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How to keep the gains of Ramadan? Discussion in light of ayah 2:188.

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Mohammed Abu salam wa, he was having here's my follow

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Well, hello.

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And welcome

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the last item that I just read in my reduction of the footwork. This is item number one, he

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says the translation of his his words are, do not consume your property wrongfully, nor use it to bribe judges, intending simply and knowingly to consume parts of other people's property. This is a very important, and the reason why I choose it is for two reasons. One is for what the ayah has to say. And the other reason is where the is placed in the

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matter, put this in sort of

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what the IRC is telling the believers that

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just like, we think, no, just like the Pillars of Islam, the rituals of Islam are to be practiced, and devotion to them is expected.

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Just in the same manner, there is an element of ethics and morality that transcends the mosque, that goes outside the mosque, and deals with the way we do business with each other, particularly business because that's where it's easy for people to, you know, do things here and there, Bill, somebody will be more rip this person off shortchange that person, it's always easy to do that.

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Particularly addresses that are that are those transactions and mambalam. He says, that do not

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do not consume each other's money wrongfully don't rip each other, each other off the

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this idea of consuming property or consuming wealth and wrongfully the scholars, for example, it says that this is basically two levels. One is where everybody agrees whether you're Muslim or not that this was wrong. For example, somebody's stealing from somebody, somebody's ripping them off.

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Giving them a service, but not really providing the entirety of it and charging them for the full price to the things everybody agrees is wrong. So that is something that comes in, if you do not do that when you're doing your business. Also what comes into the things that Shania has made her

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things or transactions were precisely that the city has made forbidden. And that is transactions that are interest bearing interest bearing transactions. transactions that are or trades that are a zero sum game. a zero sum game is one party wins and loses. For example, an example that is shorting a stock those kind of zero sum transactions, generally the shadow pivots, the reason for that is because in the way they are one person is going to lose and one person is going to win. And that is

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and that is something that is prohibited as well, both of these categories. And the details are not the point here. I'm just giving you examples, the books written about what things are transactions, this is not the scope of our discussion here. But it makes it clear that all types of ripping people off taking advantage of people exploiting people is impermissible. Do not do that.

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And then, again, on what to do we have

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Mr. Lee messy with me for

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a second type of, of transactions that are Haram, where a person is giving a bribe to a judge to a personal power to someone in authority. And even though there are some comments he says, even though you know and then and then mark delicia as even Mark

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Malin Bell,

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he says the person who's giving the bribe is actually losing money, somebody else is gaining money. But that point is so critical that our last choice of all around transactions to highlight that particular point in the ayah, because that is systemic corruption.

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The whole system is then rotten. When these doors of bribery, these doors where the powerful can get whatever they want, because they have money, those particular aspects that ruin societies that was highlighted of all the Haram transactions.

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This is this is one that we read, when we hear all the time the brown talks about these things, in very clear, very unambiguous terms. That doesn't leave much room for wiggling here, it's very clear, all of these things are impermissible. The idea of exploiting others is impermissible. The idea of you being wealthy, and having privilege. And then taking advantage of people who are underprivileged, and poor is impermissible. These are all things that are very clear cut.

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One, two,

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as long as once we know this, this is what Allah expects of us. This is point number one that I mentioned, this is what the ISS and it's a beautiful thing. And there's much we can discuss about this, there's so many applications of this in our times in our in our situation that we find ourselves to be in the countries that our countries of our origin, many, many places, you can take this idea and discuss it, you know, until the cows come home. And still we would have many, many more things to learn from it.

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But what I wanted to discuss more was where the eye is placed in

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the eye number 188 comes right after the idea of fasting. In fact, the entire passage of

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the passage of Ramadan tells us the rulings of Milan, what to do if you're traveling if you're sick. Sharon Milan in

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the month of the Quran, talks about

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talks about how we are not supposed to eat until the you know or once the sun has risen.

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Okay, all those rulings are described in the previous proceeding.

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And then

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it's like a it's like a sudden turn, he turns and talks about this. Don't repeat of each other off. Do not exploit people don't take advantage of people don't make the system corrupt and rotten.

