Tom Facchine – Minute with a Muslim #032 – What is Aqeedah & How Important is it

Tom Facchine
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of beliefs and compliance with divine law in shaping one's behavior. They stress the need to understand one's own beliefs and values before studying others' movement. The discussion also touches on the importance of learning from one's own experiences and learning from one's own experiences to reconcile one's views.
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theta is extremely important, maybe the most important thing because it's your beliefs and your beliefs are going to get you into gender in addition to your compliance with the divine law. However, aptina is not what most people think it is. And so people, they they think that Octavia is mostly about polemics when it's mostly about debates, and it's mostly about this group arguing against that group and that group arguing against the third group and refutations and this and that, and the third, and that is not all that okay, that is. And if you're looking for that, then you're going to come to the conclusion quickly that oh, well, how come all these scholars and all these

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Institute's don't talk about our theta? Well, they do. You just don't realize, right? You're thinking too narrowly about what it is Peter has to do with everything that is unseen, everything that we believe in, you want to talk about Jana, that's our key, you want to talk about the angels that's athlete that you want to talk about Allah, who he is what he does, what he doesn't do. That's al Qaeda, do you want to talk about our attitude towards other believers, our loyalty to them, and then our disavowal of like other people, that's an issue of al Qaeda, right. The degree to which we submit to Allah's guidance, these underlying principles that other ideologies are challenging. All

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that is actually okay. If you want to understand our Qaeda, you go through the Hadith Jibreel, or the prophesy. centum said he was asked about what Eman is, he said, I believe in Allah and His messengers and his books and the Day of Judgment, right, all the stages of the Day of Judgment, what's going to happen you after you die? That's al Qaeda, dealing with other Allah's Allah and his brother, that's so don't become a sectarian right. Don't just think that al Qaeda is about refuting Group X or a party. Why? Because they're wrong about this, and they don't understand the laws, attributes and or directly or they were influenced by the Greeks. Is that a part of Aachen? Yes, it

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is. Yes, it is. But that is not the sufficient basis for your admission into paradise. And that's not the sufficient basis for your study of al Qaeda. Primary study about theta has to do with knowing who a lot is 99 names and attributes, right, understanding who he is who he's not what he does, what he doesn't do, and having that devotional relationship to him understanding allows plan, okay, reconciling yourself and submitting to Allah's plan, understanding what's going to happen to you after you die understanding allows Carla and his brother, all of these sorts of things are, I would say even more important when it comes to especially the average person, the average Muslim,

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this is your Arcada, right? And you have to understand it and educate yourself. There's a lot of Muslims that don't understand what's going to happen to the soul after they die. They watch movies and they think that you know, we're just going to be like on clouds looking down, right until the Day of Judgment. That's not the act of a Muslim, right. So these are the things that you should focus on. Now when it comes to getting into the differences between this movement and that movement and this group in that group that leave that to the scholars and the students of knowledge.

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