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Welcome to the deen show Bismillah in the name of God we start. The Deen show is a show that tries to educate the masses on Islam and Muslims. Did you know that Islam is the fastest growing way of life in the world today with over 1.5 billion Muslims worldwide. Today, we have one of those Muslims here on our show as we try to bring you a new show every week. Today, our guests on the D show we're on location with Patrick Michael Ryan and I say that right, Michael? Patrick, right. Michael Patrick was Ryan.

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So we're gonna start off with Patrick, you excited Michael? Patrick, Mike, Michael. Michael, you.

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Were actually you've been a Muslim now for how long? I've been with them for a little over 12 years. 12 years. I was in college. Yeah. And you grew up with background Irish descent. Yeah, my family is an Irish family living here in America, obviously living outside Chicago, and grew up so my family was a Catholic family is my first time to me to Irish Muslim.

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There. There's a Have you been to Ireland? I haven't been to Ireland yet. And most of the rest of my family have I look forward to though I do a lot of study of Irish history and stuff. Keep up with Irish people. So there's more Irish Muslims coming but it's still small. Yeah. Okay. So you have Muslim? I've been told that there's Muslims anywhere you go, there's Muslim. This is true for sure. So you know, there's both immigrants in Ireland and as well, as you know, native Irish people are accepting Islam, of course. So the people want to know, let us know what brought you to Islam?

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Well, in my case, actually, as I said, I've always been interested in different histories, both Irish history, African American history. When I was in high school, I was really interested in African American history. And also in college. That's what I majored in. So I came across. And you also know this was around the time of Spike Lee's movie about Malcolm X. Yeah, I remember when people were wearing the x hats and stuff. So it was a you know, big thing in the culture. But because I was interested history, I read The Autobiography of Malcolm X, and really got a lot more information. And really, I reminded a lot of things about Malcolm X. And he talks in that book about

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how he transformed himself from from just a person who, you know, had a rough life and ended up being in prison, and being involved in crime and stuff. And then transformed himself, first through a group called the Nation of Islam, which use the name of Islam, but didn't have a lot of actual principles, which we just want to make this clear, because there's a lot of confusion, the Nation of Islam has nothing to do with Islam. Right. And actually, the Nation of Islam, of course, was started by Elijah Muhammad. Yeah. And his son was dean, Mohammed is practicing a regular orthodox Islam. Yeah, like the rest of the world. And he brought most of the people with him after the death of

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Malcolm X. So, but Malcolm X, even before that time, in the last couple years of his life, we know, he went down the Hajj to Mecca, the pilgrimage to Mecca. And he observed Muslims from all over the world, he also made a tour through Africa. And he learned that, you know, like, you're talking about how many different Muslims there are in the world, how they come from all countries. And he really, his whole idea, of course, was lifting up his particular people. And also, you know, lifting up the people of the world and establishing brotherhood between the people of the world, you know, because America has a lot has a lot of the largest means Thanks be to God, it had Praise be to God, it has a

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lot of good characteristics in it. Yes, but one of its worst problems from the beginning has been the racism, and the division of people based on race, and stuff like that. So Malcolm X, he said that, in his experience, that Islam, the religion of Islam, had made people's you know, because it makes people stop focusing on they don't have to abandon their culture or anything. I'm still Irish, as a Muslim. I'm actually studying the Irish language and stuff, but it makes people focus mainly their role is as a servant of God. And all humanity is a servant of God and all humanity comes from one family events. So it really unites people in the Brotherhood to try to work together to uplift

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humanity to being servants of God and, and being more moral people and more just people. So you went from seeing Malcolm X's life, you're reading about his history, and how he also he left this because Islam teaches unity amongst God's creation, that no white is different in the black or black than white. Doesn't matter what color race you come back. We're all brothers from the same for Adam. Right? And we're different. How are we different by piety by righteousness? This is how God judges. So Islam clearly distinguishes now. We're

