Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P04 053A Translation Aal-e-Imran 186-200

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The transcript describes a group of individuals, including a woman named Jana who works in a garden and a woman named Birla who works in a hair salon. The group is rewarded for their work and is driven by a woman named Birla. They are driven by a woman named Jana who works in a salon.
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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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Muhammad who want to suddenly get out of Saudi Hill Karim Amma Bartha with the bIllahi min ash shaytani R rajim Bismillah Al Rahman Al Rahim. Rubbish Riley Saudi UAE silly Emery wash Lulu rock data melissani Yakubu Kohli urban as in our in math.

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Lesson number 53 Surah Ali Imran is number 186 to 200.

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lead to below Guna. Surely, you will be definitely tested. fee in and worldly come your wealth or your property's worth and unfussy come yourselves. Well, and let us smart owner, surely you shall definitely hear men from a Latina those who go to they were given al Kitab the Book, men from publikum before you what and men from a Latina those who are Shaco they the chick associated partners, other hurt harm cathedra much what in and if just be true, you will endure with patients what that the goo and you will adopt the Aqua fear Allah for in then indeed there Lika that mean from as me firm resolution I'll remove of the matters where it and when the whether he took Allahu

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Allah Musa a binding oath a levena of those who although they were given al Kitab the Book let obey you know know who surely you all will definitely make it clear.

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make it explicit lunacy for the people who are there and do not duck to Munna who you all shall hide it. Fenner Babu, so they threw it whare behind Rudy him their backs, wash total and they bartered they bought, be with it. Feminine a price or Lila, very small phablets so how bad ma what? Yesh, Tarun they bartered or they bought

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last do not that Serbian? You definitely think you definitely suppose Alladhina those who year for Hoonah they rejoice Bhima with what a tow they came. What and you have buena they love and that you Madhu they are praised Bhima with what? Lamb not EFR do they do? Feather So Do Not Disturb and no home you definitely think them be my first thing at all, in a place of success. In a place of refuge. Men from either the punishment when a home and for them or there been a punishment or Lehman most painful? Well Allah He and for Allah Milko dominion, possession, a Samoa T of the heavens of the skies, WA and l li the earth will Allah Who and Allah Allah upon could lead every che in thing

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for the urine, all powerful

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in indeed fee in config creation, Assa T of the skies, while early and the earth work DLF and alternation and Layli of the night, when the hurry and the de

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la Aya then surely signs literally for possessors, Al Burb of the intellects.

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I live in those who yet Karuna they remember, Allah, Allah, the man while standing worker Odin and while sitting where Allah and upon journey will be him their sides. What and yet a Corona they reflect fee in culty creation, a Samoa T of the skies will early and the earth rock banner or our Rob MA Not halacha you created Heather this bathla in vain, falsely, super Hannukah Glory be to You, or your Glory for CCleaner so you save us or the robber from punishment, and now of the fire, Rob burner or our Rob innaka indeed you, man, whoever told him you

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Enter you admit and narrow the fire for God then in fact, a Hosea who You disgraced him. You humiliated him. Warmer and not less Lolly Mina for the wrongdoers for those who do wrong main from unsought in any helpers Robina oh our rub in Nana indeed we Samir now we heard Mina dN a caller you know the he calls lil Iman to the Iman to the belief and that I'm you know you all believe there are become in your rub mana so we believed

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or banana or our rap for fear so you forgive learner for us the no banana our sins What can fit and you experience it you remove Omna from us say he attina our sins, our evils whatever Fenner and you make us die. You recall us fully Mara with a bra the righteous ones God burner or our rub WA and Tina you give us ma what wha Turner you promised us Allah upon Rusu Lika your messengers, Allah and do not do Xena you humiliate us, yo mama en de lpm of the standing

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in Mecca indeed you law not totally fu you go against a myriad the promise

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faster job. So he responded positively. The home to them or a boom they're on me that indeed I love not obey you. I allow it to be wasted. I'm Ella work deed. I'm Elin of a worker, one who works. Men come from you. Men from the record in a male Oh or answer a female

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that occur. A male o or answer a female

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Bible calm some of you men from Berlin some of others felt Latina. So those who her Giroux they migrated WA and equity Jew they were expelled men from the early him their homes were and although they were hurt, they were made to suffer fee in severely my way. Wha and PATA do they fought war cootie Lu and they were killed. La Oka FIRA Amna Surely I will definitely expert I will definitely remove I'm home from them say to him there since war and La Odyssey Lemna home surely I shall definitely admit them. Jen nothin gardens, that Judy, it flows, men from the hair underneath it and help the rivers. So Robin I reward men from or in the near Allah He Allah. Allah Who and Allah in

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the WHO near him with him. Her smooth is best. A swab the reward law, not your run Naka it definitely deceive you. The con Lobo turning about an Levina of those who care for rue de disbelieved fee in and beloved the lands. The country's Mata on temporary enjoyment, Alioune very little. So, then not our home their abode, their place of refuge Jahannam is *. Where bitser And * bed and we heard the resting place. Lacking but a Levine those who eat taco they adopted the Aqua rub the home of the rub LA home for them Jana tune gardens, that Judy it flows, men from dirty her underneath it, and how the rivers Holly Deena ones abiding eternally fee her in it. Missoula and

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as hospitality entertainment men from or in the near Allah He Allah warmer and whatever in the is near Allah He Allah how you run is best lil abroad for the righteous. What Illa and indeed men from a holy people. I'll Kitabi of the book, lemon surely who you may know he believes Billahi in Allah warmer and

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Whatever from Zillow it was sent down la calm to you warmer and what on Zillow it was sent down in a him to them how sharena ones who are humble Lilla he to Allah La not yesterday una de barter be a tea with versus Allah He of Allah summon a price by Lila little when I II can those LA home for them digital home they reward or in the mirror or be him they rub in indeed Allah city your most swift Allahu serve the reckoning

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Yeah Are you her? Oh Alladhina those who know they believed is Biru you all enduring with patients were and sabe Rue you will urge each other impatience

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WA and Robbie to you all be united.

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Also Roberto, you all remained stationed

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remain stationed

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what taco and you all fear hola hola, hola, la la como so that you to flee home you all are successful.

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That listen to the recitation

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learn to Bella at

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home or less mountain I mean

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what does that

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mean as mu mu?

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Why he thought Allahu Mito a lady you know to keep

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it moist Donald will be

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Adila baby

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letter seven lady United frosh owner Bhima

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buena Madhu will be mal

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Birla attack seven who

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him on to some

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of the one long one Felicia

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on the

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of the off deal as the lady one

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lady live a long healthy

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will be him what will be him boy that's gonna be fun this summer was the one

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that caught up on

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the head

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to the healing now according to the one body mean I mean all

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Nana say send me

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the send me an

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email let me know become

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better learners

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say he

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was when he

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talked to Xena i o

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gala taught me for me

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boom and NIDA

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lady in

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movies and beanie well although these are really you up or down What do you

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say to him?

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Whom say

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thank you

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level one a local lady

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will be

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send me

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lacking in lady in a double boom level

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two deputy me

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dear God knew dusty Hill and her authority Dina de Han was

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the law he

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was in

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kita de la ma meno ben

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de la isla

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de la isla you him

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cause you

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still wanna be a

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body Isla Ola in Kerala whom

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don't beat him in a long surgery on his

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or her lady and

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Bill was all beautiful. Oh beautiful. What up a lot

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