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This is the

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law. greetings of peace Peace be to you. And you're watching the D show I'm your host when we come back Alia is back on the deen show the Muslim youth are learning Islam and Islam. The more we learn it, the more we implement it, the more better as our live, the more teaches us how. How to be the best human beings that you can be. And we're going to talk to one of those little Muslims when we come back here on the deen show. Sit tight don't go nowhere.

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This is the

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this is the

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he's be on to you.

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How are you?

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Good. Good. Thank you for coming back to the show. We did a show before. And how'd you how'd it come out? Did you did your friends watch it? Did people see you on the deen show? Yeah. Did you get a chance to share it with some of the not yet Muslims? Yeah, what was their response?

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Great. Great. So for the people that don't know about you already, then go to the D And, you know, they can watch the first show that we did. Now you're a, you're an author. With the help of your parents. You've written how many books? I've written four books, and I'm on my fifth printing, what are they called again? The first one is called things every kid should know smoking. The second one is called things every kid should know drugs. The third one is called things every kid should know bullying. And the fourth one is called things every kitchen no alcohol. And the fifth one is called things every kid should know junk food. Okay, so in your books, you're teaching

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kids how to smoke, how to eat junk food? What's the best junk food? How to be a bully? Is that what your books are about? to actually try to help them avoid? or avoid those things? Can you say Okay, can you say things every kid should know? It's not how to bully how to smoke, how to drink. Not that. How to not do that. Okay, cool. Why? I mean, we covered some of these things before, but just kind of, to, you know, recap. These books. Are they meant to? They're really meant to help keep kids away from these bad things. What if someone says, Look, this is I mean, I think it's good for me, you know, alcohol makes me feel good.

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Like, make you feel good, right then. And it's not really good for the long runs. And smoking, same thing. You know, what about parents? They're smoking. And they're telling they're not their kids not to smoke?

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What What do you got to say to the parents who are, you know,

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being bad examples.

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If you're doing you know how your kid is turning them into a VIP kid struggle of you know, not to do it, you know, but I think we're kids more likely to have a chance of doing it, because you're doing it and so your kid is watching you do I think they're more gonna have a chance doing it. So be a good example. Lead by example. Okay, don't smoke, don't drink. And don't bully. Okay, that's good. Now,

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you know, for again, we have so many, I can't not yet Muslim because everyone has the potential to submit their entire selves to the one who created them. That's what a Muslim is. What's Islam though? I was gonna define it. I mean, can you define to us what is Islam? Islam means?

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Peace in Islam means peace. So when we're Muslim, we're submitting to Islam, or submitting to peace, and regular peace to the universe to all of our list of plants, animals, humans, and of course, worshipping Allah subhanaw taala. So, the one who's the owner of peace, the one who gives peace is the Creator of the heavens and earth. So when we submit ourselves to the one who created us, this is how we can give, we can have peace within ourselves. And naturally, we're going to have peace with our environment, with the animals with the plants with other human beings. That's what Islam is canesta. Isn't that wonderful. And that's what a Muslim is one who does Islam. So now, for those

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people who don't know much about Islam,

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You know what, they've learned some things here on the deen show. And they're excited. They come back every week. Some of them, maybe they got their family members and they see you with the hijab, they might want to know why she wearing that.

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Well, the hijab, is it obligatory to you until you reach a certain age. But I started off when I was six, because my mom also started and I, and I learned that it was a no, it's never a young when you want to start off something good. And you want and you want to do something when you're young and you want to do something good. And it's never young, linear, never young enough to start it and doing it for the for last timer. Tyler. So he saw.

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Yeah. Now have you haven't? Has anybody ever given you a hard time because of the job? Not mostly for some people asked me. I for example. Do you have any hair? Questions like that?

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lesson? Yes. Yes. There are some some things, some funny questions, but

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they all share some with you, you know, somebody asked the question, you know, why do your women cover for instance? And did you hear the one about the two candies, the two pieces of candy. So the guy who was asked this, he took two pieces of candy, and he threw them on the floor. The floor is like dirty got dust over it. Right? So then one was unwrapped. You know, the candy has the wrapper. So one was with the wrapper, and one was without the wrapper. So then he told the person to ask him, he said, you know, which one would you like to pick up off the floor? Now? What do you think he said, the one that was uncovered? I got all the dirt on it. And all this other stuff? Or the one

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that was wrapped up, sealed tight? What do you think he said? The one that was wrapped up? So then the light bulb went on? He said, Oh, I see. Ah, and this is the Muslim woman, our mothers, our daughters. Our ads are great. I mean, the woman is more precious than than candy, or diamonds or any of these things. So Islam protects the woman. Definitely, yes. And do you feel more protected? Now? While you're wearing the hijab, and you feel more respected? Yes. Why is that? Because when people see you a new trying to ally for example, when money and peace of water when Mary when she used to cover universal heart and covered that's the mother of Jesus. Yes. And whenever you saw her in a

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picture, people painted up or people made of her, she was always covered up and see none nowadays. When they're wearing their their clothes, people respect them more because they think their family their religion better than we are.

