Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 22 – L229A

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The group discusses various events and actions during a war, including the return of soldiers, the return of soldiers, and the return of soldiers. They talk about various punishment plans and details like the satisfaction of a woman named Meet and her hair. They also mention a woman named Meet and her hair, as well as a woman named Meet and her hair.
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Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

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una sala de la serie Hill Karim ama Bharath feroza Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillah Al Rahman Rahim Odisha rashly Saudi way acidity Emery, Washington iraq data melissani of grupo de probenecid Narottama

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that's a number 229 sort of falsehood is number one to 14

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Alhamdulillah all praise lillahi for Allah fadli originator, creator,

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a semi word of the heavens, while out and the earth jerrell. maker al-mulla aka of the angels roussillon as messengers, early possessors, engineer hadn't have wings, must know in twos was to Lhasa and in threes, what Oba and in fours he has he do, he increases fee in a healthy the creation, man. Whatever Yeshua He wills

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in Indeed, Allah, Allah, Allah upon Kali, every Shay in thing or the urine, always all Abel

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ma what whatever you have to. He opens Allahu Allah Lin nasci for the people. Men from rush Martin any mercy,

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fella so not mom sick, anyone to withhold love her for it warmer and whatever. You're sick, he withholds further than not most ill anyone to release the who, for it. Men from bardi he after him. Well Hua and he is a disease, the always Almighty and Hakeem they always always,

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yeah, a you hair or a nurse who the people with guru, you all remember near Mata blessing, Allah of Allah are they come upon you all, * is men from Harlequin, any creator.

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besides Allah, Allah Yasuko comb, he provides you men from a summer the sky, while endears less, not Ilaha any god Illa except, who are he? For under then how, from where to focus on you all are deceived or forgotten, you all are turned away.

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What in and if you get the booger, they belie you for God, then in fact, good the bad it was delight. Also known messengers, men from publica before you were Ella and towards Allah, Allah dojo it will be returned and move the matters.

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Yeah and you have a NASA the people in indeed where the promise Allah He of Allah have gone is true fella, so should not double run a comb. It definitely deceived you adhere to the life of dunya of the world. Why Allah and nor yellow run the comb, it definitely deceive you biLlahi about Allah. Allah ruled, the Great Deceiver.

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In indeed, a shape on the shape on Lacan for you all, are the one and enemy

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factor he knew who you all take him. I do one as an enemy in number, indeed not but yet, he invites his Bahu his group, Leah kuno, so that they become men from us have companions, a series of the blazing fire

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and levena those who cafaro they disbelieved. The home for them either been a punishment. She didn't severe. One Medina and those who knew they believed were armadillo. And they did. A solid had the righteous deeds, law home for them. mouthfeel attune forgiveness will add your own and reward

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cabbie Ron great.

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Did for Dan, man who? zucchini. It was adorned Lahu for him. So evil, Amelie he have his deed, for who? Then he saw it has Santa as good for in so Indeed, Allah, Allah, you'll be Lu, he leaves to go astray mn whoever, Yeshua, he wills where D and he guides man whoever Yeshua He wills fella so should not dead have it go. Neff suka your soul, are laying him upon them has a rotten in regrets in grief

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in Indeed Allah, Allah or Lehman, always all knowing Bhima with whatever your snare own they do,

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well Allahu, and Allah, Allah de is who are the Salah, he sent a via the winds,

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for two, zero, so it lifts so haben clouds for sakana who, then we drive it, Ella towards Bella din, and my yet one dead

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for Hina then we give life, be happy with it, of the land, border, after multi hair, it's dead.

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Because alika likewise, like that, a new show the resurrection.

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Man whoever can he was up to he wants to reserve the honor salaallah than for Allah. Allah is to the honor, Jimmy or altogether lie to him. Yes, I do it a sense alkylene the words of

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the pure, the good,

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while ormolu and the deed asylee the righteous yell fire who it raises it or he raises it.

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When Medina and those who yam Karuna, they plot as they add the evils, law home for them, are there been a punishment shaden severe war macro and plotting Willa acre of those who it Yabu, it will perish will law who and Allah Allah kakum He created you, men from Robin dust, some then men from notified in sperm drop. Summer, then jellico He made you all as virgin as bears, warmer and night. Dash millou she carries men from answer any female, whether and nor who she delivers Illa except Baron McGee with his knowledge, warmer and not your mother, he is granted a long life or your unloved he is given life

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men from more than one who is given life or more or Marine One who is aged while Wallah and nor universal. It is reduced. Men from ermotti he his age his life Illa except fee in keytab in a book in indeed velyka that Allah upon Allah, Allah escr on easy Wymer and not yesterday, it is equal elbasan the two seas Heather this I've been very sweet, forgotten one that quenches thirst or forgotten. Tasty

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sorry, one relatable, easy to swallow. Sure. Ah boo hoo. It's drink.

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Well, Heather, and this millhone salty odor June. very bitter

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woman and from Colin each coluna you all eat? Lakshman? Meat. Flesh berean fresh.

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What does the hurry Juna and you all extract, Shelia tan ornaments. Girl persona her you all wear it? What are ah and you see? alpha polka the ship's fee.

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It mawashi IRA as one steering

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Lita widow, so that you will seek men from fugly he his bounty while I love him and so that you are such grown. You all are grateful

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eulogy, he enters a Layla the night fee in a new house the day where you really do and he enters and the * the day. filet in the night

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was the horror and he has subjected a shumsa the sun welcome Allah and the moon, Kowloon all yejide it flows it runs

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the Agilent for a term muslimah one fixed,

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that nickel that are you all? Allah is Allah. Allah bukem Europe, la who for him, Elmo, the kingdom, one Medina and those who that are owner you will invoke men from dooney he beside him, man, not MD Cola, they own men from Vietnamese date pet membrane

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in if

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you will invoke them lair not yes my day here. Dr. acoem you're calling you're invoking hello and if some your they heard, may not is the Jabu they responded. Luckily for you all ye oma and en de al qiyamah the standing yeah Karuna they will deny bisher ki come with your associating partners. Wala and not unit B okay. he informs you miss Lu like hobbiton one who is always all aware.

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Let's listen to the visitation.

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one gene This is Bismillah

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wa Taala.

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in shape

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cool, Louis

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