Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P15 148A Translation Bani Israil 94-111

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The conversation covers various characters and their actions, including a shura, a mission, and a meeting with a woman. The group discusses a plan to destroy a planet and use humans as bait, including a woman named Arrana who is supposed to be killed by a sea storm and a man named Arrena who is supposed to be killed by a sea storm. The group discusses various ways to use humans as bait and their potential outcomes, but the summary is difficult as it appears to be a jumbled mix of characters and symbols.
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Salam or aleikum wa rahmatullah here little cattle

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who want to Sundiata SUTA he's got him a motherboard for over the last few minutes. Shavon rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim of the shura Ashley Saturday with Sidley MD wash looted or threatened really shiny

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lesson number 149 by a number 94 to 111.

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Warmer and not Mauna Kea prevented or it prevented a NASA the people on that you may know they believe it when Jet A home it came to them. And Hooda the guidance Illa except undead Palu they set a date. Bertha here is Allahu Allah Bashar on a human being Rasul Allah as a messenger. Ponce low if Ghana was fee in an outreach the earth Mala Iike tune angels em Shona, they walk multiple in Nina one secure once in peace. Lana Zilla, surely we would send down or lay him upon them men from a summer the sky mannequin and Angel was Sula, a messenger

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on say gaffer he sufficed Billa he definitely Allah Shahidan as a witness they need between me webinar comb and between you in the WHO indeedy, Ghana he is ever very badly he with his servants. Club era always all aware basura all resolve seeing

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woman and whoever yeah happy he guides Allahu Allah. For who then he is Elmo. The one who is rightly guided woman and whoever yodeling he sends a stray fallen then will never that either you will find the home for them earlier any clause protecting friends men from Dooney other than him besides him. What end national home we will gather them yo mama on the lpm the standing Allah upon would you hear him their faces Omean ones blind well Bookman and once done or so man and one step

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but we're home their abode Johanna is held kendama whenever Hubbard it subsided Z dinar home we increase them sir euro in Blazing Fire

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there Lika that Jezza Oh home is their recommends be unknown because indeed they go for they disbelieved. Be a attina with our vs will call you and they said are either when Kona we were llaman bones will fatten and fragments remains

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our inner indeed we love our Osona shorty wants to be resurrected Konkan in the creation, Jedi the new

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dead war and love not your old day see, and that indeed Allah Allah, Allah de is the one who Kanaka he created a summer work the heavens will love and the earth god Iran one who is able Allah upon and that yes Luca. He creates Mithila home like them what Darla and he has made law home for them ajilon A term law not riba any doubt fee in it.

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But he refused a rally Munna the wrongdoers in there except for our disbelief.

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Ponce low if and to view all them Licona you all possess Hawza in treasuries Raj Murthy merci Robbie of my robe. Eden then let UNSECO surely you all held back Kashyapa due to fear I'll infer of the spending what can and he is ever I'll insert the human being for tomorrow one who is very miser

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one and certainly at Dana we give Musa Moosonee salon, this earth 918 science by uniting once clear first. So you ask Bernie children is la isla of Israel is when a home he came to them for color. So he said to him that I will not fit in me indeed I let alone Luca. Surely I think you Yeah. Or Musa Musa the salon matura when bewitched

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he said Lacan certainly are limited you knew math not Angela He sent down her hola EDS except Raghu Rama Asana word of the heavens went up and the earth Basa as clear insights

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as clear evidences were in me, and indeed I let alone Luca, surely I think you Yeah, all fit our own will fit our own must Buddha want to be destroyed for orada. So he intended and that yes the physio whom he approved them, men from the earth for a rock now who so We drowned him, woman and whoever Mara who with him Jimmy altogether we'll call her and we said men from bar d after him liberty to children Israel Isla of Israel was good to you all dwell and Arbor in the year for either so when Gera it came where do promise an earlier the last or of the Hereafter

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jitna weekend become with you all love FIFA in a gathering

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were built Shockley and with the truth. And then now we have sent it down while being healthy and with the truth Mozilla it came down it descended warmer and not also NACA we have sent you in there except move asuran as a bearer of good news, when the DERA and as a warner

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will call an n and a Quran for Arcana who we have separated it later called a home so that you recite it honor upon a nasty people honor upon books in a prolonged period or intervals one has the now who and we have sent it down then Zilla a definite gradual sending down

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don't say me no you are believed be with it. Oh or la noche took me know you all believe in the indeed Allah Xena those who are too they were given an ailment the knowledge men from poverty he before it either when youth that it is recited or lay him upon them. Yes Your wounds they fall down lil as on on the tunes. So Jeddah as one's frustrating.

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Were coluna and they say Subhana glorified, exalted Rabina our in indeed, Ghana, it was word promise Rabina of our wrap lemma ruler surely want to be fulfilled

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while he Runa and they fall down? Lil as Arnie on the chins yep Hakuna, they weep. Why is he to whom and it increases them who are in humble submission

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will say or do you all invoke you are called Allah Allah, O or other you will call your invoke of Rush man the Most Merciful. A Yama whichever, that the rule you will call a fellow who then for him and a smack the names and Krisna the most beautiful ones Wallah and not that you say aloud this while Attica with your Salah with your prayer. Wallah and do not to have you below. behalf with wabi sabi and you see Boehner between their Lika that sebelah away we're call and say Al hamdu all praise Allah He for Allah Allah de the one who loved not yet he has taken while other than a child a son while I'm and not year con it is where he is. Now who for him Shetty con any partner fee in Al Mulki

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the Dominion the kingdom while I'm and not yet when it is, where he is low for him, whether you have any clothes protecting friend, any guardian men from because of

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the meekness, the humiliation worker Beard who and you magnify Him, glorify Him that Viera, a great glorification of great magnification.

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Let's listen to the recitation.

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Long version

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of the murder in catuey I'm Shawna Mottola gonna lean and

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you get there

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I've been

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Bobby you're you're wildly

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warm a little further Daddy

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will show me a woman

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he moved me a

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then it

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will be a

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walk on

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our me

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Why gyla whom

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he had a body Moon

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too pushy at

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and Danny sit on

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all add up or

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even Lucena 91 All

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as that he's

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join me

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heels of any all healers

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while being shot

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love or being happiness

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Hooters Isla

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de Nino

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at the

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moon on is

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why I've

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doing I've been

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why I feel worn out in Pawnee

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holy law

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washed man a

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wallet that you have missed on it go on to hockey to be tell me Bina Danica sebelah welcome

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all Amir fully lung Sherry,

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Maliki while me I

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mean anyone can be me

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