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Yusha Evans give a Kutbah at Al-Farooq Youth and Family Center (AFYFC) in Bloomington, MN

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matter who wins the

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Korean fusina woman say Dr. Molina may Longfellow multi Milan will make you a little fella.

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When I showed you in ilaha illallah wa hula cherry cola worship Mohammedan

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Yeah, you are Latina am an otaku LA to party. Well let them moon in

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the moon. Yeah yohanna suta hora de como la de la

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Casa La caminhada How about Catherine Melissa? Lovelady?

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He was in LA How can Riley come up Eva? Yeah, you have Latina mano de la ku de la la la la

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mejor de la rasuluh

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for inner fire Ohio. lm n mo LA. hydro Howdy, howdy Mohammed in Samba Mohali. He recently was Shara morishima, to have a coup d'etat in vidya.in. The wall aka the wallet in our

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dear brothers and sisters today in Charlotte to Ireland.

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We're going to talk about a story. And this story many of you have probably heard before, but it is a story that reminds us of our sincerity and how sincere we shouldn't be with a lot of agenda at every step of our lives. With every moment that we move forward. We need to remind ourselves, am I being sincere with a larger agenda? Am I being sincere with my Veen are my intentions in the right place. Because indeed,

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straight on is always watching over us. And he is always trying to lay traps and pitfalls for us. And sometimes, they may be obvious, but many times, they are very obvious, they are hard to recognize, because ipon has had a long time to practice his skills. He has been a declared open enemy to mankind, since the time our forefathers ademola. He said, with his arrogance, he first became a regime the rejected from Allah and he liked a lot as well know that his declared occupation from that moment forward would be to lead mankind astray and prove to Allah that this creation was not better than anyone else.

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This story is the story of a man from Venezuela in his name was Caesar. And he was known as the eyelid boss. He said the worshipper. He was from Venezuela. He was someone who believed in Allah, the One True Creator of all that exists. He believed in Isa alayhi salam, he was a follower of Jesus Christ, peace be upon him. And he was known as one of the righteous men of his town.

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And he used to care take of the masjid, or the temple or whatever they called it in that time. And there were three brothers who wanted to go out for jihad. They wanted to go out for fighting in the sake of Allah, there was some war or something happening and they wanted to go out to fight and they had a sister and they were looking for someone to take care of their sister while they're going to look after her. So they asked around the town, and they were told, take her to motor season he's the most pious of us for sure he will caretaker for property. So they went to her sister. And they told mercy so we take care of our sister. And it first of all season said Oh, Lu Billahi min ash shaytani

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r rajim. No, I won't do it. Because mercy sir understood the temptation. He said, No, I'm not gonna do it. I'm not the one to do it. He sought refuge in the law from Sharif on the no way shun you're not gonna get me like that. That's too easy. I saw that one coming from a mile away. No.

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So they went to look for other people. And then later on shaitan came to mercy said the former was was in whisperings and said the boss sees

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what happens if they don't find anyone to take care of their sister, and they leave her with some bad person. And he abuses her. And you know what else he might do to her? Won't you be to blame for that? Aren't you the most righteous to take care of her? Shouldn't you do it you know what to do? So shaitan understood about Caesar had a soft tight for people. He had a soft heart for people. So shavon knew how to come to him. So he finally told the brothers

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I'll take care of her. But she stays in that house over there. And I stay here. I stay in my place of worship, and she stays in that house over there. So they said, okay, and they left.

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Every day when it was time for food, mercy, sir, would leave the food outside of his doorstep, so that she could come out, come over and get it and then go by. He didn't want to have any communications. I leave it here you come and get it and you go back.

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Now, so Tom came again, to Barcelona.

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And so far, so fun is only provoked about Caesar to do good to do good and to take it over. He's provoking him to do good. Hey, Tom comes to him again, it says, merci, sir. Have some sense, man. Don't you know that when you put the food outside of you, though, she has to come all the way out all the way across, get it and go back and people see her. And they see that she's alone?

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What sense does that make? Why can't you just walk it across and put it on her doorstep? So once he said yes, good idea. You're right. Again, so I thought provoking him to do good, make it easier for her, don't have her come out and reveal herself. So what I see is that goes in, he starts putting the door food on her doorstep.