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Many processes. This is there is a very subtle and very beautiful link between the two. And the link perhaps is that a lot colder something that's hot on the aisle for eating and drinking while you're fasting.

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We all know that. We all understand that.

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But then he says follow the follow up.

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It says just like consumption of food is haram during fasting a lot hotter now links to that another heart on consumption. And then as consumption of illegal property for consuming consuming someone's property wrongfully taking their money wrongfully.

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Those two things are those concepts are made.

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The point being brothers and sisters, and this is an important point for us to think about. This is food for thought. This is food for thought something that I hope we think about. And when we think about it, change will happen. And this is how change happens if you're convinced of something, you move by something you think about it and then a lost mother will give us give us a trophy to make that change happen. The food for thought here is as follows.

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Right after Ramadan is telling us your business practices better be correct.

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And this is the expectation from the from the law, Islamic law that our ritual worship will transcend the Muslim and make us better people.

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It will make us better people inside the Muslim. It will better make us better people outside the Muslim. It will make us devoted to a lot of these rituals, the Salah

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the fasting is an act of devotion to Allah then being honest

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In business, is an act of devotion to Allah as well that transcends the Muslim goes beyond the Muslim.

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That's the expectation.

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Just like on the lawn was a time for change,

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where we change everything, our schedules were turned upside down. By I mean, if you're not fasting, you will not be waking up at 3am to eat anything.

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Even I'm sure when you were the first day of me, when you were brushing your teeth, I'm sure you felt a little weird brushing your teeth or having a sip of water, because we've changed literally everything about our lives for the month of Ramadan. Even the smallest things, we become very, very careful of that care. That consciousness of doing something knowing Allah is watching needs to go beyond Ramadan.

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It needs to go beyond Ramadan, and it needs to go beyond our ritual redshifts it needs to go outside of it to our to our manners for the woman and the way we deal with each other to the way we speak to what we say to what we stand for all of those things need to happen, this change that ripples through all of them, because of Ramadan. And if you feel that that is happening, that is a sign of good acceptance.

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Where change outside the masses is taking place. This is not a new concept. Or this is not an isolated concept, but a lot of the links worship to something outside of worship.

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This is one instance that I just mentioned about fasting in Surah number 29.

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He will

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recite the Quran, read the Quran

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and establish the prayer these are the most beautiful ritual acts of devotion that we have besides in the book of Allah, the literal words of Allah and praying to Allah.

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But then what has supposed to happen, what change takes place, the change that takes place is the way we act outside of salon changes. We are transformed when done right? In the salon, the

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salon stops a person from shamelessness from evil

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shamelessness is a is something that if somebody saw you doing it, you'd be embarrassed. You'd be embarrassed that they saw you doing that thing and

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lying, cheating, bribery, exploitation. Any type of evil is a general word. sola and Koran when done right is supposed to stop us from those evils the turtles

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for example, it's not that the desire for Shell goes away. It's not that you also do feel like doing something that's wrong. That isn't happening. You're human beings after all, but then the the desire is lessened. The the intensity of the desire is softened. And the control that a person who finds themselves is is hired to have more control to exercise when those situations arise. This is what a Solomon then write to in prayer that right that was supposed to achieve the point his brothers and sisters are fasting our Milan which is two weeks ago we ended the Milan

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needs to have the gains of Ramadan have to transcend them alone. It has to go beyond Ramadan and changing us changing our devotion and commitment to Allah but just as importantly, if not more importantly, changing the way we behave outside

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salatu salam ala rasulillah he was having

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keeping the games of Ramadan keeping the momentum going after Ramadan

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is very critical for the sisters It is expected that there's going to be a drop off. It is natural that there's going to be a drop off. We cannot operate the way we're operating in Milan throughout the year. If that was the case or Milan would not be special. They be nothing special about Milan from Milan is so beautiful and so special.

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Milan is so beautiful, so special because it shows us what we can do in the best case scenario, what the best version of ourselves looks like. That's what it shows even the message of the law.

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was when he was described when

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he said that the Messenger of Allah,

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he was the most generous person

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was already at an all time high. And in Ramallah, well,

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he will be even more generous. And the point being that there is a drop off after Ramadan. And before Ramadan, and Ramadan is supposed to be the best case scenario or the best version of ourselves. So that's fine to expect us to be or for us to have that expectation to setting ourselves up for failure. But the point or continuing the gains of Ramallah is an important discussion. And it's an important thing that we should think about. And things to do, we should do to implement that momentum.

