Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P26 263E Tafsir Al-Fath 10-17

Taimiyyah Zubair
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In the Levina, indeed those people who you by your own Africa, they pledge allegiance to you, or messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in NAMA, indeed only you by your owner. They pledge allegiance, to who? Allah, to Allah. They were giving you back. But in reality they were giving back to who? To Allah. How Yet Allah He, Allah's hand was full of ad him, it was above their hands. Because when people come together for the sake of Allah, then who is with them? Allah is with them. Yet Allah He Folkert ad him the word you by your own aka. Right, it's from bat. Yeah, I mean by yah, is to give Bayer and what is Bayer? It is basically to make a pledge. All right, to give your

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promise to someone, basically, from the word Bayer. What does Bayer mean?

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By your own trade, right? That you sell something, you give something and you take another in exchange, right? You give what you have, and you get from the other what you don't have. So it's basically an exchange. And that is the whole idea of by are that you gave your pledge, right? You commit yourself to do something to obey somebody to accept them as their leader, and then you get some benefits in return from them.

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All right. This is referring to the bay or one. Remember, we learned earlier that add her they be under the tree, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he took the VR, the pledge from the Companions all 1400 of them. For what? When did this happen? When Earth Manuel de la Mer and who was sent to Makkah to negotiate with the machine, and for a very long time, he didn't come back. And when he didn't come back, the Muslims expected the worst, that if he was alive, he should have been back by now. The fact that he's not back means that something terrible has happened. Right? So killing the mystery. What does that mean? declaring war basically? Now, the Muslims remember, they

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hadn't come prepared for battle? Were they prepared for battle? No, they had gone for umbra. They were in Iran. All right. They didn't really have their weapons and their shields with them. Correct. They were exhausted from the travel. Right. And they were gonna fight. Who the people who were firstly three times their number, well rested, well equipped. Correct. But in this situation, what happened? They gave their pledge to the Prophet salallahu alayhi wa sallam, that basically they would fight if there would be a need for the defense of Allah's religion, that if the enemy has killed the misery of the messenger, sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, then the Muslims will not turn

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their backs, they will not run away. They will firmly defend Allah's religion. So in the Levina, Yuba Hironaka, Allah says, in the Ummah, you buy your own Allah, this bay, I was basically signing up for death.

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This is basically what it was.

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Allah says, Indeed, these people were giving a barrel to Allah. Apparently they gave their pledge to the messenger, but in reality they gave it to Allah, because how is it they are given? It's given by putting your hand in the hands of somebody else? It's made by joining hands. All right, so the two parties that are one is giving the br One is taking the bear. So here we have the Companions giving the bear the prophets of Allah is that I'm taking it, how is this being done by joining hands? All right. Allah says that yes, there was the hand of the messenger. However, in reality, the bearer was made with Allah.

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Ya Allah He focal ad him. Allah's hand was above their hands. What does this mean? Does this mean that physically, we will seem? No, not at all. What this means is that, yes, because folk are above, Allah has Alou. He is above his servants, always. He's above the creation always. What this means is that this was a sacred contract. This was a commitment made with Allah,

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apparently on the hand of the messenger, but it was a commitment made with Allah.

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What does this teach us that anytime we make a commitment with somebody, in the name of Allah, for the sake of Allah, for the cause of Allah, in reality, that commitment is with who

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it is with who it is with Allah.

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former NACA, so whoever breaks meaning violates goes against the bearer NACA noon Kapha. Knock knock this to unravel that which was well knitted.

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So it's basically to break your promise after making it. So whoever NACA for enum ion Casola NFC, then he will only break it to his own detriment, meaning he will himself suffer while on ofa. And whoever fulfills, fulfills, won't be met with that which I had. He promised our lady who upon it, Allahu Allah, whoever fulfills that, which he promised Allah fossa you d he urged on our Alima than Allah who will give him a great reward for what? For his truthfulness, for his commitment. Whoever breaks the promise, then he's the one who's going to suffer and whoever fulfills it, then Allah will give him a great reward. Do you notice something over here? B Ma? hada la Hola, LA who? Have you

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ever seen this before? What is it generally? What is it generally i Li? Isn't it? But this is our lady who? Why? One of the benefits is that you see our lady who after our lady who is the name of Allah.