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And then once

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again, is opposed worshiping through the whisperings. And he says policies.

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When she opens the door, we will still see him. You didn't take it far enough. People still see her. Why don't you just take it, leave it on the table. You didn't have to see her. Don't go into her room, just take it, leave it on the table and go out, make it very easy for her. Again, she found this broken into a good action, make it easier for her. So what she says you're right, he goes and he takes and he says the food on the doorstep. Or he says the food on the table. And he would leave.

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And then cheban comes again. So far again, he's just provoking them to do good. There's nothing wrong with anything he's done so far. It tells him

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her brothers have been gone for a long time. Maybe this dad is last for months and months and months and months and months. She's all alone in that room. You don't even let her come out now to see the sun.

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Why not at least talk to her. Just talk to her. So she says that, okay, you're right, somebody should talk to her. This is the person. So he went and he would sit on one side of the door. And she would sit on the other side of the door. And they will talk through the door. But this caused them to have to scream at each other, you know, yelling and back and forth screaming our you know back and forth. So Satan came again to both seasons and mercy. So can the sense you have yelling at this woman

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in you make it hurt you. Why don't you open the door and sit in the room.

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What it does open the door and sit in the room. So fortunately, Tom has provoked him to do good. And now we looking from the outside can see the turn start to happen. But Garcia doesn't see it. Because Marcy says so far, this path has always taken into good. So Marcy says okay, I'll sit inside the room. So he sits inside of the room and now Satan has a right for humans. Because we know the Prophet alayhi salaatu wa sallam said, No man and woman are alone. And if they're not married, they're not Muslims. No man and woman are alone exception founded the third party amongst them. So Satan has mercy to exactly where he wants him. And they start conversating and then they fall

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attracted to each other. And then one thing leads to another and they commit Zina. They commit Zina ash versus has been tricked on his whole little path of doing good.

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Until finally he commits a sin. And not only has he committed Zina, but the woman becomes pregnant, the woman becomes pregnant.

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And she gives birth to the child. And in fact, uncomfortable Cece announced His mercies are lucrative. No, do you know what her two brothers will do? If they come back? Don't you know what they're gonna do to you? You have to get rid of the evidence. Kill the child, get rid of the evidence. So boss, he said in his confusion now kills the child, kills the child and buries it in that room.

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Then barsi numbersusa is approached by shut down again and he tells him what do you really think that you're going to kill that woman's child? And she's not going to say anything to anyone? Do you really think you're going to be able to kill her child and she keeps quiet about it. You have to kill her too. So mercy kills her and buries her in the room as well.

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He goes outside, and he builds a fake grave, a feet grave. And when the brothers finally return, they say where's our sister? And brother Cesar says Oh, in law, he went on.

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She got sick and she died. And I buried her right here. She got sick. I tried to do the best I could but was was was beyond my capacity. So she died. So the three brothers you know they said this the father of a law is the father of a law a can change it they accepted a laws will and they went home.

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That night,

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in their sleep shaitan came to one of the brothers and says, didn't you believe the story they want to see? Suppose you? Are you serious? Are you that gullible? Well lying, he killed both of them. And they're buried in that room. And if you go and uncover that room, you'll find their bottles, you see, so I find is the, the the trick master.

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So when the brother wakes up, he tells the other two brothers what happened. And they say, by Allah, we had the same dream, they all three had the same dream. So they said it must be true. So they went to the grave that Marcy showed them and they dug it, and there was nothing there. So they went to the room, uncovered a rock buried dug a little bit, and they found their sister and a child. So they ran and snatch and boxed up

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and sent by a lot, you are going to pay for this, you're going to pay for this. So they started to drag him to the ruler

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on his way of being dragged to the ruler, say, Tom comes now, in his clear form, who he is. And he tells Marcy said, Do you know who I am?

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Yeah, I know you are. You know, I'm the one that have caused you all this trouble. I am the one that caused all this trouble to you from the beginning. And I'm the only one that can get you out of it. You're in a big mess. Now, you're in a big mess.

