When Umar (RA) Cried So Much His Recitation Wasn’t Discernible

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AI: Summary © The transcript describes a character named Omar who wears a caravan and is trying to convince a multimillionaire to use it to force Omar to use his children as bait. Omar goes on to tell a story about a woman who weaned off her children and lost her job due to the rule. Omar also mentions a multimillionaire who worked in the marketplace but also did other things.
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In the title Lomonaco Cotabato the Allahu Anhu there is a caravan which came to Medina and nighttime Omar is a mirror what we need. I'm going to say something over this multimillionaire. So let's go and look after these people. So they'll go to the caravan and they ask them Do you need anything etc. Of doorman under oath, multimillionaire all of those above Ameerul Momineen they go to these people

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and in that caravan

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there is this lady, she's got this child, the child keeps crying.

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So Omar went to the lady and make your child quite later on when it comes again and the child is still crying.

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So Amara Lea lungsod water what a wicked Mother You are all right, your child has been crying you have done nothing. She said she doesn't know this is a miracle. Mommy needs a hitman. She doesn't know this in middle more minutes. So she says, you know Ameerul Momineen as stipulated at an allowance for those children who have stopped drinking their mother's milk have been weaned off. I need that. This is why I'm weaning my child off and this is why my child is crying.

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So Omar said how would you charge he told him he says he said, he said Don't hurry.

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And then I'm gonna remind him to overlook the alumna rates. That morning, Omar led the Fajr Salah, he cried so much

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that we couldn't even understand what he was reciting.

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And after forgery turned around

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and he said woe to Omar, what a stupid rule that you had that children should be given allowed when they weaned off how many children have you killed because of this rule of yours?

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But you see these people.

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They left a legacy behind them. They did meaningful work. Andromeda was a multimillionaire who worked in the marketplace, but he also did other things.