Ask Shaykh YQ #75 – Is Salat al Tasbih Sunnah

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Sister Shama emails location unknown and she says that what is the reality of solitude This beer is there something caused her to disappear I've heard some controversy over this so can you shed some light about this question

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so the question is about salata disappear what is left to disappear. So that's it. This is a specific prayer that has been narrated in a hadith reported in a number of books of Buddha wood and Timothy and the Masoretic about how Kim and other books of Hadith in which the prophets of the law party who was seldom is reported to have said to his uncle at birth, even a bootable polyp that Oh, my uncle or Ibis Should I not gift you shenana give you something of benefit, should I not do something that will help you, I will tell you 10 things, if you do them 10 things, if you do them, that Allah shall forgive all of your sins, the first of them, and the last of them, the ancient of

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them, and the newest of them, the intentional of them, and the unintentional of them, the large of them, and the small of them, the secret of them, and the hidden of them, that you pray for rocker arts, and in every single record, you began with the Fatiha and then a surah and once you finish the surah, then before you go into the record, you say Subhana, Allah He will hamdu lillahi wa la ilaha illallah wa lo Akbar 15 times and then you go into record and then you say, after that the spearhead the same thing 10 times, then when you stand up, then you say also 10 times, then when you go into such the then you say is also 10 times, then when you sit between the two sides that you say 10

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times, then when you go to the second says that you say it 10 times, and then when you stand up before you begin the fact that how you say it 10 times as well. And that will be 75 times then you repeat the cycle, every single record, that will be 75 times for every single record you do that for for record. And then the Hadith allegedly says, if you're able to do this prayer once a day, then do so if not, then at least every week do so if not, then at least every month do so if not at least once every year do so and if not then at least once in your lifetime do so now. This Hadeeth is a very interesting discussion. And many treatises have been written just about this hadith it is fair

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to say that this hadith has been one of the most controversial one we should there are many of this nature, but one of the most hotly contested and debated with regards to his authenticity throughout Islamic history. And believe it or not, we have the entire spectrum It is one of the few ahaadeeth that our scholars have differed over so much. Generally speaking, when scholars differ over Hadith it's basically one shade between here or there is a diary for is it hasn't this heady has proven to be so contentious for reasons beyond the scope of our lecture, but just for your information, say we have had scholars through the entire spectrum of this Hadith, there are some that have even made

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this hadith Sahih de la de which is basically one of the highest levels. And there are those like a suti who have said it is hesson it is a good Hadith. And there are those like Ali Al Madani, and like you met my mother like even Jose ma they have said it is brief, and there are those that have said it is life, then and there are even those even though Josie for example. He says it is a fabricated Hadith. So we have from fabricated all the way to authentic and all the shades in the middle. We have had scholars talk about this hadith. The reasons are, again, beyond the scope of our q&a here, because it deals with the technicalities of how the sciences suffice to state that the

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issue comes that this headache does not have a single authentic chain. Rather it has a multitude of weak chains. So the question then comes to the scholar of Heidi, when he looks at these weak chains, do they aid one another? Do they support one another to the level of accessibility SN and then there is also a philosophy out there which is a very minor philosophy. It's a very small group of scholars who said that if there's a lot of you know, barf and hesson, they might even get to Psy D, which is not the mainstream position but it is out there. And so those collars even said it has been boosted to that level. You should know that most of the early scholars of Hadith considered this

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narration to be not authentic, and that's something that is very important because, generally speaking, one finds the giants of the field in Hadith. Imam Muhammad and the earliest called is allien Medina, who is the teacher of our hottie that these are the main the big names. And we know for a fact that all of those early scholars, they consider this hadith to be not authentic. Also, by the way, the Hadith simply sounds strange, to be honest, those who are experts in Hadith those who immerse their lives in Hadith, and they collect and they narrate Hadith, simply reading this, Heidi, something seems off about it, they don't seem to be the wordings of our Prophet sallallahu alayhi

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wasallam and something seems to be you know, not correct about this. Nonetheless, that is an opinion there are opinions that consider this hadith to be authentic and subtlety is also Yanni a scholar in our times, she has had a buddy who is known to be somebody who spent an entire lifetime specializing in the sciences, he has contributed immensely, you know, friend and foe alike acknowledge that Sheffield Advani has really done a lot of service to the sun and the Hadeeth books. And he has considered this hadith also to be authentic along with many of his students. And so, we have this healthy controversy in this regard. Therefore, this these are issues that we should not make