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He says, Do you want me to get you out of it? And he says, Yes, please get me out of it. So Tom tells him that makes widgets and he makes the joke to me, and I'll get you out of this. So Marcy says in his fit of anguish, and trying to free himself from his punishment, he makes sure to do to show him and then what to do. He stands in front of me says, See you later, well, system, I got what I want. And he leaves. That's it. He left me said I got what I want. See you later. I am free of you. Now, I fear Allah, the Lord of all creation. And he left. And not long after that very shortly after mercy son was killed for his crime. And mercy says last act in this world was to make sudo to

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say check on so on the Day of Judgment, per se. So we'll be resurrected, making su dude to JSON complete code for complete gopher.

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look how deceitful our enemies he was provoking mercy says to do good.

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provoking, provoking, provoking and all along barsa thinks he's on a path that's gonna lead him to good. So he's doing good. So he does not. It makes a fatal mistake in not checking his intention the whole way. checking his intentions, like Hold on a second. Wait a minute. Is this still pleasing alone? Am I still doing the right thing? If he would have done that he would have known the moment he's stepping foot in the house. Hold on a second. I'm getting on a slippery slope in shape on you might be good. Not that good. But barsa fell into the trap. And shaytaan was leading him on step by step. Placing a little bit in front of him a little bit in front of him a little bit in front of

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them. Did little didn't. Darcy said no, he was drifting off from the straight path until Shea Pong got what he wanted, which was to make him

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commit complete. Complete copper, as a lot of detail tells us in the Quran. Karma didn't show up on like when shavon says to men disbelief

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and when he disbelieves shaytan says What buddy?

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I am free from you. I am free from you in the acaba la hora villa. I mean, I barely fear Allah, the Lord of all creation. So Allah tells us instead of the harsher shaytaan provokes men, come on, do something, do this, do that until he gets into this belief. And when he gets them to this belief, Satan will say I'm free of you. I feel Allah, because even though shaitan has rebelled against the law, and has been a curse, for all eternity, he still knows who Allah is. He knows what he's capable of. He understands the power of Allah. So he doesn't want to stand near you. He has his own punishment. He's not going to take years to say, you know what, I'm free of Allah. I'm free of you.

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I feel a lot. So we might be able

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to think that shaitan is provoking us to do this to do that. But realistically, Shakedown is just guiding us down the road is leading us he cannot force us to do anything. On the day of judgment, when people try to blame, shutdown shutdown will say, Whoa, whoa, wait a second. All I did was whispered to you, all I did was entice you. All I did was provoke you. You were the one who gave in. You're the one who gave in. So in this day, you have to accept your sin. I have to accept mine. That's it. shutdown cannot be blamed for anything that we do. Because he only provokes us and he has already been cursed forever. He's going to jahannam for

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Wherever he just wants to bring as many people you know, they say,

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what is the misery loves company, misery loves company. So shaytan wants as much company as he can get, and he will get a lot of company, he will have a lot of company.

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The Prophet alayhi salatu wa sallam said on the Day of Judgment adamle, a slam will be brought forward and say bring all of those who are ready for the fire.

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And add MLA, Sam will ask your lawyer, how many do you want me to get? He will say out of every 1999. So Satan will have a lot of company and this has to do behati authentic, he will have a lot of company. But ask yourself,

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ask yourself, are you heading in that direction or not? Because for sure, so Ethan's job is not to be in the clubs and the night spots and the bars and in the in the churches in the synagogue, Satan is not there.

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He has told a lot where he will be, I will be on the straight path walking around, trying to get people off of it, of course, I find knows that the only people he's really worried about is us. Those who say we are on the straight path shaitan is worried about you. So he puts a lot of time and attention towards you. And you have to be aware of it. Because the trips have shaped on are very, very deceitful. He has a lot of practice. He has a lot of patience. He has more patience than any one of us. He has nothing but time. Nothing but time to spend to bring you off on the straight path.

