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Zaid Shakir
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the struggles faced by black people during the COVID-19 pandemic, including struggles with diverse population, lack of diversity, and unity. They stress the importance of understanding the history of the American- decreasing population, the lack of diversity, and the need for unity. They also discuss the importance of faith and integrating with the rest of the community, as well as the physical differences between people and their behavior, including physical composition and race. The speakers encourage people to strive to elevate their deeds and reflect on their actions to achieve a world without racism.
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Al Hamdulillah

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Ada lo hadn't had them a lot

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and haven't

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worn them yet.

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I mean, apres mucho Baba, Baba worlds.

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How many

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these days that we are in the

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final days of February. And therefore, the final days of what

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people here in the United States have accepted as black history month,

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a month where

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the accomplishments, the achievements, the contributions of the African American community,

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are highlighted.

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This is any good that should concern us as Muslims from two angles.

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One, from the point of view of knowing the histories, the struggles, which challenges that have been faced by people we share this land with.

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We are an American Muslim community, the American part of our identity is something that we should accept and embrace. And embracing the American part we have to embrace all of those we share this land with, we have to try to understand the history of the native people. We have to try to understand their struggles. We have to as we experienced the inconveniences, the pain, the tragedy, the trauma of this covid 19 pandemic,

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we have to understand that the worst pandemic in the history of humanity was the smallpox pandemic that wiped out 90% of the population, the original population of this plan.

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Now have to understand the struggle of the Irish, the Irish one even considered why.

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What was this problem? How did the Irish become the white? We have to understand this job of the Chinese and the Japanese? Why would China why was the Chinese Exclusion? We think the Muslim ban is terrible, that bans Muslims from a handful of country countries about the exclusion of an entire set of people who are instrumental in building much of the infrastructure of the western part of this country, particularly the railroads were shattered out in the streets of our Western city and Seattle, many cities and counties like

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Donald coldblood on a single day, we have to understand their history, we have to understand the history of the Japanese, and how Japanese citizens of this country were gathered up and interned in concentration camps during the Second World War. And how after 911, because of their experiences, that they were the people who were first and loudest, and standing in solidarity with the Muslims in the aftermath of 911, what is the foundation of that solidarity. And we have done this, again, the struggles of the African American people, one of the indigenous people of this land nationally,

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the indigenous people, historically, the Native American people. But nationally, when the nation was founded, there were three major population groups, there were the European settlers, there were the native people, before they were extinguished in mass while the genocide already started. And then there were the African slaves. Those are the three indigenous groups of this land.

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The African slave, unlike the native people have been exposed to Europeans for centuries across the Mediterranean Sea.

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So I developed immunity to smallpox and immunity to many of the diseases that wiped out indigenous people. So the African American people were the preferred slaves, therefore instrumental in building the capital, many races, starting the capital that was built by large by African slaves, the White House, which wouldn't allow a black person in it.

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emphasized by the position taken by Woodrow Wilson, who screen a film that showed the rebirth of the Ku Klux Klan in the White House, that white house was built largely by black men. We have to know that.

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So from an American perspective,

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The history concerns American Muslims. But also from a Muslim perspective, we have to understand that conservative estimates posit that 1/5 20% of the African slaves were Muslims.

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Therefore, our brothers and our sisters, no matter where we come from, we come from South Asia. We come from the land of the arrows, we come from both they are the European Europe, the European Muslim population. Those are all brothers and sisters, because our brotherhood and sisterhood is based on faith. It's not based on blood. It's not based on skin color. It's not based on lineage.

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It's based on faith,

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and our brothers and sisters and faith.

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What has permitted and building this country with their blood, sweat and tears, their uncompensated blood, sweat and tears, our brothers and sisters and then one hesitate?

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Feels disconnected from the history of those African Muslims.

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Then ask yourself, feel disconnected from the mothers of the believers

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on the head

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for the child, on the other hand,

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and the rest of the mothers of the believers, those of us who are Arabs, we have no physical blood connection to them. But there are mothers are spiritual models.

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Military and eco Ibrahim.

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Many of us don't have any actual lineage connection to Ebro, hey, violet center, probably most of us do, because that's so far back.

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goes back to the origin. Well, maybe we don't. But he's still a father because he's our spiritual father. And those African Muslims, who as we said, his blood, sweat and tears were instrumental in building this company. They're more physical, their spiritual

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uncles and aunts and grandfathers and grandmothers. And we should be more connected with them. We should feel connected with this problem.

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Display the series routes, if you haven't seen routes, the new one particularly, you can see it starts at an African Muslim village on jufa, a island off the coast of Gambia

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that's 90% Muslim,

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Allah take wood back and traced his roots, he ended up in jewelry.

