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Waleed Basyouni
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In 100, Allah who want to stay in who want to study you want to stop Pharaoh when I was a villa him in Shoreham fusina Hamza Melina Maja de la hufa Mobile Allahu Allah Youngblood ferihegy Allah, wa Chateau La ilaha illAllah hula hula sharika lahu eyeshadow no more Mohammed Abu hora Soto Allahumma salli ala Muhammad Ali Mohammed Camus Elijah Ibrahim Ali in Naka, hamidah Majeed and Nevada de la. All praise due to align His praise and blessings and peace be upon our Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, his family, his companions and his followers until the day of judgment. I bear witness I bear witness that Allah Subhana Allah is the only one worthy of worship. And Muhammad

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sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is lost on Final messenger.

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Have you ever heard the term? Yes, face?

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Have you ever come across that term? Yes, face.

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That term was used in a story in American history happened to Thomas Jefferson, the President in one of his journeys, one of the they were crossing a river. And the river was flowing so rapidly in a strong, strong current. I wasn't safe to walk.

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And this soldier who doesn't have a mule or a horse to write, was scared to cross and his foot.

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So he started looking at the group. And he picked one from the group and he said to him, Can I ride with you? Then said, Yes, of course. So he got on and the cross the river together.

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And after the cross the river, people will start and build basically good doubt people start saying, Are you out of your mind? You know, you put the President's life in danger.

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You know that the president you ride with? It wasn't safe wasn't the smartest thing to do. You should have not asked him you would never say no to you because you stopped blaming him and to put the president the leader of the army in dangerous.

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Then he said, I didn't know that he is the president actually, when he picked him up. He said so why did you ask him? He said because before we cross the river, I looked at everybody's face. And the only yes face was his face.

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The only yes face that I looked that I see was his face that I expect that he will say yes, but everybody's else face look like not me, you know,

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I already have my shit. You know, my, you know, nobody will accept me that a very interesting quality. That phrase is something I still remember I read this long time ago. But it just very resonated to me as a Muslim as a person who care about studying the history of Islam and geography of Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam and the companions reading about what is the Sunnah actually means, you know, it's a very common term that we use as Muslim. It's called a hallucinatory Gemma, the people of Sunnah and Gemma unity, and old alpha beta, which is the opposite of the way of Mohammed Salah is the one that caused what unfolded bah bah, bah Balala, that basically this unity, which it

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shows you that in NaVi Salah Salem was that magnet to unify people that basically figure that he bring people together, and no doubt that one of the things that attract people to come together to be unified to be close to one another that yes,

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face that, that term that was used.

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And I would like to share with you some few points that I believe it's well needed. And this topic is not only for the leaders that to have titles as leaders, an Imam, or a head of a company or a manager. No, I believe every brother needed to be able to unify his brothers and sisters inside the house together and bring them together. I do believe it's every father and every mother needed to know how to bring the family together. And instead of breaking it apart, how to bring your relatives together, how to bring your community together, how to bring your employees and how to bring your friends to be that magnet and that glue that put these pieces together and make them stick together.

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I couldn't think of anything has an amazing effect.

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Bringing people together around you and make you that glue that put these pieces together. Like hospital officer.

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Like those people who fears the loss of Hannah to Allah and private. Allah give them something amazing. Those who are so near to Allah subhana wa tada and they have Taqwa in their heart, Allah subhanaw taala give them that what we call a boon and the Hadith cubrir or they allow an Hadith say that jabril he said to the angels love so and so. Because Allah loves that person.

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Because Allah would love someone who will call Jason yeah jabril I love so and so so love him. Then Jimmy will tell the angele then the headed goals for you.

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And then Allah will put acceptance for such persons on Earth.

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Rahim Allah new Josie, he said words that worth to be written. Can I use I'll be mad, you'll

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be mad.

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It's, it's gold. It's even worth more than that. That the said if you imagine the water of your eyes is in ink, that the type of ink it should be written with just something so valuable. He said. I took one element to Sabina LA, I have met and dealt with some people among the people of knowledge

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navall helped him to hollow out the didn't care for how Allah sees them in their private life. And their price for time. firma Hello, who thought I'm Phil Jawad

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that Allah made them have zero impact on people when it comes to public life. For kernel module Dena Kilmer, I do mean law holla at him, what are your Hindu Lima Sahaba. To him, there is no taste, no meaning they are meaningless, tasteless, when they are exist. And nobody really care to be around them or to interested in having them.

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Versus the some people just so happy to have them with you. So happy to have them in the house. So happy to have them around. This is an amazing quality. That one of it and the result of it, why people will love to have you, you became a figure that people always love to be around. One of the things that bring that people around you in the hearts around you is when your heart connected to Allah subhana wa Tada. So remember that the sincerity is an absolutely something needed in order for you to be that person who people around you love to be around you for this for for you not because they are looking for a financial reward or because they are afraid of you or because they have to

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And I do believe

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one of the manifestation of an EClass, especially among the darat in a lot. And that apply, by the way to centers work and institutes. And you can call it to everything in life,

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that sincerity, and bring people around the project around that basically

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movement about on that leader on on that person, and and so forth.

