Taimiyyah Zubair – Bukhari 037 Knowledge Hadith 115 117

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The importance of finding one's own sleep is discussed, including the success of their own workload and finding their partner's "hasn't been seen yet" feeling. The success of their own workload and finding their partner's "hasn't been seen yet" feeling is emphasized. The importance of dressing up during the day of judgment and finding a balance between clothing and finding one's own success is also discussed. The importance of staying up late and pray before the time of budget and staying at someone's house is emphasized, as well as the importance of staying at someone's house and praying before their funeral.
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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah, who would like to

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get him another word for the villa Himanshu rajim Bismillah R Rahman, Rahim. rubbished silly emri Melissa Nico Kohli, Vanessa

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Bell Bab ilmi wonder Illa t belaid alhaurin knowledge will Illa and admonition when belatedly during the night, one way is that a person does this after Isha. And the other is that a person sleeps after Isha and wakes up during the night. And then he studies and he advises other people or himself, we learned that generally it has been disliked for a person to stay awake after so that's inertia. And the only exception is that a person has something important to do something necessary to do. And all those things which are necessary to do at night, which is worth staying up at night is studying or teaching and why at night for two reasons. First, so that a person can study learn,

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teach even more, because what he has done during the day he doesn't feel it is enough. You know, sometimes you do something during the day and by the time you get to bed, you're like, I don't think I did enough and you don't feel like going to sleep, you feel guilty going to sleep because you feel you haven't accomplished enough, right. So this is one of the reasons why a person can stay awake at night and study even more. And the other is so that a person can have uninterrupted undisturbed time with or because we learned that in the night Allah Allah says that it is for sukoon Allah hola de Jardin de como la la la escuela de una hora masala, you can have sukoon in the night, obviously. So

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going in the ayah means rest. However, sukoon is also when a person has peace, you know, no interruptions, he has his time all to himself. And during the day, obviously there are so many distractions we learn in the lack of in a hurry Subhan babila do many things to do one after the other a very, very long day. And we see here that in the son of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam both ways are there staying up after Isha and also waking up during the night in order to teach in order to do something beneficial. And we see that a person may study, listen to something useful, read something beneficial in the night. Because those are quiet moments, quiet moments where if you

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concentrate, you know in that quiet in that silence in that peace, your concentration will be much more better. If you study it will be much more effective. But obviously you should not do it at the point that you're falling asleep. And you have to read something over and over again because your eyes are closing on you. So only study at night when it is effective. Only when it is effective. If you are too tired. If you are too sleepy, there is no point in staying awake. What do we learn about Salah as well, when a person is so sleepy, what should he do? Sleep and then get up and pray. Because we should not pray in a state where we're unable to understand what we are saying what we

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are doing the same thing when it comes to seeking. And if you think about it, a person sleeps at night. Why? Because he needs that sleep. He needs that rest. During the day, you have one thing after the other to do, you're tired, you're exhausted and then the time that you get to yourself you use it for sleeping, when we see that our bodies don't just need sleep, right? Our bodies also need some nutrition not physical but also mental. So during the night when you have time to yourself, don't just spend all of that in sleeping. Take some time out of that for what for learning, for reflecting for self reflection for improving yourself had the Center for the photo of Barona Marina

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and Mark Martin on is V on hinden ami Salama wondering why you're here if necessary, then n is re n hinden and omit Salama do narrations do change have been mentioned over here? He said Who Am selama that is style cavanna bu sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam he woke up is the cover. What's the root? Any other word that you can think of from this word? What is a boon? I call 112 called a call and once we're awake, you would think that they're awake whereas actually they're sleeping. The people of the kids horrible cough. So it's a caller he woke up meaning he was sleeping before and then he woke up when that alert in one night. So one night he went to sleep and

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then he woke up. Obviously this was at the time of the huddle for cola. So he said Subhana Allah Glorified is Allah. Why did he says apparently out of the out of amazement, other surprise, and also to show terylene to show the greatness of what Mather what is that meaning? How much is that?

