Zakir Naik – Why is a Man allowed to Marry 4 Wives in Islam

Zakir Naik
AI: Summary © The legal framework for marriage in India is allowed only in the United States, with the number of women allowed and the number of children allowed. A journalist asks about marriage in India, and the representative explains that it is not allowed in the United States, but it's allowed in India. The discussion touches on the legal framework, the number of women allowed, and the statistics of the number of women living in India and the number of women in the United States. The segment concludes with a discussion of privacy and the importance of sharing husband's permission for a second wife.
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My name is Lakshmi, I'm a journalist. Now, the second question is, Muslim men are allowed to marry for five times, I think, and they don't require their wife's permission, you know, the First Wives permission to marry. I mean, correct me if I'm wrong to marry more number of times. So I actually don't see any logic in this because I believe it's one man, one woman. That's the institution of marriage. So please clarify. Thank you.

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Come into a second question. Islam, men marry four times, five times.

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And they don't ask permission from the first five. Why?

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As far as poly genie is concerned, a man having more than one wife.

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Islam is the only religion and Quran is the only religious scripture on the face of the earth, which says marry only one. There is no religious scripture besides the Quran, I must turn off comparative religion

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which says marry only one. There is no verse in the Bible. No was in the Bhagavad Gita no was in the VEDA, which said, marry only one except the Quran.

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If you read the Hindu scriptures, in Rama and

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the father of Shri Ram, how many wives did you have?

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How many wives

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more than one more than one three wives?

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Fine. She Christian. According to Mara, harmony, live yet? unlimited.

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Not unlimited scripture. Well, no. Therefore wise. No, I have no idea. Not four, not 100 not 1000 16,108 wise.

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How many wives dad 16,108. So why can't you Muslim? Therefore, what's the problem? When she Krishna can have 16,108 wives? Why can't we have for

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further if you read

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the Vishnu Purana chapter number 24 was number one, it says, a Brahmin can have up to four wives.

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If you read the Jewish scriptures, it gives you permission to have as many words as you wish. If you're the Christian Bible, it gives you permission to as many wives as you wish. If you read the Bible, Abraham had three wives, Solomon, how many wives yet he had 700 wives. It is later on the church has put a ban that Christians should marry only one not the Bible. It is the Jewish community married more than one wife. It was in 1950. That Chief Rabbi pastor side note that Jews should marry only one. So it is the rabbi, not the Jewish scriptures. And According to Hindu scriptures, you can marry as many as you wish. It is the Indian government. In 1954, passed a law called the Hindu

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special Marriage Act. Hindu special Marriage Act which says Hindu should marry only one. It is not the religious scripture. It is not Bhagavad Gita, it is not Rama and it is not my Bharath it is not VEDA it is the Indian Penal Code.

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The Indian government, which has passed a law in 1954, that Hindus should marry only one, but according to the statistics of the status of the woman in Islam, if you read the government documents on page number 6667, it says that Muslims do polygamous marriages, you know, what is the percentage in India 4.3% how much in India 4.3% of the Muslim men do polygamous marriages, a statistic between 1951 to 1961 Hindus how many 5.0 6.7% more than the Muslims in India.

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According to the Indian government, even though it is prohibited according the Indian law yet them do more polygamous marriages, then the

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then the Muslims

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let's analyze what does the Quran say? Quran says in Surah Nisa, chapter four verse number three, married woman have a choice in twos, threes or fours. But if you can't do justice, marry only one. This statement marry only one is only given in the Quran and no, there is a scripture, it says married woman have a choice in twos, threes or fours. But if you can't do justice, marry only one. So if you want to marry more than one woman, one of the criteria of the Quran is you should do justice. If you can't do justice, you should marry only one.

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Now, what are the reasons? logical reasons a person can think that why has Islam permitted certain men

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To have more than one wife, many non Muslims think it is further. It is compulsory for a Muslim man for more than one woman to have more than one wife. It's not compulsory, it's optional.

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It's not fun. It's not compulsory. How many Muslim men do you know? We have more than one wife? How many do you know sister?

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How many? Do you know? A few? How many?

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A few again? 123? How many? At least about three over three? Have you heard of them in there? Yeah, how many wives Yes. To Muslim or non Muslim? non Muslim, non Muslim?

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your previous Chief Minister, What's the name?

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generator? Yes, Hindu or Muslim?

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Hindu or Muslim, Hindu, Hindu fine.