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The Nation of Islam was calling him towards more of a particular movement nationalism. Would you say? Yeah, which Islam has nothing to do with any of this Islam call to this brotherhood which appeal to you? Could Yeah, Islam appeal to this Brotherhood in this relay? Because, you know, I mean, I assume most religious people would in some sense, say that. We're all children of Adam, but you find among the Muslims that when you become a Muslim, and you study Islam, that Muslims really believe this and understand this, you know, literally, that we really are children of Adam, you know, it's not just an expression or a story is a truthful effect. And Islam stresses, you know,

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family relations, and kinship relations, and even a people you know, like, I became Muslim, my family is not all become Muslim under law, but you still keep very good relations, I can say I have a better relationship with most of my family members now than I did before it was Muslim. Yeah. So it teaches this real true. So in the tracing in stressing the importance of family and the importance of a world as being part of your family, it's very important, but Malcolm X, he said,

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that people because he, you know, even when he was in the Nation of Islam, white people, you know, they will be impressed by certain aspects of him. And they asked, How can we help, because he was a nationalist back then he told him, You can't do anything, you know, you can't do anything So, but when he realized the true understanding of Islam, when he saw the Brotherhood of all the Muslims, he started to advise people of all colors, all races, look, if you want to my advice to you is to look into Islam, learn more about Islam. And that's what that's what I've seen it work. So that's what I did. I went to college at DePaul University here in Chicago. And I went to there was a small number

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of Muslims there, they had a Muslim Student group, I just said that, you know, I want to learn more about Islam, I want to learn more about Muslims.

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So that's what I did. And then hamdulillah it was just, you know, a lot of things from there happen. But I became Muslim, you know, shortly thereafter, while I was at college, so you were in college, you're going here in Chicago to DePaul University, right? Big, big known University. And we also heard that you are an attorney. You're a lawyer. Right? So yeah, I finished DePaul and three years, graduated and went to law school at Georgetown, in Washington, DC. So and then I graduated from there, and I'm practicing law right now, working for children who are, you know, in the foster care system, children who are abused or neglected by their parents, I represent them in the court system.

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So going from a life now being raised Irish, Catholic, Christian. Now, what's the difference between your life then, and the present day reality?

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Well, I would say that, you know, I, you know, thank God that I had a family that like, that was a, you know, they were very good people. Like many people here in America, very good people. They taught me good moral values, they taught me to be concerned about people. And part of that was, you know, having the example of Jesus peace be upon him, as someone who, who taught these kind of values and taught helping the poor, and taught helping people so always grew up with these kind of values. But

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you know, it didn't really have something to attach it to as much as when I came into Islam. When I came into Islam, I learned more about Jesus peace be upon him, once I became a Muslim that I knew before we learn more about Jesus, when you became a Muslim, this is probably for someone to hear this kind of strength. Right? Definitely. And and, you know, I know some Christians study their religion in great detail, but I don't think they realize how much in Islam, we practice. We admire all the prophets, Moses, Jesus, Abraham. And if you look at the Quran, it talks about all those prophets as much or more so than it does about prophet mom. If we don't accept Jesus peace be upon

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them, then you're not a Muslim. Of course, yeah. So so really.

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So really, that that it made me feel a more of a kinship and more of an understanding, other than just the moral things, which are, of course, very important. What did Jesus really teach? What did Moses teach? What did Prophet Mohammed teach? I didn't really have an understanding of that till I became a Muslim. And the main thing was focusing on that there's only one God, you know, we talk about people talk about being monotheists, and having only one God, but they don't really understand what that means. And a part of it, of course, comes from in Christianity, this idea of the Trinity is confusing. Yeah, for me growing up as a Catholic, it was confusing. I didn't really understand

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what it meant. I wouldn't say that I didn't believe it or didn't believe it. I wouldn't really understand what it meant. I didn't understand what it was confusing. Yeah. So that, but the idea in Islam, that there is God who created everything, which I have always believed, and then there's a no, but there's only one God and as the creatures of God, we're all united as servants of God, as the creation of God and God, you know, loves us and has mercy on us. But he also has, he part of His mercy is giving us some guidance of what to do. Because part of what you see around you, and even I know growing up, I think all people when they're young go through this. You know, you have to figure

