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A Juz A Day (19th): Expose of Rejection; The Mighty, The Merciful

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19th Juz

Begins: Al-Furqan 21
Ends: Al-Naml 55
This juz includes Surah Al-Furqan (25), Al-Shua’araa (26) and Al-Naml (27).

Surah Al-Furqan – Rejection of the Truth
Surah Al-Shua’ara – Your Lord is the Mighty, The Merciful

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Bismillahirrahmanirrahim Cambodia Laos auto sama. So let's get started today we have the 19th Jews in Jerusalem program we have today with us the three sutras that we'll cover in sha Allah, we will cover the

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the the surah, number 25 sort of God, then we will cover surah number 26 surah, to sort of Shara and then 27. So to know, these are the three sources that we have today shantala I hope that this will be beneficial, be in the light Allah to everybody. Let's get started sweating procar actually begins in the

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in the end of the 18 years, but it continues and most of it is in this surah at this juice Excuse me. So refer con is the meaning of the word for con is the criterion, the thing that differentiates between right and wrong. And this is the surah that actually one of the goals of this surah is to talk about the people who reject the truth. Now last pantalla almost like not almost a lot spatola using sort of con

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as the thing that

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you know, it's an expo z on their excuses or exposit on the reasons for their rejection of the truth. It's clearly separating what is you know the truth and what is falsehood and why the people who are you know, engaged in falsehood they believe in that. So it is a beautiful surah in that regards. Let us get a look at it in sha Allah.

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Its introduction

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is very powerful a lot begins by saying the Baraka Latinas lol for foreigner Allah Avi helia coonan Allah Allah Amina na vi Allah Blessed is he who has revealed the criteria in the Quran to his servant, that he may warn

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all people okay, that is a beautiful description of who the profits are seldom is that he is a warner, for all of mankind, not just for, you know, a specific time or a specific place. He is the one Allah is the one who lahoma Kusama Swati Well, he is the one the Sovereign of the heavens and the earth, while Amita his wallet has not begun any children. While I'm here, Cola, who surely can fill mold has no part partner in his sovereignty. Well, Hala, Kula shy, he has created everything under the hood tavira and has measured things precisely a very beautiful introduction to tell us about who lost

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that. And it's a beautiful introduction, then there is a bit of a back and forth that will take place in this surah back and forth between like they said, and then reply to them or prophet. They say reply to what they're saying or profits or salam, or Allah replying directly to their claims. What is that they said, they said, Well, this profit

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is another Illa if cunniff Tara who, right those who deny the truth, this is again an exposit on the people who reject the truth. Allah says in her mother in law, if Guney Farah who these people say this is only a forgery of his own invention, but Ana who Allah He opened up our own, in which others have helped him and this is to this day, like a trope that is used against the Quran, that Oh, the prophets, Allah was helped by a servant who helped him come up with the Quran and the server knew other languages so the servant could read, like, you know, the Bible in

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Syriac or Aramaic and then translate it to the pope Salam. So all these kinds of like things we find even today mentioned and the Quran mentions this as this is not something that's a brand new criticism, criticism, excuse me. This is a criticism that's been around since the days of the people operation, but Allah says that this is

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this is what they said and they also say that this is fables or se or welline Etta baja the fables of the ancients, which he has written down or he is fabricating or copying down, and they are dictated to him morning and evening. The idea being that, you know, when we say how is it that the prophets of Salaam knows of these intricate details about the theology of bunnies lie about the interior details of all these prophets that are, you know, largely unknown to the people or their details are largely unknown to the people and that precision

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An accuracy like we saw in Soraka. And the response is either one of the two one is that he is receiving this revelation from God. The other is, oh, well, he must have gotten it from somewhere. He's copying it from some source. So this is the response of the people who reject Well, he's copying it. And he's making it up.

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As he copied like he's adding some information to it. If even if Tara who, and it is dictated to him morning and evening, this is the idea that this this is what they say, now allows response all Angela hola Deanna Mr. Office Tamati will have it is revealed by him who knows every secret that is in the heavens and on the earth. Truly, he is the most forgiving and the Most Merciful. Allah says he is the one who knows all the secrets of the heavens and the earth. And he is the one who is revealing this for and I think about this, maybe this is an implication that Allah saved in deep down the secret that you know, is that this is this claim is not true. You know, deep down this

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claim isn't true. Even if assume the problem had a servant who could speak another language? How is it that the details of the narrative of the Quran are so much like there's a clear difference in the content in the style, and there is a consistency that is actually not found in the alleged original sources? There is a consistency and sort of show around the next era will again, point to that, how is that possible that the copy is better than what it's being copied from?

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And the other, you know, point that was made in Surah. Number 16. Was that they say this has been copied a lot as well, if it was copied, how come? There isn't any, you know, how come there isn't any terminologies from another language in this book, because say like poron as we are the revelation is an English excuse me, the language the revelation is an Arabic. But when we talk about Islam, there's lots of Arabic terminology in it, because the original language is Arabic, right.

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So that and then that applies to any language like if something is you know, revealed in the language or the people who have created some system have treated in a particular language, the language of that people becomes like the dominant narrative and everybody else who learns it from different cultures, you know, acquires and imports con constructs into their language. So if the Quran is importing information from a foreign source, how come there isn't any foreign constructs in the Quran? Lisa the United Luna la de aza miyun Nissan RBU movie like Allah says, They say that the language they're, they're claiming that the Quran is importing its information from is not in Arabic

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language. But this is a clear, original Arabic, you know, composition. How is that possible? Then, if it's copied? How is that possible that none of the original terminologies found its way into the coffee? All right, so the Quran refutes this trope, like really, really thoroughly and really leaves no doubt about what how this is such a bizarre claim, how it's copied, but there is nothing of the original

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constructs in the copy, as copied. But the copy is better than the original. How's that possible? copied? And then there's a servant who's teaching the profits from this, but who is the servant? And how long was he around? And if he was not in Medina, how come the Prophet still has these revelations in Medina, all these questions are just tear apart this, this kind of

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this this claim, and the hurun, vanilla response response to this claim, he says, you know it, he knows every secret, you know, secretly in your heart that this claim doesn't actually have any legs to stand on. So this is the response that Allah gives to this claim. And it is a obviously, very, very weak claim against the Divinity or the source of the Quran. They also say, Well, what kind of messenger is this? He eats and drinks and walks around in the marketplaces. I mean, he's just a human being, we thought a messenger should be like a superhuman. How come there is no angel that's sent with it. Ironically, there is an angel, you realize.