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How many In other words, on Zilla it was sent down la letter the night meaning in this night mean alfetta of the trials, meaning so many trials have been sent down tonight this night. When mother and how many fujihara it was opened up minahasa in after treasures. What is he saying? That sapan Allah, how many trials have descended this night? And how many treasures have been opened up this night? Do things so he's expressing his amazement, surprise, au Caillou wake up who saw a bet in her dog wake up who survived a battle hujan sawai that

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companions of alhaja her Georgia compartments the apartments, apartments of the wives of the Prophet sallallahu sallam. So in other words, go wake them up. Those who are sleeping in their homes, go wake them up. So I have added Hodor he's referring to his wife that they should be woken up from their sleep. He didn't like that they were sleeping through the night. He wanted them to wake up and worship Allah subhanaw taala as well. And he said, Farber, so how many are many gassy I think one who is dressed from guess well, guess what? clothing. So kaseya one who is dressed fit dunia in this world. Arya 10 one who is bear one who is naked Phil Farah in the hereafter. In this hadith we see

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that when the Prophet sallallahu Sallam woke up in the night he did two things. First of all, he gift our lien. And secondly, he also give Motorola what was the third lien that he gave that how many trials and how many blessings have been have been decreed tonight over here in the Hadith, the word unzila and the word footage. They mean, how many have been decreed? It doesn't mean that the fit and descended literally but that they were decreed. Similarly Jose in not descended literally, but that they were decreed by Allah subhanaw taala. So first of all he gave Darlene and secondly, he gave was Motorola that wake up? Are you sleeping ones, for some people who are dressed today will be

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naked tomorrow. So do something to prepare for your appearance so that you're not naked there. You're also dressed up over there. Don't just be concerned about your rest and your comfort in this life, but be concerned about your about your well being in the hereafter as well. So he gave Motorola and you remember the word Motorola What does it mean and effective advice in which there is warning in which there is good news? Both so that it actually has an effect on the person it drives him to action. So imagine when the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said this statement photoblog se attend for dunya Aria and phylloxera. It would have certainly shaken up the people. And those who were

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sleeping would have certainly woken up and done something for their afra what do we see? What do we learn about the statement for Uber, Cassie and for dunya, Arya 10 will occur. This statement has been understood in three ways. First of all, it has been said that what this means is that so many women, and it's women in particular, because kaseya feminine idea. So so many women who wear clothes kaseya they do workloads today, however they are in reality naked, so tomorrow on the Day of Judgment, they will be in reality naked, that you wear his clothes, however, they are such that she's still naked. Why? Because they are see through or because they're extremely tight. That it's

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almost as though a person does not wearing anything at all, or they're very short, very bear, very revealing. So, if a woman were such close in this life, then on the Day of Judgment, she will be literally bear because our spiritual condition in this life is will be our physical condition on the Day of Judgment. Secondly, it has been settled. What this means is that there are so many women who wear clothes today, meaning they have a lot to dress up with. And they do a lot to dress up. They have wardrobes that are full they have every style, every color, every design, every fabric, every every brand, whatever you call it. However, on the day of judgment, they will be naked. They will

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have nothing to cover themselves with why because they spent his life in just dressing up and just staying comfortable buying one thing after the other wearing one thing after the other, you know just looking after their clothes, doing laundry ironing dressing up, literally so many hours so much money

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is spent on just dressing up especially by women. This is a weakness of the women in our Deen This is understandable that women are going to adorn themselves which is why so many things we learn the Quran and Sunnah that promote this. However, everything should be within a balance. Everything should be within a balance. Just the other day I opened up YouTube and just by chance I just pressed on most viewed

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By accident, and all of a sudden I saw this video on how to do makeup. It was something about eye makeup and 1 million views over 1 billion views. And I was telling somebody Berta, like yeah, of course, this YouTube is full of such stuff as a really, I had no idea that videos are all over YouTube, how to this kind of makeup and under that kind of makeup, and people go and shop and then they show their clothes that they bought.