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out who you are. You have to figure out what you're going to do what you're going to be about and the society is not giving you a lot of guidance sometimes other than just some people are telling you how to make money. Some people are telling you to be successful economically. Some people are saying you should help people but

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But you're not really sure what is the right thing to do. And God in His mercy, he gave us some guidance over what the right things to do how to establish things, you know. And so, Islam is starting from the basic five pillars of Islam, which you learn, right when you become Muslim. You know, learning to make a lot five times a day, the prayer, the prayer, Yes, a lot. And this prayer, of course, I think even many non Muslims, you know, the prayer, the Muslim prayer is very inspiring to people. Because you see, like, some of the things that appealed to me, you see the Brotherhood, you see the people lining up, you see the organization and you see that it's the same thing, no

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matter where you go in the world. And I could there could be brothers or people that I meet, who I can't even speak their language can do anything, but I could get and pray together with him. And we'll know exactly what to do. And I found this so so amazing. Once you learn that it like really, you know, Christians, I believe Christians believe they have a brotherhood with other Christians do. But in Islam, the Brotherhood is just so strong right away, because you have a way that you create a person

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no matter where they're from. Japan, Hong Kong doesn't matter where you don't speak that language but the greeting of peace Salaam Alaikum, peace be unto you, connects you guys right and active right there. And this is something together fast together anything and this is something that's actually in the Bible, Jesus PC upon he greeted others with Peace be upon you Salaam Alaikum. And the prayer that you mentioned how Muslims pray, Jesus fell on his face and prayed to God. Yeah, so this is what we do five times a day. Yeah. So tell tell us now the Islam clearly for you. It

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the concept of God, it cleared this up. You mentioned the Trinity monotheism. And now when you studied Islam, how does Islam clarify these things for you? I mean, Islam says clearly that not only does it say that, there's only one God and that that's so that's the only one you should worship. But it also, and this goes beyond just don't worship Jesus, no Muslims, we believe, we love Jesus, he's a prophet of God, but we don't worship him because he didn't create the universe, you know. So we don't worship Jesus. Well, we follow his example, as a prophet like, we follow the examples of all the prophets and worship God. So we cleared up this idea that there's only one God and we should

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worship Him, and that God sends prophets, and he sent prophets to all the people, but Islam

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has a special, you know, again, part of this unit, he has a special blessing and that the Prophet Muhammad as the last prophet, he's someone that is an example for all of us. So we try to follow his example. And the guidance that he laid down in terms of worshiping God alone without any partners, and that is his thinking, not only do you not worship other, you know, prophets or other angels or anything like this, or marry, you know, may Allah be pleased with certainly a lot of mercy on sweets or any of these, you know, worship any of these people, but

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you also don't worship money or you don't worship your job, because that could be another god. Right? This could this this concept of Illa in Arabic, like we say, God, we're in English, you'd say God was like a small G. Yeah, whatever the thing is, that makes you go whatever. Like, we're talking about you looking in your life for what should be the most important thing to me. Yes, whatever you say, that's the most important thing. That's what I'm going to decide based on that in a way that's your God. That's the thing that you're serving. And you're worshipping in Islam clears that up and say, just make it be about God, the Creator of the universe, then everything else falls in place.

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It's quite simple. We're going to take a break and we'll be back on the Dean's show.

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For the moon and let's

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praise him all day for what is and what was the cold.

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Don't give into shape. Oh, you believe please give thanks to

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salami, copious beauty. Welcome back to the D show today, the D shows on location with our brother, Michael Patrick Ryan. All right. So now we left off with

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talking about how you're born Irish and then going through and accepting Islam and the simplicity of the concept of the Creator that he's absolutely one that he cannot be divided like a pie into three or anything. He's not part of his creation, okay, and the direct connection with your with your Creator. This is something we want to go into now because in Christianity or save more so with the Catholic faith, you have a lot of intermediaries I've been told. And I've seen Actually, we have like Saints for every different purpose. You have someone you have to confess to. How was this now? Did you miss this? Did you was there something strange because you weren't doing this anymore? Can

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you elaborate on this a little bit?