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So if, if very peaceful upon her mother, mother, if she can do it, and if not can do How can someone can do it? How come there's like a double standard there? And suddenly, she's depressed. Yeah. Well, that's true freedom, then freedom within the bounds of morality is dressing up instead of dressing down, you know, so that should be respected, you choose to wear more. And that is something that you know what if anybody looks at it, logically, it makes sense. And one of the most righteous women, you just mentioned her name Mary, the mother of Jesus, she was wearing that Muslim hijab also, you're doing the same with the continuing the same legacy. And we're going to come back with more of

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alia, and we got a special guest here on today's show. He'll be with us soon, Abraham. So don't go nowhere. Here on the show. With Alia, sit tight, I'll make him

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with good deeds, we'll find that good reads would

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clear out your mind in your heart of hatred

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and preconceived notions, racism and nationalism, because you cannot have anything inside of you that like that against people and still be successful.

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Back here on the D show of alia, and we're gonna continue on asking you some questions. All right. So you know, there's a big thing in the media, you know, that Islam is being portrayed? Like, it's something that is not good for humanity. Like it's something that is extreme. Does Islam teach you to be extreme? No, it doesn't. Does Islam teach you to be radical?

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and Islam? There are many different types of missile from all from all kinds of out

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all parts of the world, and we're always supposed to be nice to everyone then including those Muslims. Now, does does Islam teach you to hurt innocent people to have this idea that you want to hurt children of people who are not Muslim to want to kill them? Actually, I believe it's just a system of Quran and the Hadith. But it says, If you kill one person, it's like, you kill

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The whole world. And if you see one person that it's like, you see what the whole world?

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Okay, so you're not I mean, you're not one of those radicals are you? Okay?

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We see we, we find that funny. Now there are, you know, we have to admit there are some people who possibly, you know, they have some misinformation but that's why we encourage everyone to come watch the deen show, read some of your books to figure out really what the Muslim youth are all about. And, you know, you're you're somebody who's a testimony to that. Alright, so we talked about the hijab, we talked about the terrorism, that Islam has nothing to do with this. And it's a shame that we have to constantly usually come back to this. But again, there's so many people out there who love what Islam is about, you know, it makes sense, where should just God do good? And get paradise,

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right? So accountability, for your actions, data judgment, all these things make sense, but then to hear something about Muslims and in the news and the media, and then they get this little taste in their mouth, but now they get to hear it from us. And you know, what? They think they start thinking a little bit different and many of them even accept Islam. Is it true that more Muslim more women are soaked in Islam than men? Yes. Did you hear about that? Yes. Yeah, what do you got to say about that? Well, there are in the world actually, there are more women than men. So those that

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come to LA, okay. role models is very important. Nowadays, the youth are taking

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bad people as role models, all right, as their leaders and

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you to get to where you are today, having you know, Mashallah, this knowledge, who did you have to take as a role model? Well, I served my role models are, was was a sort of, he was a great leader, helping kids and adults and he was a member of models. And another one of my role models is patata delana. She was also very brave and courageous, and she helped her father a lot and his mission in Islam, and some other role models in this society today that I think have done a lot for slam

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and to further and to help out less Muslim ummah. For example, doctors can make use of assess doctor brain Jamali, doctor to have a child and many other great shots. And

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you know, I asked you some of these questions before we think they're important. Now, you know, for some of the kids that are taking Britney Spears, and j low 50 cents, you know, rough, rough, raggedy ride these people as role models, you know, and they're listening to you now, why should they take who you mentioned as role models, as opposed to taking these other people as role models?

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Well, well, like the people that I took for Mother's Day always had good characters, those had good manners, they always had good,

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though, is good, they were always trying to do good helping other people. And most of these people, some of their songs aren't very good. And some of their songs portray bad message like kids as young as me, we shouldn't be listening to it, and we shouldn't really know about it. My mind's cleaned from these things.

