Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P14 132A Translation Al-Hijr 1-50

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The United States' men discuss their plans for the upcoming summer, including warmer weather and uncertainty in many countries. They mention a national week and a woman from California named Rebecca. The group discusses various topics, including frustration, hospitality, and a movie, and mentions a person named Mr. Celica who is a teacher.
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Salli ala Saudi and Karim Amma Bazza oh the bIllahi min ash shaytani R rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem of the Shara Ashley's Saudi way Sidley, Emery Washington, certainly listening

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lesson number 132 suits and pages, I am number one to 50

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I will be laying the ship on the Virgin Bismillah.

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and Islam

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and Islam I

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didn't get that. I have two verses al Kitabi of the book

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and a Quran been one clear.

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YAHWAH he will wish. And Medina those who Cafaro they disbelieved low if only Gallo. They were mostly mean Muslims. Ones who submit

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their home leave them yet Kulu they eat where tomato and they enjoy. What and you'll hear him if preoccupies them.

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You'll hear him if preoccupies them. it diverts them Emmylou the whole. For sofa so soon, Jana moon they will no

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warmer and not a Lucknow we destroyed men from Korea in any city in LA except what a hair but for it what en la has for it kita when a decree martlew one known

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math not does it proceeds. It goes ahead.

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Men from Oh Martin any nation agenda its appointed term warmer and not yesterday alone. They seek to delay

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What are you and they said? Yeah. Are you hurt or you? Allah the the one who New Zealand it was revealed? Our lay he upon him a big group the reminder in Nikka indeed you love her Junoon surely one man Loma why not? That Dena, you come to us when Mala Ekati with the angels. In contrast, you were men from a Saudi clean those who are truthful

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man not known as zero we sent down al Mala Iike the angels Illa except been happy with the truth warmer and not Ghana. They were either then moons Ledeen once given respite

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in that indeed we national week. lezana We sent down a vicar the reminder we're in that and indeed we know who for it the half your own show the ones who guard

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what occurred uncertainty of a sudden no we sent men from publica before you fee in Cherry groups sec A welline of the former ones

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warmer and not yet the him he comes to them men from Rezulin any messenger inlet except Gan who they were be with him yesterday own

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Gallica likewise less Luca who we insert a fee in Gulu hearts allegedly mean of the criminals learn not you may know that they believe be in it will cause while in fact colored a pass sooner to way and a wedding of the former peoples

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Willow and even if Petitioner we opened our lay him upon them bourbon adore Min from a summer the sky for one low so they continued for what do so they continued fee in it Yahoo June they ascend

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la Kalu surely they said in nama indeed not but Sukira it was intoxicated. Also Runa our site's been rather national we've been one of people must Haroon once affected by magic.

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What occurred and certainly

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Jana we made fi in a summer the sky, Guru John, great stars

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guru John great stars

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and zillionaire her we adorned

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Linda within for the observers. For those who look

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and Hatfield near her. We have guarded men from Cali every shape line

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insha Allah Jean, one accursed

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INLA except man who is that? He stole

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a summer the hearing

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at the bar who so it is made to follow him or so it pursues him.

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She has a burning flame will be one tear.

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Well, and the earth mother the NASA we have spread it will Elena and we have put see her in it. Or worse here, firmly anchored mountains. What I'm Buckner and we cause to grow.

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See her in it men from Cali every che in thing Mazoon well balanced.

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What your honor, and we made lecan for you be her in it my Irish means of livelihood woman and who lost him you are not liable for it because you lean at all providers.

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We're in and not men from Shay in anything except in dinner with us Kazaa in a row it's depositories.

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Its treasuries.

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Why warmer and not noona Zulu, we send it down in LA except because the rain in a measure martlew OneNote

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will also learn and we sent earlier had the winds lowercase once fertilizing for Angelina so we sent down Maine from a summer the sky and water for us clean air cool. So we give you to drink

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and not unto you all low for it because you need at all treasures at all retainers.

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Were in there and indeed we let national surely we know she we give life when we need to and we will give that we're national and we are unwary soon the inheritors.

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One occurred uncertainty or limb No, we know and must academia. Those who go forward. Men come from you while occurred and certainly are them now we know almost certainly in the later ones, those who lag behind.

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We're in and indeed, Rebecca your Rob Hawa he Yeshua whom He will gather them in the who indeed her Ki Moon wise or the moon knowing

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well cause uncertainty Kalapana we created an insert the human being men from salt solid, dry sounding clay.

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Men from hammer in black mud must known moulded altered.

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Well Jen and the genes color canal we created men from fabuleux before men from nerim fire a symbol of the scorching heat.