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something that is very clear cut over we should not say it is how long or wrong we should not say it is rather you're asking me my opinion personally. And I say that I follow here with Mr. Mohammed said Mr. Mohammed was asked about this hadith as reported in the famous book called mahonia within Kodama humbly met her book, that it will Kodama said that as for the thought of this before, then even Mohammed said, that May or June I don't like to do it. So he was asked, why not? And so he replied that he moved his hands like this and he said, there is nothing authentic about it. Okay. There's nothing authentic narrative about it. And remember, devil considers it to be weak, and so he

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does not consider this Sylar to be Mr. hub, or something that should be done. And then even Kodama, the famous scholar of the Hamburg he met him. In fact, he is the giant of the Hammadi tradition. He has written a number of books and he is considered to be one of the primary references in Encyclopedia of the med hub in urban Kodama, Dan says, however, so he narrates him, I said, I don't like it and I'd rather not do it. Then he says, however, if a person prays it further, but there's no problem for him then no orfila Well, phorbol ada la you started to say hello to her DTV when it comes to natural slaughter, when it comes to these supererogatory prayers, we do not condition that

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there be something authentic, we can act upon a weak Hadith in this regard. So even Kodama makes a very good point, even if the Hadeeth is not authentic. So what in the end of the day it is a sign up, you were standing facing the Qibla which will do your bowing your head to Allah subhana wa Tada. In the end of the day, all of these that you are saying are a gossip Hannah lo and Hamdulillah, la la la agua in the end of the day, it's for record nothing. So don't make such a major issue or controversy, and do not call this ever to be a bid. In my opinion, this is a complete blatant disregard of the reality of what a bid is, it cannot be a bidder, because you are following what you

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think is a pseudonym, even if it is blah, blah, if it if it is allowed by many scholars. In fact, it is the majority opinion that you may practice a weak Hadith as long as the general rubric of what you are doing is something that is allowed. So while I personally do not praise Allah to disappear, and I've never prayed about it this weekend, as aviators, because I consider these ahaadeeth to be not authentic, I personally would not do that simply because I find the wordings to be something bizarre, that just doesn't seem to be something the prophesy. centum said, nonetheless, as even Kodama says, even if it is weak, if somebody chooses to opt in and do this head practices have eaten

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the end of the day, honestly, what's the big deal is for casona meaning for accounting and invoicing to hear I mean, you know not for the prayer and you are doing everything legit. And you are saying I've got within the sada and you think that you are following either an authentic identity if you follow shareholder value, you follow some of the other scholars a suit and others or even if you think like Mr. Mohammed said that, okay, the editor's life, you might be following the position that it is permissible to act upon a life ID. So therefore, whoever chooses to do this, they have precedents and they have scholarship and they have a basis and a legitimate paradigm. And no one

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should criticize that person. And whoever says you know what, something

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Seems a bit off about this. And I'd rather stick with what I'm more comfortable doing. Well, that person has also done something good. And they have remained clear of an area or a matter that might be great. And if they don't pre selected this B, make sure that they do something else. Because again, I conclude on this point before we go to the next point, next question. All too often. Some of our brothers are very harsh or strict about an action of worship that they think is wrong. And maybe they're right, sometimes it might be wrong, and they don't provide a substitute. And so what they end up doing is an innocent Muslim might have wanted to pray some some prayer that he thinks is

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good like this one, and some brother comes Oh, this is how long would this is bid out this is wrong, and then no substitute is provided. So you end up you know, basically not

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helping the spirituality of this person, you end up just coming in destroying something good that they wanted to do. So my humble suggestion is that if you feel that this is not something that should be performed, Okay, no problem. Praise the lotto pray any extra affiliate anytime, pray. Dad just saw that once in a while. So my point is that make sure you don't be amongst those people who all they do is they destroy and they refute, and they make things hard, and they don't provide a substitute. Be careful that we have that healthy balance. I personally do not pray selected this year. But you know, try to pray other sort of what regularly as well that inshallah can have that

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that portion of your life because really, it is important that we understand that there is a need to be spiritual, there's a need to do these rituals. And when you shut off doors, make sure that you allow other doors as well. So in the end, Allah knows best I personally don't do it. However, whoever wants to do it, there is precedent in doing that. And Allah subhana wa tada knows best.