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Wisam Sharieff
AI: Summary © The host emphasizes the importance of finding a balance between knees and hips for the upcoming weekend and offers feedback on progress. They also encourage the audience to try a new exercise and identify the hips. The host then emphasizes the importance of finding a balance between knees and hips and offers to provide feedback. They also discuss how to improve hips and knees through walking and identifying the bottom of the hip. The host emphasizes the need to practice walking and not just sit for results.
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Peace be upon you around you and make peace emanate from within you A salaam Aleykum walk mental law. Hey guys, we're coming in maybe ninth or 10th time for postures of prayer postures of presence, I hope that you spent these, the last portion we've had about four days apart, identifying your hips, because that's what we're where we are going to get to lining up your knee, which you realize is going to take just as much as time as it took to line up your ankles. So let's assume because we have a recorded group and our live group as well, that you have found yourself in a comfortable posture, you started to and remember, if you haven't seen us before, a key factor here is we always

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want to be focusing on unlocking some part of our body. Because the reality is, is all of us are locked up. So right now, my tailbone, or rather my, my buttocks are hitting touching the ground. So could you line yourself up takes a little while you tuck yourself in. And from here, I feel like some of you had started to get a good balance. So from here, if you got your balance ball working and you've unlocked shins, knees, today, I want to talk about that natural bend in the knee. Because a lot of us naturally walk out like this, we'd lock out the knees. So again, I'm finding the tilt. And then we're finding that natural retaining of natural bend in the knee, which we've talked about

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before. And when you do that, then we can identify today's conversation, that is the hip flexor to be able to stay open and free to stay open and free in your hips, and to have the foundation so that your legs don't necessarily buckling. So that's what we're going to be in for today. Let's go ahead and get started. See if you all want to come and spend a few minutes with me. Those of you who are here live, you will know that the our

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phone and the recording apparatus usually overheats very quickly. So let's spend a few minutes in here. I hope I get that fan off.

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Try not to try to stay. Don't keep changing your temperatures too much. All right, guys. So what do I do? What I hope you are doing that is grabbing the ball

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to the best of your ability, there we go. So I'm going to have this with me Bismillah. And I'm going to in order to this is not just an ankle exercise anymore, right? This is not the ankle exercise anymore that we're looking, I feel like I have some strength in the ankle, I put the weight in the heel, now I start to feel oh wow, the knee, it doesn't line up. So I hope you're doing the same at home, find the heel push in, see if you get any of that alignment. You guys could do this at home with a cushion. Put two three cushions down right now. And then see if you get any of that. And as it's rotating, you're gonna look for, okay, where can I bend my knee? I just make sure that in the

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prayer, when I come to the prayer and I say yeah, I'm standing. Well, which way are you standing? And are you putting a lot of pressure in into the big toe into the big toe? Are you spreading them out amongst the four right? So there's our idea, if you want to you can see how one leg CL this one wobbles because it's looking, it's trying to find the balance. And that's what that balance would be in your hip. So we're going to work on that together. And the same you'll do with your left you push it through, you can tell that the left is a lot stronger, a lot more, wouldn't just say stronger, excuse me a lot more grounded. So the exercise I want to do with you all it's not for the ankles,

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not necessarily for the for the knees, because so I'm going to pull out and grabbing the ball. And now here I want you to be able to start identifying the hips, because this is where you start to wobble. Right even talking to you guys are looking at the camera. It makes you one very self conscious. But what am I doing? You find the crest of the hips, here at the crest of your hips, you now can recognize when you stand, I'm going to stand now. You can see and I'll bring you all into this. You can see where the crest of your hip is. That's what I'm hoping today's conversation is going to figure out for us all where's that crest of your hip? Where if you can feel it, and if

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anyone can at home can give me a thumbs up. If you can feel it. You'll start to say Wow, I'm so far off from that Bay.

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So let's take you all back outside. So you can see that was the simple exercise hope that you all can do it at home in today's conversation of opening up the hips.