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Now remember that the name of Allah right before that, if there's a letter that has a customer

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then what happens the lamb in Allah becomes thin or you say it very soft way.

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Right? Like this middle layer he Bismillah he me? Because of me, the lamb is very thin, right? How else would you describe it?

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Bismillah he, okay, you get the point right? But if there is a Fatah or a llama, then what happens? The lamb is heavy.

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Right? So here in the context it's more suitable. He is making a promise with who with Allah. Be ma hada Allah you who law her realize who you're making this promise with? fossa you de Janeiro Lima to this person, Allah who will give a great reward.

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You see, there was no battle or his mind will be Lauren who was not killed. Then basically this bearer was a test of their determination. It was a test of their commitment and willingness to defend the deen.

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Right. And from this bearer, the treaty came because when this barrel was made the machine found out and they panicked that Muslims are getting ready to fight us, they panicked, and the center mysteries then to negotiate and then come up with the treaty.

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So on the one hand, there are those who fulfill their commitment and on the other hand were those who did not fulfill their commitment Allah says say a Kulu he will say laka to you, who will say to you al Mukalla, fauna, those who remain behind mobilephone plural of Maha love one who stays behind one who has been left behind and this is referring to those who stayed behind. Meaning who did not go for Umrah say a kulula Cal McCullough fauna mineral or RB or Allah is a plural of the word.

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Our lobby and our lobby from the letters I ra

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R OB R who, desert dwellers those who live in the desert and this is referring to the non residents of Medina the tribes who lived outside of the city of Medina. All right.

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And Allah subhanaw taala says that they will say to you, meaning when you will return shell or Letna it occupied us it kept us busy sheen Lane Lam

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Shala when someone is too busy doing something, so he doesn't have the time to do something else. They will say shall Allah Tina, um, where Luna what kept us busy. Our properties, our man, our homes, our work our business, what a Luna and also our families, our children, our spouses, our relatives, they kept us so busy. They occupied us we were so busy with them. This is why we couldn't come with you for Umrah so first off Atlanta, so seek forgiveness for us. We're sorry we couldn't come remember us in your prayers. You're so righteous.

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Allah says Jaco Luna, they say be elsina T him with their tongues, ma that which laser is not ficolo Be him in their hearts. They're saying with their mouth

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See what is not in their hearts.

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Meaning they're lying. This is just lip service. In reality, they're not regretful they're quite happy

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in their homes, they're quite happy with their families. Allah is exposing their lies over here. And then he warns them, say, from a young Liko then who possesses lecan For you mean Allah He against Allah che and anything meaning who can save you from Allah in Arada if he intended become with you determine a harm or other become NEFA or he intended some benefit for you. Meaning who has the power to defend you from Allah. Belkin, Allah Who rather Allah is ever be master I'm Aluna with whatever you do hubiera acquainted.

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This idea is one of the most frightening verses

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if you were to ask me, which I do find the most frightening I would say this is

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because these people, they said to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam something that we say as well.

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sha Allah Tina, um, why Luna? Luna?

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What is it that holds us back? That doesn't allow us or we think doesn't allow us to go forward in the way of Allah to even perform Salah on time to even given charity? What is it that hold us back? What's the number one excuse we make? Sure, Letna Anwar Luna, Luna, I was so busy at home, I have guests coming. My kids, my husband, my family, my this my that I have a job, school, whatever it is. It's basically either our unwell, or our oil

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that prevent us. Now this doesn't mean that we don't care about our unwell. And we don't care about our oil. Of course we do. We must.

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However, we should never make them an excuse.

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Because you know what, when it comes to man, and when it comes to money, our job, our Career Education, whatever it is, and our families. They are such things that no matter how much you give to them, it's never going to be enough.

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I guarantee you, you stay in your house for an entire week and do nothing except clean your house and look after it.

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By the end of the week, there will still be work that needs to be done.