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Why doesn't he have a treasure that sent to him? Or that he has a garden from which you can eat from like, why isn't there something like unique about his material like about his existence? Like, How come he's not like the, like a different human being? How come that key can't have like access to different material resources that we don't have

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Okay, that's another claim or other criticism that they say. And that's an easy one because Allah says okay for a lot of moolah, Kalam foul observer kind of things that they have attributed to you. Surely they have gone astray, okay? And our response he says, If you allow wanted about equality, insha, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah mandelic If Allah wanted, he can give you that he could have given you that, can they given you in better than what you've asked for? But that's the choice of Allah. And Allah doesn't actually explain his choice here, because the claim is so fragile, and in other parts of the Quran, when this claim is made Allah subhanaw taala respond by saying, well,

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the prophet is a human, and that doesn't take away from his ability to connect or speak to the divine. And that's something we spoken about the Prophet son is a human and that actually aids in the fact that

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that the, for an right the, the Aedes in the idea on the fact that they are an all the profit becomes more someone that we can emulate, because he's a human being just like us, right? So Allah, actually rubbishes this brushes that aside, doesn't even actually give like a federal

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What's it called?

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thorough reputation, reputation in this ayah and other parts this part has been or this claim has been debunked. But Allah says if Allah had wanted, he could have given him a lot more right? Because it's in his hands, if your knowledge that he has has given him this, he could have given whatever else he wants. The actual reason that you say these things is because because the rules are you deny the hour, that's the real reason. Let's cut to the chase. The real reason why you're saying all these things, the rejection of the truth is because the movie star, that is the actual idea.

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And Chuck has to show that it was good point on light there about how we learned this is the case, yesterday as well. Allah mentions some glimpses of punishment, in this ayah, or in the surah. And number 12 to 14 in a tomb, this punishment the Blaze, when it sees them from afar, they will hear it's raging and roaring. So panela and when they are thrown into a narrow space, chained together, they will plead for death, thou will not eager for water, it will be told to them don't call for death today call for don't call for one that call for many deaths, and they won't actually do you any good. So it's a a glimpse, unless Potter responds by presenting to them the end of those who

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reject the truth. Then he speaks about 18 to 19. Another very powerful passage where Allah says when we will gather them all together, and those that they worship besides Allah, and Allah will ask them was a you who misled My servants? Or did they stray by themselves, the people that they worshipped, you know, this would include ERISA now, this will include any other human being or any other saint or any other rock or stone, or rock or stone can actually speak by a rock or stone representing a person that they want to, you know, revere, they will all this own, that the people that worship them, they will say, Subhana Allah, you are glorified, glorified. It is not proper for us to choose

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any Guardian other than you, but you will have given them a lucky Matata, whom

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you gave them in their fathers, the comforts of this life had done so Vicar, Wolfgang komamura, and then thus brought destruction upon themselves. The people for God cause the buco Mima de Lune. They have given light your assertions, and you can now neither ward off your punishment nor obtain any help. How ironic that a person devotes their life to worshipping a human being worshiping, you know, someone who they believe claims to be God. And then on the Day of Judgment, that very person says I have nothing to do with this person. I never said this. I never preached that. And irony of all ironies, this is an hour a person who's left by themselves with no help and no way to save off the

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punishment, and that is a true the wasted life, a life that has truly gone to waste. We ask Allah for protection from that. That's a glimpse of the punishment. Another glimpse of the punishment comes in the next page and number 25 Yama, the Chicago summer who will Imam is seen from the day of judgment when the sky will split open with its clouds or New Zealand melodica to tan Zilla and the angels are sent down rank upon rank and model cuyama even have polar Raman the true sovereignty on that day.

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belong to a ramen the Most Gracious one, but can a Yo man lol cafe Rena us are Sierra, it will be a very hard day for those who don't know the truth. How what's going to happen? yo maya la Lima Allah de he, on that day the wrongdoers will bite on his hands. And this is an expression. You know, like I don't want to eat while I'm fasting, biting on fingernails. It's done when someone is nervous, correct. Not a good habit necessarily because you're wrecking your fingernails and kind of disgusting, but it's a habit that people have not yet Ile de la de Marla days de he is somebody who is so

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there's a combination of nervousness and anxiety, and of intense regret, like the regret is so intense that this person just doesn't know what to do the search knowing at their hands, something completely inexplicable. But because they have no other outlet to express their frustration, the thing they start to do is not a way at their hand. So panela and that is an expression of their regrets the intense regret they're feeling on the Day of Judgment arriving in the Day of Judgment after all these years of living and to only find out now all that work is just has been completely a waste and the the nervousness of waiting, the anxiety of waiting for the decree and the punishment

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and everything is building up and up. So that is the scene, Yaba Lattimore Allah de he, and he would say, yeah, la Danny I wish I had walked the path of the messengers alongside them. It the hustle of our soul Isabella

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that's a regret

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Yeah, well, you're not late any three times this repeats in this high in these two aisles? Yeah, late Honey. Yeah. A lotta late honey, all similarly related words. similar meaning late like this word, yeah, latency and Layton is the same word actually. But way letter is a similar type of word. Which means like I am destroyed what old destruction like that feeling of just

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like frustration that you can find words to express your way lead. Late any sadness, you can find ways to express? Yeah, well, you know,

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I wish I had not chosen what's the regret. I had never chosen this person, this person full on such and such as my friend. Because love God, a Bologna and his victory. Bada his journey. He made me He made me he misguided me away from the religion away from the warning away from the reminder after it came to me. Oh, Bologna abala is to misguide someone take someone away, or to the wrong way. Uh, well, Lani avala, as this ISS is actually like two things, he took me away, and he made me forget both things. So he took me away from the path, and then made me forget that there was anything like the path in the first place a lot of money on a victory bar, that if journey after it had reached

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me, or can achieve only inszone huduma. And Seaton is man's great betrayer Subhana Allah, this is the regret on the day of judgment of the people who on the day of judgment will arrive, and they will have

