Tim Humble – Jinn and Black Magic – Part 8 – QA

Tim Humble
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Salam Alaikum brother.

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Can you please clarify what you said about Jin's feeding from our disobedience? How does this relate to magic? When a genius sent to destroy or cause harm to a person? Is it that the gene is able to affect us more? I think he has no doubt that it's to do with the jinn being able to affect you more, and to do with the jinn being able to affect you in the first place. Because a person who is seeking the protection of Allah and seeking the help of Allah, and they are in a state of obedience to Allah, it may well be the gentle unable to afflict them in the first place. As we heard from the statement of even Tamia, there will be protected with the protection of Allah.

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The jinn may protect them in the first place, or that the law may protect him from the gym in the first place. It may be that their affliction is lessened or shortened. However, through disobedience of a license or a gel. The jinn are given control, that affliction is made worse, and it's made to last for longer. And I know that brother barsac will emphasize this to you all. Indeed, he does so frequently, that so many of our patients have become better when they removed some areas of disobedience that existed in their life. They knew they had this area, this area, this area that they were doing wrong, and they got rid of it, and they were cured. And we know Subhana Allah,

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people who have literally been cured by Toba, and I don't I think this is a clear statement to make they have been cured by Toba. Literally, they repented to Allah for something they were doing. And within a matter of hours, within a matter of moments, the jinn had left them, so we shouldn't overestimate or we shouldn't underestimate the issue of them. Okay.

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Salaam Alaikum.

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Okay, this question here with regard to what to do in cases of gym possession, this will be covered tomorrow in Sharla. So don't worry, we're going to some of the questions we're going to cover tomorrow as part of the course.

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If somebody had a bad jaylee a bad time prior to Islam

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can see her engine possession be an effect and a punishment and how does one not despair?

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That's very, very, very, very important question.

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Toba. Repentance removes the sin that you do. If a person is sincere in their repentance, there's no effect and nothing remains of that sin. So a person should not fear when they make Toba that their Toba. Allah is not going to accept it or Alize punishing me, Allah subhanaw taala I would say to them one quarter la hopko Qatari, they haven't judged Allah in the true judgment. Allah subhanaw taala would forgive you, if only you repented. And so it's not for a person to say that the punishment of allies are jealous coming upon them or something like that. Furthermore, how does a person not despair? I think there are a number of things and this is a long topic, but I'll give you

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just one or two. Read the situation of the prophets read the story of Yaqoob when he lost Yusuf and he lost Benjamin and he lost his eldest son, and what did he say? All My Children go and seek out use.

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While at ASL muro hella, in hula asuma rohilla ll calm you can have your own go with to go and seek out use of and do not despair of the help of a lot coming. Nobody despairs of the help of a lot coming except for the disbelieving people.

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Read the story of a you what you buy is nada.

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When you called upon his Lord and knee messenia door, we're under our hammer. I mean, I've been afflicted by some by by trials by affliction, and you are the Most Merciful of those who show mercy.

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Can and efreet constantly send an airship a gene that is in love with someone can is a gene in love with someone also a gene that flies at the same time is the Djinn who is in love with someone responsible for a person hating, living with family. None of this has any evidence from the Quran or from the Sunnah. Some of our brothers who perform Rukia hold these opinions about the difference between the jinn who is in love and the gene who flies and so on and so forth. And I'm not saying that they're wrong or I'm not denying what they're saying. But I'm saying that this is from the matters of experience and from the matters of

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Just personal judgment, and there's no evidence for this, you know, people make these different categories. And this is a gym that is this kind of that kind and this is for this one, and that is for that one. It has no debt, it has no value for it, if you do it, and it's something that a person does from the experience, and it's something people are free to disagree with.

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Somebody had a hallucination that a person died. What does this mean? doesn't mean anything. One of the most beautiful it in this regard.

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One of the most beautiful eye out in this regard, is the idea and I'll get you the reference. Now I'll just look it up.

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In sort of cyber,

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the 34th surah of the Quran is number 14. And when we decreed for Sulaiman death, nothing indicated to the jinn his death except a creature of the earth, eating his stuff. But when he fell, it became clear to the jinn that if they had known the unseen, they would not have remained in the humiliating punishment. So we say to them, whenever the jinn tried to tell you of your impending death or your impending doom, simply recite this ayah that if the jinn had known that unseen, they would not have remained in the punishment of a lie soldier.

