Yasir Qadhi – Assuming The Best of People

Yasir Qadhi
AI: Summary © The Prophet sallavi's actions caused chaos and negative consequences for the people, including false accusations and false false predictions. The importance of not acknowledging rumors and not giving false information to others is emphasized. The need for people to be mindful of their own actions and not let anyone do so is also emphasized. The importance of avoiding accusations of bribery and not acknowledging rumors is also emphasized.
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Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah All praise is due to Allah subhanho wa Taala, who raised the heavens and created the creation, he spread for the earth and beautified with vegetation. And he gave us the cycle of the night and day in perfect alternation. It is his religion that unites all of mankind, the black and the white without discrimination. A lot of zoa just sent down the Koran, his speech and Revelation, and he sent to us a profit in whose belief is our salvation. So it is a law and a law alone we worship and bow our heads to in frustration as to what follows realize that a loss of Hannah which Allah has reminded us to be conscious of him when he says in the Koran Yeah, you Hello,

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Xena and otaku la haka. toccata. What are temotu illa one two Muslim moon dear Muslims, most of us are aware in the beautiful incident of two Book Three companions remain behind and one of them the story of cabin magic is well known to all of us Allah revealed or on about him, that Allah eventually forgave him. It is mentioned that when the caravan had exited Medina, the prophets are some looked around and he said, Where is God even magic? I don't see him. One of the unsolved said sarcastically, Yara Sula, law, he is engrossed in his women and his gardens, meaning that this dunya seduced him. And he didn't go for the expedition because of his love of this world. So he made a

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passing comment. Immediately more either. bingeable said big Some are quotes, what a bad thing that you have said, for law he, I have no nothing from God except good until now. He defended gab even though ironically at that time the accusation had an element of truth later on, we find out but more as being the scholar that he is. Our Prophet system said more art is the leader of the scholars of this oma and more is the most knowledgeable of * and haraam. Maota rhodiola, one being who he is, and that's why he is who he is. He understood that one of the principles of our religion is that we think the best thoughts of everybody, we don't read in the worst, we think the best. And this

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concept is called to snuff one or thinking the best having positive thoughts of our brothers and sisters in Islam, and it is a fundamental core of our identity of Islamic o'clock. Sadly, with the rise of the Internet and social media and Facebook, with WhatsApp groups and telephone calls, sadly, the cultural norm in our times is that we always read in the worst, and we spread gossip about each and every person in our society, in our circle of friends, frankly, there is hardly a gathering that any of us attends, except that somebody is mentioned vague issues are brought up and then he is mocked or she is made fun of because of something that we don't even know the reality of,

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unfortunately, assuming the worst, slandering has become the norm, and that should not be the case. Have we not learned from the story of our mother, I shut up the Allahu Ana and the slander that occurred in the lifetime of the Prophet sallallahu either he was seldom when people assumed when she was seen with another man, people assumed something they should not have assumed. And Allah subhana wa tada revealed very harsh language in the Quran, very strict language in the Quran. Allah says in the Quran, why didn't the believers think the best thoughts in themselves? Why didn't they do that wonder movement represent higher or they should have thought the best things? Why did they say the

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worst things and they spread it like gossip? So Allah subhanho wa Taala commanded us that our hearts should be thinking pure thoughts of other people. Even if we see two people that should must not be together, we see somebody exiting a store he should not have been in we see things that might outwardly look suspicious. Our religion says we read in the best we think the best and we do not spread the faults of other people. Even if they are confirmed false. We don't spread them around for no reason. Have we not learned from the Quran and the Sunnah. We all know of the incident in the Sierra when we sound

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The famous young man whom the Prophet sallallahu Sallam loved, when Oussama was pursuing one of the people on the battle who was a pagan who was fighting against Islam. And right at the last minute the pagan turned around and he shouted out a shadow Allah Allah Hi, Lola, what number amadora solo law on the battlefield with no escape, he turns around and takes the Shahada, and Osama executed him. news came to the Prophet sallallahu he was seldom Andrew sama was the most beloved of the young men of all of Medina who sama had been born literally in the house of Khadija raised up in the household of the Prophet system. He was considered like a son or a grandson. His father was the

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adopted son that Allah than abrogated adoption because of Osama bin Zayed that Osama, Osama was the most beloved he was called a boon to be the Beloved of the prophets of the law while he was selling them. When the Prophet system heard he called him in public. His face was bright red with anger. And he said, Is this true? What I have heard? Notice he verified notice he verified, you always verify? Is this true? What I heard? Did you execute a man after he said the Kalima and the Osama being on the harsh and if you like, he made the excuse Yara, Sula, la or messenger of Allah, he simply said it to save his life. He was on the battlefield, he's about to be killed, he didn't really mean it.

