Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 22 – L225F

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The Eastern Empire's actions, including the actions of leaders like Messiah and the Empire's leaders, have led to the collapse of the Empire and the confusion surrounding a message from Messiah about returning to Egypt. The segment discusses the difficulties of life and the importance of remaining firm in a situation, as well as the negative impact of being too busy and not being aware of one's weight and physical appearance on one's ranking and reputation. The importance of remaining humble and aware of one's weight and body dimensions is emphasized.
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Now Allah subhanaw taala addresses the believers. Yeah you had Latina Manu or you have believed latter Kunal. Do not be like Carla Dena Musa. Don't be like those people who hurt Masada Salah

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they hurt Masada center but what happened fabella hola homie McCollum, Allah cleared him of what they had said, of what they had accused him of what kind are in the law he would you have and he in the sight of Allah was distinguished, who musasa who is the most apparent on addressing over here, the believers here a un Latina Aminu

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or you who have believed, if you have a man, then what is required of you that letter konu you do not be in your behavior towards your Prophet, like who can Latina like those people who are the loser who hurt

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the people who hurt Masada Sam, who were the

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the people who we were sent to, and they were the money aside and also

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for our own was our listener was also sent to around it, however, he left our own go to fit our own. So

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all believers Don't be in your behavior to words your Prophet, like those who heard musasa he was a prophet who was sent to them instead of obeying Him. What did they do? They hurt him. They harassed him. So you don't be like those people and hurt your messenger in the same way.

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If you think about it, what was the hurt that musala salaam suffered

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from his people? Whether it was a bunny Israel or it was federal? What was the main thing?

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What was the main thing? they disobeyed him?

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they disobeyed him at every step of the disobedience.

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Like for instance, for their own even, what would he say that you pray to your Lord to remove this difficulty from us? And we will send the money this way, isn't it? But every time the difficulty was removed, would he have a massage? He wouldn't. Would that not hurt musasa of course it would hurt him. seminary we see that the bunny is sorry. How did they hurt Masada center in Egypt even

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musalla sam came to them. They blamed musasa we learned insulted alpha 129 the Cardo Adina have uncovered and Tatiana woman borrowed the magic dinner almost. We were harmed before you came. And even after you have come we are still being harmed. We were persecuted before and our persecution has increased since you have come they used to blame Masada Salah that since you have gone our province and multiplied they have increased because what happened for their own would kill their sons before he stopped when we start listening to him again. He started killing your sons. So the Bani Israel they blamed musasa imagine he came to rescue them. And what did they say? You have

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brought trouble? The Prophet sallallahu Sallam came to rescue us from what? From the Hellfire? Isn't it? And what do we do? We blame him saying we blame his son. We blame His commands or because of this our life has become difficult because of this. This is so inconvenient. Because of his son. I have to say this and I have to do that. Life is so difficult. This is blaming your morson accusing your marks and hurting your Merson, someone who came to rescue you. Someone who came to help you, someone who came to take you out of difficulties you blame him.

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Similarly, we see that when the money is right, we're leaving Egypt with Messiah center. And they ended up at the shore and fit our own and his armies came from behind. What did they say?

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For that matter? Raja man Carlos haba Musa in Nana Morocco. That's it. We're doing we're finished. We have been overtaken

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now just imagine the messenger has led you. The messenger has taken you and you say you have brought us to death.

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You have brought us to our end in Morocco.

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Wouldn't that hurt most our listener? Of course it would hurt him.

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Then we also see that after the cross the sea and musasa was called to mount to what did they do?

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They began worshipping the calf.

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Did that hurt Masada Cena. It hurt him a lot, which is why when he came back, he threw the Anwar and he went and he grabbed the beard off. His brother had already center

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and we see them in the desert. What happened? They didn't have any food. They didn't have any water Allah soprano Tata Docomo. Sorry, sir. It would have been

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socket hedger

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isn't itself. And what happened fanfight Jackman was netta Ashleigh Dinah? They had water to drink.

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And they were sent man and Salwa, isn't it? kulu maristella. He each of the provision that Allah subhanaw taala sending to you. And what did they say? Londoners were allowed to Ireland were hidden. We're never going to be patient on one type of food. We want a variety. We're not happy with this kind of food, we want to grow our food ourselves. Did that hurt, massage, etc? Of course it did.

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When was our center returned from Mountain youth with the Torah?

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What was the reaction of the many Israelis that landed minella Katana La Jolla, we're never going to believe in you until we see a lot openly. When we see Allah, then we're going to believe in you. They refuse to believe in him they refuse to obey Him.

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Then we see that when musala Sam said we have been commanded to enter the city because they themselves said we want to go into the city. So when they were told, enter the city, what did they say? fedhealth. Enter a book of a party in a car do you and your dog go fight? We're sitting right here.