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their life's work, life's work would amount to nothing. And they would then try to find reasons or people to blame. And that would not do them any good or not reduce their suffering in any way. And the lesson for us as we read this is the importance of being around people who are good people, if there's a person who is making us forget about the religion, making us distracted or distracts us with everything and anything, but doesn't, that kind of friend doesn't make us closer or more devoted to Allah, and that is not a good friend. That is not a good friend. And it is an important consideration. And who we surround ourselves with, it's a very important consideration. And the

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process I'm set for the younger how to combine you, Harlan, a person is on the religion of their friend, so be very careful who you choose to befriend and

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and this applies to the person who you marry the person who you hang out with the most as your spouse, and you know people who are generally the company you keep and like we saw in there for example, the story of useable SLM and he is, you know, he is described as say, or la de la funny Muslim and well had neighbor salentino

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Allow me to die as a Muslim and allow me to be in the company of the righteous, okay, because the company of the righteous as long as we're in the company of the righteous, we're guaranteed to be in a good place, as soon as we leave that and we are now in, you know, you know surrounded by people who are about the pleasures of this of this world, about the material, materialistic gains of this world about this or that, that is when trouble is around the corner is this idea about a particular person. The is when I read when they revealed unless the ayah names a person, it is not about a specific individual. This is the principle of the fear that a laborer to be or a woman loves lobby,

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who sues a suburb that the ayah is determined by the

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by the generic nature of his wording, not by the specific reason it was revealed. The generic nature of the wording actually includes every single person who would fall under this category. And there's a there is going to be more than one person naturally on the Day of Judgment, who has this concern, along with whoever the IRA was originally revealed about? Okay, then Allah goes on to talk about reasons for rejection, region, reasons for rejection. Again, the spirit is its theme is rejection of the truth. Now let's talk about reasons for rejection. And number 32. He says,

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those who deny the truth will say we'll call a Latina kung fu Lola lucilla Holly Hill Corrado Joomla tanwar. Haider, why has the Koran not sent why was the Quran not sent down to him in a single revelation? Why is this piecemeal revelation, we don't get this. Okay. So this is a criticism that they would say like, Okay, why don't you like Moses, Moses, God has all Torah in one shot, right? If you're a prophet, really like a prophet, like Moses, how come you're not like him? Okay, so this was a criticism and a lot of response. And then he continues on with me He further This is done. Now this is now maybe a legitimate question. Right? The other questions were weak questions, they had no

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basis they had no leg to stand on. This, perhaps is a decent question. Why is it a to profit? You're a different prophet that Moses gate now Allah responds, why is there a revelation that's different, as radical into b2b for that it is sent so that we might strengthen your heart or profit, the

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the piecemeal revelation, it makes the revelation, it brings it about at the time and it is appropriate, and it strengthens the profit solemn in the times where he needs support. And that is the reason why Allah has sent it piecemeal. And also, what Allahu taala it is a given in a gradual revelation is cited in a beautiful way. So as you see, Allah responds to the claims as they come. And he says, Well, I have to look into muscle, every time there is an objection. In logic, NACA will happy we will bring you the truth. And the best of explanations. And this is a really amazing part that, you know, like something that I used, I used to think about it more I should think about it

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more still about, like the way Allah responds to a claim. If the claim is like legitimate if there's like some legitimacy, or the question has some legitimacy? The answer has, like the answer is the direct answer. But if the claim or the question is a misdirection, it's, it's weak, it has no legs, the one who's making it

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deep down, doesn't even believe in it.

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Then the last parabola answers it in a very, you know, different in a very,

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in a manner that really makes you pause. And that's the intended effect. It should meet the person who's making that claim, who's looking for the truth, make give them pause for a second Whoa, this is not we were expecting, right? And this is a beautiful Quranic style, that cutting to cutting through the nonsense and going straight to the root cause that is a luz way and that is Senate of Sierra the best of explanations. So panela and this is the eloquence of the Quran that, you know, we find that, frankly, even in Hades literature, you don't find it as that the offseason was the best of the creation. When he spoke, he spoke like a human being people would ask him questions he would

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answer, he would oblige, because he's a human being. He's, you know, he doesn't know what the people are thinking in their heart. The way the Quran answers questions is remarkably different than the way the officer engages in this course. And again, shows you that the source of the two are like the the one who is not excuse me, not the source, but the one

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whose words it is, is different or odd is the last word, the Hadith of the prophets word even though the meaning for the Hadith comes from Allah subhanho wa Taala

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Allah tada Allahu Allah is number 43. Have you not seen the one was taking his own desire to be his God? Can you be a guardian over him for antetokounmpo at work ILA, here is another reason why a person rejects the truth, they may not have a

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real argument to make, but what they are following, they may not be following a religion, what they're following is their own desires, the desires to please themselves, the desire to do as they want to live as they want to be

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burdened by what they feel is the burden. Okay. And that person now has taken that and made it into there as like it has is treating it like a god. And this is a scary proposition. There's people who treat you know many different things, at the level of which it becomes a god and becomes like secret, and you know, unquestioned for them and that it becomes a very scary situation and our last potluck mentioned that as well. Allah mentions that there are Signs for those who want to look for Allah all around you. There are Signs for those who want to look for a loss pantalla lm taarak ihlara bigger k format de Ville Have you not seen how your Lord lengthens the shadows had he

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pleased, although sha Allah Allah, Allah who Sakina he could have made them constant for Madonna Sham Salah he the leader that he he plays the sun as an indicator for them, right? The way the shadows shadow, excuse me shadows lengthen and shorten that and how, you know, like imagine a time lapse right of like the sun rising and the shadow is you know, like look, you know, there's a little bit of shadow and then so the shadow lengthens, and then as the sun rises peak, the shadow shortening and then it becomes nothing and then it lengthens the other direction. That itself, right? It shows how Allah subhanho wa Taala dormakaba. Now Elena probably zero withdraw towards a

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gradual withdrawal, how every single thing around us has, like it speaks about or tells us about that this is a planned creation, part of a loss plan, something that's harmonious, something that fits and that tells you that there is the there is a one who made it fit Allah subhanaw taala Lord of the Universe, who Allah Legionella lokomo Laila

