Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 11 – L113C

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The segment discusses the concept of "immediate change factor" and the "hasley" concept, which refers to the hair of the head. The decline of life and the "has economic importance" are also discussed, emphasizing the importance of avoiding suffering and finding one's way to achieve success. The speakers stress the need to prioritize one's life and not rush to avoid suffering, as well as the importance of learning from the experience and finding one's way to achieve success.
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innama indeed not but if you think of it, why do people do believe

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metalhead cydonia the benefit of this worldly life? So Allah subhanaw taala tells us about the reality of this worldly life.

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For the sake of this word, the life you disobey for the sake of this word you live you forget about Allah, you commit injustice against one another.

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Remember that in them indeed not, but mufaddal higher to dunya the example of the life of this world,

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the example of the life of this world, the example of how quickly it comes to a person and how quickly it disappears. And how quickly people get deceived by it. The example of this worldly life for the sake of which people do believe it is like coming in like water, Matt, it's water. Don't confuse this with gamma just as Okay, this is kinda like my in water.

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And Matt refers to rainwater coming down from the sky,

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and the level that we sent down from the sky. The example of this life is like rain falling down from the sky, what happens when rain falls down from the sky,

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what happens it is absorbed by the earth by the plants. So you see an immediate change factor law, so it makes it blended, be here with it navette plants of the earth,

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a fella is from New fetters, hi lambda.

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And Aquila is when two or more things they merge into one another, they blend with one another, they get mixed up with one another. And Nevada is vegetation. All those things that grow plants, vegetation, whether it is in the form of trees, or shrubs, or grass, or vines, or crop navette Nevada battle out the vegetation of the earth. So, for stellar for being in a battle of what does it mean by this factor of being in a battle of this has been understood in two ways. First of all, that then a battle of they get mixed up with the water that comes down from the sky. In other words, they fully absorbed the water than a bottle out they absorb it, they take it in and once they absorb the

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water what happens they grow they become more lush, immediately you see greenery everywhere.

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Secondly, faster lava been a battle art has been understood as that and a battle of they become mixed with one another meaning they become so thick, so dense, they rapidly grow, that you cannot tell which branch belongs to which tree which leaf is coming from where they become so thick, so dense telecabine battle off.

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And this the battle art includes what all mimma of that which yaku he eats who eats and so the people so there is some the battle out which is edible, which people eat like grains, fruit, salad, vegetables,

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while an arm and also the cattle all to the grazing livestock.

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So in other words, when rain comes down from the sky, immediately the earth begins to become beautiful. Immediately you see the plants growing. And as a result what happens to people they have food, they have commerce, they have business. Similarly their animals, they also have food, my echo NASA well Anna

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had that until so the rain causes plants to grow people to become healthier animals with full bellies, abundance of milk abundance of provision had until either when I heard that it took what took an hour to the earth. Zoo for her its decoration, its adornment. Remember the words of

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the zoo fell called What does growth mean? Beauty adornment. And basically Zoho is the command Houston of something. The height of beauty of something when something is perfectly beautiful, it does not have any deficiency is just right. It's just right. It's perfectly beautiful. Nothing is missing.

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Like for example, if you go to a wedding and you see the bride, everything is there, every detail is there. The jewelry, the clothes, the makeup, everything the stage, the groom as well. Even he matches the bride and if anything is off

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Like, you know, there's something missing. It's just not right. This is not going together. So Zoho is the height of beauty of something when it's completely beautiful, completely decked up, nothing at all is missing. And we see that, that when rain comes down from the sky, the earth becomes completely beautiful. from ground level, do the water, do even the plants. And if you look up in the sky, even the air is fresh, the sky looks fresh, every level, everything looks beautiful. And it's not just the plants, it's the animals. It's the insects, it's the birds. It's the people. So hot, either

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roofer until the earth takes its adornment. And in particular, sort of refers to the fruits, the flowers, the plants, because that is what decorates the earth.

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Before the rain, all of those plants were that now all of a sudden, those plants are green, they're lush, they're growing fruits and flowers was the unit and it becomes beautiful.

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It becomes very beautiful is a unit on the roof every day, ya know. And as a unit is when something becomes beautiful, well, alumna and he was certain, who was certain I knew her it's people who are the people, people of the earth, the dwellers of the earth, the owners of the land, those who have planted the crop, those who are looked after the crop, what do they think that unknown that indeed they are the rules

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that they are able over it, they have full ability over there are certain that they have control over their produce.

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Or there is one who has ability, one was power one was mastery. So they think that this is mine, this is ours. I can do whatever I want to with this. I can do this. I can do that. I can sell it, I can eat it, I can grow it again. And when I sell it, I can buy this. So one no unknown Kaduna layer, they're certain that they have full ability over they make plans, they dream about what they're going to do. And they never think for a moment even that it could be taken away from them. They think it has just started.