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Amazing. So, people who are obsessed with just dressing up in this life, what happens they end up compromising on preparing for alpha. So those who are dressed up in this dunya will be naked tomorrow, their energies, their time, their money, all of it is spent on dressing up in this world, they will be naked tomorrow. So a person's richness of this dunya will not benefit them in the Hereafter, their looks, their beauty, cannot benefit them in the hereafter if they have not used it in the right way, if they have not focused on the more important things. And thirdly, this has also been interpreted as that there are so many women who are outwardly beautiful outwardly adorned with

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nice with righteousness and with piety. You know, they have that outfit that appearance of righteousness of piety. However, on the inside, they're hollow, they're naked, they're bare. So on the Day of Judgment, their inner state will come outside. So their inner state of nakedness of no taqwa of no higher, have no fear of Allah will come out. And so they will be naked on the Day of Judgment. Today, they appear to be biased, they appear to be righteous, you know, we learned about labasa taqwa. So only on the apparent they try to be very righteous and pious, but on the inside, completely different. So on that day, their interstate will be reflected in their physical state.

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Now, this is definitely true that on the Day of Judgment, some people will be naked, but we learned from our bodies that all people will rise up on the Day of Judgment, bear without any clouds. So what does this mean? There will be a time when all people will be like this, but this will be at the time of resurrection. But eventually, what do we learn that people have generally entered into Jannah. And they will be adorned, we learn about the claws of the people of Jenna green, and the jewelry. So when people will enter gender, they will be clothed with the garments of paradise. But there's some people who will not be allowed to come there,

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who will not be able to afford the clothing of Paradise, why? Because all their lives, they strove to afford the clothings of dunya. And they did not strive to be able to afford the clothing or the clothing or gender of paradise. So they will be deprived of those clothes, they will be deprived of the rewards of paradise. So what do we learn from this Hadees that a person's state in this dunya how he is, does not mean that that's exactly how he will be in the hereafter. If a person is rich, he has a lot of clothes, a lot of dunya everything with him, it doesn't mean that this is how he will be in the hereafter. In fact, it could be quite, you know, complete opposite.

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assured it should be looked on yourself. So it means we need to keep a balance between this and that, of course, there must be a balance not that a person is just completely focusing on the clothes of gender. And so he does not bother about the lunia at all. No, there has to be a balance, okay, and we see that balance in the way of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam we see that sometimes he were the most expensive clothes, and sometimes he also gave them in charity immediately. Just because he had good clothes did not mean that he would not give in charity. We know that once a woman she brought close to the Prophet sallallahu sallam, she said I made it myself and I want you

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to wear it and he wore it. And a man said how beautiful that looks. And the prophets of Allah said, um, he went home, took them off and sent them for that man. And he said that he wanted the cloth so that he could be buried in those clouds. So there is a balance and we see that balance in the life of the Prophet sallallahu sallam. It should not be our purpose our goal our focus, that we're striving towards it all our lives just because we want that particular shirt or that particular dress you know, we're we're going through you know, the entire mall again and again, one mall after the other one store after the other. I mean, whatever you see, it fits well looks well Alhamdulillah

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take it i'm not saying go for the most boring option. Go for something nice, but doesn't mean that you spent so much time into looking for that one particular item. I was just gonna say to that as women for our husbands we we do need to make the effort to dress nicely and properly in a nice clothes. So in that sense to for striving, but for the sake of pleasing our husbands which remains a law that's also different. Yes.