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lieberson It is he who made the night a mantle for you asleep to recover, when no must obata and the day a time for rising exoplanet, one of the Indian sports science, the best one of the best forms of recovery is sleeping, right. This is famous, like, you know, like, super athletes, like super high performance athletes. They are very particular about how they sleep because sleep for them is their way to recover. And this is something that, you know, we've known for centuries. But today there's evidence that shows how sleep is where your body repairs yourself. how, you know, it clears the toxins, it clears it's a reliever of stress, to panela it is the most incredible thing. How sleep

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helps us recover. Right? It's unbelievable actually. And if, like imagine if there was if sleep wasn't that imagine it was sleep was just like,

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like a break. It wasn't like a way to recover. How difficult would life be, but Allah has said he's made the the Noma Sugata a time to recover Subhana Allah wa Jalla not on the Shura, and a day, a time for writing something for us to consider how everything in this system fits. He is the one who sends the winds as heroes of His mercy. This is the winds that are pollinating and the winds that bring together blow over the sky, the clouds and brings rain to places that don't have rain winds, anomalous summer eema and Tahira then we send down pure water from the sky rain and you know Allah calls Oh water rain Manta hora pure water and he calls it man Baraka Nando places blessed water rain

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is blessed. We shouldn't you know, we have a habit of blaming weather and you know, saying bad things about the weather or complaining about the weather a lot. You know, it's okay to save I was colos panela you know, but we shouldn't complain about precipitation about rain. This is it's pure water. It's blessed. It's a blessing from Allah. We should be

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You know, like thanking Allah for it, of course also take your umbrella and what were your coats. But the thankfulness should be because Allah is the one who was made the system for us when that's part of us be gratitude for being a grateful to him.

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All of this through rain he brings life to a dead land and, and he gives, he gives an he quenches the thirst of the cattle and humans in great numbers through this rain swallow this rain is the one that kickstarts the watercycle, the one that sustains us that allows us to live and thrive.

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And this is what you know, it's a beautiful blessing of Allah. No heavy belt belt and Mater brings that back to life. Again, something for us to look and observe and marvel at. We will see at the time of spring, how the trees the leaves reappear, and flowers are blooming and a time of fall. We see the flowers, you know, withering away and the leaves falling. So Pamela these are signs of how Allah Allah gives life takes life gives life takes life. Right. And someone saying there online that ones who are who are having insomnia as I could have had they know the actual worth of sleep well, perfect. So excellent point.

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Well, I got sort of nowhere, you know, we have explained it in many diverse ways, Leah the guru so that they may take heed, for about thoroughness eat local for Allah says he has put out the signs for those who want to look right, those who want to look, Allah has put out the signs everywhere, subtle, rough now, right. But most people are too given into their ingratitude, their rejection of the truth, and that is

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about thoroughness look for, and what a tragedy What does she know love is not equal human have a significantly palliative Navara. If we had so wished, we would have sent a wonder to every town, not just a community or a nation, but every single town would have a look if he wanted to. He could have sent a messenger to that every single town. But that's a loss decision. Just like his decision when to send the rain and what type of Earth grows, what kind of plants it is allows decision when to and where to send messengers. Right? That is a last choice. He didn't choose to do it that way for that total caffeine. So don't you know yield to those who deny the truth. Don't give into these

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fallacious arguments that they're making. What Yeah, hit home big hasn't Kabira In fact, strive against those arguments with it with it, ie by the means of the poor and convey his message and that is a type of a jihad, as this is which I had to be Jihad and Kabira explaining and refuting and inviting using the Quran that is a type of a struggle, a jihad, he is the one who has merged the two bodies of water had the iPhone for us one sweet word, I mean, how to judge one salty and bitter. And then between the two, he has put an insurmountable, insurmountable barrier. And he is the one who has made from human assembly from water all human beings for Java who never know Sarah, and has

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granted them ties of blood and marriage. Amazing how our lives are we are connected by blood by dna reconnected by a family that we marry into an extended family. And that's how we build our families and communities. That's how the people that we gather around with all of this loss patola has, you know, he's the one who's built the system and made it for us well cannot approve of adira your Lord is all powerful, yet people worship other than Allah, that which can either benefit them nor harm them. And the one who does one who denies the truth is a helper of evil against his Lord. So while a very, very beautiful image, explains his signs that are all around for people to look and ponder and

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can come to the conclusion to worship Allah alone. Another beautiful sign that he mentions about himself is his true servants. Allahu Akbar, the ones who truly believe in Allah and follow Allah and you know live the the Sunnah of the prophet Sallam live the up to the this, the word, the lecture and the spirit of the revelation. These are people who are a sign from Allah subhanaw taala look at what Allah said whether you do live off man, when they are told prostrate yourself before a rock man or a woman rock man, the people of Makkah specifically would say, who is a rough man we don't. We don't accept this description of God. And this is you know, something that applicable

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to other religions to you know we don't accept this characteristic or this way you're describing God. Right? agnostic to the matter, una casa de fora, shelbie prostrate ourselves before the one that you want this increases their aversion. But do you want to know who our man is? You look at a Roman by his creation, diabolical regional office, Mr. Buddha, he has put constellations in the skies, a radiant lamp, the sun and illuminating moon. He's made the night in the day. He has

00:35:32--> 00:36:12

something that alternates the mind around the idea that cara, our Allah Shakira for the one who wants to ponder and the one who wants to be grateful. And then he's also put on Earth. Eva Rahman, true servants of the gracious who, when you look at them, and you look at how amazing they are, they remind you of God, they remind you of who God is, just like the sun and the moon, just like the ordination of the night and the day, just like the constellations in the sky. These people remind you of who God is as well. So Pinilla and then he talks about who these people are amazing characteristics Yushu knowledge of the whole number one they walk on earth with humility, when they

00:36:12--> 00:37:00

are addressed in a manner that is inappropriate, insulting, they don't respond to insult with insult all Salama, this a piece, you know, not going to engage in that they are the ones who spend their nights prostrating themselves standing before the Lord. They're the ones who make Dora as they are prostrating and sent standing in prayer and outside of prayer that there are they're making is our Lord ward off of us the punishment of hell or have been asleep for another jahannam. In Narada gana Rama for its punishment is dreadful, is a dreadful torment. It is it is an evil award and an evil develop a dwelling place or law save us from it. They are the ones who look at there is humility, in

00:37:00--> 00:37:45

the way they walk, there is gentleness, there is a calmness in the way that speak to people. There is a spiritual elevation when they are in their private spaces of private, you know, having their private moments with Allah Allah. And then there is the ability or the desire to help others you know that unfold and you see for them you're through. They're helping the helping people, but they're not extravagant, right? They're not spending too much, unless have nothing left. Neither are they extremely stingy where they have, they don't spend anything at all just holding and everything and hoarding everything. Let me use a for what I'm happy to work anabaena Delica karma, but a

00:37:45--> 00:38:02

beautiful balance between the two. They strike amazing. They are the ones like the una la de la and they would never invoke any other deity besides a lot nor kill any person. Except with due process nor commit adultery well is known.