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Not they could they didn't even know that swill a man had died

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and no one informed them there's still a man had died except for the creature of the earth that ate away his stuff. And when he fell, it became clear to the jinn that they didn't know the unseen

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Okay, I'm gonna go to a quick fire through these as quickly as possible

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and we've answered that one

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and I'll try and take some from the floor as well I'm going as quickly as I can. If someone is afflicted with evil eye and magic engine from a young age, but they're not didn't find out until much later in their life, will they still be rewarded for their suffering? Although they will not seeking treatment inshallah don't despair of the mercy of Allah shall the mercy of Allah is near and the virtue of Allah and the bounties of Allah many Sharla they will be rewarded, no believer is pricked by as little as a mosquito bite, except that Allah subhanaw taala exploits their sins and rewards them because of it. And I know of a sister that's been going from rocky turabian they've all

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given her different diagnoses. Some of these Rockies were very experienced how recently the karate said she's afflicted with the evil eye and magic and has a lust for gin. How is it possible for the jinn to mislead so many Lucky's Allahu Akbar, this is a beautiful question.

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Wallah he they only misled them when they turned away from the Sunnah of the Prophet slice element, they started inventing all of these kinds of jinn Manzil Allah will be harming Sultan, Allah sent them no authority for it. And they invented this and this and this and if I read this ayah this happens and if I read this is I ma ns Allah Allah who will be harming soul time, Allah didn't give them any authority for it. And then when they allow the jinn to play with them Subhana Allah, the jinn give them this and that and the other what life is sister came to me and asked me what was wrong I would have said Allah who are alone but your cure is in the Quran Bismillah and that would

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have saved the problem of going from rocky to rocky telling you of ashik Jin Tae, you're a snake you have this kind of gene that kind of gene from this Kabbalah this Kabbalah and you need to do this and that and the other. All of these things they have no the in whom a lie of unknown they only guess about it.

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What is the role of dreams, like many people claim that they treat on the basis of dreams is a very dangerous road to get into dreams is something I would like to do a full seminar on in the future inshallah.

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Dreams are three types good dreams that are from Allah, bad dreams that are from the Shaitaan and mixed up experiences. Good dreams that are from Allah are a guidance from Allah and a means for you to find relief. They don't make the Haram halaal or the halal haram

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bad dreams that are from the shaytaan are not true in the first place. So if you see the shape, I'm killing you or you see the shape on doing something to you or you see the shape on misguiding you then these are not true in the first place. And the dreams that are mixed up from yourself are simply the mixed up things that you see based on what you're thinking about. And dreams are long topic but if you read the dreamers handbook by Mohammed algae Valley, I think you would find the answer to this question in detail. If you feel a presence in a certain room of the house, what should you do? First of all, remove everything from the house that is disobedient to Allah subhanaw

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taala remove everything from the house Amen. This is the last questions that get passed up here. So enough to draw otherwise they just gonna get passed up and they're gonna get forgotten.

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So read sort of Baccarat in the house, remove anything that that that brings

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The gene into the house remove the pictures and remove anything that is you know music and TV and anything that's bringing the gene into the house get rid of it and read sort of Baccarat in the house and indeed read the Koran in that room at night.

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And please, can you touch upon?

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I'll just bring up the sorta

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Can you touch upon the if, indeed there is for him no authority over those who have believed and rely upon the Lord. No doubt, there's no doubt about this. This is something that is emphasized the people who believe and the people who rely upon Allah azza wa jal, the shaytaan has no authority over them. And that doesn't mean that the shade time can't afflict them with something from the affliction. And I'll give you two evidences why. The first is the statement of allies origin in alladhina, taco in a messy home toy formula sheet on those people who are obedient and devout to Allah, if they are touched by something from the shape one. So this is a clear evidence that a

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person of piety can be touched by something from the shape on and even more emphatic than this, the prophets lie Selim was afflicted by sound. And there's nobody more obedient and nobody better and nobody closer to Allah and more in remembrance of Allah than the Prophet slicin. However, the shaytaan will not have an eventual victory over those people who believe. And those people who rely upon Allah will not give them power over them, and ability to conquer them and an ability to misguide them and ability to take them away from the path. Is it possible that you can know who did the magic upon you? It's possible, but I'm not sure that it's necessarily very beneficial. A lot of

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people worry about this, they don't worry about their treatment, they don't worry about how to get better. They don't worry about how to treat themselves, they are very concerned about who did it, who did it. In reality, if you knew who did it, what would you do.

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And it's nothing you can do in this country.

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If they were in abroad, there's nothing you can do abroad unless they happen to be in Serbia, in which case, you can you know, you can do something if they're in Saudi, you can do something anywhere else in the world, magic is not illegal. So you have nothing that you can do except to, you know, make against them. And if you make do against them, you don't need any say all laws send your punishment upon the person who did this Orla. Send you adapt upon them or send your power against them all, or destroy them all, you know, put their use their, their evil against themselves, and so on and so forth. You don't need a name for this. So my thing would be yes, you can find out

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sometimes, and I don't want to elaborate on that anymore. Otherwise, people end up going off the straight path a little bit. But you know, it is possible sometimes to find out sometimes, you know, very clearly there are people who come to me and say, I know for certain it was this person, and they told me they did it.

