Will Muslims Ever Be Trendsetters

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Do you ever see like us as a Muslim community being trendsetters? When it comes to like, for example, there's some pockets like Philadelphia, right? You go to Philadelphia, the Muslim community, there's so

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there's so present Yep. that other people outside of the Muslim community actually follow the Muslim Kimani t shirt and the beard, the the pants above the ankles and things like that. Do you see us ever reaching that type of level on a national scale? Definitely. What would we need? Definitely, I think it's we're on the cusp. I think we're almost there. That's one of the goals of my clothing line is to break that barrier right there. And to have this be it's not just make more designers from the Muslim community. Definitely. Yeah. What's interesting is if you look at the Jewish American culture, Jewish American community, their whole thing with becoming mainstream, like the

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deli, the deli is a very specific Jewish thing. Yeah. And it was created as a means of like, the synagogue is a very sacred spot. You don't do you don't let your hair down at the synagogue so to speak, right. But they still needed a place to kind of chill and relax. The deli became like that go to spot for the Hangout, kosher food, they've got socialization, and then some of these Jewish celebrities, because they had their needs in terms of what they needed to eat and things like that. They would tell their friends come meet me at the deli. Yeah. And that just started happening across the board, people started becoming more familiar with what a deli is, and deli became a staple part

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of American society. Because delis did not exist outside of the USA. Yeah, I can, at least in that cultural context. So and it added to the whole fabric because we're going to get the best bagels and those cold cut meats in a way that they do it at the kosher deli. Yeah. So I think it's just a matter of adding value that are also fulfilling our needs, especially the area of fashion and whatever the truth, I can see the hijab becoming, you know, ironically, the hijab becoming a fashion statement for many women. I mean, I know it sounds like, really far out right now. We're talking about trends, right? I just had this idea, huh? Imagine I was having a discussion with anything.

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What? Um, yeah, talking about giving him that energy.

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I feel like it's a way for you to re engage yourself in the conversation. Yeah.

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Like, I'm not paying attention. Okay. Let's Uh huh. Okay, let's back up again. Right, Shay? Come on, does it mean you grew up around the Sudan is in Virginia, Maryland? Yeah. hilarya. It's so familiar to me.

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So we're talking about setting trends. And the thought that I had, I was coming out of a discussion I had with one of the local community members, what if we had like a virgin bar? Right? It was like a bar was virgin? Like, no. Like, mocktails? Yeah. Right. But it's open to everybody. And we can call it Mary's virgin bar. Why Mary? Virgin Mary? Wow, that's a great brand.

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non alcoholic, it's wholesome. It's and within

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whatever you want to call it. It's got a sacred space within it.

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Okay, you can say, so people can learn about that's another trend right there where we're just trying to create these.

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space, space, space space, sacred space. Yeah. But like, think about this, what is look as a Muslim man, it's masala to the era. But this is not Arab. Or this is not good Muslim facing his general public facing, there's something of value that we're providing to them. And the cool thing is, the space would be there. Are they going to use the sacred space? Yeah, they would. Why? Because they're going there to learn about different whatever it could be, but they can experience our sacred space now. I'm using it.

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No, but it would be designed such that it's soundproof, right? You go in there in silence, you ever been to a sound room, like a sound booth, I take them up

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20% of his ideas are good.

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You gotta gotta you gotta get through all that I see. And you got to get to the gold is it's in there.

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It's deep in there. You know, when it came to my class, I don't know if you heard the story yet. But we're coming up with the names of a lot. And the way that we're trying to figure out is how are we going to get people to engage with the names or categorize the names and, you know, the you categorize them based on what you see have similarities between the names. And so the logos, you know, what,

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categorizing names, the whole purpose of it is to just try to connect the audience with it and try to get them to remember it to trigger these names, according to that category. Yeah. So why don't you just make it story based where you follow a person through their interaction with the names? Yeah. And I'm like, wow, all right. It's a good

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That kind of sound sounds silly. So then I send some, you know, shields,

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the course outline to get feedback. And she hasn't honey for in Birmingham, the UK he goes, I'm not that's great, you know you should do you should make it story based and I'm like that's genius.

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Same exact idea. Then I come and I taught bill and Bill I was like that I'm describing that he's like, that's exactly what I said. I said, Yeah, but you know, when you said it I was I didn't know that I was filtering through the

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8020 rule, or whether it was actually the 20% Look, to be fair, when he comes up with good ideas, they're, they're really good. Now, here's the thing, the ideas are great, but you got to take action on, you think they're bad because he didn't do anything with it. That's not true. You're just basically saying 80% of your stuff I should immediately act upon if you have the capacity to do so.

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I'm just saying that you act upon 100% of your ideas and

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my ideas act upon them.

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The ability to do so whoever has the means and financial and physical means today. There you go. I think you talked about in a fifth of shutting but just social media has grown so much since then. And trends literally happened within a minute, like half the time I have no idea what's happening in fairness shifts, I was talking about Snapchat and the importance they need to get on it like four years ago, or however. And everyone's just laughing at him. 1009 talking about her on Facebook with our parents and grandparents. I got on Snapchat eventually because the Saudi chef came here and they're huge on Snapchat. Ultra and I had no idea. I'm just like I hearing about Snapchat, and I

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just assumed I was like just something that little some fad that is that the one where he was talking about how he's learning English. He was learning English, the * he came and he was just so like, you know, he came and he's like, I sit in front of like my mirror. And I just practice the American accent like Hi, hi, hi, hi. But he just practices these things. And I was like, wow, I was like, that's actually impressive, because I know so many chefs who live in America, who could care less about learning English. And so here this this guy, the chef's coming from Saudi Arabia, and he's so invested in, I'm gonna I'm going to pick up on, you know, cultural practices I'm going to,

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I'm going to try to figure out that he was just visiting. He was addicted to Snapchat. Literally, he snaps his entire day. Yeah, he just throws the camera in front of your face and my mom say something to my followers. And I'm like, Okay.

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And then he's like, all of my followers are asking about you. They love you.

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It was very interesting. He made me make a Snapchat account and then handed I was killing it. I'm loving it snaps my favorite I favorite I got on Snapchat when it came out. I couldn't. I didn't know I need to get on Snapchat. I know I've been on. I've been on and off Snapchat, like four or five times now. And I just can't get like I can't. It's not for everyone. I get that. Like I understand the value. I know how it's used. I just don't like, I don't have the patience for it. Like I think Snapchat is just an extension of yourself. Yeah. Whereas Twitter, I can't get on Instagram even less. I'm done with Twitter. I'm done with. I'm done with Twitter. You don't want Twitter. I don't

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tweet out more. But I was talking about Twitter back in 2009. Yeah, I'll sign I remember. We were laughing at him too.

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I couldn't even conceptualize what Bill was talking about. When I was like telling me about what Twitter is and what you do. And I'm just like, that sounds stupid.

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So I'm when it comes to like these types of things. I'm a late adopter. I'm not. What do you call it? What's not an early adopter? Yeah, I'm like, Wait, you're part of the maturity stage. Yeah, exactly. Like periscope was hot for like the first three months Meerkat. Meerkat was killing it. Facebook Live just came in strongarm. The lie, man.

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You know what, what happened to periscope because here's the story. Meerkat came out. They were doing so good. They're using Twitter's platform to really Hey, you should go out and do it. They're looking at the code. Twitter makes its own thing called Periscope and shuts out Meerkat. Whoo. Right. And so you know today

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karma you get what? Yeah, so and then suddenly now people are using Periscope. periscope has its own contained audience. And it has its own like, eco culture, so to speak. But Facebook just opened it up for the mass.