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So I hope that we're doing, we're completing the conversation. And as your hip is able to open up, let's discuss where it is right now.

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And that's, this is what I'm trying to get you all to be able to come to this midsection, because that is the halfway point. That's where I wanted to be about video nine or 10, I wanted us to be able to identify this, I can't see into the glare as well, but I'm sure you can, you can see around here. Now, this is where most of my diseases and was was in the right hip, but also the left hips

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suffered the same fate. So this, for me was a fairly big realization to be able to find the top of the hip. And now you're going when I get here, or even more, let's try see if I can get you in a comfortable place. See if this all works for you, everyone at home.

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Now the upper part of the body, when I asked you to go to a Roku bar, and you know where the crest of your hips are, you're not going to be going for one of these, you are naturally going to go flat. And now when some of us want to bend you and say no, my crests are here, that hips are here. So if you're planted, then you're in a naturally fold. And that's what I want from you, I'd really like for you to be able to fold completely. So from here, if we open slowly, and naturally, we're going to get to the point where you can draw up into half. And that's what I want you to get to even more for myself and to open up back to RUCO and back straight up. So if you're I mean, that is where we

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want to get and that's where I want to progress from. So if you're ready today, we I would like us to start discussing, how far have you come? Can you've Kent, are you prepared to say yeah, I did get a good workout in my feet. And if you haven't got enough, then you know, just let's keep rewatching the videos and just becoming aware. Because next I want to open up that where the hip touches, uh, your your thigh bone, your femur. But I want to know that you're ready that we're in the first half of the body. And if we can spend a majority of our energy, majority of our energy, just identifying

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where the bottom half is, then I think if you remember the very first episode, our ground game will have achieved tremendously. If I can give you a final part. Some of you are wondering, well, how do I get myself started. This is where it all began for me and I haven't said anything more to you or encouraged you in any way except to do you know, stretch your feet. But if you want to be able to identify your body, and you want to see where the ribs are, where does your respiratory system

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change from your abdomen, and where do your abdomen disconnect from your hips and where do your hips like if you want to see the stages of your body, you can either now as soon as I lift my hands under the goal, it's going to be hard. I want you to only get comfortable with your hands opening I'm sure you can see that silhouette. Your health is in your hands unlocked elbows, open fingers, thumbs are open as if you're grabbing something. Now watch your thumbs to closing. It's all about the grip. It's not about strength because we're not pulling up. We're just going to let our body identify its parts. So if you don't like the wide grip, you have to get used to it. Most of us don't open this

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section. Why am I going to such detail because this is the completion of part one if you will, the hips down. So be able in the next six days to five, six weeks for you to be able to see that growth. I'm closing my wrist, I'm not bending them. And then I'm closing and slowly bending the knees. And as soon as I bend the knees, it starts to light up here so it's lit. So I'm going to bring in the air keeps sucking the air in as if the air is going in through your armpits.

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Deep breath in blow a little deep breath in.

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Now I'm walking my feet

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eat out so my hips just dropped a little more. So now you're going to find a work on your ground game just a little bit more, get your feet to spread out and the bottom drops more beautiful.

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Deep breath in and out. Keep your chin down. And once you feel once you feel very comfortable, there's no strain because you've dropped so low, then you can choose to hang for 10 seconds but that not might not be for everyone. anyone who'd like to the knees go up.

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This mean lovely lovely, lovely outdoor room Roma's me he che on fill out the weather this summer.

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What was me or Arlene, bring a new Slowly walk your body back. Now from here. I don't want you to stand up. Now halfway. Waking your feet. have in your hands. Do you feel the middle of your body in a brand new way now? Right? Can you rock from full hand gripped to my feet right below me? Now stand in through your shoulders and draw

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a lot of my father in law Some argue or until ye ye duniya Well, telephony must minimum while helping you get slotted him. And there you have it friends. That's the top I don't know if that was going to be your first step. But if you're taking this as your first,

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your first episode, you do need to go back and understand what we're doing here. What is the idea on the concept that prayer can heal us all and mandate

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