Minute with a Muslim #395 – My Favorite thing about Islam – with Dr. Ashraf Elazzazi

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My favorite thing is about Islam actually

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is very close to this conversation. Islam does what I've been thinking about lately. Islam does balance individual needs and society's needs. It is not one of those two things should not overtake the other.

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It actually balances between who I am and what my needs are. But it also ensured that I do not focus only inward, but also outwards.

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As simple as when you make dua, or when you ask your creator for something, you're supposed to ask for something for yourself, but you're highly encouraged to ask for something for the community you live in. For other individuals. You're highly rewarded when you ask for something good for other individuals, actually, in one Hadith, one of the sayings of the Prophet that when you make your ad for someone else, then the angels actually would respond to you and do the same. So actually, you get twice the reward. You make the art for someone else and at the same time, you also get responded to you know, you you'll get the same wish also for yourself. So that balance between Yes, you should

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take care of yourself, but you also have to consider others as well, even in the most personal things like making supplication or asking your creator for something. And I think that's beautiful.