00:38:04--> 00:38:48

Of course killing me here when it's saying in law will hug except with the right that is in the due process of demanding justice and given justice by the court by a court of law as retribution for killing. It is never ever vigilante killing. I just wanted to make that point. For someone who doesn't want I don't want them to misunderstand this. Okay, this is a expression that doesn't translate well. There this expression bill help in love and hugs is a it's a expression that is very powerful in Arabic and it has many applications. Unfortunately, it doesn't like if you read the translation, it may make you think something that actually the expression negates altogether

00:38:49--> 00:38:56

unfortunate reality of translations. What can we do? Well, my dear friend, Alec Al kazama, and the one who does so it does.

00:38:59--> 00:39:21

In particular, this idea of adultery, committing adultery, I have an affair with somebody that they are not married to that is a person who will face punishment. Whatever punishment you have leveled or that we all know piano, their suffering is double on the day of judgment and they will abide in it in disgrace, except for the 111 taba.

00:39:23--> 00:39:51

The one who repents and believes well i mean that's all he had and does good deeds. hula, hula Eco, you will get a law who says to him has an ad such people a law will replace their evil deeds, change their evil deeds into good ones. Imagine, imagine a person has sinned. They have committed, you know, a grave sin, Islam, adultery, they've engaged in something that is completely inappropriate.

00:39:52--> 00:39:59

Yet then after that they you know, amend their ways. And they say Oh Allah, I'm sorry.

00:40:00--> 00:40:43

They change their life, making sure that that is something they don't go towards again, than the sins that they had committed. It's not like a low we'll just forgive them and clean the slate. A lot will actually change those bad deeds into good deeds. It's like that negative will become positive, so parallel. That is how Allah is what can Allahu wa afford or rahima that is how Forgiving and Merciful Allah is. That is why we can never ever think that we have no hope we can never ever become, you know, someone who is despairing of Allah in any way despondent, not in any way, shape or form because Allah is the one who can turn your bad deeds into good Subhan Allah and that is what we

00:40:43--> 00:41:19

hope and pray for the one who accepts who repents and does good deeds, surely has turned to God. Those These are the people who do not Zoo goes back to their interactions because faith is not just you know, ritual like salah and blah and Quran, there's more to it. They are the ones who had lashana Zoo, they don't bear for false witnesses, meaning they're not part of like systemic corruption or exploitation, not part of a system that preys on the weak and empowers the, the powerful

00:41:20--> 00:41:58

landowners that are part of it, whether Maru Bella maruka Rama, and when they pass by something that is frivolous, something that is, you know, inappropriate. They pass by with dignity, they don't let it affect themselves, when they are those who when they're reminded of their Lord. They don't turn a blind eye or a deaf ear to the signs of their Lord handler when they reminded the reminder gives them pause. They don't you know, think that Who is this person to remind me of God, I am way better than him. He doesn't know anything I know much more. That's not their attitude. If they're reminded of something that's good, they accepted and that reminder is something that changes their course of

00:41:58--> 00:42:42

action. There are a lot started talking about them. How beautiful it is what they say publicly for new Salama peace to the one who is inappropriate. And now look how beautiful what they say to Allah privately. They're the ones who are saying our Lord Gabbana habla Naaman as Virgina wizardry Athena kurata, iron, grant us joy in our wives and children, and make us a model for the righteous which Athena II Mama, one of the trends one of another way to explain this, according to Arabic would be Allah make the source of our joy, our kids and our spouses, our family, and make us a model for the righteous makers, those who follow the righteous and make us make others follow us in righteousness,

00:42:42--> 00:43:31

as well. Those are the people that Allah says, will have, you will be rewarded with lofty mentions in Paradise, for their patience for their perseverance for the steadfastness, and they will be received there in reaches, readings are welcomed, and salutations of peace forever, they will abide. They're in a blessed dwelling, a blessed place of resting, has to not muster her own karma beautiful passage, we asked her to make us his true servants that follow him in all these ways. We ask Allah that, because of us, others can find guidance, and we become a way for people to come to God, not a way for people to be pushed away from God, the ethical automaker's of that, I mean, next Surah Surah

00:43:31--> 00:44:13

shuara, the Shu sutra that talks about poets, okay, not to be confused with pseudo shuara, which is sort of a 42 we're going to talk about later. Sure. Ira, plural of Shah poet begins with dawsey meme. These are the verses of the book that make things clear. And that's the point of the religion. That's the point of the Quran to make things clear, okay? Even if you may have some questions that are there, but your worldview is crystal clear. Your purpose in life is clear, where you're heading is clear. The fundamentals of faith are clear. And the secondary aspects of faith are also clear and becoming clear.

00:44:14--> 00:44:41

Luck above your love circle, I mean, it may be that you will destroy yourself with grief because they will not believe a glimpse into the profits or some feelings. He saw some will feel very sad that people would not accept this now. Not because like you know, that's like a personal insult. But it's because it'll they're, you know, tossing themselves into words into destruction and that is something that made the Prophet some very, very sad.