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What happens after it comes to it? What What does it refer to what is hair refer to? The plan that they have made? The crop that they have grown? The Earth? That is full of its beauty? What comes to it? Um Runa our command, our decree? When Leyland by night owner or by day? What am what is this what command is the decree of Allah with regards to its destruction?

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Like for example, a storm, hail, a hot wind.

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It comes to the field it comes to the earth that is blooming and what happens? It's destroyed. And when does this destruction come? Leyland by night owner hadn't already know how to perfect before their very eyes and Leyland owner Heron. What does it show? that it does not matter to Allah when the punishment is coming to the person when the destruction is coming to a person? What do we think if a person dies too young,

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he died so early. He was just going to begin his life. He just bought a house. He just got married. He was just building his career. But when the decree of a law says that this person has to die at this time, that he is going to die at that time at a marina Leyland owner. Allah does not care. Federal law then we made it, meaning the earth is made hasley then stubble.

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As if Londoner will, as if it was not even there yesterday. It's all gone. It's all finished Hasidism newsletters household that and hazard is to harvest but it is to harvest crop that is ready to be harvested. So basically, it is ripe or it is dry. It's ready to be harvested. That is what hasard is

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what to have cuyama how solid

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so how solid is to harvest at the right time when the fruit when the crop is ready. But how seed is to harvest at the wrong time. Either too early or too late. And when you do that, when you do that, what happens? What you've picked, what you have is useless, and it's gone. It's finished. So if I do another hasley then we made it like a moron field, like a moron field that has been cut from its root. Everything is destroyed. It's double cut and as if lambda

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Hola from the roof actress lane known yet

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and honey are bill McCann is to stay at a place to live at a place to dwell in a place. So it is as though loving Taco Bell amps and answers yesterday as if it had never been there yesterday. It's gone finished.

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Just imagine a tree that is lush and green with bright colored fruit, bright colored flowers. And all of a sudden by night, a wind comes and destroys it, you know, when fall comes, you see within sometimes days overnight, even that the whole tree is empty. Everything is gone as if it wasn't even there yesterday.

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gallica thus new fossil if we elaborate the economy at a cocoon for people who reflect

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So in this ayah what is mentioned,

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and the reality of life. And what is the reality of life, that it is fleeting. It is not permanent. It comes quickly. It goes away quickly.

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And the moment you think you have control over it, it's gone.

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So the example of the life of this world is like rain that falls on the ground. And rain signifies Allah's mercy, his blessings.

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So for example, a person gets a job. And what happens then, with the rain coming down, the whole scene of the earth changes.

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Similarly, a person when he gets a job, for example, everything changes his wardrobe, his house, his car, the way he talks, his food, his going out habits, his friends, they all change, they look so beautiful, everything becomes lively. And before he had that, he was down in the dumps, depressed. And as soon as a loss of panatela gives him that blessing. Everything changes, the entire scene changes. He's so happy. He's busy enjoying one thing after the other, but then what happens? It comes to an end it faces a decline. Everything in this world faces a decline.

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And the way the things disappear from the earth. Similarly, people also will disappear from this earth, even they will face a decline. It's as though they never existed. They were never there before. When a person does not have something he considers themselves to be very unlucky.

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The most unfortunate person of this world and then when he has it, he thinks that he's very lucky.

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And he forgets that this is temporary, that what he has is only for some time, he gets so deceived by it, he gets so fooled by it, that he immerses himself in just enjoying that to its fault. That's what he's concerned about.

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So what's the lesson in this for us that we should only give as much importance to the things of this world as they deserve. We should not get lost in them because they are not permanent. When you first get something, you find it so beautiful. You find it so attractive, but within days you see it declining.

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You buy a beautiful sofa, but after a few days you see a mark on it. You see the fabric fading. You see that the cushions they're getting flat. Similarly, you get a nice table doesn't have any scratch on it. And within a few days you see scratches on it. You paint your walls, and within a few days you will see scratches

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and the moment you get it it's so important to you. You think this is mine and I can enjoy it and I will do this and I will do that. And within days you see it declining. This is the reality of this worldly life. Nothing, nothing at all in this world is permanent. Nothing, no house, no furniture, no beauty, no skin, no clouds, no car, nothing is permanent. Everything faces decline. And this is when the quarter of Allah subhanaw taala wins when it takes over. This is when it takes over. That when decree of Allah subhanaw taala comes that this is the time when this thing was supposed to decline when this thing was supposed to come to an end. And this is how it was supposed to come to

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an end. Nobody can resist that. Nobody can.