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Yeah, I wouldn't say I missed it. But again, it's that idea of kind of

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Once you become a Muslim kind of understanding how things work, because it's so simple, I growing up, at least for me a part of it because I was young. But I think also, as for a lot of people, they grew up in a certain religion, they understand some of what they do, but they don't necessarily understand the way like some book would have the beliefs of that religion, you know, they may not even be able to tell you all the Why do you do this or that, and this is part of the nature of ways humans are. Even in the Quran, they talk about how, if you ask the people, why do you do this for them? They'll just say, we're not sure. But we saw our fathers doing it, you know what I'm saying.

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So, this is the way a lot of human beings are now, you know, but still, people might see good things about like the saints, if you look at their lives of some of them, they were they were very, you know, exemplary people. They used to help the poor, they used to make great sacrifices for God and stuff like that. So you'll see that people, maybe in the beginning, they have a good idea. Like, if we just remember this person's example, it will help us to be better in worship God. But then over time, it starts to become not just remembering their example. But why don't we just pray to this person, instead of praying to God, we'll pray to the person to somehow help us with God. And you

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know, one of the beautiful things about Islam, part of the lead is the fact that every single person, you can whenever you want to pray to God, not just the five prayers that we have, you know, that are at set times, which is very important. Because, you know, sometimes when you need to praise not always when you want to pray, I know a lot of people think I just pray when I want to. But anything you take, seriously, you can only do it when I want to, if you want to practice a sport, or you want to practice and get better shape, you can't just say when I feel like it, I'll do this to the coach, you got the code, you got to come up with a plan, you got to stick to a clear plan. Yeah,

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right. So we have those five pillars, but we also have do our or just supplication or just asking God for whatever we need, which we can do it anytime, anytime, anytime we want. So and we can do it directly to God, we don't have to go through anybody, or direct dialogue or dialogue with the creator of the all the worlds I mean, it's an amazing thing. When you think about it, and God says, In the Quran, he says, you know, remember me or to mention me, and I will remember you. So anytime we want to learn, we, you know, we as human beings, we're, you know, we're gonna die. We're very fragile. Our bodies are very fragile. You know, we're very insignificant in the scheme of the

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universe in the scheme of history. But we the creator of the universe, who is more powerful than anything in this creation, anytime we want him to think about us to remember us to hear what we're going through, all we got to do is call on a call on him directly. And so this is even like I said, when I was growing up, you know, I liked the good lessons in my religion, but I wasn't attached to my religion, because it didn't really hit home for me. Yeah. But once I got into this Islam, it hit it hit home for me. So I became, you know, more into it. You know, people say you became more religious. But it's not even about becoming religious. It's just your way of life is in touch with

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God. It's the habit of not being in touch. How about someone now telling you that? Look, you don't got someone who's paying the fine for you the ticket, the ultimate sacrifice. Now what happens right after Jesus died for your sins, right? And this is something also that I don't, you know, I don't claim to be an expert on why people believe that. But one thing you learn about God is that he is, in addition to being the most merciful, he is just, he's completely Justin. So how could God punish people for something they didn't do? And how can God forgive people based on something someone else did? This is not really justice, of course. So

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it to me that idea never really made sense. Yeah, to be honest.

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It doesn't really make sense to look to someone else. To to be the means that my, what I asked God directly to forgive me. What does Islam say about this? Islam says that, of course, every human being is only responsible for what he or she did. Now, Islam acknowledges that human beings create a lot of a lot of sin. And actually, the prophet Mohammed said, Every human being sins which we know peace be upon him, we know that every human being sins. But the best set of all those sinners are the ones who asked forgiveness from God. So we sin, but we ask forgiveness from God, and we try to do better. Well, we don't believe that you're born with some sin that our father Adam, did. Adam

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peace be upon him, he committed a mistake, he did it and he asked God for forgiveness, and God forgave him. And so he said, a beautiful example for us or father, Adam said, a beautiful example for us in how to make a mistake and then ask for forgiveness. But you know, a little baby is not born responsible for what Adam, it doesn't make sense. It doesn't make a left. But I mean, if the if the government tried to punish a baby for something their father did, we would say that's unjust. Yeah. But yet we accuse god of doing that. No, I mean, that to me, that doesn't make sense. So the Islamic idea is Jesus, it was a prophet example for us. He can die for our sins. We're responsible

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for our own sins. Now, like we said, because we're such sinners, which we are. We try to do better. But we try to do better in order to earn God's mercy and God's forgiveness. And we know that we may not deserve to go to heaven. The Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him who did it.