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I guarantee you

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no matter how much time you spend with your family, you run in their service, what will happen at the end? Will they be 100% satisfied? No, there will always be something more they want from you. This doesn't mean you don't care about your family. This doesn't mean you neglect your wealth. What this means is don't make them an excuse. Because when you want to accomplish something in your life, then it's understood. It's well known. You have to give up some of your unwell and you have to give up some of your time with your family. Come on when you have to go somewhere, even for you know some errands. Don't you leave your children at home. Don't you do that? When you have to go to school,

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isn't it that for the whole day or for many hours you don't get to even speak to your father or your mother because you are busy studying.

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So never make them an excuse.

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When Allah calls us,

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whether it is for Salah or it is for any service of his Deen, then what should be our response love bake Allah whom Allah bake not, I'm busy. sha Allah, Tina unweld on our Aluna we cannot say such things. In a hadith we learn the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that Allah says that all son of Adam, devote yourself to my worship,

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devote yourself to my worship, and I will fill your chest with riches and remove your poverty.

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And if you do not do so, then I will fill your hands with problems and not alleviate your poverty. You make time for Allah, Allah Who will take care of your affairs. He will give you contentment and you don't make time for Allah, you will never be satisfied, you will always have problems. And what we see over here is that these people don't even bother to seek forgiveness themselves. What do they say? They say to the Prophet salallahu Salam, you seek forgiveness for us, because the whole goal over here is to please people to earn their approval. They lied to satisfy people. But even if all of mankind is pleased with us, because of the false excuses we give them. Remember, Allah knows our

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Allah knows our reality. We can lie to people

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But Allah knows where we truly stand. So let's be honest with ourselves, and let's be honest with our Lord. Allah says, Bill, rather, what actually kept you back is that linen tomb, you thought you assumed

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and that learn, never young caliber, he will return on rasuluh the messenger.

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The real reason why you did not come along is that you thought the prophet will make me known and the believers, they would never return Isla Lee him to their families Abba ever,

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because they were going to Makkah in Iran, where their enemies were sitting, they were going in the lion's mouth. So the hypocrites thought that the Muslims Yeah, they're going for Omura. But you know what, they're never going to make it back home, they're going to their enemies, their enemies are going to finish them, they're going to slaughter them.

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They're never going to make it back alive. This is what you actually thought. Allah says was Xuyen Adeleke a few Kulu become and that thought was made pleasing in your hearts. You actually liked that idea that he asked the Prophet and the believers are going and you know what, hopefully we'll never see them again. This made you happy.

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What do we see here? This person is happy with the loss of the Muslims was weak in a VALIC a few Kullu become well run into oneness so and you assumed and assumption of evil, you thought something so bad about Allah subhanho wa Taala Welcome to Komamura and you are in fact, a people who are Bora Bora, plural of the word bear it from the root letters Valois. And who is bear in one to be destroyed.

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You thought negative you thought bad, while you will get bad content Komamura you thought the muscles will be destroyed while you know what you will be destroyed.

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Why am alum you men and whoever does not believe Billahi in Allah wa rasuluh he and in His messenger, Allah says for inna Arthur dinner, then indeed We have prepared lil Cafe Marina for such disbelievers Sarah Euro ablaze. Those who don't believe in Allah and His Messenger, for them is lost upon loss in this world. They will be Komamura of people who are destroyed and in the hereafter set euro will Allah he will cause some Allah to a lot And to Allah belongs the dominion of the heavens and the earth. Yo futilely mania Shah, He forgives for whomsoever He wills, where you are a zebu, my Yeshua. And he punishes whoever He wills. What can Allah Hula, hula Rahima And Allah is Ever

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forgiving and merciful. Notice over here, forgiveness and punishment is mentioned. And then what is emphasized, forgiveness is emphasized.

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Because what do we learn from Hadith could see that Allah's Mercy overcomes his anger, His mercy is greater than his wrath.

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Say a Kulu he will say meaning when you will return. Remember the surah was revealed when the Prophet sallallaahu Salam was on his return journey from her labia to Medina. So, the Prophet said a lot of time is being prepared that when you will go back this is what will happen. Now groups of people will come to you with their faults excuses, say a call makalah fauna, the Mohan LePhone those who remain behind they will say to you either Turlock dome, when you set out in Pollock tomb in talaga, remember soulful calf Fung Tanaka they both set out.