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And never think foolishly, that you have enough a man or you have enough knowledge, or you have enough strength to take shape on on directly. Never have that type of arrogance. I've seen this before, but to say you know what? Second, come on, bring it on. I did. I said you are out of your mind. You are a fool an idiot, to provoke someone like Trayvon. Because for sure, he has more tricks up his sleeves than you have knowledge for sure. He's been at this a long time.

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That's what Allah tells us in the Quran that the only ones who truly feel oma, are those who have knowledge. Those of the scholars who have sincere deep rooted knowledge they would not even themselves, command anyone or provoke anyone or even in entice anyone to take on shaitan directly no avoid him at all costs. If you see him coming this way, go that way. If he's over there, go back, turn around, make a left turn right get away from it. Whatever you can do, this is why we say our own little bit longer regime. I'm seeking protection with a lot from you.

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We're not saying Come on shop I'm bringing it on. I don't never seen a dog like this from the buffet and he said and none of us are Omar none of us are on marble shaytan we'll take a different direction if we're going down the same path. So don't fool yourselves into this.

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Also alarms Magellan reminds us in the Quran in surah matara, yeah, you handed in

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rupees in Mika oh you believe into into Islam with complete submission and do not follow who to walk destroy upon the footsteps of Stefan don't follow the footsteps of Satan in the hula can be in for indeed he is to you an open plane declared enemy allows remaining that is entering to Islam completely. This is your safety, duty. So come into it completely. Do not follow the footsteps of Stefan. Beautiful advice. Allah is reminding us that the completeness about Deen is a safeguard against right on the moment you decide, you know what this little bitty part of Islam that I don't really grasp? I'm just going to leave it out. Maybe I don't really agree with this one thing. So you

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know what, I just leave it over there. Or I take some and I don't take it all or if it's coming from this source, I'll take it from this person. No, this is the moment cheban has begun to get you to follow his footsteps. Because for sure the safety of ourselves and our souls is in our Deen completely in our Deen completely, without leaving any of it out is how we safeguard ourselves against certain because a lot of promise a fun, you might be able to lead all of them astray, except for my chosen slaves. There will be some serban you won't be able to touch them. Because they have entered into my being completely and my protection is upon them even from you. We have to see this

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from Allah azza wa jal to enter into His Deen completely and seek His protection and safeguard even from Satan even from our own cells, even from our own cells. And we have to remind ourselves of the farewell sermon and my beloved prophets of the law and he was sending him when he said at the beginning, oh people, beware of Stefan for the safety of your dean. He has given up all hope that you will follow him in big things shaytan has given up hope that we will follow him by worshipping sticks or rocks or

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tones or doing things outright if shaitan would have came to Sisa right away in the beginning and said Marcy some extra due to me, you think Marcy would have given in no mercy. So when I say get out of here money out of your mind, shutdown is lost hope and getting us in the big things. He said. So be aware of him in the small things, be aware of him in the small things. And this is what should I find is meeting us every single day isn't the small things, maybe shefali cannot get you to make complete comfort. Maybe he can get you to complete commit complete shirk. Maybe the only thing he can do

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is rob you of your good deeds. Maybe shaitan will come to you in your salon, and rob you of the horseshoe in your salon. Rob, you have this sincerity of your salon, maybe every item that you do, shaitan will come with it, and try to mix in a little bit of arrogance, or a little bit of selflessness, or a selfishness something with it to rob you of your good deeds. And what law he actually found is done that the new are the people whom the Prophet alayhi salaatu wa Salaam said are the main problems. Because when he asked his companions One day, he said Who are the bankrupt ones, they said, the ones with no money. He said by Allah know, the bank ones are the ones who will

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come before along the Day of Judgment, thinking they have a mountain of good deeds. And then all of those good deeds turned into this, because they had something else mixed in with it. They had some insensitivity mixed in with it. Maybe they had a little bit of arrogance, a little bit of selfishness, something was mixed with it, they straight been put into it, provoke them to put into it that robbed them of all the deeds, and on the Day of Judgment, they will have nothing that's bankruptcy, to stand in front of a law with nothing for a lot to say, what do you have for me and you say I have nothing. So we have to be perfect on even in the small things, even in how we deal

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with one another. shaitan we have to realize comes between us causes dissension causes this affection, causes hatred, causes jealousy causes, whatever it is, ill feelings in our heart, we have to protect ourselves from that, because for sure it is from nothing but try to have some ill feelings between one another. This is the very thing that got kicked out in the first place. This is the very thing that got him that entitlement, or regime, rejected and occurs from Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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And we also have to remember a lot of Magellan reminds us in the very last chapter of our book, the very last chapter of our book will be Robin, I seek refuge from the Lord of mankind, the the king of mankind, the God of mankind, from the whispering of the one who whispers inside, who whispers inside of the breast of mankind.