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Because then again, that is for a different purpose in challenged to do for the sake of a live actually earning his pleasure. So even that effort is a good deed in Sharla asako, I was thinking that it's the mercy of Allah subhanaw taala that whatever we do, however we are inside is His mercy that he doesn't show it to everybody. So this is the time that we are actually free, and we are covered. And unless Mercy is on us, and then we, we have this time to use to be able to afford the clothing there in the US. Because now our faults are concealed. You know, people wear clothes, they cover parts of their bodies, why to conceal some, something that they're embarrassed of. So Allah

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has concealed many of our faults today. But this is the time to fix them. Because if we don't fix them now, on the day of judgment, we're sure he didn't want my shoot, my shoot, it will be made visible, whatever is in the hearts will come out. For some people, Allah will say that I can seal them for you in the world, and today I forgive them. But for others, that will not happen, they will be exposed. If they were one time address, then they don't want to wait a second time in the parties. That's why the clauses are full of quotes. Otherwise, look at the men closet and the woman closets you will see the difference. And not just the closet, the suitcases and the and the extra

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closets that are in the basement or just will handle that for life giving you that ability, that much wealth or that much time, then you should be generous with it as well. Not that a person keeps holding on to clothes that Yeah, I might wear, you know, I might use this sometime. I remember Somebody once told me that 80% of our stuff, we use only 20% of the time 80% of the stuff that we have we use it only 20% of the time. We think we might use it, we might need it. You know, maybe I can match this with that and I can work with that. But many times that you know that chance does not come.

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Let's continue. Bob a summary Below is a summary of what is assembled mean. Talking at night. Mr. Kareena v Sam Juran doodle on Sam Juran one who talks at night one who chats at night, some of that is used for storytelling, when, especially at bedtime before sleeping before going to sleep. It's used for a nightmare just for the purpose of entertainment, where people would sit together and talk in Arabia, you know that during the day, it's extremely hot. And during the night, the weather is nice, it's cool, the sand is also cool. So many times in fact, it was the custom of the Arabs that they would stay up at night. Why? For the purpose of entertainment, and during the day, they would

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stay within their houses, and they would you know, be resting or whatever, but during the night is when they would have entertainment. And even today, if you go to such countries, you will see that during the night all the streets are full. And during the day. You wonder does anybody live over here?

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Or you wonder why are these houses here? Why are these places over here. So the weather is like that, that people would stay up at night for the purpose of socialization, to entertain themselves to socialize with one another, so on and so forth. But we see over here that a person should also stay awake at night, not just for the purpose of entertainment, not talking about useless random things, but talking about what

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a summary beloeil staying awake at night for the purpose of knowledge. Earlier what we learned was about going to sleep and then waking up for knowledge. This is staying awake, not sleeping after a shot, but staying awake for knowledge. And then whenever a person wants to sleep, he sleeps. So a summary below me. And also we see that this is not as formal, as some of this is not formal. This is in conversation chatting, talking casually. A person mentioned something that is useful to mention something of knowledge that is beneficial. So this is also something that must be done. Many times it happens that if you share your room with the other, for example, your sibling, you know you're in

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bed, she's in her bed, and you're talking, the lights are off and you're talking right. And you're talking about what happened during the day or what do you plan to do tomorrow or what you're thinking or what your frustrations are, and then all of a sudden we realize the other person is sleeping, or they're realizing we're sleeping right. So we talk or listen to sleep? Correct. So, all of the things that we should talk about, is also in for example, you could share with the other person this is what we did today in class. This is what we learned today in class. Something interesting, I just remembered, you know you could share with the other. So why because what you

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talk about

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At night, that is what stays in your mind even in your sleep. And that is what you wake up with in the morning as well. So, instead of talking about our worries or concerns or problems, things that went wrong things that we're afraid of, you know, it's going to disturb our sleep. It's going to make us grouchy in the morning, so instead talk about beneficial things in Java. How does the necessary the bureau Faden Carla had the sunny la zoo? Allah destiny, Abdul Rahman Abu Khalid in an English you haven't I'm Solomon. What are we back rebny Suleiman evening Avi has matter. And Abdullah him Nero Mata Abdullah Ibn irmler Allah He said, Salah Urbina, he prayed with us who and to

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be useful Allahu alayhi wa sallam, the Prophet sallallahu sallam, he prayed with us what, Alicia, there is shouts Allah, Fie, as he in the end of hierarchy, his life meaning towards the end of his life. One night, the prophets of Allah said and prayed or shared with us, fellow masala then when he did the slim meaning he said the solemn he ended the prayer. Alma he stood up for color, and then he said, or a tocom or ADA, what does it mean? Have you seen Have you considered meaning a B Rooney.

