of them, racing in front of them, and there will be a light on the right side of them.

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And what do these two lights represent?

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The scholars explain the light racing in front of them is the light guiding their lighting their way of lighting the path so they know where to go. The light on the right side of them represents that they are not alone.

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That they are that they have a companion.

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And many of the scholars of Tafseer also connect this to Allah subhanaw taala says what a madman Ooh Tia Kitab a who be a meaning they're given their book of deeds in the right hand. Some scholars even say that the new wood a lot of times refers to the Quran. So it will be representative of the fact that the Quran is with them.

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Even if they as they are making their way through the trials through the stages of the day of judgment

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that the Quran is with them, keeping them company vouching on their behalf interceding for them.

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So there'll be rushing ahead

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like, like just lightning

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passing through.

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Bush rock when Will Young Virginia tune and there will be an announcement that will be made this this announcement will echo all around them. Bush rockin Bush rockin Congratulations Congratulations alone today. What do you get Jana tune the gardens of paradise that did even Tatiana and her rivers and streams flowing from beneath these gardens. As the Quran tells us Mina and Martin and Harun me my Inman lady acid, Mana innovatie acid what an haram 1111 neutrophilia. One haram in hungry leather t shirt even one haram and Salim Mustafa. Right

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I hate that they'll have rivers and streams of pure water that will never go bad of milk don't whenever sour of the pure wine of paradise that is not intoxicating of pure honey flowing from beneath these gardens, Holly Dena fee ha. And they will reside there in for all of eternity there are being congratulated on the day of judgment that that is where you are going. That Lika who will focus on adding that indeed, it is the true ultimate success, that this is what you worked for. This is what you sacrifice for.

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But that's not it. Yo may have fallen when I feel Pune, Wellmune I forgot. But then Allah subhanaw taala tells us that there will be people

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who lived in the same neighborhoods, walked on the same paths traveled the same roads, shocked at the same stores, their kids went to the same schools.

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But they'll be stuck.

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And they'll be completely plunged into darkness. And they won't be able to see anything. They can't see their own hand in front of their face. And they'll be standing there panicking bewildered,

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plunged into this darkness. It's quite frightening. We've been talking about in these examples of bloom out layers upon layers of darkness buried under it.

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Just paralyzed, unable to move. And they'll see these flashes of light to speeding by

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where they can see it enough to notice it to spot it. But not enough to be able to get some light from it.

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So they'll say, Leila Xena Ahmed, who does say to those believers feeding by like bolts of lightning

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on the Runa Wait, wait, wait for us. Nikita vis me neuticle Let us have just a little bit of your light. We don't need a lot. We just need to borrow just a little bit knocked of his classmates to borrow not even take they're just borrow a little bit of your light

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and kalila at that time and announcement will be made energy or water accom go back to the life of the world.

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Go back to the life that you came from.

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Go back to that life fell tell me Sunita, Ill temas means to seek to glean

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to scratch off a little bit. Go and try to glean try to scrape some light for yourself from over there. That's where that this light was acquired. That's where they got this light. But of course we know that that's not possible. Allah subhanaw taala tells us in the Quran, cut Allah in the Haqqani Mattoon who have taught you absolutely not. This is just vanity talking. This is his people speaking nonsense. That can never happen. They'll never get that opportunity to go back to the life of the world. For duty Verbena whom, and then Allah subhanaw taala says for duty Verbena whom we sued in a wall will come crashing down between them like Obi Wan, but there will be a cutout in that wall like

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a door

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like a window. Why so that the conversation can continue?

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Badly? No who figured Rama? On one side of that wall will be the Mercy of Allah? Wa Vahid who? mil Kimberly Hila. Dab. And on the other side of that wall will be the torment and the punishment of Allah. May Allah protect us all.

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You're not doing so now. Those people in the darkness who Allah describes us the hypocrites.

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They'll scream from the other side of the wall. You now do know whom they'll scream. Alumna Kumar, who

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weren't we with you in the life of the world? I know you. I recognize you.

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Like I said before we lived in the same neighborhood. We walked up and down the same streets. My kids went to the same school. What? Why am I here and you're there.

