Yasir Qadhi – The Concept of Beautiful Patience

Yasir Qadhi
AI: Summary © The importance of regaining normalcy is emphasized, along with the high level of sovereign success. The speakers emphasize the need to avoid exceeding server levels and avoid wasting time in a tragedy. The Shediac is not allowed to spend more than three days on a regular schedule, causing stress and loss of joy, and the operator emphasizes the importance of living in a past tragedy and regaining normalcy. The Shediac is not allowed to spend more than three days on a regular schedule, causing stress and loss of joy, and the operator emphasizes the need to move on from past accidents and not ruling out wailing from them.
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The minimum level of sub is, you just don't say something that is understanding as long as you've done that you've demonstrated minimal sub, but that's not the best level of server, there is a higher level, there is the highest level. And that's what we should strive to attain. Now I want to be clear here, I need you all to pay attention.

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The beauty of our religion, so many beautiful things, is that Allah subhana wa, tada in every aspect has given us a spectrum, such that those that are struggling, they have a middle, minimal line they have to meet. And as long as they made it, they're not sinful, it's okay. But those that want to go higher, here are the mechanisms to do that. So as long as you don't cross the red line, what was the red line, to say something on Islamic to do something on Islamic, you are not sinful. But there are levels that are higher than just not being sinful, and the highest level of sovereign Jimmy, how do you attain that? You attain that by

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becoming an object of pity for the creation.

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You don't intentionally aspire to obtain the pity of created beings.

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Intentionally, unintentionally, it happens you're crying, it's not okay, intentionally. And you only try to obtain the pity of the one who's Brahma actually benefits you. And that is Allah subhana wa Tada. And that's why when the children of your uncle began criticizing him, he snapped back at them. I'm not complaining to you in school, but they were whose knee Illa I'm complaining to Allah. It is a part of our theology to complain to Allah, not about Allah that Schofer we don't complain about Allah, we complain to Allah. What does it mean complaining to Allah? It's exactly what it sounds like. Oh Allah, you see how difficult this is for me. Oh Allah, the situation is so difficult. Oh

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Allah, my heart is in pain. Oh Allah. I cannot bear with this unless you help me in this. This is complaining to Allah. subbrand. Jimmy means you minimize, if not eliminate complaining to the people.

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And you show a dignified sense that you are trying your best to reach to Allah alone. Now again, that's the highest level. What did I say? Is it sinful to go below this? Yes or No? Is it sinful?

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No. So please understand, and if you're struggling to get to the perfection, no problem. As long as you don't cross the red line, the red line to say or do something, how long? Not everybody can reach that level of perfection, but you should be aware of it. And you should know that it is a level of perfection, to be as dignified as you can and to not get the pity of other people. Now, if they offer compassion and condolences, no problem, but you don't go intentionally wanting you see the difference, right? You try your best to not get the pity of the creation. Why? Because the pity of the creation is like their sadaqa and you don't want their sadaqa you want Allah to give you and not

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the creation. Now if they offer you as a gift without you intending that is the Sunnah, when somebody passes away, you should offer condolences, you should make dua for them, but you don't yourself, present yourself in a manner that you're getting their pity. Do you understand this point? It's a very technical point, but inshallah should be understood to all of you. So the next point we learned from the Sierra sub rune Jamil, our profit system never once complained about how the Kurose traded him to other people. He never once went and said, Oh, look what they're doing. They're so nasty to me. Never once, it wouldn't have been dignified for him. Right? Wouldn't have been. Now is

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it? How long? No, it's not how it's not haram as you can do that. But subbrand Jimmy, you go to the highest level and you complain to Allah subhana wa Tada directly. Another point we learned from the Sierra.

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Another point we learned from the Sierra is that you try your best, after the calamity, to regain and go back to as normal of a lifestyle as possible. You do not allow the calamity to stop you from your life itself.

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You don't dwell in the past and because of a past tragedy, continuously live in misery, live in pain know, you sort of forced yourself to move on and get back into the energy of life, the rhythm of your schedule. And this is again, well demonstrated. That's why our Shediac has come and said it is not allowed to mourn anybody who is dead more than three days what does it mean is not allowed to more and more than three days, so for three days,

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you are allowed

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How'd to let the grief take time to heal

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take a break from work just you know not really cared for yourself that much and it's just difficult to live your take cope okay Max three days if it's less than that no prob but Max three days, after three days are over the surely it requires you to try your best to snap out of it not your internal grief that's not going to go away ever. But your external body has to get back with the program. Why? Because our Shediac is not a morbid Shediac that you live in the past is the Shetty ad that teaches you how to live your life in the future. You cannot allow a past tragedy to affect the entirety of the rest of your life. That's not what Allah wants. Now you could be in pain and

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suffering. Our Prophet system, as we know loved Khadija immensely. And her death was extremely difficult. In fact, the year she died is called the year of sorrow an entire year of sorrow. Because she died both of them died, the incident of life happened. And the Sahaba said we didn't see him smile for an entire year after the death of Khadija. That was pain an entire year he did not smile.

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At us if demotic tells us five years later, I never saw anybody smile more than the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam what's happened here? Unless never saw him in Mecca. And so I'm in Medina. And I see him I never saw anybody smile more than the Prophet system. This is what it means okay, the pain is there, the grief is there, but you need to move on. When we talked about the incident of the death of Jaffa, the brother or the cousin of the Prophet system, when Jaffa passed away his wife a smile, a smile to your face, she married Jaffa Jaffa died, she married a bucket aboubaker died, she married it. So she was married to three people of Jana, one after the other

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Subhanallah and she had children from all of them, can you imagine? So there are half brothers of John's father and ally and Abu Bakr Subhanallah all of this from from a smart material base. So I didn't have a whole biography about US medical district. So a smart she was at the time a young lady Jennifer passes away she was in her mid 20s. And she

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could not cope with his loss. And she began wheeling because she wasn't accustomed to not willing even though it was not allowed. And our Prophet system attempted to stop the wailing via the servants, but they did not succeed. So on the third day, the prophet system visited the house of a smile. Three days he gave her to calm down to let her grief come to terms. And then he said From now on, there shall be no wailing from my brother Jaffa. Then he called the children of Jafar. And they were neglected, completely disheveled dirty. They hadn't taken a bath, what not because for three days, they're mourning. And he called for a barber and cut their hair. And he gave them new clothes,

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and he arranged for food to be given to them. I want you to think about why he would do this when they have just become orphans.

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Give them a haircut. They've just lost a father. And he comes over with basically the equivalent of gifts. Why? Because our religion teaches us you don't dwell in the past. Whatever it is, whatever tragedy happens, you need to move on collect your wits and continue with life.

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