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Or a taco? Have you seen yourselves literally? Meaning Have you considered Have you thought about this? Tell me what do you think? So a taco Have you considered Layla to come your night? Had he this? In other words, have you thought about this tonight? For in For indeed, rock, sir? Rock. So what does this mean? Head over here it gives meaning off the tip the end the edge,

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sir, meaning the end of me at the Senate in 100 years, mean her from it. 100 years from tonight. legaia Boca, he will not remain mimin from the one who who are He is Allah of the upon the surface of the earth. I hadn't anyone 100 years from tonight, no one who is alive today who was on the earth today will be alive. After 100 years from tonight. None of those people who are alive today we'll be alive then. In other words, all those people who are alive today will die. By the time the century comes to an end. What do we see in this hadith? The Prophet sallallahu Sallam told the people something of when after Isha. And how, in a very normal way, in casual conversation. He didn't say

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Everybody sit down, I'm going to give a lecture. No, in casual conversation, he got up after Salah, and he looked at everybody and this is what he said. So he gave Darlene after Isha. So this is what some of beloeil what do we learn this Hadees that when the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said this towards the end of his life, 100 years after that, none of those people who were alive at that time remained alive, no, all of them passed away. And there's something that happened, out of those companions who were alive at that time, did not live 100 years from that point onwards. Okay, there were companions who lived 100 years after digital, but they did not live 100 years after this time,

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towards the end of the Prophet sort of Allison's life when he made the statement. And also remember that this is a general statement. Okay. This is something that is about everybody in general. However, there were some or there are some exceptional cases, can you think of one, somebody who was alive at that time, but is still alive today, from those who are on the earth that we learned from Hades, the Hadith of the Sasa, it's known as the release of this data. In that Hadees, we learned that some of the companions of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, they were traveling on the sea, and they happen to get lost in a storm, and they ended up coming on an island. And when they landed over

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there, there was a creature completely black, they couldn't figure out what it was. And it came and inform them and ask them to come there was somebody who was calling them they went, and there was the jail, they saw him and they spoke to him and then they left and they came to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and they informed him. So the jail was there. The assessor was there. However, they have not come out yet. And many hundreds of years have passed by since the time when the prophets Allah sort of made the statement. So we see that there are exceptional cases. But remember that an exception will be made about the one who's the lead we have meaning we have some evidence

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from the Quran and Sunnah. Because people sometimes say that Hadith, okay, he's still alive. What's the evidence? Do we have any evidence from the Quran in

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No we don't. Okay, there's no evidence. So about the jail for example, there is clear evidence. So this is why we understand that that is exception. Any other exception we made, we have to bring evidence we don't have it then that falls in the in the general category, we do the minute they are tribe. So they are born and they die. And at that time, when they will come out, they will be many in number, okay, doesn't mean that they're the same people are alive, they are a tribe.

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Okay, from Hades, we learned that the ratio of damage towards the rest of the people is how much 999 to one. So there are many. One more thing that we learned this hadith is that

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a scholar may teach even after Isha Salah. So for example, you go to a Masjid, for Asia and there's a holocaust that's going on. If you have the time go ahead and attend it. This is actually the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam a summer when the statement profits or losses are made to the end of his life. In a way he was hinting that he wasn't going to be there long enough. He said teaching but it was not a long formal lecture. It was just very informally very casually, non threatening, and so such a heavy news. If the if this habit was to or somebody wants to sit down and think about it, there's so much in this so we should really try to improve our speech also, by

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following this. Robert Salas and not talk long.

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Had this an Adam Carolla had the Santa Sherpa to Allah had the Santa al hakam. Call us America. Sorry Dubner debate in our live near Besson. In our bustle the lower on who he said Allah is a bit too with to what do you think? I stayed at night?