00:44:43--> 00:45:00

The problem and Allah says Look, if you wanted we could send down like a miraculous sign a sign that breaks all rules of nature. And then they just will be compelled to believe now there's nothing left but to believe. But then is it really believe it's no longer believe

00:45:00--> 00:45:41

Now you've seen it's as if you've seen a lot now it's no longer faith, right? It's as if you've seen the angel of death, it's no longer faith anymore. Now, you will be like insane to the night because now it's actually something that is visible and obvious. And something that is something that you can see, faith isn't something that you can't see. So Allah says, you know, maybe this is something like if you want it, we could have done this. But that's not the point of believing the point of believing is believing without having seen Allah, using all the proofs of Allah that are around us, to give us the ability to deduce that he is the most dominant, he is recognize him and then to

00:45:41--> 00:45:43

worship him. Then he says,

00:45:45--> 00:45:57

you know, whenever a warning comes to a lot from Allah, to these people, they're turning their backs towards that, that tells you they're not interested in, you know, in faith, they're not interested in it. So

00:45:58--> 00:46:48

they that that is something Allah says they have rejected the message, and the truth of what they have rejected will soon be known to them. Okay. He gives an example. When amuro Elodie Come on but nafi Hammond Cooley zildjian Kareem to the Nazi the earth because he man is in blind faith. Our Eman is built on on basura unclear evidences evidences from inside the book. evidences from outside the book did not see the earth what kind of benefit beneficial things we have cost to grow in it. fee hum including riesigen Kareem everything that is so beautiful and and desirable and beneficial. grows on the earth. It's for us in the V Delica. Makana Xl momineen. But in narangba la who realizes

00:46:48--> 00:47:32

or Rahim surely in this there's a sign yet most of them will not believe and your Lord is the mighty, the Merciful One for sure. This phrase that is the theme of the surah your Lord is the mighty the merciful. Okay, this phrase repeats in this surah eight times this ayah in the video Nicola I have a mechanic for whom I mean we're in Arabic Allahu Allah Aziza Rahim, this ayah repeats eight times in the surah. And it is really, really fascinating because it always comes at the end of a story of a prophet. Okay, so the first prophet Allah mentions as is the style of the Quran, as is Allah his preference is Muslim Islam. Of course, the most frequent the Kalima lot the one Allah

00:47:32--> 00:47:35

spoke to, he mentioned, Musa

00:47:36--> 00:48:21

remember when you got when your Lord called out to Moses saying, go to the wrongdoing, people, the people, the pharaoh will then our fear God. Now, the interesting thing here that's different about the story of Musa than from before right here he says, My Lord, I fear they will reject me he in other parts of the Quran. He doesn't say that here he's mentioning that I have a fear of what they'll do. And also, while I Amalia them when they accuse me of a crime, and I fear they'll put me to death. Okay, so he's expressing his reservations, going back to the castle of the pharaoh as they wanted men. Allah says Kela indeed, not further Hi, Bobby Idina in Morocco, Mr. Maroon, both of you

00:48:21--> 00:49:05

go you and Harun and we shall be with you listening to your call. Go to Freetown and tell him that you are the messengers of the Lord of the worlds and then he needs to set the children of Israel free. Okay. Now this, this, in this passage actually has a beautiful dialogue between Musa and the Pharaoh. Now Musa Now Allah says this. Now imagine the scene cuts to musallam saying these words in the castle of the Pharaoh. Now the pharaoh responds by saying, I am not a big Athena will either they will not bring you up amongst ourselves amongst us as a child that we raised you and you spend several years of your life with us here. And then you did the deed that you did before is the fact

00:49:05--> 00:49:51

that again, the difference remember what you did, Moses wilhemina caffine surely you are a cafe, the irony of all ironies throughout his calling Muslims, I'm a Catholic, okay, you are ungrateful, we raised you and now you come here demanding things of us, right? Look at the Pharaoh. Pharaoh is a skilled politician, a skilled orator, and he does so and he puts musallam like in a tight spot, by responding this way to him, but musar later on is going to be helped by Allah keep in mind musala Sam was not like a naturally eloquent because in Surah number 25, he says, that I'm really sorry, my Lord, open up the knots of my tongue, if only so they may understand what I'm saying. Right? And the

00:49:51--> 00:49:59

pharaoh makes fun of musala Islam and other parts of the Quran saying, well, I can't do you been this person can even express himself properly. He thinks he's a prophet, but

00:50:00--> 00:50:40

Now here's the beautiful thing, when a person is doing something for the sake of Allah, the help of Allah comes, and Allah puts words on your mouth that you didn't even realize you had in you. Okay? And that is what you will see from the amazing way musala Sam is going to talk about in the how he's going to have this dialogue. He says, Well firewall to have either one. I'm in a ballroom, I did that when I was one of the misguided that was in the past, and I didn't actually know much. And I ran away because I feared from you, I feared that I wouldn't get justice. That's why I ran away. Okay, now my Lord has given me wisdom, and has made me a prophet in now I know better. And now I am

00:50:40--> 00:50:57

guided divinely. And this is the favor with which you have taught that you told me that you can never know how Allah and Abba benissa in your talk, you're saying that I am being ungrateful. You're trying to say that you've done some favors to me, by raising me when you have

00:50:59--> 00:51:39

enslaved my people. I was in your house because I couldn't be with my family. That's why I was there. So you're going to, you know, taunt me with this. This is very similar to like how someone would like you know, how we have, you know, countries invading other countries. And they'll say, Oh, these guys are so ungrateful. We built some rules for them. Well, you built the roads after bombing all the roads, you built the roads after destroying everything. What kind of a favor is that? Right? So this is what Darren was doing and musallam you know, rebuke him in a very, very amazing way now for our own has like no counter. So he says, well, who is this Lord? Well, not not me who what is

00:51:39--> 00:52:21

this Lord of the universe? Okay? Not who he says what is the law of the universe and a kind of like a derogatory way. musasa response. He says, All our abuse sumati will ottimo avena Houma in good to mcweeny in the Lord of the heavens and the earth, and all that is between them if you are convinced. Now, imagine this Moosa saying. It's like a camera is on Moosa and the next cameras on set out, the camera turns to fit our own, you know, and he's turning to the people around him and he's like, you hear what he's saying? Right? Moosa continues rabuka Maura Baba echolalia and he is your Lord, the Lord of your forefathers camera on around your messenger, this messenger has been sent to you or

00:52:21--> 00:52:46

people, he's gone crazy, Musa continues, Rob busara machete will normally be in Kentucky noon is the Lord of the East, the Lord of the West, and all the lies between them in contempt of noon, if you could understand. Now the pharaoh is angry. And he says, if you take any deity other than myself, I will throw you in prison. If you dare claimed as a god besides me, I will imprison you.