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So, when you will set out meaning in the future, Isla towards Milan him some war booties, Lita who do have in order that you take it

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they will say to you the McCullough phone will say to you Varuna leave us meaning let us be not the vehicle we will follow you meaning we will come along with you. What is this referring to? This is referring to the expedition of labor.

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Remember that soon who they be it was a fat, which meant that soon after it, Allah subhanaw taala was going to grant the Muslims victories upon victories. And one of the first victories that Allah subhanaw taala gifted the Muslims was of hybrid

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in the Battle of Hiber.

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Now remember that the battle of Hiber was an offensive battle, meaning the Muslims marched towards high but why exactly inshallah we'll discuss that later. Okay.

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And the battle of high bar was very tempting for people to participate in. Why? Because labor was a land of date palms

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It was a fertile land.

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If you got hold of those lands, you became very rich basically.

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So many people thought you know what, let's participate in the battle. So that when we when we get a share of the war booty

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Allah says that when you will set out to those booties which booties off Hiva Lita Hua so that you may take it because the victory was very easy. These people who right now have stayed behind. They're not willing to come for Romana because they're too busy. But when it's time to go for a battle, they will say, the owner of the vehicle, we want to come along with you. Let us be don't stop us. We want to come with you.

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Why do they want to come? Because the victory is imminent. It's obvious the gain is a lot and they want to have a share.

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Allah says you read Luna, they want a you but DeLuca lamb Allah that they should change the word of Allah. What word of Allah? Allah subhanaw taala had promised the participants of who they be future victories and Ghana him. Right. He had promised who the participants of her they via that Allah will grant them victory.

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Allah will grant them success upon success.

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Now those who did not participate in who they BIA, they wanted to get the benefits.

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Allah says you read una and you bet DeLuca la mala Ko Lanta, Toby Runa say to them You shall never follow us You shall never come along with us. Why? Because gallican Allah, Allah whom in Kabul, that is what Allah said before. What did Allah say before that these rewards are for the workers.

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Which workers those who went for her they via? They will get shares off Kaiba fossa coluna then they will say Beltre sudo Nana, no, no, you're jealous of us. They will accuse you, of being jealous of them.

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Can you imagine how childish This is? Allah says Belkin who lie of Kahuna Illa kalila. The reality is that they don't understand, except very little. So in verse number 15, what is mentioned that when the Muslims would go for future expeditions, and where the victory, or where the expedition seems easy, and the victory seems guaranteed, and the benefits are also very tangible, then there are some people who will very happily willingly go along with you.

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Why? Because their main objective is what the benefits of this world, correct. They're concerned about, just themselves, they're not concerned about the dean,

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where they get some personal gains and personal benefit, they're willing to go along, for where they have to sacrifice and bring benefit to the dean. There, they don't want to go along, you're likely to set that some people, they just work on building themselves. And then there are others who build history. There are some people whose aim in life is just to make a big name for themselves. And then there's some other people whose aim in life is to create positive change.

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So we need to see that what are my eyes on? What is my goal and focus? Is it just myself? Or is it something greater than just myself? So over here in Iowa, number 15, what do we learn that Allah's promise of victory of the success of labor was for who for those who work for those who strive not those who sit back?

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You see, everyone wants to be on the winning team.

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But to become the winning team, isn't there a lot of work and sacrifice that has to go in? A lot. So some people, they participate when the game is easy, and certain than they want to come along? And where it seems difficult. They just want to stay back.

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Cool, say Lin Mahalo, fina, for those who remain behind Minal Arabi of the Bedouins tell them that said to the owner you will be called Isla to Tolman of people meaning to face the people to fight people, which people that are only bet Cintia didn't that are possessors of great military might, meaning you're not allowed to go for high bar. However, after that, there will be some future opportunities in which Muslims will have to face people of great military might. And this is referring to battles such as her name, all right, or the Battle of Yamama some major battles in the future in which the enemy will

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is really very powerful. Allah says Ducati Luna home, you will fight them, oh you slay Munna or they will submit meaning either may happen either there will be a battle, or there will be no battle and the enemy will surrender for into your room. So if you obey you decom Allahu agilon has center that Allah will give you a great reward. What into our low. But if you turn away at that time, come at our Latham in Kabul, just as you turned away before when at her Davia you are the coma 11 A Lima, then Allah will give you a severe punishment. What do we learn over here? That yes, these people, they lost the opportunity of participating in her Davia. And because of that they lost some future

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opportunities also, like labor. However, Allah subhanaw taala says that you will get more opportunities will test you again.