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When musar s&m gave them the command to slaughter the cow. What was the reaction?

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Are you kidding? Are you joking with us? Are you serious? You want us to kill a cow? You want us to slaughter a cow? And what happened then? An endless list of questions.

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One question after the other. The command was simple. Do this.

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Just do this. And what happened? is it's supposed to be like this is supposed to be this color this size. What about its age? Are we in the same trap as well?

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That the command comes simple, and we get lost? in asking too many questions. So is it Why is it this is it that and we get lost in that confusion and forget about what exactly has been said. We forget the main command we forget about the main idea and we get lost in what other things? You see it's very simple. Take it as it is. Whatever command has been given. Just do it. Don't disobey.

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Don't ask too many questions. Don't trouble your profit ladder conical Latina Moosa. Don't be like those people who hurt.

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They hurt him How? By asking too many questions. They hurt him by disobeying him by going against his orders.

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And what are we doing?

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What are we doing? Are we obeying the messenger? Do we respect his statements? Do we accept them as they are? Or do we go into details of what about this and what about that?

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Who is a true believer who is someone who has respect for the Prophet? that whatever he has said he accepts it for who do who take it. masala Sam said to the people here call me liberato una de Vaca tala Muna Amira sulamani la calm, that oh my people, why do you hurt me? Why do you harm me when you know that I am the messenger of Allah to you. I'm not telling you out of this out of my own desire, whatever I'm telling you is because Allah has told me to

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seminary when we disobey the Messenger of Allah sort of artists and and why do we disobey Him? Don't we know that he's a messenger? Don't we know that a romantic born in Hawa. Then why do we not accept? Why do we not submit? So Allah subhanaw taala is studying the believers over here? Let's call Luca Latina.

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And in this command, there is a warning, warning for who? The believers that don't disobey your messenger. Don't hurt him. Don't do anything that would displease him anything at all. make him proud of you. make him happy with you. Be such that when he sees you on the day of gentlemen, he's happy when he meets you, he's proud.

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latter caloocan Latina idahosa.

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So in this is a warning for the believers and in this is also comfort for the profits.

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What is the comfort for him? that yes, the people before also they hurt their messengers. But what happened fabella Allahu Allah cleared him. Allah cleared who musala said mimma aliou from what they had said.

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The people accused him

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they didn't listen to him. But Allah subhanaw taala declared his innocence.

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Like for instance, when musar listen and told them slaughter the cow. What happened? They began harming the messenger by asking one question after the other.

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But Allah subhanaw taala he declared the truthfulness of musasa. The absolve him of any guilt of any crime how

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by answering all of your questions, and by making the command even more difficult for them, Obama will allow me makalu they were trying to avoid it. But what happened was Allison, wherever he commanded them eventually they had to do it, isn't it for mother who loves them in makalu but Canada in the law he was he had and he was in the sight of Allah wedgie when who is distinguished?

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In Sahih Bukhari it has been recorded in the book of Hadith about the prophets that ever greater learning he said that the Messenger of Allah sallallahu Sallam said, that most artists Anam he was a shy and modest man.

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He was a very shy person, shy, not in the sense that he didn't have the confidence to speak to people, but shy in the sense that he would not reveal any part of his skin to the people

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in the sense that he would cover his body a lot. You understand?

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So what do we see that part of hire is

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to cover yourself? Some people say that it's only part of culture, you cover yourself or you don't cover yourself as much. It's not part of culture. What is it? It's a part of hyack.

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Mozart is to them out of his China's, he would not expose his body.

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So some of the Bani Israel, they began annoying him by saying he only keeps himself covered because of some defect in his skin.

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He has some defect in his skin,

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either some kind of leprosy or some hernia, or some other defect, which is why he does not expose his body because of his body was perfect. What would he do? He would show it off to the people, isn't it? We think similarly, that if a person has perfect body, perfect hair, beautiful face, then what will they do? They will show it off to the world. And because they're not happy with it, this is why they cover it.

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This is what people say today even

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so same accusation was real that was our listener.

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So Allah subhanaw taala, he wish to clarify, he wish to clear masala Salaam of what the people were accusing him on.

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So what happened then, one day musala Sam was alone, and he was going to take a bath. So he took off his garment and he put it on a rock.