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And at that stage, what did the Prophet system say? Did you open up his chest and examine his Nia? Did you know the reality? You have? No one. Even one a person is about to be executed on the battlefield, you still think the best thoughts SubhanAllah. If there's any a moment where you should not have there's no one you would think it is right here on the battlefield. If there's any opportunity where we should say we're not going to listen to this person is gonna lose his life. But even then, our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam was angry at Osama and Osama famously remarked that I was so embarrassed. I wished that I had embraced Islam on that morning so that at least my

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excuse would be honest. So I didn't know any better. But because I am who I am. I didn't have that excuse. The point being, the Sierra shows us from beginning to end, that the default, no matter what the circumstances, no matter what the situation, we think the best of our brother and sister we do not read in we always assume, and much less not just the assumption, we never spread rumor mongering, we never say something about them. Even if it might be true, we do not speak about it, unless there is an actual dire need, which is not the case in 99% of our daily affairs. Dear brothers and sisters.

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The reality of our social media and of our exposition, culture, and of our gossip Mills that run is that we have forgotten the norm of decency, when it comes to interaction with other people, the norm of covering up the false assuming the best and then covering up the worst. This is our religion, we assume the best and even if something is confirmed, so and so did something with so and so so and so drank this so and so took that what business is it of yours to go tell other people to go gossip? Do you not know what our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Whoever covers the faults of his brother or sister Allah will cover his faults on the Day of Judgment. And whoever exposes the faults

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of his brothers and sisters, Allah will expose and embarrass him even if he is taking refuge in the sanctity of his house. Do not follow the faults of other believers all Muslims do not make it your lifeline to find out what is the LASIK latest gossip who said what who were seen with what who did what it's not your business, if news comes to you interpreted in the most positive manner, and if you must even then comment on that which is just untrue and do not allow your animosity, your hatred to drag you beyond what is truthful. Have we not learned in this era as well, there was a famous incident in the life of the Prophet sallallahu. They he was seldom that a man was known to be a

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drunkard. There were drunkards even in Medina at that time, these sins are rampant in all of human society. He was also hobby, a constantly getting drunk and constantly getting punished in public. One time one of the companions got angry at this man and he said, Have you no shame. Every time you're brought here we have to punish you. May Allah be upon you.

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The Prophet system was quiet in the corner, he's being punished he deserves to be punished. At this the profits of some God angry not at the drunkard but at this senior companion who invoked a loss Lana upon this sinner and he said to the senior companion do not help shape on

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against your brother meeting is already in a difficult situation. Why would you make it worse? Do not help shape on against your brother, okay? He's a sinner, okay, he is being punished, it is his just punishment. But do you have to go beyond this? Do you have to invoke a loss curse, embarrass him humiliate him, do not help shape on against your brother. And then notice and this is one of the most powerful examples of having good thoughts of other people, our nebby sallalahu it he was seldom the prophet of a law in a society where hardly anybody drank in a society where Yes, it occurred but who amongst us, he none of them drank. None of them drank. It is almost an unknown crime. What did

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our prophets have some say, in defense of this regular drunkard? He said, for what law he I know that this man has a love of Allah and His Messenger as well. He has a good side as well. I know he's a drunkard. I'm not defending the drinking. But did you have to invoke a loss curse? Did you have to humiliate him in public like this? Did you have to make the situation worse? Did you side with shavonne against your brother, you should have been merciful, kind, compassionate embrace to make dua for him. Instead, you invoke a luz Lana on him. So the profitsystem got angry, not at the drunkard, but at the senior companion. And he said to him, why did you side with shavonne against

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your brother, and then he said, For I swear by a law, I know that this man also loves a lot in his messenger along with his drinking. You know, when a person commits a sin, we are all sinners, don't they also have a good side? Don't they also have some good that they're doing? But hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah. Everybody who regularly prays and fast has some good deeds as well along with those sins. So why don't we look at that as well, even when we must make a declaration even when this punishment is taking place. Don't make the situation worse by embarrassing by exposing by rubbing attend. That's not the etiquettes of our religion, dear Muslims. I've been sitting the famous

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student who remarked and with this, I conclude my first code book, beautiful phrase. He said, anytime something reaches you about any of your brothers, that you don't understand, find a way out and have some explanation of why he did it. And in case you cannot have anything in your mind, then assume maybe my brother has an explanation that hasn't occurred to my mind. Maybe I haven't thought of the reason why he will be doing this. Always think the best thoughts of your brother or sister and if you do so dear Muslim, not only will your tongue be free on the day of judgment from any sin, but also even in this world you will live a more comfortable life you will be at peace My dear