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What is and when Allah He said Rob Booker Euro Lin Mala Iike to the angels in the indeed I call the one who creates Bashar on mn main from Sol Sol in dry sounding clay main from hammer in black mud. Must noon altered

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for either so when so way too. I have proportioned him one of two and I have blown see in him. Men from Ruhi my room

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so you all fall down low for him said you then once frustrating.

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First agenda so he frustrated al-mulla Iike to the angels could lose them all of them are Gemma own altogether in there except Ebenezer Iblees. Abba he refused and that your corner he is he becomes Morrow with a surgery been those who prostrate

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follow he said you're all Iblees to every smell what lacquer for you. And now that not the corner you will be Mar with a Saturday those who prostrate father he said lamb not a con IB li s Judah that I prostrate libre Sharon for Amen Hanako who you created him made from soft soil and dry sounding clay. Men from hammer in black mud must known one altered

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color he said for hood so get out men her from it for in Nica for indeed you regime one one expelled

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we're in indeed or later upon you Allah * the curse Illa to yo de a de de recommends

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father he said Rob the myRA for anzani. Then you give me respite Illa to Yom de you Barzun, they will be resurrected.

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Allah He said for in Mecca, then indeed you made from almanzar in those who are given respite, inner to young day and works the time ullmark The one known

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He said, Robbie Oh my Rob Bhima because of what have wait any You have put me in error.

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Loza Yinon Surely I will definitely beautify the home for them be in an ugly the earth. Well, are we in the home and surely I will definitely mislead them edgy marine altogether

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except Rebadow Your servants men whom from them and miraculously, the chosen ones. Father, he said, had this slit often a bat or lay upon me was the theme one street in the indeed everybody My servants laser it is not looka for you, are they you upon them so far known any authority in that except man who is dibaca He followed you men from a law when those who are deviated

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are those who are a street

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we're in and indeed Jehan nama Hellfire la Marie de Haan surely they're promised Please add your marine altogether.

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Lucha for it suburb to seven EdWeb indoors. Li Colin for every Bab indoor men home from them just on abortion bakufu one designated one assigned

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in the indeed and with the clean the righteous ones fee in Jana gardens were you in and springs or the Hulu her you all enter it be Suleiman with peace I'm in in one safe and secure. One Czarna and we removed bow watch ever see is in soluti him their chests, men from women, any rancor any grudge is one as brothers Allah upon pseudo rain couches. motorcar believe in one space in one another.

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Learn not em assume it will touch them. See her in it NASA Boone any fatigue any toys warmer and not home the minha from it the most routine at all once removed at all once taken out.

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Not Be informed everybody My servants unmeasured that indeed i Anna I m afford the most forgiving of Rahim the Most Merciful were under and that indeed. Are there be my punishment for it is an either the punishment and Aleem.

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Let's listen to the recitation from the weekend

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we'll be learning the sheer volume one gene Bismil murder was

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Ruben I was doing it and I

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was leaving the room here cool Hulu

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so we

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probably end in

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May madness people

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met in Agile

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are you her lady in New Zealand? The crew in

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June low man Deena mana in que tienen

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Dominus saw the

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man what has

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been happening you America no Edom

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Lottie been in

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the cloud in

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water for the Santa

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Fe she I worry wordy green

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one I

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was sold in Ghana OBE is zero. Gallica slow goofy photo emoji Remi green let me know NaVi will call your call at zoom

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money in one

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minute Santa

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Fe our audio don't look on Lavon Oh, Nana Sukira

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national Miss Oh

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one accord this

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was a

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living what happened

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on G mean in Manchester have a seminar.

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She has maybe one of Bama that

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he had all

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that nerdy I mean who

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P Han i You shall malesuada who was up 18

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Why me che is

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Well sell him as the

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one want

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to love movie halls any scene we're in no no he wanted me to one afternoon worry too soon. What about the MR Posey mean?

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What up on

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18 What a banker who I showed in who hunky Manali one of us will call upon is news on Mossad in Minghella him mess no

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bought the domain

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what is the call

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you got in college I

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mean Hannah in is known by EDA as a way to move on to female who hates whose GED GD

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I said you're

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eager to jump

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board and I said GD been on all EVs

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GD been on and I'm actually a student Eva share in Honda Motor home in southern slaw I mean

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must know

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all Jamin

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Raji were in

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the Rain on

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ladina Eli Oh

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Paul BB

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wait any that was a you

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fill up the water

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in Larry Bird

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philosophy when all else

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was filthy in naive Eddie Lee Celica.

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In the back and we are in

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the weight room, Mary Jane law has to be made equally bad. Minimum does ohm map also

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in Turkey in IP

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net you owe your odo Kulu happy Sarah in mean meaning once

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in a while and not us.

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Moodle Kabini mean, let me assume

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oh, I

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mean, the morphology can not be anybody.

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Office little walkie was

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