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Now these are famous personalities? Find? How many famous personalities you know, in India, where we're more than one wife with three you know, maybe locality find

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local, maybe friend in a neighborhood maybe a colleague in India there are more non Muslims having more than one wife then the Muslims need to understand what are the logical reasons come back to logic now? No, by nature, if you ask any medical doctor, he will tell you, male and female are born in equal proportion.

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Girls and boys are born in equal proportion. But any medical doctor, any pediatrician, any children doctor will tell you that the female * the female child is stronger than the male child.

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That is the reason there are more deaths in the male children as compared to female children. So in children's age itself, the female children are much more than the men's children. As life goes on, there are people dying due to accidents due to alcoholism, due to war, there are more males dying as compared to females. Today, if you analyze in the world, there are more females in the world as compared to males. There are a few third world countries like India, where the male population is more than the female population. And do you know why? The reason is because of female feticide and female infanticide. According to an article, a program which came on BBC, by the name letter di, the

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program of assignment, there was a British reporter by the name of Emily bakunin. She comes to India and she says that every year in India, more than 1 million fetuses are being aborted after the fact that they're females.

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She says more than 3000 every day, you multiply more than a million every year. According to the Tamil Nadu government hospital report, she gives the statistics out of 10 female born alive, do you know how many are put to death? For sister did you know that Tamil Nadu your state, your beloved state, according to the government statistics, out of 10 females born alive in the government hospital for up to that

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there are billboards put in Rajasthan and here we says that spend 500 rupees and save 500,000 rupees

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you know what does that indicate? Spend 500 rupees do ultrasonography do have new sentences and if the child or caring is a female avoider, and say five lakh rupees 500,000 rupees, maybe a couple of 100,000 upbringing and there are many 100,000 in dowry.

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If you stop this evil practice in India, our beloved country, stop the female infanticide stop the female feticide even in India, the population of female will be more than the male population. If you see the rest of the world.

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If you see New York alone, there are 1 million females more than males. In USA alone, there are 7.8 million females more than males. in UK alone, there are 4 million females more than males. In Germany alone, there are 5 million females more than males. In Russia alone, there are 9 million females more than males. And God alone knows how many millions of females are more than males throughout the world. Suppose I agree with your philosophy sister who said one man one woman, if I agree with your sister, with your philosophy, one man one woman and suppose my sister happens to be in America or your sister happens to live in America. And suppose the market is saturated. One man

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one woman saturated yet there'll be 7.8 million females who will not find life partners.

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One man one woman. Now the option for these 7.8 million females is either marry a man who already has

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Life or become public property.

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Hussein Dr. Zakir Naik public property, such a harsh word, sister, it is the most sophisticated of all i can use. I cannot use a more sophisticated word than public property, according to the status of America, do you know on average a man before he settles down with a wife, he has a different sexual partners do you know that on average, eight, some have and some may have 10. Some have 28 sexual partners before he sat down with one.

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The only option remaining. So if my sister happens to live in America, or if your sister happen to live in America, and the option is given to her, and suppose the market is saturated, every man I found a woman for himself. And unfortunately, my sister, or if your sister happens to be one of the woman who has not found a life partner, the only option for them is either marry a man who already has a wife, or become public property anymore, this woman would offer the first sister what to do for a sister, marrying a man who already has a wife or become public property.

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My sister's too young to be married, when she grows up and if she happens to go to America, or if you happen to be in America, her choice, what would you prefer for our eldest sister? Would you prefer a becoming public property or marry a man who already has a wife and get equal rights and Islam? If you have a second wife to give equal rights in America, the public property has got no rights. She's degraded. She's dishonored. And Islam. She has a equal right? She gets honor. What would you prefer for younger sister when she grows up?

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Sometimes it's difficult to speak the truth sister,

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especially in front of such a large audience.

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Anyway, I've got the answer, sister.

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Thank you. And your silence before that. So that there is an in Islam sister, men have been allowed to marry more than one wife is to protect the woman not to degrade her.

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During a question, is it compulsory that the husband should take the permission of the wife? It's not compulsory, because if she wants to protect, if that man wants to protect and the woman, a normal woman, I agree with you, sister, no woman, under normal circumstances would like to share the husband. You have to agree. This is human nature. But if the woman is a good Muslim, is a good Muslim woman. What she says let us more loss take place to prevent a big loss. She will say I know sharing my husband has a lot for me. But I would prefer letting a small loss take place for me to prevent my sister becoming public property. She's a good human being. So she would surely give

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permission to the husband to marry a second woman if she's a good Muslim woman.

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But taking permission is not fun. It is preferable, but at least informing is a requirement so that he does justice between the two wives. Hope that answers the question system. Thank you.

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