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Yaser Birjas
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the use of cover covers and the importance of not being out in public during busy neighborhoods. They also touch on deeds and prioritization of deeds over others, including those that require travel and food. The segment delves into deeds and prioritization of deeds, including those that require travel and food, and discusses the need for more information to help recognize and understand individuals. The speakers also emphasize the importance of avoiding being too busy and staying at home to enjoy one's life.
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hamdulillah Malala means so loves and I'm gonna kind of you know Mohammed and I also have a son of God. We have a few questions from the class we're gonna go over them quickly Schelotto Allah.

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The first question that I've heard that Allah has thrown is directly above the Kaaba,

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above the seven heavens Is there truth to this? What we know is that the cover above the cover, the professor mentioned, a battle Memorial, which is the house in heavens that is equivalent to the Kaaba for us on Earth. That house in heaven is the place for for melodica the profit service and I mentioned every single day, ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada creates more angels, not that he needs them, but that the show has his his power and his superior to subhanho wa Taala 70,000 times like basically like many, many, many, many angels, Allah creates them. They go into Alberta Malmo, they do tawaf to the Avada and they move out they never come back again to that house. They're going for full Allah's

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do this Imagine every single day there are many angels. They come in and out. So how many ends are exactly there in existence? God knows Allah Subhana Allah knows. So that's what about a budget mama now.

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If Hajj is an invitation from ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada, how is it that some people get to go multiple times, especially given all of that preparation involved? Oh, by the way, it's not invitation in terms of you know, an actual invitation as much as a metaphoric expression. Like look, ALLAH SubhanA invite you to go to his house. So be a good question. If you're gonna go there to be a good guest. We're going to talk about me being a good guest next week and shallot and the clasp and the nozzles. And so when we say that it's an invitation from Allah subhanho wa Taala Allah's invitation to visit his house is what open for everybody.

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Allah commanded to go to Hajj versus go he's invited to go to Hajj. So be a good guest and go and go and do the right thing mashallah, when you get there when the NAZA so if you can go and visit the house of this host multiple times Bismillah go for it as many times as you can. As much as the prophets Allah says in the Hadith, called in Allah could follow the hola como had you ever heard you? Allah made obligatory appointment to go to Hajj, so go ahead, go to Hajj. So a man from the Saudi goes frequently Armenia Rasul Allah every year

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and everyone went quiet.

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And the man again he goes Yara Salah every year,

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the Prophet said quiet the man and sister era Salah please is it every year that we have to go to Hajj the Prophet saw some says kind of cool to Anam la Raja, if I say yes, it will become obligatory what am I still talking? But you cannot you want to be able to fulfill it. Then he says call the rolly that lead me Don't ask me these things. If I don't impose upon you any command. Don't ask me for extension. I told you to go to Hajj, go as many as you want. That's what he says the lesson basically, like if you can go over here. Why spur the moment? smella go for it. But of course we need that to happen Shala with the bark of Allah Azza.

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Someone sent me another question. But a reminder that as a community, we should be mindful to our neighbors when we're parking in the surrounding neighborhoods during Juma and other high traffic times. I agree 100%. Unfortunately, the crowd voted to hear this message not here.

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It's not the locals who do these things that those who work in this area or drive maybe half an hour to come and pray over here. So when they come back is already full. So what do they do? They go sneak into a nice place in the neighborhood, they park over there, who unfortunately, take the heat as a result of that. As the locals. Similar forgive them. But for you guys, if you ever if you ever had to pray somewhere outside of your neighborhood that you had to pray in Plano or playing in tune Arlington anywhere else, you'll be mindful of these positions these situations. It's not your local neighborhood. You don't have this most of this house is Muslim house or not. Don't volunteer to

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drive the park in the driveway because marshes around the Magister must be a Muslim shallow tan right? And they won't mind because I'm going for Joomla don't do that, please. So you need to be mindful when you go somewhere else. And same thing. If you're local, and you see somebody's parked in the wrong space, please let them know because it can reflect on all of us. All of us will be affected by that. I one day Subhanallah I was actually