00:22:48--> 00:23:00

We are seeking refuge from this from a law as Magellan min Elgin at the Oneness from the evil and the whisperings of the Shreya theme from amongst Jen. Well,

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we have to remind ourselves that she doesn't work alone.

00:23:05--> 00:23:07

He's not a one man operation.

00:23:08--> 00:23:16

He has many, many, many minions on his side, from amongst the gym, and from amongst men time, various a time.

00:23:18--> 00:24:03

So we have to be wary, we have to be vigilant. We have to constantly be on guard. Because we are fighting a war every single day of our lives. We're fighting the war, every single moment of our lives, against shaitan against his minions against our lower self. And we have to win this battle. Because this war will decide the victor will get the spoils of paradise. And the loser gets the punishment and wrath of a loss. So this isn't what we can't lose. There's a war we cannot afford to lose. We can't afford to give up. We can't afford to surrender. We must fight it every single day of our lives. every waking moment of our life. When hunted by Rhonda Rahim Allah, Allah when his son

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said, When my father was going through soccer to mount the pains of death, he was passing in and out of consciousness. I heard him saying, No, not yet. No, not yet. So I became worried. You know, he thought maybe my father in the last moment, maybe he's he's gotten weak. He's breaking down. He's saying no, not yet. Not death. I don't want to die yet. So when his father woke up, he said, Father, I heard you saying no, not yet. No, not yet. What were you who you're talking to? He said, Son shaitan was standing next to me. And as I was going in and out of consciousness, shaitan was biting his fingers, saying, oh, man, I have lost you. Oh, man, I have lost you. Look how deceitful shaitan

00:24:47--> 00:24:59

is there for the last moment. He said, I've lost you afterwards said no, not yet. No, not yet. Not until my death. Not until my soul leaves my body and my free from you. And I will fight you to the end.

00:25:01--> 00:25:08

shaitan never gives up on us. So we should never, ever give up on him. Aquatica was totally welcome first doctor.

00:25:16--> 00:25:26

hamdulillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala rasulillah he was only wasabi I mean, I did a show in La ilaha illallah wa de la sharika Mohammed and

00:25:30--> 00:26:12

we must every single day try to check our intention check out of nia. This is why emember hari malata ana decided to begin his book with the statements of the Prophet alayhi salaatu wa sallam, every action will be judged according to its intention, and everyone will get for that which they intended. So we need to check our intelligence because our intentions are going to form our actions. And our actions are going to perform that which will be judged by so we need to check what's going on in here all the time. We know that all mortal radi Allahu and he commanded people take account of yourself before the account is taken for you take account of your own actions before the account is

00:26:12--> 00:26:51

not in your hands anymore. When you die, your account is taken from you. And it will be put in the hands of a lot of agenda. So take your own account first. Ask yourself is the sincerity of my actions there? Because even on Final Jazeera Rahim Allah Allah, he said, a man who has no sincerity in his deeds, is like a man who travels, and he puts inside of his water jug dirt, he puts it in his water jug dirt. Not only does that dirt burden him because of its weight, but it provides him no benefits. So we asked to ask the Lord for the sincerity of our deeds, insha Allah. And lastly,

00:26:52--> 00:27:04

there's a big fiasco going on nationwide. Current Events nationwide, there's a big fiasco going on. In many states, Senate's in many state Congress houses

00:27:05--> 00:27:26

to so called ban Sharia Manchuria, this is a big thing, big fiasco. And a lot of brothers in Florida, where I'm coming from they're dealing with it right now yesterday as we speak. And that's where I moved here from, and it's happening all over the place. And if you think it will eventually come to Minnesota, you're only fooling yourselves. This is a ramped up campaign.