00:52:47--> 00:53:25

Okay, this is the dialogue, right? That wasn't mentioned before. As a fascinating dialogue, how fifth round starts from a position of power. He's actually in this castle. musala. Sam is standing lonesome by himself there with his brother on the side, and how the tables turn, amazingly, by what musasa had to say, a very beautiful glimpse. Now also this story then mentions about how Moosa had through his staff, and then the throne, wanted all the sorceress to come and go against Moosa had like a one on one with him. Of course, the the,

00:53:26--> 00:53:45

the sorcerers and magicians be accepted Islam the moment they saw the miracle because they knew this is not some magic trick. They knew this was a true miracle, a God sent miracle, a miracle that breaks the laws of nature. And they said, We believe in the Lord of the worlds. Now here interestingly,

00:53:47--> 00:54:28

the pharaoh says something that he hadn't said before. He said, Have you come? How have you come to believe in Him before I have given you permission like this? He said that before, right? Like how dare you believe or make up your mind before I've given you permission? But that he says he is surely your master who has taught you magic? Right? What a ridiculous claim. These are your magicians, you brought them from all parts of your land Moosa didn't even meet them. And now you're claiming in defeat that he Moosa is the one who taught your magicians talk about a sore loser. And then not just this is the worst of the worst criminals. He says, I will cut off your hands and feet

00:54:28--> 00:54:59

onto the sides, and then I'll crucify you now just kill you. I'll make you an example. I'll make you suffer. And then I'll show everybody how you're suffering. When suddenly When can I swear? Nobody dares do what you have just done? This is a tyrant who is the worst criminal that you can imagine, was also the most insecure person that you can imagine what a toxic mixture of two. Of course, these people were like, We are true believers in love. We don't care what you do or O'Farrell and they became

00:55:00--> 00:55:04

martyrs or because of, of their religion.

00:55:06--> 00:55:46

Now, interestingly, these people were not bunnies, right? It's like they were Egyptians. They were of a different ethnicity, but shows you when a person believes ethnicity doesn't matter. musalla Islam from a different ethnicity. Most people were enslaved The Magician's were gyptians Why would they lower themselves to believe in the profit of the people that they rule over? But all of that is for the one who looks for the truth, all that is secondary, right? The Pharaoh or the people you know will look down on Moosa and when he saw him. But once you recognize that Moosa is the Prophet of the truth, palace, everything goes out the window, you accept, and you follow. And that's what

00:55:46--> 00:55:56

following the truth means. And that's what these people show how amazing we hope that our Lord will forgive us as we are the first of the believers, right? We're gonna take this step, we don't care what happens

00:55:58--> 00:56:42

last month that tells Musetta to set forth and in this passage, we find now musalla Islam is standing in front of the sea, and the two groups are seeing each other Pharaoh is pursuing and hot pursuit of Musa and Vanessa eel. And Moses, people say in raccoon, we are sure to be overtaken red done, but Moses Haskell in Europe, Visa D and he says, No, my Lord is with me, and He will guide me and that is an amazing expression of what true trust is you take whatever you can do whatever you can you control all the variables you can control, but everything else you leave to Allah afterwards. And Moosa shows that he says, I've done everything that I could have. Now my Lord will

00:56:42--> 00:57:29

never let me go to waste in America, basically. I mean, so we told Moses to strike the sea with a staff and it parted fun. Falak Fergana kulu, Philippines toda la haldimand each part was like a huge mountain. And then last part Allah made them pass through that save Moses and his people and he drowned the Pharaoh and those who are with the pharaoh in that in the feed Alec and I are Makana actor whom we need for in Arabic Allahu Allah Aziz or Rahim indeed your Lord is mighty and merciful, right mighty and in extracting his, you know, in supporting his messenger, merciful and forgiving those who followed the messenger. Then Ibrahim al Islam is mentioned. And Ibrahim Allah Sam is

00:57:29--> 00:58:07

mentioned here. Similarly as it starts off, he's talking to his people, his father, and they're like, well, we worship idols, and we will cling to them because we like them, right? That's what we are. Now, not. Sam is going to like have his dialogue just like Moosa had his dialogue No, Brian's gonna have his dialogue. His dialogue as hell yes. morona calm is that the rune do they hear you when you call them? Oh, yeah. Oh Lord rune to help you or harm you. Right? Like, what's the reason? Tell me Give me a reason why you're worshipping these rocks and stones. They said, well, because our fathers used to do the same. That's our culture. That's what we do. Okay.

00:58:08--> 00:58:59

Well, Ibraheem alehissalaam like no fighting, no whom I do only enlargeable I mean, they're all enemies to me, the only one who I believe in and I worship is the Lord of the universe. Allah vihara Laconia beautiful passage he's describing who Allah is, he is the one who created me, he guides me, he gives me food, he gives me drink, when I am sick, for either Maria to for who he is, and he is the one who heals me. Amazing subtlety. He created me, he guides me, he feeds me, he gives me water and drink, but not he made me sick. No, when I get sick, he heals me. And this is what you truly believe in Allah means we associate to a lot of the good we associate to our Lord, all that is good.

00:58:59--> 00:59:38

Of course Good and Evil are from Allah. That's the laws decree Allah plan. It doesn't happen without Allah's permission and allows execution. But we don't associate the evil to Allah so that we don't blame a lot for the tests that he is in, that does the test that we're in and has become impatient and ungrateful. And this is an amazing thing that our father Abraham Wilson was teaching us whenever you need to need some morphine, he will cause me to die and he will bring me back to life. He is the one I hope will forgive my flaws in the Day of Judgment. My Lord, get grant me wisdom and reuniting me with the righteous and

00:59:39--> 01:00:00

he made the offers that forgive my dad, he is of the misguided canon of law lien do not disgrace me on the day of judgment and people are resurrected the day yo Malaya info Manu Manu 1111 at the lobby sadeem except the ones who come with a sound heart only they are the ones only that is

01:00:00--> 01:00:45

What matters is the man at the lobby Alban study for truly matters in that day of judgment is you know, sincerity and devotion to Allah subhanho wa Taala in the visa Nicola I have a mechanic for whom he and his his passage concludes when Arabic Allah hola Cesar Rahim. Now I want to show you something and then I'll end with this inshallah notice something interesting new as time has mentioned, and Allah says, If Allah whom their brother Noah said, their brother Noah, correct? No, you notice that and he gives them power. He says to them away Allah, worship Allah fear Allah and obey me. This is what the call of the messenger is La ilaha illAllah. Muhammad Rasulullah. Right?