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a bit of I was praying first, Mr. Secretary, I'm not sure. And then eventually I'm leaving. I see this brother. This brother visit. It's an the stop sign. And of course you know you have the turn right. So there is not enough space between the stop sign and the cars parking on the side of the road. So this brother he comes in he squeezes his car bumper to bumper and his car still sticking out covering some of the line of the of the stop sign for Gemma. I looked at him he goes brother. You can do this, please. He smiled. He laughs and he just parked his car and leaves

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I'm not what

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I just like yeah. Well, I wanted to go after it was just like, What am I going to say? You know, I don't want to make the army I had to get ticket. But somehow I don't put yourself in this position Jamar, this is not this is not acceptable. There are a lot of violations in that in addition to that traffic violation, the safety issue. Also you get you might Subhanallah good. Yeah. Now the biller exposes up to the curse of the people. Like the professor said, Takala Anna and be aware of the two things that curses you or cause you to be cursed. And that's one when you throw trash in the in the road of others and urinate and stuff for lying to do the stuff and and the place where the people

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sit down. Stay away from this thing. So don't cause yourself to be cursed by others by harming others in the park. And

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can you give some examples for secret a brother, because if you get up for 200 or fast, your family will know about Et Al Hamdulillah hopefully shall become incentive for them to join or die by the Bonilla. xuejun secret a beret doesn't mean that people will not get to know about it at all. But when you're doing good, you're doing good to Hamdulillah I mean, and your intentions for the sake of Allah subhanaw Mata and one night they will see you 10 hours they won't see

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hamdulillah still secret even though they know that you wake up for 200 but they don't see you every single night problem similar with fast and the same thing. Besides Yes, your family might know it but the people out there don't even know that you're fasting it's still considered secretive by now. But the most secret about that you do is when no one else know like what for example, Victor da reflection, pondering, sit down and just have you know connection with the with your heart with Allah subhanho wa Taala give charity on regular basis so that no one know that you're given this much for example, all these things can count as your secret evidential data.

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From the book well hello Timothy, one of the WHO there's a Hadith from the Tirmidhi the Prophet saw Sam says Majelis a common monnalisa that no people sit in a in a gathering lamjao Corolla huffy that they don't remember Allah in that garden, they sat together they had tea together they had some fun time together but they never and that guy that did not remember Allah azza wa jal Wallah Musa Lu Allah and IBM did not say salam upon the Prophet sallallahu Sallam in Ghana Allah him Tierra except that will be Tierra. So the question what does that mean? It means actually has Surah which means regret.

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There are going to regret that gathering. We mentioned that if you remember the last decision as well. Why have become sterile or Hustla on these people, because those who do well they will regret didn't do better.

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And those who do bad they will regret not doing what good to begin with. So everybody's going to have that moment of Hassan Tierra so you better remember Allah subhana wa Tada and any guy that you have with people just few words of remembers, or Mehmet Salawat upon the Prophet Salah Sam camp with Baraka in your gatherings a shallow tan

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if my brother is my neighbor, should I send him him? Should I send him meals? Or should he send me meals? I'm older than him.

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Mala talk to your mom.

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I mean, it's not about but younger or older right now. It's not an obligation anymore. It's a virtue. Who wants to reward this fella compete for it? compete for it. But don't overburden your wives with daddy to hate my brother could you make it make a better shot put another tray and also it doesn't mean that you win when they say you give them means it doesn't mean you give them every single day on it and they become mashallah Reliant and Al Hamdulillah Jagger I don't have to cook them anymore. No, that's not the case. It's a matter of courtesy. It's a matter of credit every now and then like if you have a cooked meal hamdulillah share for example a plate then have to share the

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whole thing you don't have to feed the whole family and just share a plate of it. You did the soup just share a plate that's what the professor said like if you have if you're going to make soup, add more water and share some of that with the neighbors next to you that's even good Mala.