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I stayed at night fi in Beatty, the house of holiday. My maternal aunt Holliday, who has his Hala maimunah

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in her bentall Harris, the daughter of Harris, and who was my moon, while they were on had the wife of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam xojo Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam well, canon abuso de la where it will send them and the profit sort of all the sudden was are in the hair with her feed a lady her in her night. So I stayed in her house on the night when the profit side of artisan was supposed to stay with her. During that night. We know that the profits that have also had distributed his nights amongst his wives. So this was her turn. So even our boss will deliver on who he was also there in their house for Solana Beach sallallahu alayhi wasallam, so the Prophet sallallahu Sallam prayed,

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and let me share their shots on some agenda. Then he came he Lamin z to his house. So he prayed Russia and then he came to his house. And when he came for Salah, then he prayed albero for Raka rotten rocket, he prayed for rocket summon ama and then he slept. Meaning he did not pray with it at that time, but rather he slept some mahkamah and then he stood, meaning he woke up after some time and then he stood up some makalah Then he said, Nam Allahu Allah him. The little boy is sleeping. Who is he referring to? Even our best Allah William, this is the diminutive of the word Olam dislike even Bunny,

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bunny, bunny or Kalamata a statement to be haha it resembles it meaning he said, Nam Allahu Allah him or something like that. Imagine even our bus he's leaving. Or it seemed as though he was leaving when he was noticing everything that the profit sort of Hudson was doing and everything he was saying. Children are very observant. We really underestimate them. Oh, can you attend to some more karma then he stood for come to meaning he stood in prayer and then for come to then I stood on your Saturday on his left. So the prophets lederhosen came home after Isha he prayed for God. He went to sleep. And then he woke up. And then he started praying and even Arbus. He also got up and joined

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him in Salah. But when he joined him and for that, where did he stand? Is it on his left foot journey so he put me on Yamini on his right for Salah, then he prayed hum Soraka I think five Raka we five one is off with some masala and then after five then he prayed for Kartini doodle God and after praying doodle card salmonella, then he slept had the until severe to I heard hopefully the who, oh hot Lita who

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Lita who Oh, hopefully the same word but with different first letter. What does it mean snoring? Meaning he really slept a deep sleep

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I could hear him snoring, some Maharajah and then he left it to the solid meaning for solitude.

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What does this how this show to us how the Prophet sallallahu Sallam spent his night.

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In the previous Hadees, we learned about, some of you will be staying awake during the night in order to learn. But we see that this was not the regular habit of the preferred sort of artist and stay up for a long time after selected Archer. It was not his regular habit. Generally, what would he do, he would sleep soon after solid inertia. And then you would wake up and worship Allah and then you would sleep again for some time, but then he would go for fragile. So this Hadees tells us that we should not make it a regular habit of staying up too late.

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Even when it comes to study. So don't sleep at one o'clock, two o'clock, every night or every other night. No, it should be an exception. Because if you start doing this, if you sleep at two o'clock, because you've been studying all night, how will you get up how

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it's not possible. And many times it happens that even if you do step, after Russia, you try to study but you will not be able to study much because you're tired. Sometimes if you have to do it sometimes, then you are able to stretch it right and you are able to get work done. But if you make it a regular habit, staying awake every night, falling asleep at your table, falling asleep on your computer. So this had this teaches us right, that we should not stretch ourselves beyond our limits, because then we can't do anything. And then we end up compromising on other important things. So the regular habit of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam was to rest up very short. And then a wake up to

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breath hajat ended with with her and then sleep again for some time, and then go for.