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It's also clarity.

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Clear clarity is the sign of sincerity, in my opinion, there is no hidden agenda. There is nothing in the background that I have in my mind, I'm trying to use you or to do something, or to benefit from you in a in a thing that is not clear or honest about

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one of the thing also is so important, in my opinion in regard to those is to learn how to be a good listener, good listener attract people have a good influence on people.

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We today spend a lot of time together at home and I choose this topic because I know some of the young people with me today in this semester. And I want those young people before the older to hear me clearly that you have to be the one who bring the family together to win the hearts of your brothers and sisters to win the hearts of your friends.

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One of the thing is to learn how to listen. And to be a good listener. You don't interrupt those who talk to you. You show interest and you look at the people's eyes and face when the people talk to you. It's a so sorry

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Wrong, that when somebody talked to you, while you are playing, or you are in your device or your phone, and you're distracted with it, that's not a good listener.

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It is so important for a good listening is to be to pause a little bit before you respond. Should to show that you listening. And you ask in the Salalah salad was such a great listener, that people that's why people love the process.

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Even kids will come and talk and you know, and and maybe someone listen to them, men, women, old, young, whatever, you name it many incident where the process of believer and disbeliever women who seldom talk to her up by he said

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Are you done? He was listening attentively to everything this man saying.

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a good listener is the one good listening and listening to others allows you to understand other perfectly. So many times and I always say this, and if you heard me saying it, I'm not gonna stop repeating it. Because I believe that this is one of the worst thing when it comes to broken communication between people.

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Is that while I'm talking, you are thinking about how can you reply to me? And how can you answer me? That's immediately block you from listening to anything I'm saying.

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Because you're not listening, what you do, you're preparing how to rebuttal how to answer, how to fire back. So whatever i'm saying is meaningless. And that's a big, big issue that people very hard for them to get shut off a good lesson. Are he listening to what has been said? It's not about how you're going to answer it, how can you reply, because that will make the point basically missed.

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Also, one of the things that is so important, when it comes to this quality of bringing people together and be able to unify people, is the smiling.

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You know, you keep your smile all the time, as much as you can. Sometimes it's hard. Sometimes life is tough. Sometimes you go in a bad time and you're a bad times are a bad day you have but as always cite, you know, a smile, not necessarily to be the result of our joy and happiness. But definitely your smile can cause joy and happiness. That when you smile, you put yourself in that mood and abuse will allow you to sell them and part of that smile is that yes face that welcoming face, that happy face. And something that you should fight yourself to keep it up.

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Even if you have to do a cosmetic you know, work just to make your forehead a little bit stretch, you know by adding some you know, I'm not gonna you know, give it medical advice and have a lot of professional people here. But even if it takes you to do that, maybe it's worth spending that four or $500 you know just to make your your basically your muscle relax, see you see look more kind of welcoming instead of that angry look. Even sometimes we do meet it

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outside the gym to be civilized someone said something so beautiful. I mean haritha Allah and

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Islam Allah in the Cumberland Tessa or NASA be unguided.

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You will never be able to control and to bring people around you through money.

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They take your money and they leave you you bribe your kids your kids don't want to be around you for long it's a bribe you just the milking you that's not what's gonna bring your family around you

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that's not gonna bring people around. It's not about money.

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I know what I can you Sarah will mean come. What will bring people bus pull wedge? Was the hollow is that smiley face? Is that yes face is that you know, relaxed face welcoming face, which you have in Ibiza. So I'm saying Boston watch a happy face a smiley face, Western hook and good manners.

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Also, one of the things that I would like to cite that did so have an amazing impact on people on winning people is gifts and gifts as in the visa some of them said to how to to have, you know, gifted doesn't need to be a very expensive or you know, have a high price tag on

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No, but the gift somehow remove a lot of distance between people open the hearts.

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It's been said like there's so many statements, but the best of it what the process of them said can't do to have fulfilled Buhari exchange gift, and that will increase the love. And one of the things that I want to cite, sometimes we forgot to give gifts to the people who are near to us.

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You know, we always give give a gift should be an often it's not only, you know, one time a year, even I feel bad for my Christian friends and brothers and sisters that you know, are family motivated, if you have, you know, even when it comes to gift Santa's give it, and it's not even you don't even take credit for it. You know, I saw I think the gift that should be something from you, so they can basically relate to you. It is something that you know, I appreciate that you give me that gift. And in

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gifts also can be given to older and young. Sometimes you think old people don't you know what your father would appreciate the gift your grandfather appreciate the gift, you know, as well as the young one, as well as the wife and the husband. You know, everybody will be happy, somebody even you don't know. And sometimes the gift can come in many different shape and form I'm not going to leave this to imagination. One of the thing also, it's so important, and it's so missing these days, which is visiting one another for the sake of Allah.

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It is an amazing

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tool to bring people together. A family together, you know, and community member together. Any person in the leadership who visit people, and go spend time with them, or ask them to come to this house has an amazing impact on the community and the people that you work with. But unfortunately, today, this has become something so strange and alien in many Muslims, community and society. And it's enough for us to remember what the last panel data set

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whatever to Mohammed de limiters are very interfere. Those who visit one another for the sake of Allah, my love is given to them. Nothing else I'm coming here only for the sake of Allah to visit you.