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What resource would you recommend to get these ADKAR for Umrah and Hajj there is a book called monastic monastic which was then a subscriber of of Hajj. So it has all that card that you need to have with you when you go to ombre. So they will tell you what to do when you see the Kaaba when you enter the Haram when you make a throw off and all these things inshallah

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should other deeds be prioritized over extra Hajj or Umrah?

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I mean it depends on the deeds you're talking about. I'm not sure what did you talk about he because hajj and umrah it can require travel there's no doubt about it. So if going on that journey is gonna is gonna make you visit your family less and less. Let's say your parents for example or in Pakistan.

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I have an option between going to Pakistan to see my parents or go to Hajj again. So should I go to Hajj again or

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Go to my parents because if I do go to Hajj, that means I'm gonna have to wait another year before I can go back to see my parents. So if that's what we're talking about over here, then I would say the obligation to your parents is much more virtuous and actually go on to a second heart your second camera. However, if you know that you need that hajj, because I really need to need to Yanni clear some some deeds. They may Allah subhana accept from you go to Hajj and do the Charlottetown Anna

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is it mandatory to give Dawa to neighbors? If so what is the minimum amount that you can do that fulfills this obligation? Can you share a single verse from the Quran and this verse with them and conversation and so on? Look, we always think of Dawa in a formal way. Like we think Dawa means knock on the door, says salam aleikum wa rahmatullah My name is XYZ I'm a Muslim Allah converted to Islam here's the Quran

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this is not this is not the data that we're talking about. data could be simply knock on a door. Hey, guys, we saw that your backyard for example door was open. I want to make sure everything is okay. Are you guys okay? Let them know that you care. That's part of the data. Let them know that you know what, by the way, I saw that you might need help with your children I'm going to the same destination they want me to take your kids with you for example, with my children to school for instance. Or if you have food say hey, do you like to eat you know, we cook this food? Would you like us to get some for you? Your kindness, your gentleness and we're going to talk about what types

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of generosity with your with your neighbor next week Inshallah, there's a specific list that I mentioned, how you can show your generosity your guests Inshallah, to Allah. So that's, that's a form of dharma. Let's look at the form of them. And subhanAllah many, many people, they came to Islam, because just a gesture, an act of kindness that happened from the people. However, if your neighbors invite you over, for example, go as well to don't start with a conversation about Jesus and the book and this and that, and so on. So but if they ask you answer, like I always invite people to show to see the beauty of Islam, not in the form of rebuttal. But to talk about Islam.

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What does Islam mean? What does the hate mean to you the Oneness of Allah subhana wa Taala the concept of Ibadah Anta to you all they say let them see the beauty of Islam. If they ask you about their beliefs, you have the right to refuse these things right now.

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Which is why don't you guys believe that Jesus that Jesus is the Son of God? Let's Mala open the subject now. Well, what about the Bible? Do you believe in the Bible? The Book of God talk about it right now as they wish but when you speak speaking inshallah Allah was presenting Islam trust now

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can you repeat the three things you look for in a person to get to know their true character? Well, that was during their time. By the way, today, you need more than just the threes problem in the whole CV for to see who they are right? You need to look under, under under social media to get to know who they are brilliant. But back in the days, they said 3d would help you to recognize the person, the length of your relationship with them, like how long have you known this person? Like, did you deal with him on regular basis or not? Number two, have you traveled with this individual? Number three, if you dealt with them for dinner at the wrong money. That's what makes you actually

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recognize this individual. But today, obviously there's more things that would help you recognize the person's character.

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Do Jen have to go to Hajj? None of your business? Yeah.

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This is for you to go to Hajj. As a human being that's your business. You're obligated to go to Hajj, their obligation, it's their obligation. But we know that the Prophet sallallahu sallam was sent to both and ends well, Jin

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ellisville So if they're obligated to go to Hajj and hamdulillah and

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of course some of them have to say they're obligated to do what we do usually. So they're also obligated to do Salah and evidence on Salah and about Hajj.

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How can I make it how can I make it up to my neighbors who I moved away from recently I never made any effort to be a good neighbor.