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Medicine in his life. But he actually said, you know, even me, if God was to just be totally just with me, even me, I wouldn't go to heaven. But God is merciful. If we do good deeds, if we ask for God's forgiveness, if we try to do the right thing, God is merciful with some of us, and he can let us go, he wants the best of us, you can compare it to a child now that you give him some rules, it's difficult things, but he will eventually get it, as opposed to the one who's not

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trying to follow them at all being rebellious. But God knows we're not Superman, at least give it your best. And then you have mercy on the child. You see, he's trying at least. So these are the examples. They fit with what God is, Almighty has given us our intellect and our heart. Tell me now, what is the ultimate sin? Because as we're told, if that if the son of Adam, and you probably know, this Hadith, where is narrated, was to come with me, with the sins fool up to the heavens, right? Not setting up any partners with me, that God can forgive this. But what does this mean when you sit up partners of God, the ultimate sin that God does not forgive?

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Well, as we say, we call it an Arabic shirt, which, like you said, is making a partner with God and his worship. And as we said, at the beginning, if God is the only creator, and God is the only one with power, and I think even even Christians and Jewish people, and other people will recognize this, they'll say, God has all the power, even the Catholics who might pray to a saint, they'll admit that they will say, or only praying to Him, so he can intercede with God. So everyone will admit that God has all the power, Islam says, you can go directly to that God and ask for what you need. So for you to now worship something else, for us to worship a stone, or a statue, or a rock,

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anything, anything crazy, even an angel, you have something that God created that a great spirit, an angel, whatever it is, for you to work, that's still a creative, that's still something that God created. That's another creative thing for you to worship that thing. That is the most and another place in the Quran. God said indeed, that doing that shirt is the worst type of Golem oppression is the worst type of oppression. Because you're putting something in a place that doesn't deserve to do you're taking something and making it into something that it doesn't deserve. And this this, this is this is a loom This is an oppression, this is a darkness. So this is what Islam came in all the

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profits came with their first mission is to get rid of this darkness and establish that people can come directly to God. So this type of thing, as we like to say here because this mess did many of us converted to Islam that shirk this idea of shirk. It's, anything can be forgiven in this world, right. So even those of us who grew up practicing shirk, we can be forgiven if we leave off from it, repent from it, and just they're going directly to God. Yeah. But if we die upon shirt, this is something that God has said, like you mentioned, the idea that this is something that can come as a barrier to our being forgiven, because God cannot forgive us if we're turning to something else

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besides God. And asking, a good example I like to make is, if you have

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someone who works for you, or you can have a sleigh, say a master has a slave and then the slave goes and is supposed to come and bring the earnings to the master, but he goes and gives it to someone else. Right and be upset, right? Yeah. And then and that would be that would be an injustice. Or if you have an employee that you're paying to do work for you and you find out the whole time they were working for someone else. Yeah. Well, you're paying them. I mean, you're paying justice to God, our Creator. Yeah, we'd be upset. Can you imagine how that's great? Yeah. So we're going to take a break, and we'll continue on with our interview and our guest today. Michael Patrick

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Ryan, brother gets on

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the moon and

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praise him all day for what word was decoded.

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Don't give into shape. Oh, you believe please give back.

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So I like home, peace be on TV. Welcome back to the deen show. We're here with our guest, Michael Patrick Ryan. So now we've talked about the pure and correct concept of God that he's absolutely one that each of us a baby when it's born, it's born sinless. What Islam teaches that you're responsible for your own actions now, but when you make a mistake, God forgives. He's the Most Merciful. But now you repent and you just give it your best to try not to make those same mistakes. It all makes sense no hamdulillah your praises the gods we say come to the law. So now, the ultimate sin we talked about because there's some things that

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there we have to let the people know and the ultimate sin it'd be unfair if we didn't tell them what we discussed. It is setting up partners with God. Right. So we covered this that Islam has a direct connection with you and your Creator. You're not confessing to anybody your sins. You're not going through any of that.