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We'll see what you do them.

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If you take advantage of those opportunities, then yes, Allah will give you a great reward. But if you turn away just as you turned away right now, then there will be severe punishment. What do we learn from this idea that it happens in life that sometimes we lose an opportunity? We don't take advantage of it. And then yes, we have regrets in our heart.

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But that doesn't mean it's all over. Because Allah subhanaw taala is the most generous.

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What we need to do at that time is learn from the opportunities we've missed. And the next time, Allah sends us an opportunity, that no matter how hard and how difficult it may seem, just grab it.

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Take it and give it your very best laser it is not idle armor upon the blind person. How Don't you have any blame meaning any guilt? For what for having remained behind from her labia because there were some people who didn't go for her they via because of some genuine reason?

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Like for example, a person who is blind he cannot undertake the journey while are left out or do you have a job and there is no blame either on who on a person who is lame, meaning he's got some physical disability he's not even able to walk properly. Wallah and nor either mareel the hemorrhage and nor upon the sick any blame, meaning their excuses are genuine. So they're not guilty. Earlier which group has mentioned those who made excuses false excuses shall Letna and why Luna? Luna there were not real excuses. Here the excuses genuine. So there is a difference. Woman and whoever you are, allow her he obeys Allah rasool Allah Who and his messenger Allah says you Hale who Allah who

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will admit him into Jeanette and into gardens, that dream and daddy Hill and how beneath which rivers flow woman yet well, but whoever turns away you are the one who are other than Lima than Allah who will give him a severe punishment. What do we learn from these last few verses that striving and not striving are not equal, working and not working are not equal. So the results they bring will also not be equal.

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We cannot please Allah subhanaw taala just by our words, we have to match our actions with our statements.

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If Allah sends us an opportunity to do something for his sake, let's take advantage of it. And if we have regrets for losing certain opportunities, then let's learn from them and not repeat the same mistakes again.

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We'll listen to the recitation and then share reflections amongst yourself okay.

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your own in your your own a law handle law he fell in the ball ad in Feldman

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Juana FC one L fabby.

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Long enough so you t Agim unknown Lima say up all I can move on level or being shoved on.

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Long enough as don't feed

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your own me LLC nothing. malaise Fe Punahou being old family Emily Coleco Mina Lauren Shea and in our our Debbie Khumba one

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Debbie Kunis bellicon along with

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Benoit to

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call you

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mean owner

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Adele was the queen and Ally Kaffee who

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was Lena Danny Caffee who become more one

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on one so

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don't call me.

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Woman You mean

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he wants to leave in

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theory that's

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what he wanted

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yell feelingly me.

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You want the booming

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worker in a long hallway walking. So you're

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gonna either follow up or tune in Elana Warren email

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Yuri Duna EY human do

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the B roll

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call Allahu

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Pombal per se abou una

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una Polyfilla. Only Mohan levy

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bombing only by

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to call to

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use the moon for tour

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de como la agilon has

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were either

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me Ben Kumada, early

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laser Arlen, how are

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you how Raju Allah Allah Marie, we have one at your

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while many

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Islamic legal regimes utilizing this time, and I know when somebody

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who just send her kids to the mosque and everybody's fasting, but she herself doesn't get time and asked her why you don't go to therapy. She said, I send my children. And I'm saying my husband, and I look after them. So I don't get time. So that's the you know, reflection, which is very scary one exactly, we do the same one, same excuses we made.

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And the thing is that no matter how much we have to look after our families, when we want to do something that that's important for us, we make time for it.