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And one more thing that the prophets Allah sent him he kept his night as his night and his day as his day. And we should keep the same thing. We should not make our nights, our days and our days, our nights. Some people, they just work at night and asleep all day long when people need them the most. So for example, if we're working late in the night, and we're waking up late in the day, and then we're late at work, or we are laid down in the kitchen or available to the family, then what's going to happen, everybody's going to be affected. So exceptional once in a while. That's a different story. But the regular habit should be sleeping early, waking up in the night to do

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whatever we have to and then going to sleep again. And then waking up early in the morning and getting to our work our business early. Now we see here it's the profit or loss and I'm pretty sure in the masjid came home prayed for record. What are these four you can say this is nothing. Because when the Prophet sallallahu Sallam would come home he would also pray there because he did not like the fact that people only pray in the masjid You should also pray in your house. Okay, so especially for men, when they come home, they should also pray something so he prayed for and then he slept. And when he woke up, he prayed five because of the 100 salah and then after that he prayed to more

00:33:17 --> 00:33:54

god What are these? This is the Sunnah of fetish. This is the Sunnah of salata feather What does it show to us that he prayed those five lacar towards the end of the night, not in the middle, but towards the end of the night. Only then he was able to pray fudger right. No, you can only pray the juice enough budget when the time of budget begins. Okay, but sometimes the time of budget is very long. Okay, sometimes it's one hour sometimes two hours, sometimes less than that. So he prayed the sooner right at the beginning of the time and then he slept again. Okay until it was time to go to the masjid even if it was 1520 minutes.

00:33:55 --> 00:34:34

But he prayed his due towards the end of the night the very end of the night so that he could pray the sooner or further and then sleep again after that and then wake up when it was time for fudger in the masjid salado fudger in the masjid is not generally is not right at the time but when fudge begins but slightly after that so that everybody can come that in the huddle we see that the time between when fudge begins the drill when the celeb begins, it's quite a lot you can pray or so now you can even take a short nap, you can eat something quickly. You can read Quran you can do quite a bit of stuff during that time. So we see that the Prophet sallallahu sallam, he slept at that time.

00:34:34 --> 00:34:59

We learned many, many lessons. First of all, we see that staying at someone's house during the night. Is it okay? Yes. It's okay. Because some people say it's not right. You should never sleep at somebody else's house. I mean, if you're traveling, if you are a guest at somebody's house, it's perfectly fine. If they're hosting you, then it's perfectly fine. Some people think that it's some people make it culturally unacceptable.

00:35:00 --> 00:35:15

As long as it is acceptable to the other person as well, okay, obviously, you're not going to go to somebody else and say, You know what, maybe I'll sleep here, don't do that. And also relatives even or Bursa staying at the house of this aren't there is nothing wrong with that

00:35:16 --> 00:35:52

there's nothing wrong with that. So for example, if children are young and they want to have a sleepover at their cousin's house, and you know proper arrangements are made, then there's nothing wrong with them. Ultimately learning this, this that staying at night in the house of a person of your relatives, where the man and the wife they are together there's nothing wrong with that obviously, everything has to be appropriate. Like we see over here that the hurdle of my funeral Delano obviously was not a huge mansion where there were separate rooms or anything like that, it was one room and we see that even our bass he slept there the prophets that a lot of them was there

00:35:52 --> 00:36:40

and maybe a little later on he was also there. So obviously, things have to be appropriate and in that sense, it is okay. Then we also learn this hadith that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam he prayed for record and he rested after that so as soon as he came home he prayed and he slept so it's best that a person sleeps right after Isha these days for example, so that Russia is very late and so that the Father is also very early so you have very little time in the night. So if it was your habit in the winter that you pray Russia and then you have a snack and then you go to bed then what should you do? shift all of that to before Isha and you have plenty of time before Isha maintains

00:36:40 --> 00:37:23

we're sitting waiting looking at the clock, when is it going to be Showtime, and then when it Showtime comes in, then we remember so many things to do. So start getting ready for bed before a shock comes in, brush your teeth, you know, do your will to change, you know, get everything ready. And when the time comes in, pray and sleep. Is there a time when the time of precious Allah expires? Yes, there is. And what is that? This will lay half of the night. So if for example, you said I'm going to sleep after motive, and I'm going to wake up for a shot, then it better be before that time comes. Not anytime before 30. Before half of the night. Yes, between our generation half of the