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mediary any charms, amulets, any of these things all cut out, right?

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So tell me,

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what about someone who says, You know what this is this Islam and Christianity all this stuff is confused enough I believe in one God, okay, but I'm going to do my own thing. No, I'm gonna make my own religion or, you know, I'm a good person. I don't steal I don't rob, I don't cheat. I'm a good human being I do believe in God. And let's call it a day. Yeah, I think No, I think there are a lot of people out there who think like that, especially in this society, this country, even probably around the world today, we've arrived at a time where people see religion being blamed for negative things that yes, is that a lot of bad things that happen are attributed to religion. And you see, as

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we mentioned, that many people write popular books and stuff.

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Talking about criticizing the whole idea of religion. Yeah. So people are kind of out there you like you said they're confused. They hear people saying different things. What I would say, in terms of the idea that people might have that I just want to go my own way, again, God was merciful enough that he gave us some guidance.

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And really, this idea that you're going to create your own way of life, your own thing,

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excuse me,

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it's a bit arrogant, it's a bit arrogant to think that you out of all the billions of people have lived are the only ones who know the right way to live. And you're the your own mind. It's a way of worshipping your own mind, actually.

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I've been talking a lot today, but

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it's a way of worshipping your own mind and your own desires and saying that, what I think that therefore is the truth. So instead, we have a tradition, like Islam, which many, many people may think, oh, Islam goes back 14 years, no, Islam goes back since Adam, since the beginning of creation, the message that all the prophets brought, worship one God, and then follow the guidance of the last prophet that came to follow the guidance of the books that were revealed. This is what Islam is. And this is something that humans have had for 1000s of years. And the best among humanity has always agreed on this thing. So we say that, follow it. And again, don't follow blindly what any

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one human did, but take from the tradition of all the prophets. And what they taught was what we call Islam. Which means, which means submission to the one gun submission to the one God, the Creator, don't get scared off by the Arabic. This is translated. And this is what all the prophets, did. They call people to submit their will to the will of God. Yes, and they can't, unless God gave us specific guidance of how to do that in our daily life through what the prophets bro, and you can't expect to have, make up your own currency, take it from another country and go here try to pay in another country with their currency. So how do you expect God to go except your own way that you

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made up and so your acceptance, right, and as you find, even though it's understandable what people may want to do that in the beginning, you'll find that if you really reflect upon it, if you study, really what Islam is, you study really what the profits time, you'll find that is beautiful. And you want to follow Yeah, you want to think that you can do better than what they did. Yeah, you want to think that you're better than what they were. So if you follow them, like we said, when I became Muslim, seeing the true example of what these people were, you want to follow. And that takes a formula would like to say sincerity, being humble, open minded, and it doesn't take a lot to find

00:28:20 --> 00:28:55

the truth, you just want to find the truth. Yes, and this is one of the great things about the times we're living in, and some of the place that we're living in, even though it has a lot of problems. And a lot of struggles for us that the people are probably a lot of people are more open, a lot of people are more sincere than any other time before in history, that people can see all the different ways of life out there. People can talk and this is why Islam maybe is fast growing at this time, because people don't necessarily feel they have to just follow whatever their parents did. They're more the society teaches them to be open, which is good, as you said, if a human being sincere, if a

00:28:55 --> 00:29:28

human being is humble enough to look for the truth, we know for sure that God will guide them to the truth. Any of us who believe in God can acknowledge that. Absolutely. We're gonna, just a few more. We're pressed on time, but we're going to cover just a few more points for the person that something is blocking him here. He wrote away associated Islam with terrorism, what do you got to say to this person? I mean, Islam. Obviously, I can tell you that Islam has nothing to do with terrorism. I mean, you may not have heard that before. If you haven't, you should know that for sure. We do not teach Islam is totally against the killing of any innocent life whatsoever. And this is what and I

00:29:28 --> 00:30:00

would encourage that person to study the life of Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, who is the established example for us of what Muslims are. And he was called by God in the Quran and mercy to all the worlds, not just the people, but the animals, the land, the crops, every living thing, everything about the earth. So for this thing, and this is why the Muslims got so upset when the Prophet Muhammad is attached to this terrorism, because he was the furthest thing from it and we love the Prophet Mohammed. Like we love our own selves like we love Prophet Jesus, and we don't want anything bad said about any of them.