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And in many cases, you still can't do anything about it. I make a lot I make to offer a lot to make it easy for you. A friend of mine, a non Muslim has a daughter who is now under 10 years old, she's been diagnosed with severe autism.

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Autism is something that I

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from very limited experience. And I say from very limited experience, I've read on maybe three people or four who've been diagnosed with autism. And I didn't find any sign of gene possession, or any sign of magic that had been done to them. However, that doesn't mean that they won't find relief in the Quran.

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And that doesn't mean that there is no autism that is not caused by the gene, there may well be I have only seen three or four people at most, that have been come to me who have been diagnosed with autism. Likewise, I've on a different topic, I've seen about two who've been diagnosed with Parkinson's. And these are two illnesses that I have not yet found somebody who is afflicted by the jinn within them, that doesn't mean that they are that none of them are caused by that, but

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that I haven't personally found it. And in terms of

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in terms of treatment by the Quran, you know, to treat them offer them the currency look, you know, if this poor girl is not able to live, you know, you know, offer them even as a non Muslim, there's no harm in this, offer them to read the Quran for you. Maybe this will bring some relief to her and maybe Allah subhanaw taala will open her parents hearts to Islam, because of the relief that is brought with the Quran and this doesn't necessarily mean that it is necessarily a gender related issue.

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If thrones and scrolls are human inventions, why does Allah subhanho wa Taala use them? I think that the thing about this question is there's a confusion. There is a difference between first of all a lot creates whatever he wants and a Lost Planet. Allah says he has not asked about what he does.

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You asked, so it's not for us to ask Allah. Why do you do this? And why don't you do this? Secondly, the throne that Allah Subhana Allah created for himself is not like the throne that a king sits upon in this dunya It's not like that at all Allah Subhana Allah is greater and more powerful and more

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infinitely more mighty than anything that a human being would make. And furthermore, whatever human beings make at the end of the day comes from Allah subhanaw taala Hakuna Matata man when Allah created you and that which you make

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Salam Alaikum brother William Salaam tala what to do about

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a recurring spell. Okay, we talk about recurring spells in the magic topic, what to do if a jinn is trying to kill a person and we talk about that tomorrow, all of the practical things what to do, inshallah, we're going to talk about those tomorrow maybe later on. I'm going quickly. If I've had rookie but didn't show any reaction but I'm not sure if my finger moved. When the word salad was mentioned.

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I'm really against this whole the word series mentioned the finger moves thing I don't. It's not it's not a great and for me, it opens the door for the shape and to really play with a person's mind. If you have a symptoms that are not normal, and you are getting them trapped by the Quran, it doesn't matter if all your fingers move or none of your fingers move. Keep on treating yourself with this is the problem. This is why that sister mentioned she goes from rocky to rocky because all of them are sat like this looking at her little finger is it going to move up? Or is it going to move down when I say the word sound? panelized This has no evidence for it. If a person has a problem

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read the Quran if you don't have a problem, do your car for protection and read the Quran anyway. One way or the other is not a problem. What you know if you if you have a person says I am afflicted by in my mind I get worse worse I have depression I have this I have that. read the Quran, it doesn't matter if you all your fingers move or if none of your fingers move. read the Quran for yourself. If you have Rukia

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on you can the gene show up a lot later, no doubt many people we read upon. They don't show any effect for one or two or three sessions and then they show an effect later on. And allies origin knows best. And sometimes dreams of dogs and cats or dirty bathrooms

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or some I mean dreams again. If a person has frequent reoccurring nightmares, then it's good to treat yourself with the Quran. Do your morning and evening at card make sure you do have card before you go to sleep. Make sure you follow the Islamic etiquette for nightmares. So you get up if it's a bad nightmare, get up premake will pray to like a turn over go to sleep on the other side. If it's a smaller nightmare, sit up, blow three times on your left hand side seek refuge with the shaytaan turn over and lay on the other side. Follow the Islamic etiquettes Some people say I have recurring nightmares. They don't do any of the stomach acid car for sleeping. And they don't do any of the

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etiquettes the proper etickets for when they have a nightmare. And then they say do you think I have magic systems or panela? Really, I think that you just have a problem in implementing the sun. So we say to the people that make sure you're not missing an easy solution to a problem and going through a very difficult one, rather than going through 16 weeks of constant Rukia Why don't you try just doing your add card before you go to sleep and try blowing over your left hand side and saying I was a bit lemon shape on the regime and turning over? try removing the shaytaan from the house. Some people's houses. I say every time a big banner on the outside of Helen wash was sir Helen Bish

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shavon Welcome welcome shape on common sight. You know literally This is how the house is it's full of disobedience to Allah. It's full of Harlem, Harlem on the walls Harlem on the TV haraam on the radio haraam on the phone heroin everywhere and then they say I don't know why I get repeat nightmares. Do you think I have seen her say terms of panela you're willing to go and see a rocky in Australia and honestly I know people who travel the other side of the world to see a rocky but you're not willing just to change your phone ringtone?