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And so it's important to have role models that teach you good things that are good. Instead of teaching you bad things and teaching you worse things than we're supposed to know at the same age. Let's talk about respect in Islam. What does Islam teach you about respect? Well, Islam teaches us back to a Lost Planet, Allah and from Allah subhanaw taala, respecting him, respecting God is obeying His commandments and obeying what he's telling us to do. And from that, we also have to respect all of mankind, Muslim or non Muslim, so we have to respect them. And we also have to respect plants and animals and other living things. That's beautiful. Islam is giving you a complete

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balance, that the first thing as you mentioned, is respecting the one who gave you life. Yes, you want to worship Him alone. But if someone says, look, you know, I worship a messenger like Jesus, I mean, is that the right thing to do? No, because even the messengers in some point or another level, he said, when they were stuck in something or they had to get help, they always prayed to God there was pray to Allah. They always went back to a Lost Planet, Allah for Allah to help them and ask for help. So even they they always surrendered themselves to a Lost Planet Allah. Now when you say a lost $1, you talking about Sun Moon, God, Who are you talking about when you say a lot of Allah is

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the God who created this universe and who created everything in it. And that's the one that these messengers they called upon when they were in need. Yes. What now?

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The next question Why were these messengers sent? Why did God sent all these messengers? Well, God created everything. And he created everything. And he created the world. And he created a beauty in it. So he did that. And basically for I want to give you an example of preservable, if you made a car, and the gentleman's gasoline and the didn't use energy, I mean, it doesn't use to say, I use a whole new type of energy, and many people tend not to use that you're the only one that knew. And would you give a manual to help people use that car? Or would you just let people try to gas it up and break this part of the car and try to power it up and break this other part? Or would you do

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some manual maybe even make a video teaching people how to use this car?

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Well, this one was natality. He made us then he sent down books and messengers to help guide us to the one path that's going to help us in this role, this life and the hereafter. And there are some of these puppets for example, were Adam loot, no.

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No. Smile is how many Prophet Mohammed prophase, Prophet Musa and many other prophets and messengers, and there are some from Allah Subhana dialer. And they're sent at different times for different tribes. And but in the end that always came with the one same message though there was only one message that all came with, and that was believing in one God believing in one God. Yes. That was the message from all the prophets. Yes. And what else? And also they are also to treat your neighbors kindly treat other people kindly do business family and many other things like so much so much to cover? And so little time so we're going to get through all of this. We promised the people

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Abraham Where's Abraham? Abraham? Salaam Alaikum.

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masala I watched your last show was really exciting.

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Oh, can I ask you some questions? I also met your brother. I do my mom's Okay. Okay. Okay. I'm kind of hungry. Can I can I

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forget sometimes.

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Tell me now like, you know, there's some people they get confused. They think Islam is like terrorists and worshipping Muhammad, and then they want to burn it.

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What are you going to say to them? Is that what Islam is about, like terrorism and blow this person up? Oh, my head. Sorry. Ah, can you put my head back on?

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Okay, what are you gonna say to them, please?

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it isn't about that. It's about peace and it's a piece for all of mankind and for all of humanity. Mashallah, you know, how can you get peace? First? Where do you get what's the first thing you got to do? I mean, what are you going to do to have peace? Well, there are five pillars and oh, five pillars. Tell me the fireplace. Tell me tell me tell me. The first pillar is Shahada saying there is one God and He is a Lost Planet Allah and the second pillar is a messenger.

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There's only one God and what what Muhammad is the messenger? Yes. And Muhammad is a mess. Okay, go ahead, keep going. And then the second pillar is

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a lot so praying, then that solid, solid, solid, not solid, like food or something. So what does that mean? Salah

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prayer, oh, prayer prayer to God. Yes, it's good. Why would you pray to God? So you get a prayer, just God? When you say a prayer to God, you mean Jesus? Or Mohammed or the moon? Or what are you talking about?

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praying to one a lot. Thank God. Okay, go ahead. And then so that's a lot in then it's the cat giving alms giving charity to the poor. We're in need of it.

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And then, so fasting, and that's the, that's the fourth pillar, which is so on, which is fasting in the month of Ramadan. And also there is some fasting also you could do it, you don't have to, but you can do on Mondays and Thursdays. So fasting, and then there's hedge, which is the fifth pillar, it's a pilgrimage to Disney World. It's

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America. That's like the first house of worship by Abraham rights, to worship, work the cover, to worship Allah to worship God. I like how you answer that good. I gotta go, but I

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can use my hand.

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Okay, I gotta go. But I want to sing a song. Can you sing a song with me? Okay, I'm gonna start and then you go. Are you ready? And everybody at home, sing along? Have you? Have you had a haircut? I love you. Huggy. Huggy. Huggy. Huggy. I love you. Huggy. Huggy. Huggy.

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Huggy. Huggy. Huggy Will you love me too. I love a lot.

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I love you.

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I love you to hockey hockey hockey. I love you.