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Also, one of the things that I would like to say that this has an amazing impact on bringing people around you and give you that influence of

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basically attracting a unifying people is that you are always gentle and soft. When you correct things. The more you master this, the more you will be able to win people hard. Why? Because there's nobody's perfect people around you will make a mistake. But if you know how to correct the mistakes in a nice way, in a gentle way, in a in a way that is clear and firm but at the same time. It is gentle. It is nice. Femi Mara met in Manila healing Tara home, widow couldn't afford one burrito,

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boom in Holic because of the mercy that the law of giving you I'm putting in your heart. And it became that your nature, what happened, the gather around you. And if you're Mohammed were to be harsh and mean, they will scatter. They will run away from you. Even with all the knowledge with all the miracles with all the things that you have.

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And also one of the things that have an amazing impact is act of service.

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Act of service when people's heart yesterday, somebody told me who work in southwest airline,

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Southwest airline.

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He said it's I don't know if anybody who worked for worked or working for Southwest Airlines. It's amazing how they talk about their CEO.

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They said the CEO every month, he spent two days working every single time of job in the company. So one month you will spend one day carrying the bag, you know and basically putting it on the belt. And one day he will work with the mechanic. In one day he will be with one month he will be in the part of the pilot and another month he will be in the ticket encounter. And in one month he will be from the lowest and the company to the highest. So you have two days every month that he spent one day of the two the two every two days. He divided them to spend it with one group of people in his company. Everybody loves him. Everybody's crazy about him.

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And also remember we used to have a company

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continental airline. That's how also the CEO of that company was, until the company left the, you know, the southern family culture, all the way to became a Chicago culture became more of corporate, and people don't like it anymore. It's interesting how this an amazed until today, people years and years to remember that, can you imagine? If you have your children, you know fixing their beds, or you have your wife, you help your husband, you help your friend, you go say what can I do for you today, that's something have an amazing impact of helping people and serving them as an amazing impact on bringing people together.

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Working in hardeman County, say you're the one who serve people is the most. So if you have a company trying one day, to work with the one who's in the lowest in your paycheck, or pay grade in your company, and see how that will work, see how that will affect people.

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And one of the things that I want to end this

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first hotma what

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then the person have to have a good self control.

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Having a good self control isn't very important. And self control, it doesn't mean only to control yourself as reactions, not to get angry or to lose it. No. self control also means disciplined, consistent, people love those who are consistent. People love those who are disciplined, love those who are control of themselves. It's like a car without a brake. Who wants that car.

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But if you know how that's without basically self control, don't be mature.

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Don't be someone who easily can be, you know,

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get angry and have a swing mood every 30 seconds, you're in just a different mood and you go from 100 to zero. You don't have a self control even if somebody did something wrong to you how to respond to this, look at how Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam when a man came to him and he grabbed him like this

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but I have a soft material, Mohammed Salah his material was so rough

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that made a very clear red mark and his baton his back of his neck and he said Dr. Mohammed give me from what Allah has given you. He just want money ansara can imagine if I was somebody comes out to hurry and grab coffee or grab baleen and said hey give me from this account money

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you know how will react in a piece of salami smile and he said give him That's it. So um he is amazing how he said control himself sallallahu wasallam

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and they examples are so many leaders like that will Buck up after the death of Muhammad Sallallahu it was on them.

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And so many in the Quran and the Sunnah, you can see that clearly that this is a quality of leaders. I ask Allah subhana wa tada

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Nicola Sharma Poornima, Sumitomo stone

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Hamdulillah, who adore salat wa salam O Allah Milena Viva Hobart

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speaking of self control, one of the things that I would like to end with something I have seen it on actions. One of the people that an amazing self control of my teachers name shambles.

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No matter what happened no matter what, stoled he's a very in control. I never I never in my life. And I spent with this chair any more than a decade of learning with him. And I don't remember ever that he lost it. He got like he lost control. But one thing about him by him Allah, that's so clear, no matter how irritating the users, no matter how bad it is, he's have one reaction always is actually the thing that's helped him a lot and can help a lot of us that you always make the Corolla.

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Every time he was it is it La la la, la la la, la la la, la, la, la La La quwata illa Billah. And that's healthy, nervous or solid. When something angry, make people angry in the Busan how he the Sahaba knows he is angry. He would say Subhana Allah Subhana Allah Subhana Allah, that's how the people know that he's angry. That's because Allah help you to control yourself. So if you have that, you know, moment of having a hard time to control so help yourself against yourself by remembering a lot. A lot.

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I asked the last question Hello Kanaka Hassan Hakata

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Nakamoto he mean when he would have been when he might have been a Peruvian us when he mana Yamato

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hora when Robin and Allah subhana

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wa morpholino have no

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criminal serrana along the unit circle kudos to our alpha for Lena 122 for Santa taqwa. One Two sakyadhita Herman Sokka Antonio Houma La La ilaha illa Anta su Kanika Nicola manabadi mean, a homeless Satya hum como la sala de la Muslim America.

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