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brothers and sisters having your heart full of animosity or hunting for the faults of others. It's not good for your own psyche have a pure heart have a good heart think the best of other people and you yourself will live a beautiful life may Allah subhana wa tada bless me and you with through the Koran and may make us of those who is versus they understand and apply is Helen Helen throughout our lifespan ask others forgiveness you as well asking for years for and the man

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at hamdulillah had Why hadn't I had a summit alladhina Merriweather mula Wallonia Kula coupon I had Roberto, Allah says in the Quran are you who believe Ah, then a boo Cathy ramen of one, avoid most evil thoughts most suspicion, because some of it is in fact sinful. Notice Allah says most and not all. And therefore in the second part of the hotbar, I will quickly point out there are caveats. Yes, we think the best thoughts of people, that is the default that is the norm, but we are not fools. And the Prophet system told us to act wisely. And Allah says who do eboracum take precautions and the prophets have said the believer is not stung from the same hole twice. The default we think

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good everybody else. But we don't need to think good of convicted criminals that are swindling us. We don't need to think good of those who have track records that are constantly constantly doing evil things and they're evil as well known. So who's no one applies to the default amongst our brothers and sisters. But when the context clearly indicates that we have run out of any excuse, when the context is obvious that a person is swindling people one after the other or there is a predator that is abusing the trust of the community or there is somebody who is doing something that should not be done over and over and over again. then in this case, we do not have any patience and

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there is no personal one. And in particular, dear brothers and sisters, even though this is a whole topic altogether, but it needs to be said here as well, that of those whom we have run out of personal one for are those small group of scholars small group who have a reputation of supporting terrific

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regimes constantly over and over again. They give fatwas that are conducive to the power of the people that they are supporting and on whose paychecks they are, there is simply no excuse. No who's not one for a scholar that legitimizes legitimizes killing people in massagin. There is no excuse for scholars that are giving fatwas that support royal families and the interests of royal families against the interests of the oma itself. There is no excuse for so called mob who are attempting to normalize relations with the apartheid Zionist regime of the Middle East. Well, law he these are not people that we have just not been for, there is no excuse for supporting the interests of a royal

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family against the interests of the oma and track record speak volumes. And when a score quote unquote scholar has consistently danced to the tune of his masters than with all respect to other odema we have to speak out, the scholars have to speak out against those other scholars. And we say point blank, that any scholar who has sold his dignity and sold his room to the highest bidder has betrayed the scholarly integrity and the ruling class that are profitable, Allahu Allah, he was seldom praised. And these rules are the minority. So don't extrapolate all over. But the point is that first no one does not apply when the track records are clear. And when there is no excuse

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anymore. At that point, Allah says in the Quran is 10 ibuka, zero min of one not all at that point, this is of that that we can say it is clear that this person has forgotten the interest of the oma. And that's something that goes on a case by case basis, we seek refuge in a law from that type of corrupt knowledge and that type of leadership, brothers and sisters, the hood but today, it was very simple in your day to day life. If you hear something or you hear of a scandal or your family or friends, something happens, think the best thoughts make an excuse. And our scholars give a very quick point plan. First and foremost, if it's not your business, don't get involved, your thoughts

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on your tongue avoided. Secondly, if it is your business, then ask directly go to the source, like our profits, or Sam said to Osama Is this true? Is that what you did you go to the source so you hear their perspective. Thirdly, when you find out, then you don't have to spread to other people, you cover it up. And fourthly, even if something needs to be said or done, you do so with wisdom and justice, as demonstrated in the Hadith of the drunkard that you go as much as you need to and don't go beyond that. If we follow all of these protocols, these four points, protocols, brothers and sisters, then insha Allah to Allah, we will be living a better and pure life and we will be living a

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cleaner life and our hearts will be pure, our minds will be pure and our societies will be pure. We ask a lot of xojo and for that purity alone many that are in for a minimal allama letter if you had to deal with them, but Illa Fatah wa hum and Illa for Raja while I then illa kobita what amor de la Ilaha feta wa I see it on Illa yourself de alarma fildena What is one in Edina Sara Puna been a man What are your COVID as Linda Linda Tina Amano robina in Nicaragua Rahim Allahumma is an Islamic Muslim in Allahumma Minato Jana Asada is now more than one Muslim inhibition in February hoomin fc which altijd Mira who fitted the BT Jaco area as he is about the law in the large American numbering

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by the bbfc within the America kudos a with a letter become a ul mono engineer he will insert for call asmin cordon idema in the La Habana equatorial soluna Allah nebby here you will Idina armano solo la he was seldom with us Nima Allahumma salli, wa Sallim, wa barik, was part of the chorus Buddha Mohammed while he was savage mine about the law in the law to Allah.

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For about when, in fact she will tell you about a year ago Camilla Allah come to the Quran or the Kuru. Kuru. Kuru. What are the Ottomans Allah


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