Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 28 – L285A

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The transcript describes a group of people discussing a media campaign targeting Islamists. They mention a woman named Lima and her lack of support for Islamists. The speakers also mention a woman named Hope and her lack of support for Islamists.
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Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

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una sala russellian Karim Allah but for the Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillah Ar Rahman AR Rahim.

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furbish Rashi sadio a silly MD watch on earth data melissani Kahoot holy Robin as you enter in Lesson number 285 sora to solve I am number one to 14 Translation said the * a glorified Villa he for Allah, ma whatever fist semi wet in the heavens, warmer and whatever fill out in the earth wahoo and he is a disease the always Almighty Allah Hakeem the always always Yeah Are you her? Oh, Allah Vina those who am I knew they believed Lima y taco Luna you all say, Man, what? La not def our noon you all do? Kabbalah It was great mccurtain in hate in the law near Allah. And that duck Ooh, you all say, Man, what law not tough Are you all do

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in the law her Indeed Allah. You have boo. He loves alladhina those who you call it Luna they fight feasability in his way, soften in rows get unknown as if they banya known, a structure, a building muscles, well compacted solid.

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What if and when? He said Musa Musa alayhis Salam likoma he for his people? Yeah, call me. Oh my people. Lima Why don't you all hurt me wakad while in fact Darla Muna, you all know, a name that indeed I rasuluh messenger. Allah of Allah, La come towards you, fellow man. Then when Zaboo de deviated as he calls to deviate, Allahu Allah Kaluga home their hearts, Allah who and Allah led not yesterday, he guides alone the people and Firstly, those who disobey What if and when Allah He said, Raisa reciting salon, if new son motoyama, of Madame Friday has sent an ebony or children is our era of Israel in need, indeed a rasulillah messenger of Allah, La con to you, Muslim Deacon, one

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confirming Lima, for that which been a year before me. Men from a Torah the Torah, one of us children, and one who gives good news, Bill Assouline of a messenger yet D he will come men from birdie after me is Moo hoo, his name ashmit is ashmit selama. Then when a home he came to them, Bill Bazinet with the clear fruits are loose, they said, Heather, this session magic moonbeam, clear woman and who else lemmo is more than just money, then who is the law he fabricated, or the law upon a law and carry the Li Hua Hua while he Yuda? He is invited Ella towards Islam, the Islam one la who and Allah left not yet de He guides alone the people of worldly mean those who are unjust, you read

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una they want Leo to say Oh, so that they extinguish Nutella light of Allah be FYI he him with their mouth will law who and Allah multimo one who completes nudie he his light, wallow, even if Getty her he disliked alkaff you're on the disbelievers who he led the one who are Salah he sent Rasulullah who his messenger bill Hoda with the guidance where Deen and religion and help of the truth, Leo Hera who so that he causes it to overcome Allah upon a dean, the religion called Lee all of it. Well, even if Gary had he disliked alma shikun the polytheists Yeah, are you here? Oh, Allah, Vina those who am a new day believed. How shall I do look? I guide you, Allah upon the gelatine a trade

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Dungy calm

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It will save you men from other than a punishment and even painful, don't mean owner you all believe believe in Allah or suli he and his messenger what to J he Duna and you all strive fi in Sabine way, a lot of law be unwelcome with your wealth. We're unphysical and yourselves that equal that or you are higher on is better. Luckily for you in if quantum you were Darla moon you will know your face, he will forgive. Luckily for you do know back home your sins. When you do he'll come and he will admit you Jenna into gardens, that God it flows, men from dusty her underneath it and how the rivers warmer second, and dwellings for you button good, pleasant see in general gardens are the name of

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eternity, their liquor that is the success and Aleem The Great. Well okra and other their hip buena her you all love it nastran help min Allah from Allah wa photron and victory buddy born near well batshit and give good news mean to the believers? Yeah, Are you her? Oh alladhina those who am I knew they believed? Cool. No, you all become unsought helpers. Allah of Allah, gamma just as Allah, he said, Risa restarted his salon, if new millennium son of Madame little Hawaii Yin to the disciples, mind, boo and Sati are my helpers in Allah to Allah. Allah He said, and Hawaii unit, the disciples national we unsalted Allah, our helpers of Allah feminine then it believed but if I don't

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agree with men from Bani Israel, children of Israel, why care for it and it denied but if I don't agree for a year dinner, so we supported we strengthened alladhina those who am I knew they believed Allah against our Do we have bear enemy for us by who? So they became vorhandene ones who are victorious.

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Let's listen to the recitation.

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This means

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Obi Wan

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you read

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Carrie Hello

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As-Saff 1-14 Translation 1-14

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