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Why? Because he was going to take a shower, he was going to take a bath behind it. Because before people didn't have bathrooms like we do, or even shower stalls like we do, they would have to take a shower in the open. So what would they do? They would go hide behind, let's say a huge rock or a tree or a dune or something like that. So he took off his garment and he put it on the rock. Now what happened? That rock it moved and what happened? It started rolling and it kept on moving. And musar Listen, he was exposed because obviously he was taking the shower in the open he was hiding behind the rock and that rock it went off with his garment. So musasa picked up his stick his staff

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and he chased the rock saying my garment or rock my garment or rock my garment until he reached a group of Bani Israel. That's where the rock stop and then what happened? He took his garment and he beat the rock that How dare you go away with my garment. But in that process what happened to people saw that musasa had absolutely no defect in his skin. He had no defect in his body rather his body was perfect it was beautiful. So there was absolutely no defect in his body and this is what is meant by for Baba hola who mean Mercado

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to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, This is what is referred to in the i O you who believe be not like those who annoyed masala Salah they hurt him, they annoyed him falsely accusing him. And what happened? Allah subhanaw taala he declared his innocence.

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Now what happens typically, when a person is a law, people, they don't have any respect for him. Typically, this is what happens, right? He falls in the eyes of people.

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He was very much respected before people used to look up to him. And since he started obeying a law that said people don't even pay any attention to him, you will notice that even perhaps those of you who have come to study the Quran, from your homes, living in the hospitals, when you go back, you will experience that people used to give you so much attention. They don't really give you that much attention anymore. And perhaps people will compare you with others that Oh, so until we're studying with you in school, look at them they've completed University they're applying for a job and look at you. What did you do? Oh, come on. Okay, now what do you tend to do now? So they completely

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disregard what you have done. They don't give you any importance. And this is something that is normal. It happens

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mozarella ism. He out of his shyness would cover himself

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and an HIA is with what with Ella isn't

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So both of them go hand in hand, the stronger the man of a person, the more his hire.

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So, because of his hire people used to make fun of him. They used to market him that, Oh, you're so shy.

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You don't have the confidence show your body. Similarly, people think that a girl was wearing the hijab, who's covering her body, she doesn't have the confidence. And they say, It's okay, you can take it off. Not a big deal. People won't eat you, people won't bite you. They want anything to you just take it off,

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isn't it, they think that you have no confidence. Whereas that's not the reality.

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The reality that you have the confidence, which is why you are covering yourself when other people are not.

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Now, at the time when a person receives such remarks from people where they're ridiculous in the market, and they don't give him any importance, because of his obedience to the commands of Allah soprano. He's in a test, isn't it? He's being tested. What does he do?

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If a person holds strong? If a person perseveres, then what happens? Allah will declare his innocence. Allah will declare his innocence provided that a person who remains firm

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Masada center, he didn't say that fine. I don't have any leprosy in my body. I don't have any marks in my body, any deficiency in my body. And then he went and exposed all of his body to the people. Did he do that? No, Allah declared his innocence. Allow me that rock move, isn't it? So he declared his innocence. So when a person remains firm, a law will take care of him.

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Now for instance, for many girls, what happens when they put on the hijab? People say, you know, I know this girl, she wears a hijab. She's still not married.

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She's still not made. She finds a lot of trouble whenever she goes to so and so office whenever she goes to school, whenever she goes to university, people try to discourage you. But if you remain firm, remember of law will take care of you.

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Allah will support you. He will defend you. He will take care of all of your needs. When people say girls within the fog, don't get married. Tell me girls without Nicobar all of the married,

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is it? They're not married? Girls who do wear the niqab? Aren't most of them married? Yes, they are. So don't think that's because of the niqab don't think it's because of the hijab that a girl is not going to school. She didn't get admission she didn't get so and so. No.

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Remember when a person goes out in the way of Allah, Allah protect him.

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And this is the example that unless God has given to us over here through musasa people hurt him. People accused him they annoyed him. A lot took care of him for Baba Holloman makalu he declared his innocence.

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What is our worry? We want to remain honorable in the sight of people,

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isn't it? We want to remain honorable. We want to make sure that people still respect us. Because of that we will disregard the commands of Allah subhanaw taala as well. But the thing is, that we should not be concerned about staying honorable in the eyes of people. Our concern should be what? Being honorable in the sight of Allah soprano.

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Because we can are in the Lucha jihad. When a person is honorable in the sight of Allah, then only is he successful in this dunya and in the hereafter.

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Only then he is successful. The meaning of the word wedgie. What do you get from the EU countries? Why would you have What does watch mean? face and wedgie is someone who has a face? What does it mean by that? Every person has a face, meaning someone who has a very honorable face. Someone who is very honorable, who has a higher rank, who is notable distinguished, someone who has a high status, someone who has a lot of value, someone who was worthy of regard someone who is held high in repute, so we're kinda in the Lucha jihad, in the sight of Allah, before Allah, the rank of musasa was very, very high. He was dignified before people and honorable in the sight of Allah.

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When does a person get this rank? When does a person become big in the eyes of Allah?