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can you avoid your walls from ever getting scratched? can you avoid your sofas from ever sagging? Never can you avoid your clothes from ever getting old? Never. You cannot you cannot stop the process of change. You cannot things are constantly changing in this world.

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And sometimes even think about we spend so much time looking for the best color for the best sofa for the best furniture

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spend so much time will go to one store the other show the other store, eventually what happens? You get used to whatever you get. And when you do what happens no matter how perfect it is, no matter how perfect it is, even if it gets dented and scratched and broken

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20 years down the road, 15 years down the road, five years down the road, perhaps it'll be in the garbage.

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It's quite possible.

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So give only as much importance as is necessary. Don't waste your life pursuing these things, looking after these things, because no matter what you do, it's going to go away.

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It happens with people, they're so possessive about their things. But other people they come and the way they sit at your table and the way they sit at your sofa, you're like, I just cleaned it. How could you do that? People think like that. especially women, it's a big problem that we humans have ever I just cleaned that glass, don't touch it, your fingerprints on it. It happens with women a lot. But the fact is that you care so much about your things, other people don't. You give it to them, and they will not care the least about it. It's going to decline. Even if it stays with you, it's going to decline. So what is the way to success, deposit your things with who? Allah,

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deposit your life with who have law.

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And don't waste your life just pursuing these things, maintaining these things, looking after these things. Similarly, when you have these things, don't forget the one who gave them to you.

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Don't forget his chair, who gave these things to you, Allah subhanaw taala, who sent down the rain Allah, Who gave you that job, who gave you that spouse who gave you that money? Who gave you that opportunity? Allah. So don't forget him. Don't get so lost in these things that you forget the rights of Allah.

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Sometimes we get so busy in cleaning and maintaining our houses, that when it comes to praying for that we don't have time we rush through it. You know, sometimes think about it takes you two hours to prepare the food, to cook nice food, to cook nice dinner, at least two hours to go to start from the beginning to the end and cleaning and everything. And what happens people come they eat in 20 minutes and they go.

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And if you neglected your solar for that you delayed your solar for that. You didn't pay your son enough for that. You left your car for that. For those 20 minutes in which people ate they criticized or they passed some comments and they forgot about it and they went to it. That's it.

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Don't forget the one who gave this to you don't get lost in this world. Because it's only transitory. It's only temporary.

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One La Jolla drew and Allah calls. There's an invitation that Allah subhanaw taala is sending to us that he is giving to us. Well, now he had the rule, a law called near the roof from the roof letters that are in well diadora which is to call someone to invite someone. So Allah invites to what it is, to the home of peace, which you cannot buy in this world. Which you cannot find in this world. Allah is calling you to wear that is Sam. Meaning Jenna, why is Jenna called Ursula because that is the place where a person will truly be at peace. In this dunya What do you have? You're always worried what if it gets stained? Then what can I do to remove that stain? What if it gets bent? What can I

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do to remove that? And people get insurance and they get warranties, extended warranty? What does Allah say? come and live in Dallas center where you will have no worries, no concerns that how much warranty Do you need and how much insurance Do you need.

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So genda is a place where a person is truly at peace, where he is free from any risks, he will not have any fears, there will be no fear of the decline of blessings. There will be nothing less Nothing short will love either. That is Sam where the Misha and he guides who he wills illustrata Mr. team to a path that is straight, he guides whoever that he wishes do the straight path.

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So in other words, why are you content with less? Why are you happy with this fleeting dunya with this temporary dunya which only makes you sad which only makes you grief stricken, which only makes you upset. Why are you concerned with that? Have a higher goal have a higher purpose, desire for more and what is that more? The home of peace? What Allah subhanaw taala is calling you towards

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contrast to the deception of dunya Allah subhanaw taala called us to Jenna come there will love the other Illa data center and how can a person get there just by wishing that he wants to get there?

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Well yeah Nemanja shadow Allah sort of thing was talking this by going on the straight path. And who goes in the straight path, the one whom Allah subhanaw taala allows the one who wants to go there, the one who gives it preference, the one who sells himself to Allah, the One who sells his wealth to Allah, He is the one who is guided to the straight path, and he is the one who will enter gym.

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In this dunya, no matter how much a person has, he can never ever have Salah even if you're living in the most luxurious house, your head could still hurt, you could still fall ill there could always be a threat of somebody else and coming and harming you, or saying nasty things to you. You can never be at peace and dunia the home of the hereafter. That is the real home. And that is the home of peace.

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And if you look at it will love whether it's an open invitation. It's an open invitation Allah is calling every single person. It's up to us. Do we accept that offer or not? It's like you buy something or you go live somewhere and you're offered an upgrade for free.

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Or perhaps that you have to do something and then you'll get that upgrade. Will you do it depending on the upgrade, right?