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So hon Allah honey think about it first take the simple steps before the difficult steps. And does sleep paralysis mean 100% possession or why does or doesn't it? I think why doesn't it happened after federal

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I dislike saying anything means 100% possession apart from even I I don't even have an exception to that I dislike other than a person you know like hitting the ceiling and sticking to it and saying I'm a gin. I generally don't like to say 100% to anything. And this is my methodology. And again my brothers I know there are many brothers I'm serious about this. There are many brothers and from mine, Michael

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Who do Rokia who disagree with me? And I fully respect that for them. But for me, I have a principle that 100% Yanni Well, I mean 100% in Islam is three things in my opinion. And I know they are clean and all the rest. But I mean, I don't have this methodology of seeing things 100% I say, if you have C paralysis, it would indicate to me that there is a gene causing that usually, and that you should be cautious on your car. And you should be cautious to do your proper risk citation before you go to sleep, and remove the harm from the house and so on and so forth. And if that doesn't help, you should try Rokia. And if that doesn't help, then we can take it from there in Sharla.

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Can it be that the gene comes from time to time to bother the person? Yeah, I think that's that's a safe statement to make. And why does the paralysis finish after reading ayatul kursi. Because I too, could see is the greatest idea in the book of Allah. And if you sent it upon a mountain, it will crush a mountain so the jinn doesn't have a great deal of hope.

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Two or three minutes because there's some brothers had questions they were really patient, I'll just take a couple.

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inshallah, we'll talk about the evil eye and we'll talk about

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how beetelite Allah today in the beginning of tomorrow, inshallah just saw that I hopefully, I will try and cover I know, it's difficult to squeeze it all in. But if I don't, please do remind me about the question. Okay, one one more question from the Berlin show.

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Certainly some of the jinn see the angels, and the evidence for this is the I install a tool and fell, I think in unfold, in which Allah azzawajal talks about the Battle of better and talks about a police. And the police said in Niala, marlette around in a half Allah, I see what you don't see, I fear Allah. And so he turned around and he ran away, because he saw the angels coming in ranks.

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Is it safe to say that all of the gin that applies to all of the gin, I prefer these issues to say Allahu Allah, but there's a good you know, there's a decent, you have a decent basis there that the jinn see the angels, you have a decent basis there.

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Okay, this is a very useful question. And I think it's worthwhile dealing with it here. What about the signs that you've overcome it, a lot of people, again, make mistakes in this regard. And that is when they're treating the problem, they sometimes jump the gun and stop the treatment too early. And they say, I'm fine, I feel fine. And of course, this is again, opening the door for the shape and to play with you, and give you a chance to sort of play dead, and then you know, allow it to build its strength up again. Rather, what we say that people should should be doing in terms of showing that they're better is they should not be showing any symptoms at all, not even one of the symptoms that

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they were showing before. So they had let's say they had five symptoms that were identified as being related to magic, or related to gym possession. All of those five were clearly demonstrated not to be regular problems, they were gym problems. And then all of those five have to disappear. And the person should be able to have Rukia done for a prolonged period with no side effects. So I would not stop the first day of the gin quote unquote, leaves again. You guys in London have got some funny Rocky's, that's all I can say. But some of them they have this habit, the gin says I want to become Muslim. Okay, brilliant, see eyeshadow and eyeliner, eyeshadow and highlight, right, you're cured

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go. And the gym is back after two minutes, you know, like, keep reading on them, keep them coming for a week, two weeks, keep them reading on themselves over a long period of time. When they say, you know, like, I've gone through bacala you know, 10 times 20 times, I feel fine. I've not had any side effects. None of my symptoms are there. Alhamdulillah then you can be you know, pretty sure but I prefer it's better to be safe than sorry. Because usually, if you've got the gym to the point of leaving,

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and they're ready to leave, and they've gone, then really it's worth taking that extra time to make sure it's truly gone. Otherwise, you've done all the effort and then you find you have to make the same effort again a year later or two years later. So it's better to make you know, really make sure 100% that they've gone

The Ustadh talks about the dark realities of magic and how to ward off such curses!.

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