Sulaiman Moola – Does COVID-19 Mean Death

Sulaiman Moola
AI: Summary © The potential for COVID-19 to increase panic and alarm is discussed, including personal experiences of diagnosed cancer and receiving news of illness. The importance of history and balance in preventing future deaths is emphasized, along with the need for people to be mindful of their health and avoid future deaths. Sequentially, the speaker reminds people to take appropriate precautions and stay strong.
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Bismillah salatu salam ala rasulillah he sallallahu alayhi wa sallam we're back. So one of the common questions that people are asking is that how deadly is the virus? Does it mean if I am a Coronavirus patient and we ask Allah for ease and alfia then it equates death. And there's been a forecast and prediction by many people that in the next odd week, so many lines will be taken etc. So obviously this is going to increase the the rate of panic, alarm, concern, fear, etc. And there are some reports out of Italy and elsewhere that the death rate has increased, etc. So obviously, they ease cause for concern in this regard. It's not within my domain to address the the medical

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perspective of this year, although suffice to say that the medical professionals tell us that it's not your regular flu, it's not your common flu. The symptoms have been told how to boost your immunity has been also told to us etc. But today, I want to address it from a Islamic perspective and that would remain my responsibility that how would we address something like this year which at times could be quite serious, and let's take it beyond the Coronavirus sometimes, a person has been diagnosed with cancer and often people call me come home you know what we've just sent some results and preliminary reports suggest that there might be a cancerous tumor etc. And many times it it's

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tantamount to death in the family. So that's my address. Does it mean if I have Coronavirus that means it equates death automatically or not. So again, I share with you a hadith from the teachings of the messenger sallallahu wasallam. And I marveled at our faith, and I marveled at the holistic nature of our teachings that we will always find direction guidance, we've just got to apply our mind and look into the new source and you will find so there is a hadith recorded by both Imam Bukhari and Muslim Rahim Allah and this is regarding Saudi Arabia Casa de Allahu anhu, who we all know is from the ACA de la sala de la MOBA, sharena. Bill Jana, those who were given the glad

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tidings of gender in one gathering and he was the last to pass on from the the 10 people who are given the glad tidings of gender in one gathering. He was also amongst the six the committee of the Shura, Mama Baba Khalid murshed rabina home Phil Emily fajita Marula Ruth money when Satan Amara Delano had moved on, and in his fatal illness he had appointed a committee of six satana Saudi Navy workers for the Alon was from amongst them. Amongst these accolades the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam had said enemy fayda enemy Fida be a be omit that Oh, sad release the arrow, May my parents be sacrificed for you. So generally the companions would say Fidel, Gabi Romeo rasulillah,

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May my parents be sacrificed for you, which was an expression to denote servitude love, kindness and submission. And here the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said the same facade been abused because our lumen Rama besides mean feasibility love, the first to release an arrow in the path of Allah had been a Viva Casa de la Manu. So, Mr. Buhari makes mention of this Hades in Italy, geometry BB under the chapter of the permissibility of saying, I'm not well, I'm feeling sick, I'm not feeling good. People are concerned now any cough or sneeze? or tightness of chairs, you know, what is this the regular cough? Or is this something deeper than the regular cough? So here's the

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incident. And this is what I want to say give hope to people give hope to people.

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We need to give meaning to people. I had to visit someone who had cancer. And I said to the sister, I said, See, doctors have given you a time I have not been given a time. But otherwise, that's the date and the time there's no guarantee that I'm going to live when I exit and there's no guarantee you're going to die. Anyway. Does it mean if I have Coronavirus it equates death does it mean if I have cancer it equates death. No. Of course there's a medical explanation and I'm not, you know,

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unmindful of this year in any way, but hope we need to balance the thing out and have hope. Jonnie Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Maru duni had Jatin wa sahbihi wa salam says the Prophet sallallahu Sallam came to visit me on the year of the farewell Hajj, which was the year of the demise of the messenger sallallahu Sallam the 10th year of a drop. So I said to the Prophet sallallahu

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He was lm Yara sobre la in Nika Bella B Mina luxury. matara, Viva La you can see I'm in pain I am unwell I am sick. And I don't think I am going to live long in me. But Bella be mean a luxury Matata from the tone of the discussion. He was now you know what attending to his state. He went to to make a request. He wanted to wind up his affairs, and he said, oh maybe of Allah I'm sick. I'm sick. So this is the point of reflection and Mr. Bahari codes that under the teratoma toolbar of the Jaguars and the permissibility and he also makes mention of the idea of satana una sala Mara Nima Sani adore, oh my lord, I am in pain. We're under hamura. I mean, you are the most kind. Wanna do Merlyn

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and Allah has blessed me with wealth, whether you're a Sunni in Ebner to Lee and I only have one daughter who will inherit from me at the sun that will be through Lucy Molly, can I give two thirds of my wealth in charity? the messengers ally Some said law No. So sadly I've never set for shutter Can I give half my wealth? The messenger salaria Some said no. So then southern neighbor concert for Toulouse Can I bequeath make a bequest for a third of my estate and the messengers a lot ism said Well, yes. Okay. But a third of Kathy you can get away with one third but that also is a lot of wealth. And then he instilled a lot he was and said and that's the pragmatic and the balanced nature