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If we stay happy with whatever Allah has decided for us, it's a gift we're giving to our own self. So it's a massage. If you are happy in the dunya with the with the cutter of Allah subhanaw taala you will end up with this in the agenda insha Allah, Allah will give you peace so it's live with peace in the dunya and you will end up with the peace and agenda and shall

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we listen to the recitation of desire

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See, Gina

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we see it every year, how the spring comes and everything is blooming. And then when fall comes, everything falls. dunia deteriorates before our eyes are lost parent data shows us to us every single day, every single year, to teach us a lesson, that your life is also temporary. You are also going to face a decline.

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You know, there is an age until you feel very strong in your body, especially young people, they don't feel any aches or pains. And then all of a sudden, they start feeling aches and pains. And then they realize, okay, I'm going downhill now. I think my body is deteriorating now, especially when you compare yourself to those who are older. But what happens, the lessons that Allah subhanaw taala has given us, we don't use them in the way that is appropriate, we waste them, we decay them,

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or we just waste our time in enjoying them. Instead of investing them we waste our times and just enjoying them.

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And the time passes by. And eventually we will also go away. Things declined before our very eyes, our age, our health, our physical body, our families. You may have seen how perhaps your grandparents or elder relatives, they tell you about how they grew up in their house. And now their relatives, their brothers and sisters, their parents, they're now gone. Perhaps you reflect on your own parents, maybe their siblings have gone. And perhaps there are only a few left, perhaps a house that they grew up in, it's now gone as if nobody lived there before. Nobody lived there before.

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Recently, I visited my grandfather's house in which we spend almost every summer over there. And we literally grew up in that house, years of memories years and years. Recently, I went to visit and I saw after my grandfather's death, it had been transformed into something else. I couldn't believe it. The same house that we spend almost every summer in sky

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declines before your eyes.

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The people who you grew up with, they're gone.

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The friends you grew up with the relatives you grew up with, they're gone. One day, we will also be gone. So what should we do then? Well, Lahiya, they're all in a data center upgrade, upgrade to the better house, to the better place where there will be no decline, where there will be no sorrow, nothing at all.

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Share your reflections,

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to different companies. We're dealing with them and they're offering us good offers, and they just beautify everything in such a way that sometimes we really get trapped into it. But suddenly by the other company, and they come to know we're dealing with this company, they tell us Do you know what are the hidden charges? Do you know what are the hidden traps? They tell us? And we don't know. And we then we say, Oh thanks God, we are saved. And I was thinking, are we grateful now that because Allah Subhana Allah is yet Oh ALLAH is Allah, that Allah gave us opportunity to learn the Quran And Allah is so much merciful, he is really introducing everything, what is the reality of the dunya

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don't like fall into the trap of it. And rather than do what other things are, you're supposed to the reason why Allah is telling us about the reality of this world so that we don't get lost in it. And we have some higher goals, some higher priorities. Life is not just about having a good career and a lot of money and having a good house and a happy family. That's not just what life is about. It's a time in which Allah is observing what do we do,

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and according to that, is a recompense in the hereafter that every morning

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Good evening. We're Dr. Omega, and be grateful for the blessings that Allah has given us. Because if we get lost in them, and we're not grateful, because if you see several themes that we mentioned again and again, gratitude versus in gratitude, remembering the love versus forgetting him getting lost in this dunya versus investing in the author.

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never sell yourself short to dystonia. Never devalue yourself, you can get something much better, that will Salaam you can get. So aim for that

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sounds just about the reality of this life I remembered of worse, it's an order basically, I'm just going to translate it. It says that life is basically four days, two days you spend wishing for things in two days you spend waiting for

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two days you spend wishing two days you spend waiting. And that's

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a marina Laden.

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Column Carnival amps as if it was never there before.

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The example of the rose the analogy of the roses given that initially when it begins to bloom, it's so beautiful, it's so attractive, but then you see it within two or three days. It's so short lived. This is the reality of this life

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cycle, I'm just reflecting on getting stuck in the dunya and wanting a lot of things that are beautiful and all that stuff. What I notice is the more you want the dunya The more you want more, but if you choose to live a simple life then you can build and you want lesser and what I'm reflecting on is like you know some houses and families they had three kitchens, two living rooms, and they have this wall unit that has got tons of plates and and they never use it in there accumulating dust on it. And these are money sitting in your house that you could be using for seeking knowledge or doing something for the team like you know investing it for. Exactly.

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We listen to restoration desire.

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Well, either

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there are

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Deena in gitana de la nakulan Amina shaqiri

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Daddy Mommy, Misha.

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soprano, calamari handicap.

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Should we learn

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the stuff you're going to be like? Assalamualaikum warahmatullah

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