Zakir Naik – Kiss Spouse While Fasting

Zakir Naik
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the issue of fasting during the holy month, which is considered nullified or permitted if the person cannot control themselves. The speaker also mentions that kissing and hugging is allowed, but it is against the Prophet's advice to kiss and embrace his wife while fasting. If the person cannot control themselves, it is prohibited for them to kiss and hugging during the holy month.
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the issue of a man and his wife,

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perhaps sitting on a sofa, or some other place of comfort, and the husband delivers a kiss on the wife's face, let's say for it or the lips of the wife, is this an action which nullifies the past or is permitted, while fasting, if a husband kisses the wife, or hugs the wife, or shows his love for the wife, by kissing on the cheek, or the lip, or the hand or hug, or embraces all these things are permissible, as long as it does not encourage him to go into an act, which is haram for fasting.

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And this is very well stated in the Hadith or masala. It's mentioned in, say, Buhari, we're number three, in the book of fasting Hadith number one nine to seven,

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I shall be pleased with her. She says that the Prophet used to kiss and embrace his wife while fasting.

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But he was the best amongst you to control himself. That means the Prophet had the power to control. Similarly, it's mentioned in sadhana number one number two, how did number 2379 that

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Mr. Miller repeated

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once, while fasting,

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Jesus's life

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immediately, he feels sorry, and you go to the Prophet, and he says that, oh Prophet, I've sinned, a sin against you and Allah. So Prophet says, What have you done? He says, that while fasting, kiss my wife, so the Prophet asked him that when you goggle orange amount while doing Voodoo, does your first break? So Mr. Miller president, he said no.

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So why bother indicating to him that you can guess an embrace your wife,

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furthermore, is added, which is mentioned in Muslim emod one number two, Hadith number 67391 of the Sahaba he narrates that a young man comes to Prophet masala Salaam, and asks him that Can I kiss my wife? While I'm fasting? The property is no later on.

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And old man come to the prophet and asks him that Can I kiss my wife while fasting? And the Prophet says yes. So the Sahaba look amongst themselves that how come Nancy is different than the Prophet replies that this man can control himself. So the basic ruling is that if a person knows that he can control himself, after kissing, or hugging his wife, ensure that it will not lead into an act which will nullify the past

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for example, it not lead into a sexual *, or will not lead into * as long as he can control himself. kissing and hugging is permitted. If we cannot control himself, and he feels that he will go to that which will nullify the past like * or *, then it is prohibited for him.

Dr Zakir Naik – Is It Permissible To Kiss One’s Spouse While Fasting?

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