01:00:46--> 01:00:57

Being a fearing Allah worshipping Allah, and obeying the Prophet came, so they say that the people reject Of course, and after they reject, they are

01:00:59--> 01:01:21

they are drowned, in that there's a sign and your Lord is surely the mighty and merciful, that Allah mentions are odd. And odd Prophet was good. No, it is what Allah says about them. is Allah Allah whom whom who don't, their brotherhood said to them, brotherhood, right? Will you not fear God, a lot of tahune I am a messenger.

01:01:22--> 01:01:40

You know, fear God, and then obey me the same message across time, from time across time, the same message, I don't ask you for money. My reward is with Allah just, you know, accept the message that your Lord has sent to you for your own benefit.

01:01:42--> 01:01:43


01:01:44--> 01:02:29

obviously respond by denying and rejecting Him, and Allah then ends them and in that there's a sign for those who believe, but most don't, and your Lord is the mighty and merciful. Then Allah says, get them a little more sun in the moon, if all of whom are whom their brother solid again, brother solid, yes. same message, that the whole meaning of your God, I am a trustworthy messenger, have fear of God and obey me the message of all the prophets was the same. I don't ask you for money. My reward is the law. I don't I don't want to I don't want your money. Okay, I don't want to make you poorer. I'm just here to convey the message that God has sent me and I am a trustworthy messenger

01:02:29--> 01:02:34

and with good solid Elisa Lam. You obviously

01:02:35--> 01:02:49

he had the had the Hinako the she camel that Allah mentions, but of course Baraka they they killed the the camel, and that of course became the source of regret for

01:02:50--> 01:03:33

the punishment came down and that is a sign. Most don't believe in your Lord is a mighty merciful. Then Allah mentions the people of loot Picasso's Alma Luton and mursaleen again it's called a home a whom Luton when their brother lot said to them again, brother lot brother loot right? A lotta takuan you're not fearing God, I am a trustworthy messenger to you then fear God and obey me. Moodle Islam had the same message as well, even though his people are given to deviances of a sexual nature. The message of worshipping Allah and following the Prophet was consistent there as well. It says the same thing. I'm not asking for money, right? The my reward is with the last compound that he

01:03:33--> 01:04:12

addresses By the way, their their situation at the tune of the Quran, Allah Allah means amin, like are you engaging in this homosexual behavior, leaving what naturally your Lord has made for you? What is pure for you? Their response is if you don't stop all loot, we are going to let the coonan nominal mukajee and we will banish you. And this is the way a lot of times of the movement of this movement here, the movement of characters, right, or the alphabet movement, that if you were to speak out against them, God forbid, that is banishment, you're canceled, you're done. Gay, your crew here is over. Okay. And that is what a lot of refers to as well here in the Quran. At the coolant

01:04:12--> 01:04:49

level Mahajan, you'll be canceled, okay? Look at what Lutheranism says in nearly armonico mineral Colleen, I am one who abhors your ways. I really dislike what you're doing. I am poor what you're doing, not you the person and this is the message. We're not heating the person. We're not hating on like individuals. It's the action. It's the commitment to that action. Right? And it's that action becoming like a lifestyle and almost taking like a godlike place. That's what we aboard and that's what we're against. He made law or law saved me and my family they were saved.

01:04:51--> 01:04:59

And that besides his wife, and in that there's a sign for those who believe, but most don't and your Lord is mighty and why

01:05:00--> 01:05:25

Now, time will go over time, but please stick with me, guys, the boss Hubble, aka, tell Marissa Nene, the dwellers of the forest also rejected the messengers. Hmm, who is the dwellers of the forest? And who is the Prophet? If all of whom shall I born? When sure I have said to them, will you not fear God? Notice it is not there brother sure I, you know, what is that? Not brother sorry.

01:05:26--> 01:05:37

What is the reason By the way, the message is the same, but you know, fear God, I am a trustworthy messenger, fear God and obey me. But now why would Allah differentiate Sharia with a Salaam in this manner,

01:05:38--> 01:05:44

all the other prophets before were described with their nations cape like this is their people, this is their people.

01:05:46--> 01:06:36

Except shore a shockwave is described with his people, as us Hubble, aka, the people of the forest, and here, acre is not just that they lived in the forest, these were worshipers of trees, they believe the trees had spirits. And, you know, they worship those trees as a way to like, you know, as as a god. So the identity of shortwave is separate from them, even though he may be of the same ethnicity, he is with them, he calls with he lives in that community, he invites them, but because Allah mentions them, as worshipers of these trees, Allah does not call schreib their brother anymore. Because that Brotherhood is not established. You know, Brotherhood is established on the

01:06:36--> 01:07:22

basis of, you know, ethnicity, shade, ethnicity, or if you're not talking about faith, it is established on the basis of faith ship is not a basis for brotherhood, US have one acre, very subtle, how the Quran makes that point, that even though ethnically you might be the same, or you are living together and whatnot, you are not going to be brothers in disbelief, you are going to be brothers in faith or brothers in humanity. And that's a very subtle point that the Quran makes. And you know, notice he has the same message, right, give full measure cause no loss, etc, etc. that we have talked about before. And this concludes the surah in the phenolic. Allah Allah Makana.

01:07:23--> 01:07:39

Allahu Allah sees over him, the surah. After this, Allah says this is the revelation from the Lord of the universe. It concludes with sharara the name of the sutra is right here are sharara who who will own the poet's the ones who were

01:07:40--> 01:08:00

describing as poets are the ones who would incite people to say and do things that were inappropriate not good points, but ports that will incite evil and poor to incite animosity against the Prophet solemn poets who would mislead by being entertainers who would

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normalize inappropriateness. Okay, unless that is, you know, that is unfortunately a reality in the way people are. But there's not all of them that are bad. Not so are the true believers who do good works and remember God a lot. So jello that will conclude sort of number two and number 27. Here we will look at in sha Allah tomorrow it talks about the end that spoke to Sulayman and Islam will refer to that in tacos that surah continues into the next juice as well. Does that matter for sticking around to the very end? I will see you all shout out tomorrow, same time, same place as panic alarm, have they gone to the La Ilaha Illa, anta and Africa to be like, Salam alaykum

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warahmatullahi wabarakatuh