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Hello, Villa SubhanAllah. Those believers in the light they will, they will respond. They'll say you're absolutely right. Well, I cannot come. But what did you do? You did something? What did you do? For 10? To and full circle? You deluded yourself?

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You deluded yourself? You had these moments of realization. You had these moments where you knew what was the right thing to do.

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You had these you know opportunities. You had these reminders,

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but you kept delaying

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rooting yourself.

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You kept saying oh no but this and but that you made all the excuses for yourself.

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Those of us who don't explain this largely refers to a person just falling into the habit of justifying their own behavior and making excuses for themselves. But But But But But

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what are Bustan? The second problem? The second problem is that you kept putting things off

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tomorrow, this weekend,

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next time,

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I'll plan for it properly. Right, you just kept putting it off, delaying it.

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Now, first, you start off by making excuses for yourself, then you move to just putting things off, then the third step is what? What are covered,

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then the doubts start to creep in. That's when you start to hear the arguments. Does that really make sense though?

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You know, when people start now arguing, that that doesn't make sense.

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Why I gotta go to the machine. Really?

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What was it? Why what's so great about that?

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Does this really make sense that that then now these doubts start to creep in and you start to become skeptical of things that deep down inside, you know, are correct, you know, are true. That skepticism develops? Well, heretical Amani, you and then the last part of this wishful thinking,

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then you engage in wishful thinking, then you start to pat yourself on the back, then you start to congratulate yourself.

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The wishful thinking, I'm great. I'm doing fantastic. I'm awesome.

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And then Allah says Hatha Yoga I'm Rula until finally the verdict from God King,

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death king.

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And as I live in Utah liberal the Allahu Taala Anusara. Nationally Amanita Amma to interpret who people are actually asleep, when they die is when they really wake up to the reality of things. Then when the angel of death comes, then at that moment, it's the realization like, oh no.

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Well, Huracan Billahi lava rule. And what do you realize after the fact that shaytaan one

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you realize after the fact that shaytaan got one over on YouTube on one

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full folio Mala you have to mean configure, and that Allah subhanaw taala says So now today, there is no bargain to be made. Well, I mean, Allah Xena Cafaro Similarly, from those who rejected and disbelieved in Allah, there's no deals to be cut today. Matt, welcome. And now, your destination is the fire of hell. He Imola calm, that is where you belong, will be sent my seat and that's the worst place anyone can ever end up.

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Now, that's quite a scary and bleak picture.

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But then Allah provides us with some hope and I number 16 The next time because all of this, look at the mercy of Allah. All of this that we are reading, that is transpiring on the day of just when you and I we are reading it, we are talking about it here right now. While we are alive, breathing and kicking, well in good able to do something about it. And that's why Allah subhanaw taala concludes this section by saying, I am yeah, Nene levena amanu has the time not come for the believers. And Daksha aku, Luba homolytic, Allah, that your heart would move, that your heart would shake, that your heart would tremble with the remembrance of Allah, while not necessarily menial, Huck, and that

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you would be moved enlightened by the Quran, the truth that Allah has revealed to you.

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And so this is Allah subhanaw taala, once again, telling us about the concept of light, how that nude will manifest on the day of judgment. And that nude will be the difference between those who are successful and those who are failures.

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But all of that comes down to this moment right here, where we make a choice and we make a decision. Now what do we choose to do? Do we choose to connect with Allah? Do we choose to open our hearts and open our minds to the book of Allah to the message from Allah? Are we going to close ourselves off from that, and delude ourselves and procrastinate,

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and then

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fall into doubt? And ultimately just engage in wishful thinking? Or we can break that cycle right now.

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By opening our heart to Allah, by praying to Allah by putting our head our face on the ground before Allah by listening to the book of Allah, and by deciding that we are going to make a difference in our lives. May Allah subhanaw taala allow us all

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To change during these last nights of the month of Ramadan, may Allah subhanaw taala make the Quran the light of our lives. May Allah subhanaw taala Illuminate our hearts with the Quran. May Allah subhanaw taala make the Quran our companion in our grave and on the Day of Judgment and may Allah subhanaw taala make the Quran an intercessor on our behalf on the Day of Resurrection. I mean yeah blood I mean, does that Kamala Hayden Assalamu alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh