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In Sharla

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Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik I see you know, whenever you know Mohammed

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I said Mr. Li, Kumara Mottola, Hilbre cattle and Han Alhamdulillah. Hamza shaqiri, in WA Salatu was Salam ala ZE mursaleen. So Ed no habibie Now whenever you know Muhammad sallallahu alayhi, WA, early he was like me were seldom at the Sleeman kathira Welcome, welcome. Welcome my dear brothers, my dear sisters, in this blessed day and hamdulillah we have begun the 10 blessed days of the ledger. And I asked Allah Subhana Allah to Allah as we begin our extended special Hajj session in sha Allah and with you for two full hours with small breaks in between in sha Allah, that we have an opportunity to come together, that we come in connecting with each other, elevating each other and

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blooming and chudleigh into better people after our departure. I pray that Allah Subhana Allah blesses you and your home and your family, that Allah Subhana Allah grant you His favor, his forgiveness and his mercy, that Allah Subhana Allah assists you in whatever trials that you may have faced, that which is yet to come, and to make us and you all of us and hamdulillah for those who have good in this life, good in the next slide, and those who are protected from the punishment of hellfire. May Allah Subhana went to Allah in these 10 blessing days of the hijab, makers from those who recognize their significance, pay attention to the importance of worshiping Allah competently

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within them, and gaining and manifesting in them, a reward for ourselves in this dunya and Alfredo collectively by shifting ourselves and our families towards righteousness to earn his pleasure subhana wa Tada. Oh, how joyous it would be. If we were honored to be of those who are able to visit the blessing helps of a lot in this hedge season. But Allah Subhana Allah opt for just 60,000 blessed souls, all of them in turtle from within

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the hijas area who are given this special permit who they have to ballot for it, only they have been called upon for this year, some kind of loss after 1000s and millions were accustomed to going each and every year. It was just 1000 people last year and 60,000 this year, we pray that Allah Subhana Allah opens a pathway for ourselves, all of us in sha Allah, may Allah carry those who have not been to Hajj allowing them to attain the Hajj and May Allah who has allowed us the honor to have visited the sacred land the secret in the secret time seeking the sacred purpose of the pilgrimage to seeking His bounty, his favor and our and his forgiveness for us that we are returned once again.

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May Allah Subhana Allah make us to you for black man, the guests of the Most Merciful so cannot wait to Allah. May Allah honor and Kava May Allah granted its honor and make it more Allah in the estimation and in the heart of the believers. May Allah Subhana Allah maintain its sanctity and sacredness in our hearts and to that of our future and children and children's children. Allah Ameen May Allah subhanho wa Taala connect us to the house of Allah in a meaningful way, and beneficial way that allows us to honor ourselves to honor our massages in our communities, to be from those who are blessed in our fulfillment of the sunette and the tradition of the nivia Mohammed sallallahu alayhi

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wa, early was like you were saying, I want in love at the time that we spent together that it is something that is constructive, and a time that you and I can hold on to each other, connect with each other, elevate one another and bloom in chat a lot into better people in this first of four sections in sha Allah I'm gonna have a short break with you in about 20 minutes. But in this first session, I want to speak about the opportunity that lies in front of us in the blessing days that we find ourselves in. And I wanted to speak to you about solo telefonu Allah subhanho wa Taala says as soon as that is found in the last Jews section of the Quran, it is a surah that is often recited in

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our prayers led to us in Salatu measurability shared by the Imams, it's a surah that our children memorize in their young age when fed well alien ash was chefchaouen wet when layli that yes, healthy their liquor person would leave the hedgerow. These particular verses will be the focus of our attention today. We combine them with an intimate understanding of what it is that also kind of want to add has intended for us in these blessing 10 days and to analyze what they have said so that we can learn have the opportunity

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And the importance of putting in effort before the time goes by, and that we miss out May Allah Subhana Allah make us of those who covered these 10 days the way we coveted the month of Ramadan and the last 10 nights of Ramadan. May Allah Subhana Allah make us as if we have the earnest and the neediness of lateness and other that we pay attention to these 10 blessing days, a lot of them I mean, first and foremost, about the love, my dear brothers, my dear sisters in Islam, I want you to recognize that the concept of Baraka is an important concept for us as Muslims. The word Baraka means a divinely introduced blessing, to a time to a place to an object or to a theme, only by the

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order and instruction of Allah subhana wa to Allah and as he has directed for the measure and the time that he specifies, and therefore no one can claim bottom comfort themselves if it is not reported to us authentically from the profit of hundreds I sell them because who can inform us of that which has been okay other than and mobile, I could never use Mohammed salah and he was setting up. So Allah Subhana Allah has chosen certain times in the year

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and certain occasions for the believers as seasons of increasing their righteousness and their devotion to him to come closer to Allah to come in need of Allah so that they may find an opportunity to elevate themselves to bloom and flourish and spread righteousness and become connected to him as they seek to be connected to others. We pray them loss of kindness to Allah makes us of those who take advantage of these blessings. 10 days Allah says, well fed you.

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Um, Allah Subhana Allah says, When fed by the rise at the sunrise by that opening of the Sun from the darkness of the night, meaning by the alteration of condition, and that would imagine they speak about this area allegorically it's one word fez, you it is the dawn it is the opening after darkness. And so Pamela Islam is the dawn after the Jedi that yet Islam is the dawn after the shift tawheed is the replacement of the darkness is that surrounded us with the light that is rising in the form of our Wi Fi cell limit the message of the Quran that he received and its implementation it soon that as soon as Allah Allahu Allahu Allah early, he was happy he was suddenly

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this becomes an important point for us when fed, Allah wants us to know that this is a time of change. And that's the first thing I want you to take from these 10 days. This is a time of change. We're about to change the Islamic calendar year. This is the last of the 12 months of the Islamic calendar. The next month is going to be the first month of problem. It is the month of of the first beginning of our history, calendar. Allah Subhana winter Allah is telling us well fed This is a time of change just like the night revolves into the day you can evolve and revolve yourself from the darkness that is found in your heart to a light that begins to spread and shines light everywhere

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you go. May Allah Subhana Allah enlighten us and grant us is like the do out of the prophets Allah Allah and he will send them they do out of light is a powerful to the prophets. I seldom was often heard to say, Allah who Majeed Nora Oh Allah grant me light Allah home modality calbee Nora put light in my heart with the ball sorry Nora in my sight put light where he said Mary Nora and in my ears and hearing light well I learned he said he what he said he knew ah and upon my tongue in my mouth Let there be like when do I leave dog? Oh Allah made for me like me

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and then your woman hifi Nora be free like behind me Let there be like what are you meaning when I when I'm chairman even more when you totally know what I mean? tacky Nora from the right of me the left of me in front of me and behind me above me and beneath me. surround me with your light. Yeah, no. It will auto law You are the light of the heavens of the earth. And whenever we speak about the light that is being asked for by the prophets I said it means your protection and the guidance of faith to be able to see right from wrong good from bad. Hello from haraam Suna from big to walk upon the earth with clear sightedness I love I'll see you, no Malik. devanney to live an enlightened

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life, a noble life of purpose and deliverance, of seeking the pathway to Allah subhana wa tada and that becomes a firm way of our commitment, our relationship to our Creator and our maker. Oh ALLAH and

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throughout the province, it says that we may overlook god there your life Allah him now the benen Allah make our life manifest to all the great. Yeah. I mean,

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light, therefore is con a connotation of a failure. So from the darkness, you can come to the light from the scene, you can move away with repentance from the error, you can find redemption. From the difficulty you can rise up after having fallen, you can stand tall again, well fed you with alien ash. I swear to you, by the 10 nights now so Pamela, you might pause and say, Chuck Yeah, I thought we're talking about the 10 blessing days of hedge, aren't we speaking about the days of a job? Why is now a law? Why are you connecting this verse with the Knights of as Allah mentions when fans when they yell in the night of a hash these 10 night? Well, I want you to understand first as a reminder

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to myself in you that our day is Muslims begins at mechanix. So at medmen prayer is the beginning of the next day. So when Allah subhanho wa Taala says when a L in Azure, it means the beginning of the day. And because we said that the surah is about l value, the rising of the sun after the darkness, our day begins dark, but it enters into light. And it's a way of Allah saying to you and I, that as you begin your life in darkness, don't waste the opportunity to rise to gather to implement, to practice to receive the light that I have sent you in the end. That this Quran is for God, it is a door. It is a separation. It is one that removes ambiguity and difficulty. It's the one that leads

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you to that which you seek from your maker, your Creator, your Lord Almighty, Allah Subhana one to Allah. So we ask Allah Subhana Allah to grant us that success to grant us His blessing to grant us His favor, Subhana Allah Allah will fetch when al in it. So the first thing that night, the 10 night means that the day begins with the night. The second thing that's important is that in the language of the atom, and Allah uses this in the Quran in different ways, so a lot for example, intuitive, medium and intuitive Eliot angle on his feet and the Chola MBA he speaks about exactly, yeah. And Allah says, I'm going to make you silent tannat Allah Yellin zawiya three nights that are even don't

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speak to any of your family and friends about the joy of a new child to be blessed you. But in another verse, Allah says Allah, Allah Yami Illa Rhonda, your only communication is to speak to them for three days. So in one area, it's night Leyland, and in another area, a yummy in Dharamsala, except with sign language. Why does How do they explain this? Why is this happening? It's a lot to show that it's the complete day at night. So when Allah uses the word night, Allah wants you to know that it's about the full day from the beginning, which people usually miss out on for Allah Subhana Allah Allah says, well fed, you know, a yam in ashtray and 10 days most people would assume Oh, it's

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okay for me to sleep in the night. It's okay for me to sleep in the night and then I can wake up later and do what and then I can continue my day when the sun rises, but Allah wants you to take advantage from the beginning of the evening that leads you into the date. My dear brothers and sisters if there are any callers you're welcome to call in. We can treat this as an Islamic q&a as well for the days of the ager questions that relate to Hajj and things of that nature and Charla I'll be happy to assist you with them. be delighted to Allah there should be the phone number there for you and chatbot to make your call and to send your questions through welfare. Well al in this we

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have a caller already on the line Mashallah said I'm Anakin caller How can I help

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trying really hard to get

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I noticed

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so many people

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lack of knowledge about

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how to perform.

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people ignore lots of things.

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Some leaflets something

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to give people you

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know as much as we can information like, sometimes they don't even notice they don't even bother to

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read books. But

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if we can arrange,

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we get together and we do some kind of special.

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raise some leaflets,

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educate them.

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Because I noticed,

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I'm not saying

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spend that much money to

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ignore lots of important things for

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you know,

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ignoring lots of important things is really really

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the most important thing.

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It's a very noble it's a very noble gesture on your part to have this care which is something in chat love that I will speak about as we continue with our sessions today about building knowledge and learning a little bit more about the things that lead us to appreciate the hedge to practice the hedge in the way that we should May Allah opened the door for us again, one of the things that I always do recommend, of course, is for the people who who do travel to Hajj is to study and to read before they get there. And this is something that I do thank you for putting your input towards that just like Allah will continue with our discussion. So we said when fed when a gal in Ashland these

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10 nights that begin that 10 days, we said that these nights and days that they come together to fulfill our aspect of relationship to Allah subhana wa Tada. One of the things that many of us as human beings we miss out on is the Baraka in the early hours of the day. The early hours of the day, as the sun is rising, and immediately accurate, are the most Mubarak hours in any day of the year all days of the year, but especially in these 10 days alone, some of that is an unfair jury can assure that Quran when it recited in the federal in the federal prayer and after federal or before federal prayer, when you recite it in your prayers or from the most, it is witnessed by the angels

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and recorded for you in your scale. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam always taught us that there is Baraka in that book called in the early hours of the night. So get into that habit of sleeping early, rising early, worshiping a lot entering into pageant and continuing away for a little bit after in our next session, I'm going to talk about how to get the reward of hedge while still it helps to kind of align myself and you are deprived from punch this year, but you and I can still maintain the reward of HUD, even when we are at home. When fed when a gallon ash these 10 night, Allah wants you to take advantage of the night when you look out on your street and all the

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lights are out and all of your neighbors are asleep and you're awake in the worship of Allah know that this is a sign of Allah's mercy upon you and your home. Even if it is just to Raka that you perform, it can be the worth of the world and all that is in it. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he said to rocker before the federal prayer just as soon that before the federal prayer

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is worth a duty iwmf he has the value has the merit has the contribution to your scale has the blessing and Baraka in it's affecting your health, in your wealth. To then you having received the world and all that it all that belongs within it. May Allah grant us this amalgam and be

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well fed well al and ash so your day begins with the night don't overlook the night so Allah wants to make Toki to emphasize this when alien ash and Allah says we're shifting, we will wet just like in the nights that there is this time. There is also two days of great importance a chef when wet. The chef is the odd is the even days in the month. And the width of the day the wetter day is the day of our offer. And the shaft is the day where we make that now so that 10th day is the day of sacrifice the day of our aid that they agreed on the day of our for band, but the day of Waechter of the week to the day is the day of our path that we should signify by fasting, the prophets of Allah

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and he was telling told us about fasting the day of our fat that it removes the sins of the

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year to come in the year of the past and that is a phenomenal thing. It is known amongst that really matter that there is no day that the Prophet fasted solo and he was saddled with the same dedication that he passes the month of Ramadan with other than the day of our office when he was not in hajj. So if you are not in hajj, it becomes a Sunni Nemo Akka that was to have men dude, a requirement that is almost at the level of obligation for you to fast the month and the day of our offer. It is a day of expelling scenes from your life where chef Awan wet well lately either Yes. How quickly that night departs how quickly the night will leave you how quickly will these nights go by and the

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days go by with them. Because if you don't take advantage of the night that begins the day, in these 10 blitter days, you're going to miss out on the reward of doing activity in the day because in the daytime, you and I we go to work or engage with our families we're engaged with the children we're busy busy, busy lives busy people we're engaged with calls and visits and you know shopping and preparing food and earning a Hello income all of these things will take our time. So Allah says don't miss out on these days begin in the evening before you get busy in the day when Jonathan leylandii Basha, which is our Masha then the holidays for earning our key but the lane is for rest

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and keeping a wakeful heart with Allah subhanho wa Taala healthy then it can possibly be the hedgerow is this not a vow that Allah has given to those who wish strength and wish to find a recourse with a law and a strange thing with a law and a law to maintain his favor upon them. Meaning in these 10 blessed days you can earn what you cannot earn in other days, these are the words of the prophets I send them then there are no days where a human being lives, where you will earn greater reward, then these days that will not even speak about the difference between lasers and powder these days and they prefer these days may almost support you and I in them. We're going

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to take a short break in sha Allah and then come back together for another session. What's that? I'm on equal one I went to LA he or volcat

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shampoo bottle Oh come on.