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Yasir Qadhi
AI: Summary © The meaning of Islam is not complete passion or complete passionate desire, but rather a desire to protect from evil and achieve peace. The speaker emphasizes the importance of following the Prophet Sam's path and setting up a strong foundation to achieve these goals. The speaker also discusses the history and teachings of the Prophet Sam, including the importance of learning about the culture of the time before it. The importance of practicing Islam is set up in actions and steps, and sharing the message of Islam is crucial for achieving success.
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Praise me to a lot of man under him and my peace and salutations be upon the one whom Allah has sent us right metallian amin as to what follows we're continuing inshallah tada in our discussions of some of the names and attributes of Allah azza wa jal, and today we choose the name a synonym, the name a synonym, and the name a synonym is one of those names of a lot that actually does not occur in the proper noun form, the proper noun form. So the proper noun is a semi an ID multiple zero or four seldom occurs in what the Arabs called the Muslim are the concept it's not a noun, it's a concept. So the noun from Sam would be the name Salim or the name Salim. So the name Salim is

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setting these are these are nouns. But a setup is not a noun. It's actually a Muslim and what is a Muslim? We don't have an English equivalent, but it's a concept. So Allah azza wa jal is calling himself a Salaam and this name only occurs once in the Quran, and it occurs in the passage of Sultan Hashem will Lola de la isla Hello America produce a set up. This is the only time that the name of Salaam occurs. And the meaning of asylum is of course well known to all of us we greet one another with a set on why they come. Our religion is from the same root of Islam. Our name as Muslim comes from the same root. So Allah azza wa jal is a set up, but what exactly does it mean? If you ask the

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average Arab, even the average non Arab Muslim what is said I mean, he will say peace. technically this is right and yet it is not fully accurate. Islam is not peace that's too simplistic of a translation. A Salam is the absence of evil. A set up is the absence of harm, which does quantitate peace, but that's one translation one connotation a Salaam when it comes to Allah azza wa jal has three meanings, three meanings. The first of these meanings is that Allah Himself is never characterized with a negative attribute. There is no imperfection in a law he is a set I'm the one who lacks any negative attributes. So because Allah is a set am He is perfect, because Allah is a

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solemn he has no partners, he has no children, he does not sleep he does not forget. So a Salaam, the all perfect because no negative is attributed to him. And this is in a Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, when he said was shall release a lake, we do not ascribe any shadow to you Oh Allah. Why because a sedum cannot be the source of a sharp a setup cannot be ascribed to the shot, excuse me, cannot be ascribed to a setup. So a solemn meaning number one, the one who himself has no characteristic of imperfection. A law is perfect in every single respect, because he is a sell them. Number two, sell them. The source of Sam is a seller.

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Where do we get Sam from and by Sam we mean absence of hippies, absence of evil, which is peace, absence of any harm, which is safety, who gives us safety and security? Who can ensure ultimate Sam, that is a seller? So I said, is the source of setup that's the second meaning? Where do we get peace from? Where do we feel contentment from? Who gives us the blessing of feeling fulfilled, of feeling content of feeling safe, it is a seller who gives us that feeling. So Allah is a seller, meaning number two, that He grants peace, and the most perfect peace, and the most perfect absence of evil is to protect us from his punishment and to cause us to enter agenda. And only a Salam can guarantee

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the ultimate salon. So this is the second meaning of Salaam. And the third meaning of Islam is that as salam is the one who will greet those who believe him in him with the greeting of Sam, so as Sam, the one who will greet the believers in him with the greeting of Sam. So Allah will greet the believers with the greeting of Sam to hear to whom yo yo Sam, the US greeting the day that he will meet them, meaning the believers in him May Allah make us amongst those shall be the greeting of Sanam. So this is the meaning of Assam and what is it is

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interest here is that in fact Assam is also the very first word that a lot taught our father Adam wilden, Adam and Aquila, the very first word, our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, When Allah created Adam, and he blew into him his soul. He said to Adam, that Oh, Adam, go to those group of angels and say to them, as salam aleikum wa rahmatullah law, and memorize their response, for that will be your greeting and the greeting of your children after you until the day of judgment. So the first words that Allah taught Adam to say, is the greeting of Assam or de como, La Jolla, and the angels responded when it comes to them wanting to learn more about our culture by adding more

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vodka to and added memorize this and all of the believers in Adam and in the children of Adam, all of the believers of the prophets, they greet one another with a salam, O Allah, or in the case of the Jews, shalom Allah home, or the Christians, once upon a time would say packs will be complete unto you peace unto all of this would be the Abrahamic culture that exists to this day, as well. Allah subhana wa Tada. as well the prophet SAW some excuse me, also the first commandment he gave when he migrated to Medina was to spread the greetings of Salaam and they gave a hook a few months ago about this and that is the famous hadith of Abdullah ibn sent him that the first words that the

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Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam uttered when he entered Medina were you Hannah's have shoe set? Water mo was cereal or ham was hi Luba lady with nastran em todo Luna Jen letter B. Salam, O mankind spread the Salam. This was the first commandment that the process of gave when he entered Medina spread the greetings of Suriname, and our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, when he commanded the Sahaba to praise Allah when you sit down for the hayyat, initially, he didn't teach the Sahaba to learn, he simply said when you sit down, praise Allah, so the Sahaba they began to invent their praises, and one day the process and heard them say, a set ammo and a law a set ammo either jubin a