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Okay, sister, I'm gonna go and make sure you do the heart to your father and your mother and your your brother and sister. Give them a hug. Tell them you love them. We gotta love each other.

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Okay, most important, what do you love the most?

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You love God the Most

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undeterred judgment, the mercy of a law, these are the things that finally made me realize there is no time to delay anymore. I want you to take my Shahada right day because

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the essence of spirituality is to become more sincere to last

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decade. So it is very, very scary. But it brings you back to reality there is a life which is everlasting. You have to make a conscious decision of which group of people do you want to be the people who have no other people?

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I am not afraid.

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I am not afraid.

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I'm not afraid to say

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I am not afraid.

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I'm not afraid.

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I'm not afraid.

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I'm not afraid.

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Back here on the dean show. And what do you think about Abraham? If you'd like his song? Yeah. Yeah. So encouraging to Huggy parents. Forget hug your mom.

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Alright, so you're covered. Now with him the five pillars. This is very important. That's that's the the bedrock of Islam, you know, testifying that there's no God, but God, that you only worship, the one who created you and Mohammed is the last and final messenger and this would accept, you would accept all the other messages that came

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before him, Jesus, Moses, Abraham, Noah, then the prayer five times a day, the charity, the fasting and the Hajj. And, you know, if anybody wants to accept Islam, you know, this is what they have to do. It's very simple. So you've learned so much is in so short of time. Now. Let's move on. We're almost out of time. Tell us Alia, you have some tips that you give us when you speak? What are these tips? Well, the first tip is always remember our last panel, Tyler, and that he's always watching even if other people don't see you, and you do something bad. And the second thing is, keep gaining knowledge about great leaders so that you may emulate them. And the third tip is be an example. But

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win for everybody else to be the good leader. If you see the term to help someone stop doing something bad, help them. And the fourth tip is, be humble. Always Be humble on this, and always help people out. This may seem hard at some things. But my mom told me, this is truly when we show our power that we love. We love him and thank him for his blessings. And number five, always say Alhamdulillah for everything. And sometimes your test or trial or tribulation is hard. Remember that it could always be worse.

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Really great advice. Really good advice. And how can people if they want to read some of those books that you have written? How can they get in touch with you? Well, they can go to my website, www dot Alia that spelled ALYA, and you are So they can go to the website. And also um, there's this other website, I have an ISIS is with me and my brother, and it's more for kids. We're making games and everything on that website. And that website is called www dot things every kid should again, that's www that things every kid should know that. Well, thank you again for joining us here on the dean Show. I'm sure so many people got to benefit and inshallah we'll see you

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again next time. You're in town. Thank you. May Allah reward you.

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And thank you for tuning in sitting tight through another episode of the deen show. You got to learn a little bit more about Islam. Islam is the fastest growing way of life in the world. Islam doesn't call you doesn't call the children doesn't call human beings to go and kill other human beings is start Islam is about establishing justice. Islam is about establishing goodness in your homes and your societies and you can see from them

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Little Muslims that we have. This is what the parents are teaching them. Islam and this is what's breeding good because Islam is good, and God is good and UNICEF is good. And he said the best message, the best message to humanity and as to call human beings, to establish a direct dialogue, to have peace was the one who created you. And that's how you can truly have peace within yourself and you can have peace with the environment and those around you. And we hope we really hope that you take the time out, continue to come back here to the deen show to continue in your quest. Because there's a lot of things out there distracting you, but you take into timeout you reflect

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what's the purpose of life, why am I here in this world? And you know what everything about Islam is making sense. There was some misconceptions that you have, but you came to the deen show. And now you understand why the Muslim woman covered Jesus, his mother covered. Jesus wasn't god but He prayed to God, you learned all these things you learned the five pillars of Islam makes sense. It makes sense. It's something that you don't have to do a lot of mental gymnastics to make fit is something that goes with your very nature, worship the One God do good, not just to Muslims to all mankind, to all mankind and there is one Hadith that will end with this is saying of the last and

00:26:14 --> 00:26:52

final message sent to mankind that he's saying that those that do not have mercy to God's creation, to the creatures on earth, God will not have mercy on them. And Islam is a merciful religion is a merciful way of life. And we hope that inshallah God Willing that you want to know more and if you want to get a free crown, which the verbatim WORD OF GOD call the number on the screen, one 800 662 Islam, and if you want to follow the way of life, all the messages of God, including Jesus, go ahead and call in if you have some criticism. They're all welcome. We can come to an understanding to healthy dialogue, and until next time, peace be unto you. I am not afraid.

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I am not afraid.

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I'm not afraid.

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I am not afraid to say

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I am not afraid.

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I'm not afraid.

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