00:27:29--> 00:27:50

Now, can we blame chef on for this? No, we can blame them for this. So the actions of people? Can we blame the non Muslims for this? No, because they have been taught to fear it, they have been taught that Sharia is a negative thing that actually comes all of you are going to get your hands cut off, you're going to get stoned to death, they're going to get thrown in prison. They're going to force you to become Muslim. This

00:27:52--> 00:27:57

is what they've been taught by the mass media. So we can't blame them for ignorance.

00:27:58--> 00:28:03

But is there some way we can lay blame for sure. There's some somebody has to be blamed.

00:28:04--> 00:28:12

And I'm asking all of you today to accept some of this blame, because we realistically have to take some of this blame, if not all of it.

00:28:14--> 00:28:47

Because we know what Sharia is, we understand that this is the law, the way of life that the creator of everything that has been existing, has sent for them. It is a law from the creator of all that exists to his creation. And we know as a theme as a certainty that there is not one single one single commandment one single prohibition, one single ruling one single judgments in that law. That is bad. And for us to say anything different. We have lost our entire Deen.

00:28:49--> 00:29:26

But have we conveyed that message to them? Have we conveyed to people what Sharia is? No, we have been very, very lazy in this respect. Not telling them what the surety is all about. not showing them the realities of this area. Or if you they'll show you how they're gonna get four witnesses and stone you to death. I heard this in Texas. I said you know how many written cases there are four people witnessing adultery, and then the punishment being stoning. They said probably 1000s. I said, let me tell you, it's called zero. There's not one documented case.

00:29:27--> 00:29:49

So you need to check your facts. But those facts need to come from authentic sources. And who is have who has the more authentic source. We do. We have the book of Allah. We have the son of his prophets of the law, they were selling them and this makes up the Sharia. This makes up the law given by the Creator to all of creation. And lastly,

00:29:50--> 00:29:57

if we were to sincerely show them and tell them and guide them, to what the law of the Creator is,

00:29:58--> 00:29:59

if I asked anyone

00:30:00--> 00:30:34

Do you think a law that is just for every single individual, a law that made sure that every single human being is given their due rights and law to make sure that no one is oppressed? No one is treated unjustly. No women are abused. No orphans are misused. No children are abused, no one steals from another. No one plunges from another, no women are raped, no people are abused, no old people are taken advantage of No Nation, tyrant arises over another, the rich do not assert the rights of the poor, the poor have rights over the rich.

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Do you think this will be a good law to be instituted amongst human beings? No one in the right mind would say no. And I say Do you know what we call this in Islam? We call it Sharia.

00:30:46--> 00:31:24

It is a just law that seeks the rights of every human human individual. It seeks to fulfill on Earth, the purpose that we were created here for. And if that's wrong, that will be wrong. If that's wrong, they will be wrong. What is the same The song is, if loving you is wrong, I don't want to be right. If this is wrong than I don't want to be right, I will stay right here. And we will stand up for what we believe in. We will let people know the truth and but in reality is about this Dean, if we had done that, maybe a decade ago, we might not be going through some of the things that we're going through. So we need to accept the blame. And we need to apologize, we should apologize. We're

00:31:24--> 00:32:03

sorry, we haven't done our job. We have not clearly conveyed this to you. And we apologize for that. But from now on, we will be more clear. If you want to know what Islam is about coming. Our doors are open, come our doors are open, my house is open to you. My phone is open to you. Here's my email address. If you want to know what Islam is about, here it is. And those who want to know will come they will come and those who want to just create mischief, they will stay out there creating mischief in those we let alone jld with him because he has a special place for them. But we need to do our job, which is to convey simply the message of love to the world. Robin actually for dunya has

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an attorney

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Allahumma and pseudo Islam, Islam and Muslim men and women so what is Islam I mean people a mechanical hammer, I mean, or the literature when machete came

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from the field enter the new banner westropp and Marina with them and one sort of alchemy Catherine was dependent.

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Seafood was Salam O Allah mousseline.