00:30:00 --> 00:30:25

Yeah. And how about when someone now says, Okay, I gotta be Muslim, I gotta grow my beard and they look at you as some Muslims and they say why did they dress funny? Why they eat funny? What do you how do you respond to this? Right? I mean, there's a lot of different reasons, you know, some this, this dress that I have actually is like the traditional dress of Pakistan. Yeah, this is where my wife is from. These are comfortable clothes. I don't dress like this every day. But some days I do dress like this. When you go in a courtroom,

00:30:26 --> 00:30:58

I usually like this is what I do wear my Goofy, just to remind me that who I am, you know, to remind me of who I am as a Muslim, but people shouldn't look like I have to dress like this or I have to No, of course not. People don't people don't have to. There are certain guidance about dress and stuff. But it's not. It's not. It's not too extreme. It's not very much actually. It's very simple and very easy. But people should if they want, if they believe that there's only one God, and you believe in all the prophets, including the Prophet Mohammed, you're a Muslim right there, then we can work on all those other Look, how easy is that? What does one have to do to become a Muslim?

00:30:58 --> 00:31:32

They just yeah, if you just say it, I do a lot, a lot of Allah. Mohammed, Ursula does the Arabic phrase, which means which means I bear witness, that there's nothing worthy of worship except God, which we've been talking about from the beginning. And I bear witness that Muhammad is the Messenger of God, that includes all the prophets, all the Jesus watching all of them. And if you admit that you're already a Muslim, now you should we recommend that you go meet other Muslims and say it in front of them, so they can help you and support you and teach you about the religion. But that's all you have to do to become a Muslim. There's no you know, no membership fee. You don't have to jump in

00:31:32 --> 00:31:50

any but pools are in whatever you just make that a statement. Because once your heart changes, then God looks at you as one stall to MIT prize. Why do Muslims Why do people go through this extent to disattached? From the materialism to get away from all the things that other people the alcohol, the drugs, the

00:31:51 --> 00:32:24

the fornication, the process? Why do people start to leave all this and change? What are they seeking? Other than this world? What is it the ultimate goal? I think they're seeking paradise here? No, it's paradise heaven. And this is what we're all seeking. And indeed, you'll find all the human beings is what all the profits held out as the reward. They didn't hold up the reward that you will be written, how much can you pay? How much is paradise worth? Can you put $1, you can put $1 mine and you see everyone wants to be successful. But you'll find that people in this world, no matter how much money you have, you'll never feel like, Oh, I have enough money now. Has anyone ever said I

00:32:24 --> 00:33:06

have enough money? No, no, no matter what if you try to fulfill your desire for happiness, with material things, you will never be satisfied. So a person realizes that the only thing that can quench their desire for success is is paradise is heaven. And to get that it's worth more than this world and everything in it. It's going to take some sacrifice is going to take believing in God calling upon God by himself, not worshiping anything in the creation, worshiping God alone, and then striving to obey God and to do as he's told you to do, which means submitting your will to the will of God because God knows best this, this is an easy formula. Right? So we'd like to thank you for

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being with with us. We're going to actually I'm going to love to have you on again. So expect my call, God willing, I like to thank everybody for tuning in those who are tuning in all around the world. I like to thank those that are subscribed to our shows. We have been getting a lot of emails think I'd like to thank everybody who's supporting us. If you have any questions, please feel free to drop us an email, visit our website look at our video page. You can actually go by and read the Quran there for free. You have other shows. We recommend that you check out the library also.

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