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So like, I just found it amazing that Allah saying that the companions will be rewarded for their subber even when they couldn't do a good deed for Allah sake. And I feel that's really gentle. And it's such a good reminder from a lot because as a woman, like I see my husband, he goes to therapy every day, and I can't, because I have a baby running around, I have to put them to bed after Iftar. And I have all these responsibilities and I can't do all the things that I want to do in Ramadan, because there's so many other things I have to do. But like Allah is rewarding me for that too. And

00:33:52 --> 00:34:17

again, it's about having the right mindset. What do you expect from Allah? What do you think about Allah? Assalamu alaikum My recollection is that when you're in the way of Allah subhanaw taala, people will say stuff to you like that. So don't and so they're saying you're jealous of us? Well, in fact, it reflects whatever they see out of their mouths that reflects their life, it doesn't reflect your life. So don't weaken your resolve because the last one apart, it says it's them who are weakened understanding that you

00:34:19 --> 00:34:47

there is a Hadith that I heard from someone recently that you know, if a believer is not able to do a good deed that he does regularly on a constant basis. Like for us, we're not able to pray during Ramadan for certain periods of time. Despite that, Allah surprised that I will still reward us because it is something that we used to do on a regular basis, but are not able to do because of a certain, you know, whatever the reason may be so even though we're not able to pray, but we're still making God constantly, you know, doing the gorilla, we're still rewarded for it, despite not being able to do it.

00:34:48 --> 00:35:00

So when they come every time I hear about this concept and a song that has nothing on it, I'm always I'm always sort of mind blown, and I'm just blown away by this concept that having good thoughts about Allah will make it less

00:35:00 --> 00:35:38

Panatela respond in kind so when I studied this lesson like I learned about like some certain times that we have to have has no lung especially more than other times like at the time of death and when you're making dua you should always have your clean that Allah subhanaw taala will answer it or when you're doing is still fire you should always have your claim that Allah subhanaw taala will accept your so far. And so like right now like during little clutter, just like it's so important when we're making dua to have your clean that Allah subhanaw taala will, will answer our does, because it's Iman and YT. Seven right with iman and with this app and what is Artesia

00:35:39 --> 00:35:40

with expectation and hope.

00:35:41 --> 00:36:21

I saw my Come on, there's something that I noticed in the writing of the verse 10 That the way Allah subhanaw taala responds to someone who believes but sometimes loses hope is different from someone who, in fact actually disbelief about pretends like like the hypocrites, right? So here he says, Those who swore allegiance and what I'm thinking is he's referring to Omar Abdullah, you know, you swore allegiance, but you know, don't lose hope. Just remember that, you know, whatever we've promised we will deliver. And in fact, if you do lose hope, then that's your own risk, right? So the way that he responds to him is quite different from the way that he responds to the Manassa kin, who

00:36:21 --> 00:37:00

are basically those who don't join the journey. But when they return, they say, oh, you know, we couldn't because Excuse Excuse Excuse. So the believers who went for son her, they be 1400 of them, and they gave their bearer to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and we see that they gave their commitment. And even though there was no battle, respond a little one who was not killed. Allah subhanaw taala rewarded them generously. Right? And on the other hand, people who did nothing and they spoke much, they got nothing. So at the end of the day, it's about really, how sincere are we towards Allah subhanaw taala that is what matters.

00:37:01 --> 00:37:51

I would like to add, it's important to know our own self inside out. Sometimes we are deceiving our own self telling the same things to ourself and building a better connection with Allah subhanaw taala always keeping a positive thoughts because it doesn't matter how bad things we do his mcfedries a lot more greater. Allah is always ready to keep the slate clean and started fresh but sometimes we don't forgive ourselves. We don't forgive others either. But getting to know yourself and then as we as you mentioned earlier, the Eman decreases and increases and our hearts are not always clean they get messy and dirty and we need to kind of continue cleaning them keep the part of

00:37:51 --> 00:38:01

the process that when we are doing dua to Allah Tala we kind of make that effort at the same time to keep it clean. For having a fresh start with

00:38:02 --> 00:38:10

Subhanak Allahu will be handing a shadow Allah ilaha illa Anta, a stockbroker, a tubular lake a center more alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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