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set ammo either rasulillah so they were trying to praise the law by saying a set are more either law, but the profits of the law while you send them then he said in law her who has set up a law is Assam you cannot send Salam upon Allah. Allah is the source of setup. When you see a center where Allah where will that set him come from? Allah is set up, you cannot send Salaam upon Allah, He is a setup. Then he taught them when you sit down then say, at a yard to Lillah wa Salatu was about and he taught them the dua that every one of us has memorized but the Sahaba they made a mistake and disregard because they didn't know any better. By the way, footnote here Subhana Allah the male

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Sahaba messed up in this regard they made a mistake. The female Sahabi the best of the Sahaba yet Khadija rhodiola Juana Khadija de la Juana, howdy. This is hypo Hadi. This is way before this hadith of Medina that he taught us a habit to hear. Khadija was not taught this, yet she understood better than the male Sahaba when Djibouti visited the process of his house, and Khadija was there, Djibouti and said that it is in Bahati, Djibouti and said that almost in trouble law, a law is sending his son am to a deja. So the process of him said, Oh Ha deja gibreel has come to visit me and he is sending a law Salam upon you Subhana Allah with a beautiful Hadith. He is sending Allah Salam upon

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you. So her deja responded. And subpanel look at the the fitclub Khadija the understanding of Khadija, she said in the law who has said what Allah God as salam, wa rasulillah salam. O Allah is a setup I cannot say salam O Allah wa salam alaikum not say that Allah is Assam How can I say what Annika salami Allah, we will that seldom come from so GBM Khadija understood what the male Sahaba did not understand theologically. And she said in the law, her who Assam Allah is As salam, and upon gibreel be salam, and upon you a messenger of Allah be a setup as well when Allah is a Sam. So Allah azza wa jal does, then is inviting us to his house, and he has called his abode the abode of

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Suriname darussalam. So the abode of Allah, the place of Allah that He's inviting us to, which is Jenna is called darussalam will La Jolla drew into Dar es Salaam? So Allah is calling us to daru salam, and how do we get to TAO to send them there's only one way to get to darussalam and that is to follow the path of Sam, the path of Sam and the path of Sam Yeah, de la humanitarian whiner who Sula Salam SOS

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Serbian or the Sabine, the Surat, in the Quran is called the Sabine of Siam. So the path of Salam leads to darussalam and that is Allah azza wa jal who's causing us to be on the path of Salaam to get to darussalam. And how do we get on this path by submitting ourselves to Allah through Islam? So when we practice Islam, we are on Sabino Salaam that is leading to darussalam you guys following me here, right? And another way to perfect getting on to the path of setup. Another way to perfect getting onto the path of setup is in fact to spread the greetings of setup. Our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, that will lead enough cbrt I swear by the one in whose hands is my soul, none

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of you shall enter Jannah until you love one another. Should I not tell you about something that will cause you to love one another of shoes Salama, Bina can spread the Salaam amongst you. So we are commanded to spread the Siam in order to cause ourselves to be on Sabina selam in order to get to darussalam and that is why brothers and sisters the name of Allah Salaam is a powerful name. It causes us to find comfort in a law, our hearts when they're troubled. When we feel anxious, we should use the name SLM to ask the Lord to give us that peace. When we're going through trouble. When we have a feeling of anxiety. We have the majority of the problems of the dunya then we can say

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Yes, ma'am. Yeah, Allah azza wa jal Grant has set out because Allah is a Salaam and that is why one of the draws to the process of In fact, not just $1 every single time when the process of said selam when he said I said I'm widecombe in de Sala, the first door that he would say is what Allahumma and said woman has said this is the first thing that would come from the lips of the Prophet system after every single time He made us Allah Allahumma anthocyanin because nothing brings about Salam like the Salah, nothing brings about peace like the setup. So he would remind us and he would remind himself that Oh Allah, you are the SAM one min Casa lamb and from you comes Sam. So this is that

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beautiful name of Allah azza wa jal that we should invoke to bring about peace in our hearts and of course your brothers and sisters The ultimate goal of every one of us is that we spread the Salaam and practice Islam and be on the path of service to set up so that when we enter darussalam us will greet us with the greetings of Saddam saddam when hola Morocco Rahim. And when a Sunnah greet those who believe in a setup with the greetings of Suriname when a Salam says salam to any being no harm can ever touch them because when a Salam has sent His Salaam on you who can possibly harm you, How can any evil hurt you when Allah who is a sin am sends his Salaam upon any person then that is it no

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harm can ever touch them and that is why the greeting of the people have set up when they enter doubt to set up will be set up from Assam because that's the whole point of being in darussalam. You're never going to have any pain any suffering any harm because as Sam has gifted that Salaam to you when you enter down to Santa May Allah subhana wa tada make us of those who hear the greeting of setup from a setup when we enter down to set up with saramonic Muhammad Sallallahu Baraka

Shaykh Yasir Qadhi delves into the meaning of the name of Allah – As-Salam which occurs once in the Qur’an.

As-Salam is the concept of Allah SWT being perfect and devoid of any imperfection, grants the most perfect peace and is the one who greets those who believe in Him with the greeting of Salam.   

Prophet ﷺ made his first aim in Madina to “spread Salam.”  Allah implores us to tread on the path of Jannah and in order for us to be successful in this quest, we should submit ourselves to Islam and spreading it everywhere.

Hence, summarising it beautifully, Shaykh Yasir Qadhi tells us that our ultimate goal should be to spread Salam, and we remain on the path of Salam to reach Dar-ul Salam, where As-Salam will greet us with Salam.  

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