Zakir Naik – Will a Menstruating Woman make up for her missed fasts of Ramadhaan

Zakir Naik
AI: Summary © The segment discusses the importance of fasting during menstrual periods and the need for a woman to make up for it later on. The woman has to break the fast if she misses a meal or stops the regular practice of fasting. The segment also touches on the use of the god's symbol,cing that the woman must not miss a meal or stop the regular practice of fasting to avoid wasting time.
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This is IKEA regarding the situation of a woman who is on her period or menses,

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she is forgiven or she is let off from having to do the prayer. And she doesn't have to make up the prayer at a later date, as we've learned in previous series in this show,

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what is the case with fasting? Is it the same as fasting is concerned? If a lady is having a menstrual periods, according to Hadith, which is mentioned in

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sable, Heidi, volume number three in the book of fasting, how did number 1951 presidencia Malawi visitor, worldwide forepart masala Sallam? She said when she was asked this question that do we have to make up for the faster does the fast break remonstrating? So she said that when we used to fast

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and when we traveled in situations during the month of Ramadan, she said that during the month of Ramadan, when we had administration, the Prophet asked us to make up for the fast but did not ask us to make up for the Salah. So based on the ruling of Muslim Salaam, which was marriage, it was my wife and my lovely daughter. So making up for the prayer is not a requirement. But making up for the past is a requirement. So if a woman has a menstrual cycle, or postnatal bleeding, she cannot continue with the fast the fast breaks. If she has in between in the day, she'd have to break the fast. Or even if the menstruation starts just a few minutes before sunset, she'd have to break the

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fast the fast is not valid. But if menstruation stops just before further than she can keep the fast. But if the menstruation stops just a few minutes after further, she cannot keep the fast and she will have to make up the fast.

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later on after I'm done. The reason why the first thing breaks when a woman has a menstrual period or postnatal meeting is because a lot of blood flows out. And the last one out Allah does not want to overburden the woman. So it's a grace of Allah subhanaw taala he does not want to make it difficult because blood flows out. And then after that if you say that you should not take nourishment should not take food. It's an old burning. So because of that Allah subhanaw taala has killed the woman that she need not fast but she has to make up later on. The reason she has to make up the fast later on. We she does not have to ruin Salah because Salah is supposed to be prayed

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every day of your life, minimum five times a day.

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So there's no question when she misses her fella, maybe for five days, six days, seven days, whatever it is when Russia makeup because she's supposed to offer Salah every day of her life. But fasting is only compulsory in the month of Ramadan.

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So if she misses for seven days in the month of Ramadan, she can very well compensate for it after the month of nine. So therefore according to my thinking according to my understanding that there is Allah subhanaw taala and a beloved partner masala Salam has told that the woman should not make up for a Salah if she misses during menstrual period, but she has to make up for the fast which Tim is still doing.

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Excellent. I think that's cleared that one up as well.

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