00:37:23 --> 00:38:07

night. It's not 12 o'clock. Okay, half of the night. Sorry, yeah, father and mother. Also, we learned this Hadees that a person may begin his Salah individually, and then become the man in that Salah. We see that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam stood up in prayer. And Eben Arbus joined him. You see that he joined him. So you can do that. If a person is praying, you can go and join him inside out but who will be the email? The person who started first, okay, he will be the man. This is for father as well. Okay. So for example, you go into the masjid. You see your sister she went before she's praying. So that's a little bit the jamara is over. She's praying so that you can go and stand

00:38:07 --> 00:38:21

next to her and you can pray with her. Okay, as long as you know that that is what she's praying. Then we also learned that a person may pray salata, farfalla in jamara, and also knuffel, Salah in jamara. Voluntary prayers can also be performed in congregation.

00:38:22 --> 00:38:51

Okay, so for example, there are we sauna, is that voluntary or mandatory? It's voluntary. So can we pray that in tomorrow? Of course we can. Then we also run this hadiza in tomorrow, a person should stand on the right of the man when that places empty. So if nobody's standing on the right of the Imam, Then where should you go and stand on the right of the map. But if somebody is already standing on the right of the map, and the left is, you know, is free, then what should you do? Stand on the left?

00:38:52 --> 00:39:00

Tell me, I'll ask you. The sleep break we'll do what do we learn generally? What do you know the sleep break although

00:39:02 --> 00:39:09

it does, but what do we see in this hadith? The Prophet sallallahu Sallam slept, he got up and he prayed

00:39:11 --> 00:39:52

which narration Okay, he was not in deep sleep, but we know that he was snoring. And then he got up and went for Salah. Yes that the sleep of the prophet SAW the lows, it was different. Okay, okay, that if a person does not sleep without any support, for example, he's sitting, he's not lying down and he dozes off. Even if you start snoring then his will do does not break. Right. What you said is right. Yes, the profits or losses hard did not sleep. But we see that even our boss also got up and prayed. There are eight opinions when it comes to the sleep will break will do or not, the sleep invalidate will do or not. And there's one, which I'll tell you over here, which will be new, but I

00:39:52 --> 00:39:53

want you to know

00:39:54 --> 00:39:59

some scholars have said that when a person has slept for a short time

00:40:00 --> 00:40:44

That is different from sleeping for a long time. So you get ready for bed you go to sleep, and you wake up after four hours, five hours, six hours. That is different from sleeping for half an hour. It's different from sleeping for 45 minutes, it's different from sleeping for 10 minutes for five minutes. You understand? So there is a difference between sleep that is Colleen and Kathy's. Okay, so some scholars say that if a person has slept for a very short amount of time, just five minutes, 10 minutes 15 minutes. And when he wakes up, he knows that he didn't do anything that could break his will do it's like you have that feeling if you need to go to the washroom or if a person feels

00:40:44 --> 00:41:20

that they wake up and they feel that they had a * or something like that then that's obvious that that would they will do has broken but if they've slept for only 1520 minutes and they don't feel anything like that then they will do is there according to some scholars, so sometimes it happens with you that you were praying or shot and you were very sleepy when you were doing your God and you didn't even know whether singlehanded allow or what and you find yourself sleeping and you wake up and when you were praying or when you finished it was 1035 and now you see the time is 1045 so you don't know if you slept for two minutes or five minutes or for how long but you're sitting in

00:41:20 --> 00:41:57

that same position or just slightly bent over or your head is just on the bed. So you still have you Although many times that happens that you are in the harem and you if you go you know do your bed your rooms you will do again by the time you come back you completely miss your Salah. So if you're sitting over there, you slept for only five minutes, barely three minutes barely 10 minutes maximum very short amount of time and you feel fine. Okay, then inshallah you will do is valid. Okay, this is one opinion of some of the scholars amongst them. Also even me as well as she's even worse I mean as well as she even bas inshallah will conclude over here.

00:41:58 --> 00:42:04

So Hannukah long we have the condition of La ilaha illa Anta Mr. Philco wanted to be like a salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah.

Lesson 37 – Chapter 40-41 Hadith 115-117

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