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of Islam. Right. He said that in NACA and davara waratah taka alania hiren min and Tarahumara Taka for phoniness. It is better to leave your heirs, your relatives your children, you know what self sufficient independent than to leave them destitute and poor, and then they need to beg. So this the discussion that happens on the 10th year, right, the year of the farewell sermon, which was subsequent to the demise of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam the tone of Sabina be what causes I'm ill I need to wrap up and Subhana Allah the Prophet sallallahu wasallam then tells him that you will remain you will remain and Allah will give you life Allah will give you life. And how long did he

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live after that? He passed away in the 55th year of his era, he passed away in the 55th year of Indra. He was the last from the arsenal mobile shop. So this is the 10th year of HR and the 55th homes our home seen 45 years beyond he loved. So my message is a message of hope. I am not contradicting or challenging. The medical research and the importance. It's vital. It's integral, it's imperative that we adopt the necessary measures. I've spoken to someone who has the you know, being

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found positive with the virus and it's quite challenging is in quarantine. May Allah grant him and everyone is an alpha. All I am saying to you, my brother, it's not an apocalypse. It's not tantamount to death. It doesn't mean it's the absolute end Alhamdulillah there are measures in place, there's medication in place, there's hope in place, the doctors have given us the age categories. Your is an incident from the books of hadith of a person who thought he was on his deathbed, only to know that Allah had given him a another 45 years of life to live beyond. And that takes me into the contention of a politeness rule. There are a lot of man who in which he said an

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agenda to faith and attain Valhalla. COVID-19 salvation lies into things and this is a broad generic principle that can be applied across the board and we can find the relevance to it in the Coronavirus and on a general note. So salvation lies into things and near to a taqwa have good intentions in life in life. My mom always stresses upon us and siblings keep your intentions Noble. Keep in whatever you do, it's your marriage the prophets Allah ism said three people are in the help of Allah and Nakia holiday you read to love a bride or a groom who ventured into marriage with the aim of preserving their modesty and bashfulness. They are in the health of the Almighty so have good

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intentions. And the second is taqwa fear the almighty walhalla COVID-19. And destruction lies in two things. And the first is origin origin right origin is self admiration in the 20th Jews in the 29th chapter in Surah, two Lanka both the chapter of the spider Allah says buy manga for in a woman jaha in america he duly enough see the one who joins and strives he joins and strives for his own benefit. In in Macedo Sulu under this ayah it is written free he can earn little or job is a blow to anyone guilty of the malady of self admiration. Because Allah says if you toil in your toiling for yourself when you step out, and those who claim entitled

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Men because of their toiling Allah says No no, you don't use oil for yourself. It's for your own benefit. So destruction lies in self admiration will pollute will pollute, and in despondency where you give up hope you die before your actual time you die before your actual time because you lose the quality of life before your death. And often it is those last moments that can be very meaningful and rich and fulfilling. So I'm saying that as deadly as the illness is as necessary as the precautions are as vital as the social distancing ease, it does not mean that anyone and everyone that has Coronavirus, equates death, many people can recover we have the Hadith of the

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messenger sallallahu wasallam that gives us hope and even medical stats will tell you that there are a large number of people and we hope we wish and pray that whoever is currently finding himself or herself in the situation and other illnesses. Let us not forget of those that have you know old age that are afraid that are weak that I have dementia that have Alzheimer's that have heart conditions, etc, etc. They all require our doors just as like the patients of Coronavirus require our moral support etc. And last but not least again on the note of hope hope keep keep keep keep a degree of hope.

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So the tale and the narrative of Yaqoob Allah His salatu salam is most amazing, right? Maybe the connotations are different or the angle of Hope is different but it draws a rich lesson of hope. So you're the Prophet alayhi salatu salam loses his and use of will be at Medina his eyes turn color for who will convene gleaming Arabic means a person is suppressing his emotions containing his emotions and his grief is at its optimum. So it's all bottled and contain the insight for who we are. And then as time moves on, he's hoping wishing praying to be reunited with his son use of and the test intensifies, and then he loses his other son Binyamin and now he's hoping to be reunited

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with Binyamin and the third son says, Well, listen, if Binyamin doesn't come back and the king has held him back then I don't have the courage to go back to my father. And he says to his siblings that go back to your father and say in Nibbana cassara mama shahidullah illa Bhima alumna lahmacun behalf Ilene so he stays behind so use the point of reflection on the note of hope, use of Al jacoba A Salam loses one son use of his praying for his reunion, and he's tested with a second son, and that is the separation of Binyamin and when Binyamin goes, the third one willfully decides not to come so hoping to be reunited with the first the second goes and the third goes. But what did the

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Prophet Yaqoob say? And I conclude on that note, he said the ebony Abu Yamani as a Abu Fattah has so many uses our as he whenever they assume a role he loved, All My Children go out and search for use of go out and search for use of n his brothers, whether they assume mill rohilla we need to we need to you know what put frames of these are yard and we need to reflect over these verses. Do not just stay in the mercy of Allah sallallahu a DI d be him Jamie. I am optimistic that Allah will reunite me with all of them. And through to the word of Yaqoob and his vision and his hope and his trust in the Almighty. Allah reunited him with everyone. And I conclude on the mercy of hope and a prayer of

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hope that we are optimistic that this cloud that is hovering over the planet and this illness and this diseases, disease that has plagued the entire earth will move on and pass on and that Allah subhanho wa Taala by His grace and His mercy will grant Shiva and alfia and ease to one and all and hopefully inshallah those that were terminally ill as well. Allah grant them is an alpha. My message is take the precautions but don't lose hope in Allah. It does not mean if you have the Coronavirus death is staring you in your eyes. continue taking the treatment and hope for the best. Allah is the ultimate cure. May Allah cure all amenable alameen

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