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For that momentum to continue going forward.

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One of the things that we can do is take a very simple approach to

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take an approach of say,

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it's difficult for us to come to the visit with the same frequency and the same fervor as a normal, but I think it's easy to come from

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unless you're working on or something's happening. But everything is said and done. All things are done, your night is about to end. It's not difficult. It's just a matter of priorities, matter of priorities, making it a priority to come to them as as long as we have that particular mascot coming to the Missouri just for a shot.

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Do you know how many beautiful benefits there are?

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The every unit of measurement that we come to the Muslim, there is a reward in that. And there's a sin forgiven for that. When you come to the masjid, when you pray, the reward of praying in the congregation is 27 times the normal prayer. And this 27 times is not hyperbole. There's words on these numbers in Arabic that are hyperbole. 17 1717 Arabic, in context doesn't always mean exactly.

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Is hyperbole many, many, many times, for example.

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1000 is not always 1000 in some contexts, is hyperbole. No.

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Alfa Santa wants to live 1000 years, but he wants to live his forever. The point being numbers in Arabic sometimes are hyperbole. But 27 is not one of those numbers, please, that literally means 27. It's like you pray one Salah in the congregation, that's five days worth of us. If you think about it, the reward of five days worth of

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just that one aspect coming to the Muslim, this forgiveness, coming to the Mother Mother and three, the reward is multiplied. And then most importantly, most importantly, it is establishing of the prayer with the community together. There was a man who

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was living far from the middle of the province. And he would always be there from salah and somebody asked him, Why don't you get a donkey or something. So you can get a ride. To the motherland. Make sure that you're not stressed by the heat and water. He says, because I want this to be in my record. I want all my footsteps every single day to be my legacy. When I die.

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It's a matter of priorities to show him the point to notice it's a priority made it a priority to come to the budget.

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And he was proud of it. And he saw that as what he leaves behind in the world. And when you prepare to

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do the other one. So same way, we have to see this action of coming to the mosque, establishing prayer, praying together, meeting our brothers and sisters as an act that we're preparing for our assets that we're leaving for our as a legacy in this world. That's how we have to see it. And if done consistently, then you'll see that momentum or Milan, you feel the beauty then that joy.

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That's one suggestion.

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I have two more quickly for you.

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The other two are say we were doing a lot of things in our mobile requesting robot. Let's do 10% of that. 10% of 30 is what, three days. Let's try to fast three days a month.

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every three months, three days, which find the time to fast, whether it's the weekend, whatever it is just three days if you can do Monday, great Thursday, great Monday or Thursday even better than 1213 1314 15th of the history calendar. All good, but it doesn't matter when you do it. As long as you do something. Pamela

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says my friend

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My friend told me to do three things.

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I never, never leave them. One is too fast, really every single month. Number two is to make sure I pray with them. And the third is,

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is a friend of the Prophet has spread

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the point of the act of doing what we were doing in Ramadan. But this breaking it over for the rest of the year, I mean consistent with it, 10% of it, that's all that's required, that insha Allah will keep the momentum will keep those gains. And then most importantly, will keep us in that state where the transformation that we're experiencing can transcend the muscles and transcend our flat, improve our manners, improve our advocates, improve the way we deal with

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the Messenger of Allah

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have with our money and while he has the most beloved actions toward love, the dearest actions to Allah, the ones that are most consistent for any color, even if they're small. So posts or Milan Games has to be think about how we have to change and improve our character. That's a constant thought. Constantly, we're thinking in that direction and trending upwards. But then after that,

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we put in consistent action. He put in consistent things that we do, like every day, like fasting three times a month. These consistency are these actions with consistency as well as

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we ask the Lord to give us a trophy to teach. And to continue on. after Ramadan until the next time

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we ask God to give us the topic to start with.

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And then the message remains packed, do minimal effort in the long

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run really

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allow us to live and die like him and his company on the day of judgment and give us a drink of his partner that

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is the best in this life, the best next life