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Well, I just do it to the neighbors that you are right now. And that time has passed. If you ever go across and see them, talk to them that should be fine inshallah done now

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so he says, you mentioned there was a subtle way of killing your children out of fear they will eat with you a little heavy as we call it, which is preventing yourself from not having children to begin with or limiting the amount of children. There's a growing trend of young professionals who see that the world has many challenges they would like to raise a higher caliber children or child and they worry that they will not have enough resources financial time physical and sensory to raise as many children

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So they choose to only have one or two kids. What is this decision and thought process? Given? Does it go into the subtle category of what we mentioned? May Allah subhana wa Tada protect us from falling into the Haram in that regard. And we'll have a look, if people don't want to have kids because they're afraid they won't have enough first for them. That is considered maybe wild coffee. And that sense, basically. But if people they just want to have one or two kids, because they want to enjoy their life, that's their business. But at your own Jonnie, be careful, your own discretion, you need to make sure at your own risk as well. I believe there is more Barack and having kids and

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having less number of kids. As a matter of fact, the reality of life proves it to be true. Yes, it's harder to raise them. But in the long term, there is so much Baraka resulting in having many kids, those who have one or two kids, or maybe even three kids. They have a huge amount of emotional codependence, that happens in the relationship. Kids depend too much on their parents and parents depend too much on their children. And they become a lot of emotional blackmail and emotional abuse and Subhanallah just like a mess, because I have only two kids. So it's a 5050 chance

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I'm going to make sure that one of them becomes my best retirement plan. So you dictate everything for them for no mother born until they get married. You have planned everything for them. Life doesn't work like this in this organization. But if you have mashallah five 710 Kids the baraka Rama, handler one out of 10 is going to be good inshallah.

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Also, the older ones will help raise the younger ones. And there is so much interaction there'll be so much Baraka in it hamdulillah Bananaman so yeah, at your own any risk if you decide to do that, is it haram No, Sahara is not haram to have one or two. It's up to you. But I would say the more the baraka inshallah toward Kota now.

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They've been Kodama mentioned the pious companion on the trip. Is there a hadith that says and Musa fro shaytaan Zafferano shaitana with Tara Rocco. The Israeli that says one traveler by himself is like a devil to devils three is accompany the act the hadith is actually is correct. So what does it mean exactly? It doesn't mean that God will become a devil. But if someone travels by themselves, there's a big chance to shaytaan Candiani temtem Why no one knows you. No one was with you. So you can do whatever you want and go back home. I never hear about this. Like they say right. What happened in Las Vegas? What happened? What happened with that stays in Vegas. So anything happened

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in Vegas as in Vegas? That's exactly what the sheltering said.

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You go mess up as you wish and come back no one would know you're mature clean to there is a chance to do what

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whisper to each other and plot something together and just say secret but three there's a big chance that third or acesta for Allah right? What are you guys talking about? So the third three people will be like a group of inshallah more protected within ASEAN.

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Do you have tips to get most out of Umrah we will talk about essential as soon as we as we prepare inshallah for our community on November when the Lazada by the way, we still have three spots left for that camera. If you want to join WRC camera, which has happened in the Sharla on November the 18th, to the 26th This is your last chance. Once we, we have a by the end of this week, inshallah Zildjian we're going to open these three seats for anybody from outside DRC.

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Okay, so somebody's objecting to what I said about you know, the older ones or the younger ones, says, Well, sure. All the ones raising the younger ones is unfair, though. That's coming from someone who's speaking. I'm the older sister and I'm tired of the rest of the younger ones. May Allah reward you for being patient with them. It's a great blessing. Shallow Tabata, Kota Allah, definitely, of course, it's when I say it's unfair. I don't know if I was saying unfair, because it's Paola, your reward is unbelievable. You're already getting so much reward. There's no doubt about it. Yeah, it's not your job to raise your Yeah, and your parents kids. There's no doubt about

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it. But helping with that and shout out there is a lot higher in it. Part of it is actually leadership skill. You become Subhanallah resilient, there's much into this hydrogeologic Mila is one of the best Hello Brian Zach. Hello first. Muhammad delight Allah

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