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And the people who are Muslim, all of his ancestors were Muslims. And he helped to with the proceeds from the book, and the thunbergii out to rebuild the masjid.

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Those are, those are brothers and sisters.

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Those are rather our ancestors, our spiritual ancestors. And we should study their history. If you're an American Muslim,

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or less learning him and benefiting from being here. If you don't know

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what a man is,

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then your your your your your your his man, his lessons.

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Not the terms of your faith or your practice. But in terms of the quality of knowing we stand on the shoulders of Muslims who preceded us and this man

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al servicewomen, during the time of the British colonies before America was the United States 1731 he is a Muslim scholar who studied in Timbuktu, the son of the kingdom, his people,

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he's taken into captivity, he's a hospital poor. No.

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He's a scholar. He's an island.

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And he has a blessed life and time doesn't allow to go into it. But in any case after 18 months, he comes here. He runs away. Usually you run away, you're beaten.

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Read the narrative of Frederick Frederick Douglass.

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You're being asked to make an example to discourage other states from running away that ask them like Why did you run away

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He said because I couldn't pray in peace when I did my Salah the Masters children would put pour dirt on me.

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So it's not a beating him when they brought him back from jail in Pennsylvania back to Kent County, Maryland. They gave him a Sunday. This okay Trey here.

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He writes a letter in Arabic to his father to send cold to liberate him. His father was the king of his people. And if you know history and all that, historically, West Africa was the richest man on earth probably still is in terms of its resources, which are shipped all over the world.

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When Mansa Musa if you don't know Mansa Musa, who came in from Timbuktu, the golden hatch, and he distributed so much gold and his path that he depressed. He depressed, deflated the gold market in Egypt for almost a decade.

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The Golden heartedness and also in any case, so his father delivered

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those. That's where the ship from Africa landed Annapolis, Maryland.

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The ship had already learned from England the letter sent to England the ship has already left for Africa.

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I want to start off at

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oboe for the founder of the originally slavery colony of Georgia gets the letter

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in England.

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He can be a doctor. He takes the letter to Oxford, or Cambridge. And they're already on this read the letter translated into English he's so impressed with the number of scholarship he elaborates a open student

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brings him to England. He learns English he's made in America or the British colonies 18 months he never learns English six weeks. traveling across the Atlantic, and the ship he learns English even though most of the time when he goes to England, he starts debating with the scholars of England, Cambridge and Oxford.

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After learning English in six weeks, they're so impressed that they make him a full member of the Spalding region society at the time, the greatest and most prestigious academic society on Earth. Membership is

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an Alexander Pope and others the queen is on. She gives him a boatload of all the latest literature, scientific artifacts and sends them back to Africa as a free man.

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Visit our history

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took too much time elaborating another reason that this concerns us brothers and sisters, because recognizing our African American and African Muslim predecessors in this land, we have to show this country what it means to be a part of a community that can transcend the barriers of racism that are tearing the country apart.

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And this is our religion. This is our call Allah subhana wa tada

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addressing all of humanity, not just the Muslims, everyone. Yeah, is

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that what

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in the Chronicle in the Lord?

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Oh humanity imagine from a single parent, a male and female,

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a single pair

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from a male and female

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with john

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Locke, a very

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energetic chronometer, the left column was the connection between all of these concepts.

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They say and how, literally,

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the creation was to worship Allah as affirmed and another verse one of

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the one I've only created the agenda and the humans that they worship me

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in that Hello, that and that that was that. The tab the tab on the wall

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That's worship of

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what you

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should move and welcome back.

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When we made with technicians and types, that's my recognize each other. So here's the black history of you recognizing each other the virtues, the skills, the inclination, the propensity, and then the kabocha.

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We are there to support the Ethiopians

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and Hitler and Hitler to Yamani.

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What he learned when he failed faith, and wisdom are for the Yemenis,

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etc, people have virtues,

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people have different virtues. And when we get to know each other, we get to recognize those virtues.

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But if people are not virtuous in terms of their relationship with their Lord, then they have no virtue because of their lineage.

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They have no virtue because of their race. They have no virtue because of their tribe, they have a virtual because of their nation.

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In the Chronicle,

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the most honorable with you, the most noble of you with your Lord is the one most mindful of the commandments or prohibition have

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no connection to any skin color. So the racist has no foundation in virtue, other than the fact that he or she is walking in the footsteps of Satan.

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If you look in the mirror, you're pleased with your skin color.