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When he obeys Allah

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and when a person disobeys Allah, He disregards what Allah has said. And he goes on to say that in our Cobra Anna, then what happens? His face is humiliated, isn't it?

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Isn't that what we learned from these Ayah when a person is concerned about making his face honorable in the eyes of Allah, how by obeying Him, Allah will give him honor. And when a person is only concerned about making his rank high in the eyes of people, then such a person will be humiliated.

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In the law which he had, he was honorable, dignified, reputable, illustrious, great in the sight of a loss.

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We listened to the recitation, and then we'll continue.

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Yo, man.

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The thing is that we think that if we obey certain commands, we will become inferior to people.

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I mean, everybody's challenge is different. If I don't have my wedding in this way, I'll be inferior.

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If I don't put on these clothes, I'll be inferior. For a boy, if I keep a beard, I'll be inferior, I won't stand out.

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But remember that when a person obeys a law, then he becomes big,

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isn't it? Then he becomes honorable.

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And when a person disobeys Allah,

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then what happens?

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Then what happens? He might get temporary fame in the dunya. But in the long run, there is humiliation

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isn't it? So that's what we learned from this ayah so never ever think that if you obey a command of Allah, you will be inferior, you will never be inferior.

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Only then will you become superior when you obey Allah.

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There is no inferiority and obedience to Allah subhanaw taala. When a person of his Allah he becomes a wedgie. O'Connor in the law, he would jihad.

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Many times people think that if a woman is observing Punjab, she is obeying who her sadhu Guevara, she's obeying her husband, she's a banker, leaders, but in reality, who is using a lot depends on so many times when people oppose, it's because they don't know.

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They don't know. So be confident, because you know, and when people ask you tell them, this confidence can only come with knowledge, isn't it?

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The command that Allah subhanaw taala has given its complete, right, the reward that he is promised, that is guaranteed. However, when a person is concerned about pleasing people, then does their criticism ever come to an end? No, it's endless. So if you are concerned about pleasing people, you will never ever be satisfied. Never, they will never be satisfied with you, and you will always be hurt. And if you make you focus, I have to face a loss of penalty than whatever people say. Just ignore, don't pay any attention to it.

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We see that maturity level be higher on your slave who whoever Allah which is good for, he puts into difficulty and another are these What do we learn? If Okay,

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isn't it? So what happens when a person gets the understanding of their religion? He wishes to follow it he wishes to observe their religion what happens? He faces difficulties. Right?

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It's connected, isn't it? So he faces difficulties and and if you look at the prophets of Allah, all of them, they suffer difficulty in the way of Allah. So whenever you obey a certain command, you face difficulty you face opposition, don't give up over there to stay firm. It's just for some time you have to keep holding on you have to stay firm. And that's it allows help. Welcome

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One of the meanings of Wakanda in the Lucha jihad, that Masada was very honorable in the sight of Allah has anniversary said that his supplications will be answered by Allah, that whenever he made the Otto it will be accepted by Allah.

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When does a person get that level?

00:25:19 --> 00:25:29

By obedience or disobedience, obedience, O'Connor in the law of jihad, and when he's in difficulty, who does he turn to Allah who helps him? Allah helps him.

00:25:31 --> 00:25:52

We see that when musala Sam, he was by the shore and fit our own comes with his armies of Bani Israel. They're not firm over there. What do they say in Alamo? dracoon? But what's the reaction of Busan cola in America be safe Dini, He will guide me he didn't give up he stayed firm. So the same kind of firmness is required from us.

00:25:53 --> 00:26:06

That people will oppose you from all sides, those who are with you, they will lose confidence. Many times it happens that you start doing something good with your friends, but what happens? They stop. And you also are discouraged.

00:26:07 --> 00:26:46

And there are other people telling you Don't do it. Don't do it. Don't do it opposing you. But you stay firm. In Mr. Era, Visa Dean, Alo will guide me He is with me. He is my helper. So musallam he was hurt a lot in the way of a law. But he stayed firm. But look at the rank that he got O'Connor in the law, he would he her. We want to be honorable, reputable in the eyes of people. Like for instance, there's so many women who participate in beauty contests, right? And who spent so much time in adorning themselves and beautifying their bodies. And what happens one day they win a particular title and the next day their photos are in the paper and the third day those same papers

00:26:46 --> 00:26:55

are being trampled by the people's feet. Isn't it? Is that honor? Is that dignity? Is that a high rank? It's not high rank.

00:26:57 --> 00:27:10

If a person strives to gain higher rank in the eyes of people who never get it, and if a person strives to become honorable in the eyes of Allah, he can get that right how by obedience.

Al-Ahzab 59-73 Tafsir 69

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