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But you can look at your heart and be pleased with your day

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when you're walking in the footsteps of set because he saw his beautiful qualities or characteristics and elevating them somehow,

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a woman pain, what prevented you from prostrating yourself tonight when I commanded you to do so. And

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on what basis, You created me from this physical stuff with a physical color called fire, and you created him from this physical stuff with the physical color, and the color was black, according to the dewater the majority of scholars, that's why I'm better. He made no moral argument I'm better than him. Because I'm kinder, I'm better than him because I kiss more babies

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than him because I help old people with their burdens. I'm better than him because I never told a liar. I'm better than him. Because I never backed down in the face of a frightening situation, I have more courage, I have more wisdom, I have more gentleness, I'm a better human being.

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I'm a better person.

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Some better because of some moral quality or characters, I'm better because of my physical composition. A lot of Tyler rejects that and we should reject that and we should be leaving humanity and the rejection of that as racism spreads in our country.

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As the the polarization between people and they talk to

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each other, and the louder they swing, the more polarized people become the louder some over here screams Black Lives Matter than those over here speed work, guys. White lives matter. And it's all rooted in physicality.

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Honest Lives Matter. courageous Lives Matter.

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generalized matter

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the physical has its place undeniable and addressing physical physically rooted racist attitudes, has its place. I prophets of Allah will send them honey when the black errors.

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So those will come

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over the African

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came to him and complain, I can't find the wife. What did he say? go pray? No. I said go to this aristocratic Arab family and tell him to marry your daughter, his daughter to you.

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So he took action to stop this policy. That's all that matters. But at the end of the day, we have to change hearts and minds and attitudes. If we're going to get beyond this problem, this is what I'm saying. My Lord, give us Topeka

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That was a big subject and our time doesn't allow for examination, but this is our religion.

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This is our religion as

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well, which are now

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a barrier that

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will lead then

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with an echo, we don't despise the need,

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to despise and have between each other. This is a whole nother sub, which means what the foundation of relations in this land is based on mutual recognition of the

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Dana center

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returns amongst the things he will do,

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he will return the state of peace, this is the foundation of human relation, which are known.

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But for that to be a reality, we have seen the physical because the device physically why there are physical differences between us. One racist was at a skinhead meeting, he said, Why did you need the group? He was

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in Montana or Idaho, Montana, somewhere up there?

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Why did he leave the group there one day they went around.

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And he said to his guys sitting next to them, he said, when we get rid of all Jews and the blacks who were going to go out there, and the guy looked at him, he said, the people have dark eyes,

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no coatsworth.

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At that point, he said the absurdity

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of what he was involved

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with creating enmity and hatred between people basis characteristics that we can't escape, you can't escape, none of us escape our skin color. Nothing none of us can escape our hair texture, we can bleach it and burn it and conquer it. But at the end of this gonna grow back to where it was, one of us can escape the shape of our eyes. These are physical characteristics that are the and the attributes of birth, so we can strive to improve them. So we accept it as being beautiful as Allah has given it to us. But what can we what can we improve on? What

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incentive incentive

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The heldman will have nothing except what he or she strived for. We can strive to improve our Deen we can strive to improve our relationship with Allah subhanho wa Taala. We're not trapped. May Allah give us a coupon code for only 1

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billion yo commerce.

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Learning and also that was hilarious. He would mostly say he didn't know how early he was. He was so interesting because you're so brothers and sisters let us strive to be his rules and the community raises discourse.

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Their points out, as we said, physical differences.

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If people want to find something to divide us, they have to look no further than the physical. Because we can always find physical differences even beyond skin color beyond black and white.

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Blue Eyes versus the Berliners.

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Even though there are more or the brown eyes versus the black guy, we can always find physical differences. We have to elevate the discussion and the conceptual how we conceptualize our existence on the basis of shared human qualities and characteristics. And this is the this is Islam. Our prophets of Allah are the one they will pass your exigence will commentators commentator on divorce

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now marks

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the saying of the prophet SAW a lot more it was said in the Cold War.

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You know what, what I'm wearing when I can note

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that a lot of the vocab will consider your physical form some others interview like that.

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scanning for short.

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This kind of hair, that type of long hair, black hair.

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what I'm wearing. I know your work a lot as a therapy which of these are the foundations of most of the discriminatory basis that exists between human beings, physical differences and Soviet economic?

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They mean nothing to about well, that is beyond the law consider looks at

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it and why Allah looks at your hearts

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and what your heart's content contains

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a virtue or bias.

00:25:46 --> 00:25:49

And he looks at your things in light of the

00:25:50 --> 00:25:52

heart has one color already.

00:25:53 --> 00:26:12

All the rest of the deeds have no problem. And that's the only basis that we want to be able to transcend these nagging problems that are met and divided and nearly destroyed this concrete blocks. And if we're not visited, we'll test it and try it again.

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